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Skyrim SE: Around 80 new mods, more merging marks and some descriptions/instructions corrections. Fallout New Vegas: The biggest update in the history of the guide so far - over 300 new mods, lots of text/UX improvements and the ultimate module, New Vegas Legend, updated to version 2.0. Dragon Age Origins: over 30 new mods (including a brand new, complete overhaul for items and enemies in the game) plus more compatibility and mod tweaking notes. Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 and Starfield guide updates are coming shortly as well 👀

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F.A.Q. Generally useful tips & tricks Preparations, Core Mods & Libraries Essential Mods Models, Textures and FX Utility & QOL Enemy Mods Complex Game Overhauls Vanilla Classes: Improvements New Classes & Skills New Amors, Weapons & Artifacts Other Mods Story/Adventure Mods & Maps Test/Cheat/Non-Canon Mods Use At Your Own Risk Mod Making Resources & Tutorials

Update 3.0 is here! Make sure to read the changelog :)

About this project

This guide is a result of many walkthroughs and hundreds of hours played in DOS 2 with different mod setups. With the release of Definitive Edition, this already incredible game received much better modding capabilities which keep growing, with more and more next-level mods appearing. DOS 2 is now in the golden era of its modding and currently has over 2000 mods available - but that's already pretty high number, and not everyone may have time to scout through all the mods, see which are working properly and which are not, which from similar mods are up-to-date and which are obsolete, check for compatibility etc. Here's where this project offers you to save your time and simply pick the best mods from ones already picked between the total amount. The guide will be interesting to everyone regardless of experience. Are you about to try this game for the first time? You'll find some neat mods for more comfortable gameplay and/or better visuals, without any balances changes or new stuff. Your first walkthrough, just better! Are you an experienced Divinity player and looking for something new to improve and expand your game? Everything is here. Played with mods already? You'll definitely find a few ones that you didn't know about within this list of over 260 qualitative mods.

Fixes and non-intrusive improvements for vanilla gameplay, useful time-saving mods, better textures for world objects and effects, new options for character creation, more/new/stronger enemies and bosses, balance changes and expansions to existing classes, mods for casual and hardcore gamers, brand new classes with mindblowing builds, AI improvements and story additions, new skills, armors, weapons and complete game overhauls which breathe a new life into the game by adding brand new mechanics & archetypes - divided into sections for you to pick from - with descriptions, instructions and comparisons when needed - for you to build own ultimate game. Important: please read the F.A.Q. before starting and generally read carefully. Also feel free to join our Discord for DOS 2 and modding related chatting.

Current guide version/changelog & future updates:

Version: update 3.0 at August 2023.

- 23 new mods (you can easily spot them as they have the ==NEW== marks)

- A few outdated mods and/or deleted mod links were removed.

- Some typo corrections

Future updates:

- Corrections of links/typos if needed

- To report the issues with the guide (typos, broken links etc) - please drop a message in #suggestions_room room in our Discord server.

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This project is completely free. Still, it takes insane amount of my time to build and expand it - the modding guides and other related modding content already took me over 7,500 working hours in total. I'm also living in Ukraine during the russian invasion, and have to support two families at once. The extra work I'm doing to support our defenders, air raids and PTSD caused by the war also make every inch of the work I do more difficult than before. The more independent and confident I will fee myself as an author - the less stress and more free time I'll have - and so, the faster new updates and videos will arrive, and new projects will appear as well. But support only if you really want it and able to:

Q: Which version of the game I need - Classic or Definitive Edition?
A: You need DOS 2: Definitive Edition for best modding results. Some people are still modding classic version, because it still has more mods in certain segments, but the thing is DE has much better modding potential - more and more next-level mods appear on the stage only for DE, and even if DE still don't have some mod you loved ported to it, it usually should have an alternative (and often better one). With the flow of time, DE modding stage will only grow and that's the definitive version to go for modding. And if you're against certain balance changes which Larian made in DE (like nerfing Lone Wolf, for example) - usually there are mods to change that up to your taste.
Q: Which game store version is better - Steam or GOG?
A: Steam version is strongly recommended for modding, for two reasons. First of all, unlike for Elder Scrolls/Fallout games, Nexus Mods is not even close to have the biggest base of DOS 2 mods - most of them are hosted on Steam Workshop, and often in Steam only. For GOG version, you'll either have to use Nexus Mods (not all mods are hosted there), or try to download the mod from Steam using this tool (it works, but there's never a 100% gurantee download will be done correctly), or just accept the fact you won't be able to use some mods. Secondly, installing mods via Steam is easier than to sneeze and faster than to blink - you simply click "Subscribe" at the mod page (as shown here) and mod is already added to your game, waiting for being activated. For GOG version, you will need to install mods manually (it's not hard at all, but still will require more time as you can guess). Tldr - if you have game in Steam - great. Already have it in GOG - it's not a sentence, but modding will be more limited and require more time. Still, the guide has a nexusmods links for each mod that has nexus version, in addition to Steam Workshop links.
Q: So I should install ALL mods from this list (and how many are there)?
A: Well you technically can ofc, but there's simply no reason for that - so no. This is a guide with over 240 mods picked from 2k existing on the stage atm - a roadmap with suggestions and instructions, divided into sections. There are section like Preparations or Essential mods - there you can and basically should grab everything. As for other sections, simply go down the list without a rush, and pick what looks interesting to you. If that's your first walkthrough with mods - don't pick too many, as you can simply end being overwhelmed by amount of new things in the game. Don't rush - and you'll ascend :)
Q: Can I install mods in midgame (on existing save) or new game is a hard requirement? Can I uninstall mods in midgame?
A: Installing: depends. Usually, if that's a mod that doesn't change game in whole (complex overhaul) - texture mod, utility mod, balancing/simple enemy mod - you're safe to install it in midgame. As for the complex mods which change game heavily, bring a lot of new content etc - new game is strongly recommended.
Uninstalling: here, it's generally not recommended to uninstall mods on existing save. Once again, small mods generally won't damage your save or cause glitches, but there's never a 100% guarantee. Best practice is to install all mods you're planning to take for this walkthrough and make a test run for couple of hours. See what you like, what don't, adjust the mod list and then start a new game.
Q: Do mods affect performance or loading times?
A: Performance - usually no, in 99% of cases. Mods which contain HD textures may eat a couple of fps, but if you're able to play DOS 2 at least on medium settings - you won't see any noticeable FPS hit. Loading times - sometimes, big/complex mods may involve longer loading when starting new game or first time you're loading the game with this mod active (if you have installed it in midgame, on existing save). After that, loading times shouldn't be affected in mose of cases.
Q: What kind of monitor is the best for modded DOS2 and what resolution should I play at?
A: In-depth yet easy to understand article here, give it a read.
Q: What about Larian "Gift Bags" - should I use them and how they are compatible with mods?
A: Larian made definitely a nice additions via some of them, sometimes carrying popular mods ideas from the community. While it's totally up to you if to use any of them or not, sometimes they me be not compatible with similar mods, which points to the next moment - most of (if not all) features existing in Gift Bags are available via existing mods. Generally, it's not recommended to use Gift Bags in first turn but once again, it's up to you ofc - just put simple attention to mods you're using - if you have a mod which has same effect as Gift Bag does, use only one and you'll be fine.
Q: I have the game in language other than English, is it a problem?
A: English version is strongly recommended for modding due to it's not quite possible to predict how each of mods will work on localized game version. Some mods have translations, some work just fine - but in the end, troubleshooting will be on your shoulders in case of issues due to localization.
Q: That's all cool and everything, but I wanna stay tuned on updates and have modding chatting, something you can offer?
A: Sure! Just join our Discord server - the biggest and most experienced Discord modding community.
Q: I'm a mod author - I've made a cool mod and it's still not in your guide!
A: Just ping me in our Discord server and tell me a few words about your mod - thank you :)
Q: Will you expand this guide and add this/that?
A: Sure - I will update and improve it. Unstoppably :)
Q: Where are you from? A few words about you?
A: Ukraine. Gamer, One Piece & JJBA fan and gym addict living through the russian genocidal invasion. Web-developer in past, fitness trainer and nutritionist now (as hobby asides from content creation).

This section is not about modding directly yet includes few useful links to videos/articles which will help your refresh your memory if you haven't played DOS 2 in a while, or playing it first time.

Useful tips & tricks for character creation, class choice and game beginning:

Other, more general tips Many other things explained simply. DOS 2 wiki in whole A source base about everything you may want to know about the game. Unique items And where to find them. Achievements guide Achieve dat! Complete crafting table Every single item possible to craft in the game. Every Unique Item in Arx Arx has much more artifacts to find then even experienced player may think - this guide will help with that. Gift Bag 5 (Relics of Rivellon) artifacts guide A complete tutorial with locations, stats and effects. Thank you Derpy <3
Take into account that some of them are utterly OP and will most likely break the game balance making it too easy.

Essential things required for many great mods and some additional recommendations. Do not skip this section.

First of all - how to activate and manage load order of your mods in game? Literally just a two clicks matter. After you've added the mods via Steam Workshop (or installed manually for GOG version, explained below), you need to activate them. Launch the game and, in main menu, click on "Mods" button (as shown here). There you'll see the list of all mods you have installed. In this menu (as shown here), to the right you will see check marks (1) which mean is mod active or inactive. To the left (2) you will see the load order in form of an ordered list. The rule here is simple - mods below have bigger load priority. This means core mods (like libraries) and base mods should be usually placed high in the load order, other mods below them, and if you have some mods that can interfere in their features list, place mod you want to take over lower in the load order, which results in bigger priority. Ez-pez!

And one more thing: if you've enjoyed the mod, don't forget to spare a few moments and rate it up (Steam) or endorse (Nexus Mods) - it's only a seconds of your time, but helps good mods to be better recognized by other players and shows authors their mods are useful to the community.

Achievements By default, using mods disables achievements in your game which may be a sad moment for many players. This enables em' back. Download "Achievements - Definitive Edition" archive manually anywhere, unzip it and place the files to [Your game installation directory\Divinity Original Sin 2\DefEd\bin] folder, approving overwriting. Done! Now no matter which mods you'll use, achievements will work. Norbyte Osiris Extender Script extender for DOS 2 by Norbyte which allows many new functions for mod authors, and so, for next-level mods to be made. Required for many popular mods or simply improves feature list and performance for some others. Download .zip archive of latest extender version somewhere, unzip it and place DXGI.dll to [Your game installation directory\Divinity Original Sin 2\DefEd\bin]. That's it. Note: If you're on Linux, refer to "Additional instructions for Proton on Linux" instruction on the download page. LeaderLib A library made by LaughingLeader - also required for many mods, providing ingame configuration menus and some other features. Steam installation - as usually. GOG installation - download the archive, unzip it, place the .pak file to [Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition\Mod].
Note: This directory is default for mods installation in general, so for most of other manual mod installation instructions, when you will see "default manual installation" (or see no instructions at all), it will mean the same procedure and same directory, unless the specific instructions are given. Divinity Mod Manager Not required, but very useful and recommended tool for managing your DOS 2 mod setups. Organize your mod load order by intuitive drag-and-drop without launching the game, filter mods by properties, view mod's Steam Workshop page, save your load order to share with friends - all that in a single comfy tool. Plus dark theme support :) It's very intuitive in usage - read the page for more detailed instructions. Download Steam mods for GOG game version A useful website to download Steam Workshop mods by a link, can be helpful for GOG users to get the mod which is Steam-only. While it works just fine for DOS 2 in most of cases, I sadly won't be able to provide any troubleshooting support regarded this service. Mods not showing in game (Steam)? An explanation and possible solution for situation where some of your Steam Workshop mods are not showing up in the game.

Mods from this section are strongly recommended to use - they don't affect game balance in any way and only will bring good to you - save time, fix/improve bugs/notorious moments in the game or add to immersion.

Toggle Sprint No more boring walking when exploring or moving between point A and point B. Also has ingame menu where you can configure sprint speed for yourself, enemies (once again, doesn't affect combat movement itself, only animation speed), and even climb speed. GOG link - default manual installation. Let There Be Tooltips! Displays missing world tooltips for over 500 objects, including: crates, barrels, ingredients, junk, and some corpses. If you can pick it up, move it, or search its contents, you can now see what it is (when pressing Alt). More Character Colors Simple as that. More colors for better character customization. GOG link - default manual installation. Bartering Tweaks Allows to share the highest Barter and Persuasion bonuses among the party while trading, allowing shared discounts for all. Additionally, attitude can be shared while trading, persuasion can be shared outside of trading, sneaking can be toggled/off for the party as a whole, and a Pet Pal talent book is available for teaching Pet Pal to the party. Configurable via ingame menu. GOG link - default manual installation. Auto Identify Mod name is a bit confusing - it doesn't add any cheat functions. Mod allows unidentified items will be automatically identified without an Identifying Glass when anyone in your party has Loremaster 5 or higher. At Loremaster 5+, you will no longer need an Identifying Glass and no need to stack Loremaster ability buffs. Practically, Loremaster 5 now has a passive effect that makes investing civil points there worth it. Happily Emmie After Yup! You now have a chance to give Buddy and Emmie an actually happy ending. GOG link - default manual installation. Better Sir Lora Improves the brave yet retarded squirrel knight giving him higher chances to survive random hazards in battles, and avoid traps. GOG link - default manual installation. Black Cat+ Has it ever bothered you that who ever first approaches the Black Cat in Fort Joy is the one the little furry cutie follows, and there's no way to change that? No more. Tell the cat to follow someone else, make him a permanent battle pet and even a pettle whistle - after obtaining the kitty and his collar, you get a pet whistle which you can use to signal your location. If they're alive, both the Black Cat and Sir Lora will find their way back to you. Citizens of Divinity Mod adds 10 original characters around the world that you can find over the course of the main quest - each with own backstory and topics to discuss. Some are hidden away, some of them blend into the crowd but all of them have been designed to slot into the world and provide more role-playing opportunities. Improved Gwydian Rince Better skillset and AI for Hannag's pupil to help him not perish during the combat via most silly ways. Use this mod or the one below. Hannag's Disciple - A Better Gwydian Rince ==NEW== He now gains 2 new unique skills, that grant him a bit of additional sustain. This does not make him immortal or overpowered. It merely gives you a chance to fight properly, instead of having to teleport him into a tent. GOG link - default manual installation. More Waypoint Locations Simple and useful - few more waypoints locations in all story arcs. Already Inspected (visually opened containers) Inspected containers remain open. This allows you to better navigate in locations with a large number of different containers - you can visually see which containers you have already examined. Fixed Human Female Walk Animation Fixes the leg jitter in the human female walk animation. GOG link - default manual installation. Polymorph Recruiting Fix Fixes a bug with the base game where recruited characters with Polymorph in their class preset (eg. Shadowblade, Metamorph) have fewer attribute points than expected. GOG link - default manual installation.

Better textures and fx visuals, more options for character creation, changed look of characters and armors, different look for main menu, equipment appearance change and few others.

HQ World and Icons Mod Yep, it's a classic DOS 2 mod link - but worry not, it's updated for and working in DE just fine. How to install without confusion: create a new folder somewhere. Download the main file "HQ World 1v2" and all 3 update files into this folder. You now should have 4 archives. First, extract "HQ World 1v2" one. Then the updates in this order: "HQ World Update 1v2a", "HQ World Update 1v2b", "HQ World Update 1v3" - and approve overwriting. Now, take the "Public" folder and place it to [Your game installation directory\Divinity Original Sin 2\DefEd\Data]. Good job! Mod also works if installed in midgame (on existing save). Better Clouds Better visuals for clouds of all types. Works if installed in midgame. Wildfire Works if installed in midgame. Choose this mod or the one below. Purple or Green Necrofire Simple as that. Steam Workshop link above leads to a purplse version - and the green one is here, choose one you prefer. GOG link - default manual installation (both version to choose from are available in the Files tab). Choose this mod or the one above. No Fresnel (No Edge Glow) Removes fresnel (the outer edge glow) from character and weapons using extender path overrides, resulting in a darker look and feel. No longer do character light up the darkness with strange glowing! GOG link - default manual installation. Better Item Borders Also has version for colorblind. Installation: unpack the archive and place "Data" folder to [Your game installation directory\Divinity Original Sin 2\DefEd\Data]. Works if installed in midgame. Character Creation Plus ==NEW== Updated DE version. Mod adds tons of new options to all races and genders for vastly diversified character creator options amount. GOG link - default manual installation. Character Creation Menu Override: Hall of Echoes If you're bored from the default one. Character Creation Menu Override - Cloisterwood One more similar mod from the same authors. Use one or another. God King Menu Changes the Divine statue and background in main menu. Demon Race Adds the Demon race as playable race with own racial skill. GOG link - default manual installation. Armored Demon Race The same but more badass - requires this. Smooth Chest for Human Male Restores smooth chest for human males. Human Sebille Changes Sebille look to human. GOG link - default manual installation. Works if installed in midgame. Human Red Prince Same for Red Prince. GOG link - default manual installation. Works if installed in midgame. Sadha Face Fix ==NEW== Fixes Sadha's face and eyes while wearing her headdress to be consistent with every other depiction of her ingame. Use the default manual mod installation method. Plague Begone ==NEW== Removes disease blisters and boils. Purely cosmetic mod. Use the default manual mod installation method. Rendal's NPC Armors and Weapons Allows player characters to get NPC exclusive (or otherwise unique) visuals, by applying the visuals to equipped items or spawning them as loot. Includes armor visuals as appliable and spawnable, and weapon/shield visuals as appliable. Also includes armor dyes. GOG link - default manual installation. Vanity Changes the appearance of equipped items on any character to whatever you wish on the fly - no longer do you have to choose equipment stats over appearance. Read the mod usage instructions carefully on the mod page. Mod also works fine with Epic Encounters. Elf Armor Mod Changes the Elf Armor into more realistic/practical looking one. Works for undead elves as well. Sebille Female Elf Finesse Armor Replacement Changes the Finesse based armor for Female elves to the appearance of Sebille's Origin Clothes. GOG link - default manual installation. Works if installed in midgame. Fane Male Undead Intelligence Armor Replacement Similar mod from the same author, for Fane. GOG link - default manual installation. Works if installed in midgame. Armor Progression Visual Variety When you open a trader's inventory after you level up (traders inventory refresh), or when you loot something that generates random loot, armors are generated at your current level, but instead of only having the predefined visual of your current level range, they can have visuals from lower level armors too (if you like that). GOG link - default manual installation. SmallerChampion Simply make it smaller to be less untrusive visually. Shapeshifter Mask Glow Removed If it annoyed you. Works if installed in midgame. Stealth - No Silly Bush Barrels or Rocks I personally find sneak visuals in DOS 2 actually funny as for a fantasy game - but if these visuals annou you, they can be disabled with this mod. Installation: download the archive manually, unzip it and place the "Data" folder to [Your game installation directory\Divinity Original Sin 2\DefEd\]. Note: Lizard and sometimes human animations may look weird.

Supporting category of mods for various things which won't affect balance, but will save your time, fix possible bugs and just make your life in game more comfortable.

No Splash Intro If you had enough of larion logo. Why though, isn't it cool? To install, download the archive, unzip and place "Data" folder to [Your game installation directory\Divinity Original Sin 2\DefEd\]. Skip Tutorial Not your first walkthrough already? Wanna save time? Skip the introduction tutorial along with the videos and start right on the beach in Fort Joy. GOG link - default manual installation. Relocated Fort Joy Respec Mirror Moves Larian's Fort Joy respec mirror to a more convenient spot plus does not require the feature itself to be activated via Larian's gift bag (works standalone). Refund Race-Based Civil Abilities Mod refunds the race-based civil abilities, giving you a normal civil point to be spent as you wish. GOG link - default manual installation. Prepare To Be Built! Have you ever strategically avoided hitting level 2 before recruiting companions, just because you didn't want to deal with them having 2 points in telekinesis, sneak or other ability which won't be useful for your planned party build? No more - mod refunds all attributes, abilities, talents, and civil points your companion has upon joining your party, allowing you to respec them as you wish. GOG link - default manual installation. Mini Memory Buff Adds 2 non respec-able memory points to the main character and party members. Pet Revival With your ornamental pet urn, you can bring your pets back to life. Just Let Me Build You!++ On completing character creation, your player will receive the 4 starter skills associated with the abilities you chose. For example, if you placed a point in Geomancer you will receive Poison Dart, Contamination, Fortify, and Fossil Strike. If you also placed a point in Pyrokinetic, you'll receive Haste, Peace of Mind, Ignition, and Searing Daggers. You will then receive a set of basic starting weapons that synergise with those abilities. Same will happen with recruited character. GOG link - default manual installation - also has Odinblade mods addon in opitonal files (for what Odinblade mods are, look below in new classes secion). Declutter Skill-Panel Remove undesirable skills from your skill-panel. Are you playing with 15 class-mods that add several hundred new abilities? Do you find yourself repeatedly respeccing every hour to find the perfect build? That's what you need then. Read mod page for usage instructions. No Weapon Warning Probably may look somewhat unimmersive for some players, but needed for others. Disables NPCs warnings about having your weapon drawn when you go to talk to them. This allows you to talk to any NPC while your weapon is unsheathed. Training Dummy Adds a skill to summon training dummies designed to test skills / attacks on. GOG link - default manual installation. Public Anvils All anvils are now public allowing players to use them without losing favor with npcs. Torch mod A simple mod that makes you able to craft and use torches as light source. You can throw the torch on a surface to ignite it. There's also a spell to light staves for mages. The Relics of Rivellon - Stand Alone Enables access to the contents of the official mod "The Relics of Rivellon" without starting a new game, and allows missed steps of any of the Relics quests to be restored in any game. Also offers a variety of bug fixes for the new content. GOG link - default manual installation. Status Fixer Sometimes a life-saving mod to remove permanent statuses (influences) set by the environment (which usually happen as glitch and don't fade away even after realoding/game relaunching). Magus Tooltips ==NEW== Expanded tooltips without junk. Added all missing containers and valuable items. Added quality of life tooltips like hatches, levers and traps. Junk items are removed from tooltips. Use the default manual mod installation method. Party AI Control ==NEW== Allows you to toggle AI control for party members and summons through the in-game context menu. GOG link - default manual installation. Level Up Together ==NEW== This mod allows you to level up together, being party or not. Quest Fix - Spider's Kiss Mod may be needed for MP (multiplayer) only - it sets missing flag that allows characters to get the Spider's Kiss after another character was already kissed. This flag is normally set per-user, so characters in multiplayer were unable to get kissed, unless they met other requirements. Lady Vengeance Storage Chest Fixer Fixes the player storage chests on Lady Vengeance, so they always remain persistent. Same as mod above, you will not need it until you have mods that can modify this area. Items in the chests will remain when changing levels, even when using mods that add characters/items to the Lady Vengeance's lower deck. GOG link - default manual installation. Simple weapon switcher for dual wielding A simple way to switch equipped weapons to dual wielded weapons. Now if you have the ability “Dual Wielding” you can equip a weapon in each hand for only one action point. Also currently, there is no easy way to change your dual wield setup easily from the skillbar, which changes with this mod. Driftwood - No Annoying Child in the Ambient Sound Removes the child sounds from 'ambient' town chatter in Driftwood which may or may not annoy some players. Installation: download the archive manually, unzip, place the file to [Your game installation directory\Divinity Original Sin 2\DefEd\Data\Public\Shared\Assets\Sound]. If there's no "Sound" folder, just create one and put file in it. Annoying NPC dialogue removed ==NEW== Removes annoying ambient dialogue from several NPCs in hub areas. Allows players to trade in peace, without going crazy! GOG link - default manual installation. Wait Your Turn - No NPC Interrupts Conversation edits to stop NPCs from interrupting players' voiced reflection dialogues and PvP dialogues. Unless you run full parties of avatars (MP characters), companions and other NPCs will interrupt voiced reflection dialogues by the preceding player. In PvP dialogues, you will NEVER hear the final voiced line. A bunch of unique recordings won't ever be heard by most players. This mod fixes it. GOG link - default manual installation. Wait Your Turn - Better Reflections ==NEW== Companions will say better lines in reflection dialogues (exclamation point "!" party dialogues). GOG link - default manual installation. Yield to None Begone Are you tired of your Origin characters exclaiming that they yield to none? Do you wish they'd stop blurting out that they're ready? And do you long for the day they no longer yell at others to prepare themselves? Well then, this might just be the mod for you! Shutup About Summons Want to walk down the streets with your summoned buddies in peace? Grab this one :)

Mods to change enemies (add new abilities, rebalance attributes, improve AI) or add new encounters (regular enemies, new bosses etc) - in other words, usually used to make game more challenging. To use them or not is totally up to you - just not recommended to until you have finished game on Tactician difficulty once, or played at least till Arx.

Enemy Upgrade Overhaul Your to-go mod if you want to make combat more challenging and unpredictable - mod introduces a randomized system for buffing enemies, allowing for more challenging encounters with weighted, randomized upgrades, and a chance of bonus treasure depending on how tough the enemy becomes. Note - as the mod actually buffs enemies randomly, sometimes those buffs, ofc, may look not very logical for this type of creature/situation - but once again, much more fun and challenging - that's for sure. Other mod huge advantage is it's fully configurable via ingame menu, so you can adjust it to your preference and/or for better compatibility with other mods. GOG link - default manual installation. Summoner Boss Challenger Pack One more great boss mod which features summoner bosses (and ofc a rewarding loot). Placed NPCs fit seamlessly into the game. Extra Enemies For Fun Currently seven now bosses placed in the game world which you can challenge to test your powers. They drop loot, but don't give XP, which keeps character level progression balanced. Tougher Bosses 2x Does how it's named - doubles the health and armors of all bosses in the game. Pretty balanced and simple solution in my personal opinion - makes bosses HP/armor more or less on level they should actually have it, in most of cases. Tougher Bosses 5x Same feature, but now x5 - this is mostly for masochists or those playing with clearly overpowered class mods. Harder Final Boss Really neat mod which changes the final bossfight in the game (which is by any means is not easy itself), making it much harder. If you don't want spoilers - better don't read the mod description and just keep this surprise till the time comes. Divine Scaling Scales all enemies in the game to player level. Can be configured in game via dialogue with new NPC named Sarah, on top of Fort Joy's entrance gate. Works with Epic Encounters (look below). Note: It's recommended to activate the mod [after] you reach Fort Joy (NPC sometimes bug out if mod is activated straight before starting a new game). Tougher NPC's A mod similar to "Tougher Bosses x2" above, just affecting [all] NPCs in the game, not only bosses.
Note: Don't use this mod with Epic Encounters - it has much better, ingame configuration menu to adjust enemy stats in general. Septa The Ineffable - Full Power More like a "for fun" mod - strongly not recommended in first walkthrough. Those who know will understand and decide if they need it or not on their own ;)

This section doesn't contain a lot of mods, but each of them is an immense creation which adds a lot to the game content or even overhauls the gameplay completely - while sticking to common sense and high joy levels. Some of mods here are big content addons which can be generally used with many other mods, and some are whole-game overhauls which will make you explore the game like the first time and bring playing DOS 2 to a brand new level. Experienced players will find this section especially interesting.

Note: Larian released currently the biggest Gift Bag ever called "The Four Relics Of Rivellon" - it's a content expansion that adds new story/lore, enemies & bosses, and ofc course, new artifacts. It should be used only with a new game - not on existing save. It's really fresh so atm there are no guaratnees gameplay-changing mods will work perfectly with it. Major gameplay overhauls and campaigns will have incompatibilities with almost 100% chance of probability. It also auto-enables itself, unlike other gift bags where you have the choice - but it happens only when you start a new game, so existing saves are safe. More information coming soon.
Crafting Overhaul This mod adds more than 1600 new crafting recipes; more than 550 new items; new mechanics like armor dyeing, elemental swords, craftable new unique armors, weapons and accessories, quality of life additions like bags, chests, moveable crafting stations to the game. May be not needed if you're not much into crafting in general (but may also show the crafting beauty to you at the same time), and definitely a pure paradise and essential mod for those who love crafting in RPGs. Read the mod page for the list of recipes and other in-depth details. GOG link - default manual installation.
Feenex's Battle Pack + expansion addon + shapeshifter addon
Technically, this mods collection is [mostly] a skillpack (also adds some new items and few other features), so at first glance it should be in the new class/skills section below - but on practice, the amount of new skills and effects added by all 3 mods together is so huge that it can completely change your walkthrough. If using all mods together, you'll have access to over 300!! new skills in total. You can use all 3, 2 or single mod per your wish, but the core mod (Feenex's Battle Pack itself) is strictly required for expansion addon and shapeshifter addon to work.
With these mods, you'll have simple huge amount of new builds/playstyles possible. It will take you plenty of time to start "orienting" in such amount of new skills, but it's totally worth it if you're an experienced DOS 2 player.

Now, 3 mods which can be easily called "whole game overhauls" - they affect many different aspects of the game and change the gameplay heavily. If using any of them, make sure to use only 1 - don't use them together. Compatibility-wise, they should be fine with mods which don't affect gameplay balance and skills/mechanics directly (graphics mods, utility/quality of life mods etc). Class mods can be compatible or not compatible on different extent - there's no universal answer here (while I've provided some notes below). Yet, even while there are some compatibility-related moments, any from these projects is a great mod which can give you a lot of joy and massively refreshed DOS 2 experience. Each one is different - read brief descriptions below, read mod pages and choose one you like the most personally.

SAGA: Path to Divinity
The first in the list and basically the most simple of these three, SAGA is a great "vanilla +" overhaul which rebalances almost each and every gameplay aspect - health, damage & economy, weapons & armors, skills & talents, environmental effects and some others - while keep it fully lore-friendly and non-intrusive. There are a few minor bugs in the mod which are not game-breaking though. This overhaul can be a good choice for those who want to try something big, but not quite sure if they want significant changes/additions to balance and/or gameplay mechanics. Divinity Unleashed
A successor to popular Divine War mod (which can be considered obsolete now), Divinity Unleashed is a massive whole-game overhaul in the golden middle between major changes/additions to gameplay and seamless integration.
For example, its approach for combat is to make it more dynamic and less wrapped around "prepare-then-oneshot" playstyle, meaning the wisely-done armor & status overhaul: unlike in vanilla game, here it's changed as armor you build works like overall damage reduction, not just "blocking" everything possible, so CC effects are applying, but "hard" CC was turned into "softer" one - for example, stun is not actaully stunning you, making to lose your turn, but apply movement debuffs, etc.
It's own approach to gameplay balance brings refreshing touch to combat and allows hybrid parties to actually be useful (which wasn't quite the case in vanilla). Additionally, DU brings brand new mechanics like cooldown reduction or status extension to diversify your builds and combat approach even more.
The last, but significant unique bonus of this mod is that it's automatically compatible with most of class mods and other mods which add new skills, adjusting them to the mod changes on fly which allows to make it even more fun by using your favourite class mods and provide simply huge amount of character builds, and also compatible with existing saves - you can simply install the mod anytime in midgame and it will work just fine. Divinity Unleashed is a golden middle of complex game overhauls and just a really well-polished mod which can be a great choice for both played with mods already or just finished vanilla game once. GOG link - default manual installation. Epic Encounters: Origins
Hands down, Epic Encounters is the most immense mod ever made for Divinity: Original Sin 2. From the authors of same-named mod for DOS, EE: Origins is a complex and, I won't be afraid to say so, revolutionary gameplay overhaul, content addon and utility miracle at the same time. To make a complete description of it would take ages, so here I'll only briefly describe it's main features (you can always read the whole mod description here):
- Complete rebalance and more challenging gameplay: attributes, damage modifiers, combat pace, status effects & runes, skills & talents - literally every tiniest details was improved to be more reasonable
- Status overhaul: Battered & Harried, a new system of stacking debuffs applying via vitality damage which works on both enemies and you - making combat even more fun and tactical. Permanent CC effects (i.e stunklocks which make your or enemy completely skip the turn) now don't exist, but whole system is much more diverse and interesting now. New status effects are introduced as well.
- New skill effects & Source Infusion: almost all skill are improved and can now consume Battered/Harried stacks to deal more damage and apply additional effects. Source Infusion allows you to empower many of your regular skills with additonal effects. Source, previously only used only as a resource bar for a few special skills, now is a spell-weaking mechanic that can make any skill deadlier than ever.
- ASCENSION: a brand new system of character progression heavily inspired by Grim Dawn's Devotion system which is [standalone] - meaning you're picking Ascension bonuses in addition to original skills/talents, which comes with a bewitching fullscreen interface you've seen at the gif above. You receive 1 Ascension Point each level (there are also a few "bonus" points you receive through storyline) and able to spend it at several dozens of "nodes" each of which contain several perks with various bonuses you can choose from. Bonuses vary from a static boosts to attributes/combat parameters, to brand new abilities which can be triggered via different battle conditions. Ascension open almost endless possibilities amount in terms of character build and gives you huge amount of synergy between the nodes, bringing character development and replayability to absolutely next level. You can respec Ascension points anytime you want, changing your party build on fly. But as Ascension comes in addition to regular skills, won't that make your overpowered and combat too easy? By any means! Epic Encounters is greatly balanced via many aspects - new debuffs are applied to you as well, enemies have access to new abilities, improved AI & more - don't worry, combat will suprise you many times.
- Endless character build capabilities: due to Ascension, complex rebalance, new spells & abilities and brand new combat mechanics, many character builds that were not very viable in vanilla became much more competitive and fun, new hybrid builds appeared and amount of character builds in whole increased drastically, allowing you to weave your party setup on absolutely new level.
- New Artifacts & Runes: over 100!! of new unique armors, weapons and jewels with brand new effects which you can find during walkthrough and many new runes.
- Reworked Items: vanilla items, artifacts and consumables were reworked as well.
- Greatforge: improve your items to scale with your level, transmute items into similar ones with different effects, extract runes and even transfer the unique artifact effect into another item via cozy interface.
- Greatly configurable: ingame menu allows you to configure difficulty in multiple aspects. Enemies stats, AI, skills distribution and much more - you can adjust the mod via dozens of options to make it fit your personal taste.
Compatibility wise, Epic Encounters of course will be not compatible with most of mods that heavily change gameplay (and ofc not compatible with any overhaul in this section, including crafting overhaul). Class mods compatibility is not fully ready yet as well, which is possibly the only major flaw of the mod (two main issues here are next: 1) hard CC doesn't exist in EE, so if a class mod has skill which involves hard CC, it will be ridiculously overpowered with EE 2) source infusion and battered/harried effects are not automatically applied to mod-added skills, so in that case, some skills may be underpowered compared to infused vanilla ones). Class compatibility feature may be added in future - but even without it, EE itself has is a huge class mod as well, adding so vast amount of character build choices and other features that it's more than worth to be played and I heartily recommend it. It also makes some smaller mods simply redundant (guide has notes about that). Lastly, don't use Larian's "Sourcerous Sundries" with it.
Installation: go to the Epic Encounters discord server (mod name links to it), then to "Download" room - download link is there. Download the archive, unpack it and place files to [Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition\Mods] folder (default mods directory).
Last note: Mod discord server also has all needed documents where every feature, change, mechanic and just everything existing in the mod, is listed and explained - so make sure to read those :)

Divinity Conflux
Divinity Conflux is a complex overhaul that aims to be a true class-less system with improved skill and talent synergy. Players are no longer encouraged in having to choose a specific archetype then stack multipliers, which leads to a vast increase of character builds amount. Over 70 new skills, 4 new combat status effects, rebalanced and remastered talents, improved AI (enemies will try to act smarter - heal/buff/cleanse allies, seek for invisible characters etc). It's also compatible with most of class mods by default, similar to Divinity Unleashed (compatibility may be not perfect, but usually most of the class mods work fine with it). I've played over 50 hours with this overhaul and enjoyed it alot - the skills and talents balance changes are objective and interesting, and together with amount of brand new skills, mod stands for it promise and opens a huge amount of character builds. Enemy AI improvements are also noticeable, which balances the fact your party being stronger due to better class/skill syngergy. GOG link - default manual installation. Note: Mod page has a detailed description of all the mod features, as well as couple of optional addons and own wiki linked - make sure to take a look on those.

Class mods are often the favourite mod type for many players - and that totally makes sense. Good class mods is what make you play game again and again due to new character and party builds, which directly means better replayability. Mods in this section are related to vanilla (exisiting) classes, acting like improvements/expansions. While ones act exactly like improvements and nothing else, some others, while technically sticking to vanilla classes, are adding so many/so interesting new skills that vanilla class itself can often receive multiple new playstyles and shine in absolutely different manner, allowing to play it in a brand new way. In most of cases, these mods make your character stronger on different extend, compared to vanilla game - so it's recommended to use class mods with some enemy-empowering mods. But ofc, it's up to you in the end.

Complex overhauls (section above) compatibility note: Mods in this section are generally [fully or almost fully compatible] with Divinity Unleashed (minor incompatibilities may happen), [moderately and situationally compatible] with SAGA (new skills should be fine, changed vanilla skills will conflict as SAGA changes most of them too) and [almost always incompatible] with Epic Encounters (due to EE completely changing almost all vanilla skills and adding new mechanics to them, changing default AP cost/amount and removing "hard" CC - some of new skills can be fine if they don't apply hard CC (but usually overpowered), but can be also underpowered compared to infused vanilla skills in EE).

First, a few mods which can be considered "vanilla +", meaning they are not adding a lot of new stuff but rather rebalancing/reshaping vanilla skills for existing classes, making them more viable/interesting to play.

Necromancy Rebalanced 2.0 A great Necromancy-reshaping mod with a few new skills - I personally enjoyed it a lot in my necro/warfare run. It doesn't feel "too much", doens't make your overpowered yet refreshesh this playstyle greatly and makes some of skills which were "so-so" better viable at different game stages. GOG link - default manual installation. Helaene - Buff All Summons Makes summoning more viable and fun by making infusions to be able to cast on any summon and a couple of new infusion skillbooks. Summoning Tweaks Infusions can be "copied" for quick mass re-applying outside of combat. This works with Larian's Pet Power mod as well. Infusion skills have to be memorized for the copying to continue to work, as it's purely meant to be a time-saver. The max summon cap is set to 3 by default. This feature is adjustable and you can increase or decrease this further in the settings menu (accessed with the Summoning Tweaks menu book, or LeaderLib's mod menu). GOG link - default manual installation. Summon Rework Core A really massive summoning overhaul which rebalances and improves all summoning mechanics and many spells. It's really in-depth, so read the mod page carefully. Origin Skills Rework Reworks the Origin skills to be more interesting, and more importantly, useful during whole game. Addons available for Odinblade mods (look below) and Larian's Pet Power gift bag. GOG link - default manual installation. Addons are available in optional files tab.
Note: Don't use this mod with Epic Encounters (see below in complex overhauls section) - it already balances origin skills per own design. Enhanced Talents Simple yet great mod which improves several talents which avail was somewhat arguable. GOG link - default manual installation.
Note: Don't use this mod with Epic Encounters (see below in complex overhauls section) - it already improves and balances the talents. Divinity Talents Unleashed Adds over 70 new talents previously hidden in the game.
Note: Don't use this mod with Epic Encounters (see below in complex overhauls section) - it already improves and balances the talents. Ryuki's Class Overhauls Vanilla + tweaks for all existing vanilla classes/skill types. I've linked author's profile instead of dozen + links to avoid cluttering the page - simply browse his mods and see what you like. Mods are available as standalone for each class as well as all-in-one pack. GOG link - default manual installation. For this version, addons are available separately in files tab. Ryuki's Huntsman Tweaks A separate mod from the same author, for Huntsman class. GOG link - default manual installation. Ambidextrous Versatility Makes Ambidextrous refund 1 AP for grenades and scrolls (that spend more than 1 AP) when your main-hand is free but your off-hand is occupied. This makes Ambidextrous useful for empty hand + shield builds. Overpower Knock Down Fix Grants correct functionality to Overpower, allowing it to strip the armour from a target [and] knock them down, rather than just one or the other. GOG link - default manual installation. All In Baby! Reworks the basic weapon skills All-In and Flurry to be slightly more useful and interesting mechanic-wise. GOG link - default manual installation.

Now, more "serious" mods - they add various amount of new skills - with these ones, any vanilla class may turn into something new.
Note: For balance and common sense sake, use only one overhaul for certain class, otherwise you'll be just overwhelmed with tons of skills, often becoming plainly overpowered or just having identical skills for no reason.

Odinblade mods to overhaul existing classes and add many new skills as well. Make sure to install required core/GOG link for all his mods, also there's also Just Let Me Build You ++ addon available. These mods are incredibly versatile, which means that you can be a tank with water skills, or blazing knight - no directly a pure mage yet a hybrid class with own style. Read the mod pages to see which playstyles each mod adds. Mods are available to overhaul:

Scoundrel 25 reworked and new skills to choose from and expand your rogue builds and trickery. GOG link - default manual installation. Hydrosophist (water & ice) Reworks the vanilla skills and adds around 20 new ones, which allows this class to develop into 4 playstyles: Atlantean, Tidecaller, Icevein, Frostsworn. GOG link - default manual installation. Pyrokinetic (fire) Pyrokinetic overhaul with a similar approach (rebalanced vanilla skills + almost 20 new ones) which allows this class to develop into 4 playstyles: Scorcher, Infernal, Arsonist, Phoenix. Addons available for Physical Corpse Explosion, Scorching Dragon's Blaze and Larian's Pet Power Compatibility. GOG link - default manual installation. Addons are in files section. Aerotheurge (wind & lightning) Aerotheurge overhaul and 4 new playstyles: Tempest, Electromancer, Thunderlord, Windweaver. Addon for Physical Teleportation is available. GOG link - default manual installation. Geomancer (earth & poison) Geomancer overhaul and 4 new playstyles: Plague, Sentinel, Terramancer, Grovetender. Larian's Pet Power Compatibility patch is available. GOG link - default manual installation. Necromancer With 4 new playstyles: Gravecaller, Hexen, Bloodtide, Deathlord. Larian's Pet Power Compatibility patch is available. GOG link - default manual installation.
Note: Do [NOT] use together with Necromancy Rebalanced. Summoning This mod provides additional scaling to any Summons based on their owners Attribute points. When reaching a certain threshold, any Summons will also gain new Boon statuses. These bonuses apply to any and all Summons and Totems from the basegame and mods. GOG link - default manual installation.

Note: if you're using any of Odinblade class mods and Divinity Conflux as your main gameplay overhaul, make sure to install Conflux Odin Library Add-on (Steam/GOG).

Other great vanilla class overhauls from talented authors:

Dashiku's Hydrosophist Expanded Massive addon with 27 new skills. GOG link - default manual installation. Don't use with Odinblade Hydro overhaul - choose one or another. Helaene - Extra Ranger Skills 6 new skills - I personally love this addon pretty much. GOG link - default manual installation. Tracker - An Expansion on Huntsman Simply a huge Huntsman expansion - 30 new skills. This one can be pretty overpowered, but that's for you to decide ofc :) GOG link - default manual installation.

Mods in this section are all about innovations and new experience - brand new classes with unique skills and playstyles, or just skill packs with plenty of new skills for you to choose from. Dive in!

Complex overhauls (section above) compatibility note: Mods in this section are generally [fully or almost fully compatible] with Divinity Unleashed (minor incompatibilities may happen), [moderately and situationally compatible] with SAGA (skills may be overpowered or sometimes underpowered) and [somewhat compatible] with Epic Encounters (due to EE completely changing default AP cost/amount and removing "hard" CC - some of skills can be fine (mod-added skills AP cost will be automatically modified by EE, but won't have AP cost adjustments as per EE design if needed) if they don't apply hard CC (will be super OP if they do), but can be underpowered compared to infused vanilla skills in EE).

First of all, if you want to rectuit companions with the class mods you have, grab this neat mod:

Recruit Companions with Class Mods This mod will let you recruit your companions in those classes (class mods are in section below), and others, just like every other class. Supports huge amount of class mods. GOG link - default manual installation.

Nice, let's proceed.

Helaene new classes. Make sure to install required core/GOG link for all her mods. Read the mod pages to see what kind of playstyle each mod adds.

Vampire Class Vampire class based on over 30 new Necromancer/Warfare skills. Mobility, de/buffs and ofc lifesteal! Intelligence/Finesse attribute overrides available. GOG link - default manual installation. Succubus Class Romance, mind control and vitality stealing - with 18 new skills for this unique hybrid class. The ultimate class ability is pretty OP so it's up to you use it or not, but in the rest this class is really great with unique looks and style. GOG link - default manual installation. Valkyrie Class Support type warrior with 20 new skills. Finesse attribute override available. GOG link - default manual installation. Priest Class Highly flexible healer/support class with 25 new skills. Strength attribute override available. GOG link - default manual installation. Wyldfae Class Nature & earth magic, druid-like class with 28 new skills. GOG link - default manual installation. Mirage Class Combination of a good chaos damage and illusions with with 38!! new skills. Finesse attribute override available. GOG link - default manual installation. Cryomancer Class A master of ice magic, harnessing its frigid power to damage enemies and strengthen themselves. GOG link - default manual installation. Trickster Class This class name speaks for itself - highly unusual class wrapped around confusion and Polymorph-based skills, 18 in total. GOG link - default manual installation. Blacksmith Class Devastating blows with two-handed weapons and various abilities to improve your party member armors, empowering them in battle. GOG link - default manual installation. Helaene's Cheat Chest Simply a cheat chest with all classes skillbooks of this author, for testing purposes. GOG link - default manual installation.

Heaphaistos new classes. Read the mod pages to see what kind of playstyle each mod adds.

Chronomancer Class Unique supporting class who can both empower allies and debuff enemies with damaging spells that deal physical damage and 27 skills. Addons for air damage/Strength/Finesse overriding are available. GOG link - default manual installation (override addons are in optional files section). Astronomer Class A mage class with two unique spell schools access - Sun Magic and Moon Magic, smart usage of which can result in both great damage and supporting abilities. 29 skills in total. Optional addon for 100% essenses apply chance is available, but I personally don't recommend to use it if you want this class to be balanced. GOG link - default manual installation. Constellationist Class A summoning class that uses power of 88!! constellations to combine them into for the most various effects. A highly-tactical class. A testing addon is available for all skills to be open for player. GOG link - default manual installation. Berserker Class Class name stands for its name - 25 furious skills, great dps and good survivability in critical situations. It also comes with own basic fury mechanic. GOG link - default manual installation.

Odinblade new classes. Make sure to install required core/GOG link for all his mods, also there's also Just Let Me Build You ++ addon available. Read the mod pages to see what kind of playstyle each mod adds.

Spectre Class Soul-devouring warriors which focuses on damage over time, piercing damage and debuffs. Comes with 30+ new skills and new weapon type, scythes.! Strength/Finesse attribute overrides available, as well as cheat chest with all skills for testing purposes. GOG link - default manual installation (all addons at this page are available as optional files). Umbra Class Highly skilled assassin who can switch between different damage types and has own subbuilds, with over 30 new skills. A cheat chest addon with all skills is available for testing purposes. GOG link - default manual installation (all addons at this page are available as optional files). Harpy Class Beautiful, cunning, deadly. These words perfectly illustrate the Harpy - a graceful yet potent ruler of the skies. With more than 20 new spells, control the battlefield and support your allies with this stylish new class. Note: This DE conversion of the mod is not from the author itself. It works fine, but is not patched for compatibility with Divinity Unleashed (which is compatible with the rest of Odinblade and many other class mods). Other than that, works just fine.

Note: if you're using any of Odinblade class mods and Divinity Conflux as your main gameplay overhaul, make sure to install Conflux Odin Library Add-on (Steam/GOG).

And now many other class mods from talented authors:

Metasourcerer Class Mod Very interesting and complex class mod from Kalavinka, author of Divinity Unleashed overhaul. A "pianist" class in some sense - it's unique feature is you can craft your own spells, which you will weave into blasting combos. In addition to that - immersive system of spell learning from a mystical stones in the game world and a fully-voiced class trainer! A complete guide into playing this class is available. Brum's Stylemaster Monk Class Offencive class for player who prefer high-risk/high-reward playstyle, with unique system of "styles" you can switch between (and so, act as different hybrid warrior/battlemage class when needed) and around 20 new skills. GOG link - default manual installation. Mimicry Inspired by the Mime job from Final Fantasy Tactics, mod adds a new class called the Mime. Mimes can mimic the actions of allies in battle, pummel enemies with scaled unarmed damage and have other unique abilities. GOG link - default manual installation.
Note: Make sure to also install Animations Plus/Gog link mod which is required for this mod to work properly. Blade Master Class A multi-style warrior which can be a crazy damage-dealer, tank and debuffer whenever needed by changing stances. Mod also features new system of skill tiering and new game sub-difficulty called "Oath of Honor" which allows you to trade your ability to load game during fights for extra team-wide bonuses. GOG link - default manual installation. Thorstmixx - Duelist Class An hhonorable adventurer who wields a single blade and an empty off-hand, wrapped around 17 new Warfare and Scoundrel skills. GOG link - default manual installation. Bard Class and other Skills Massive skill pack from veteran of DOS modding stage, Bardblue. Mod adds almost 50 new skills, themed around the bard, the artificer, and to lesser extent, a monk or barbarian. An additional bard loot addon is available. GOG link - default manual installation (bardic loot addon is an optional file). Tempest Class (New Spear Skills) Furious spear-based class. GOG link - default manual installation. The Musketeer Mod The Musketeer Classmod introduces rifles to the game as an alternative to traditional bows and crossbows., with own shooting mechanics, together with 15 brand new skills. GOG link - default manual installation. SirGagz - The Venalguard Class A dual wielding melee oriented class with a variety of magical attacks with brand new status effects and visuals achieved via 16 new skills. Gravewalker Class LOTR-inspired mod which introduces 2 new classes with unique playstyle, 44 new skills, new bosses and some other unique features. GOG link - default manual installation. Pariah Class A truly unique with 50 new skills in Polymorph skill line. The Pariah uses the energy from life to heal allies, death to deal damage, and the harmony in between to protect those in need. Pariah can't be healed by any regular means, but regenerates health % per turn. Inferni - Hell-bent Rogue Class An original rogue class mod, oriented on close combat and smokescreens. The Clans This mod introduces 3 clans namely Rodent, Hawk and Shark. They are intrinsically 3 new classes with different playstyles, 36 new skills with all new customized visual effects are made which is 12 for each clan. Mod also introduces new bosses and status effects. Viator, Custos, Dux - Modded Classes ==NEW== This mod adds new classes centred around "Perseverance", "Retribution" and "Leadership", with full sets of class skills, and crafted skills. It also offers 6 new starter classes: The "Viator", the "Bos", the "Custos", the "Ericius", the "Dux" and the "Lutra". GOG link - default manual installation. Four Elemental Warriors - Modded Weapon Classes ==NEW== This mod adds 4 new classes, one for each weapon ability (Single-Handed, Two-Handed, Dual Wielding, Ranged). It contains 124 new skills, though for 16 of them, "Viator - Custos - Dux - Modded Classes by Galgamos" is required. The compatibility patch comes with this file. It also contains 8 starting classes, 4 traders, and 18 unique weapons. Make sure to install requred mods, otherwise it won't work properly. GOG link - default manual installation. Elementalist - Elemental Magic Expansion ==NEW== A true Elementalist doesn't specialize in specific elements, but chooses to bring the tools to wield them all. Unafraid of a little close combat, the tools include restorative effects, improving armor, movement, and AP management utilities. This mod includes over a dozen skills for each element and another group of skills that require investing in all four elements. With these tools at your disposal, and probably some extra points in memory, the battlefield will be little more than a playground. Holy Paladin Class ==NEW== Holy damage, taking skills and epic look.

The last 3 mods below can look great for many players, but they can be also ridiculously overpowered in most of cases, so it's recommended to play it with hardcore enemy mods setup and on hardest difficulty.

Dragon Knight An actual dragon knight class with ability to turn into a dragon and use unique abilities in dragon form. Void-Touched Conjurer A summoning type of character that can summon void creatures and apply devastating debuffs. Void Knight 23 new void-themed skills class with high mobility and piercing damage.

Now, several other mods which are not directly adding a spesific class, but rather being a skill packs which you can use up to your taste - alone or in addition to other class mods. They differ in size and can add tons of new skills as well as only a few ones or make expansions to existing skills.

Divine Talent Pack Absolutely great mod which adds a set of fully functional custom talents to the game and will be a great addition to your character builds. Talents are not avaialable during character creation - you can learn them via interactions with new special ancient tables you can find in the game (so don't worry when you won't see them on character creation menu). Hybrid Spells Expanded Amazing, creative and massive skill pack that adds around 50 new skills and 7 new status effects. It has skills for every class and a lot of skills you can use in hybrid builds. GOG link - default manual installation. Shapeshifter (mass kinds of forms) Simply a huge shapeshiting skillpack, adding 100+ new forms you can turn into.
Note: Do not use with Feenix shapeshifter addon. Deadly Skill Pack Stands for its name - 35 new skills for every matter. You can also use its Dradonic SKills part standalone. Adaptive Lizards With this little but beautiful mod, you can now customize your Lizard Racial ability to be better suited for whatever build you are playing with, whether it be an elemental mage, a warrior, or a rogue. Venom Regen - Undead Healing & Restoration Adds a new spell to the game called "Venomous Regeneration", which is basically a poisonous version of regular healing. Spellbook can be bought from Venima which exists in each act. GOG link - default manual installation - make sure to get "lite" version of the mod, which is the balanced version of it (regular version makes spell usage almost free). Mechanical Arsenal Mod adds 30 skills to the game, distributed between Huntsman - offensive physical/elemental grenades - and Scoundrel - utility and crowd control grenades, wind-up toy elemental and smoke variants. Channel Source This mod adds new skills that allow the player to regenerate source by expending action-points. This is different from other source-regen mods as these skills can be used in combat. Additional Summons Pack Simple and nice. 8 new summons. Overlord - Necromancy Spells 20 new necromancer-themed skills. GOG link - default manual installation besides you don't need to unzip anything - it's a .pak file itself you need to place to default mods folder. Chaotic Mechanics - A New Summon ==NEW== Unlike the acts 1, 2 and 4, act 3 of the game lacks a new, unique summon to unlock. This mod seeks to rectify that and introduces a new conjuration in the form of 2 unstable automata. Both are summoned via the same skill, based on the user's "Summoning" ability. GOG link - default manual installation. Spread Your Wings - Assault Jump Adds "Assault Jump," an area-of-effect fly-up-and-smash-the-ground knockdown attack, to the Polymorph skill Spread Your Wings, right alongside Flight. GOG link - default manual installation. Radiant Blacksand Tiger Summon A new unique and powerful summon in the game: the Blacksand Tiger. This earth based summon has a wide range of unique skills which can help you in many different ways. It is meant to be one of, if not the best of summons in the game. Dire Wolf Simple as that.

Nuff said, right? New things you can find in the game world.

Unique Loot Drops Adds 170!! unique items to the game. These items don't have a set location or level and can be found from a variety of sources. The items are somewhat ARPG-like in that you can find multiple copies of them and most items have an effect that is unique to it. This mod is an absolutely titanic work and would be a great addition to anyone who wants to spice up the walkthrough and character builds. There are couple of minor bugs here and there, but nothing dangerous (and quite expected for the mod of such a size - and you may never encounter them to begin with because you won't find all the items durin a single walkthrough). The only mod with which you should think twice before using it together is EE, because it has own gameplay redisign and some status effects or damage modifiers may bee OP for it. At the same time, that's also not much of an issue because EE adds a large chunk of own artifacts to the game, which are balanced exactly for it. GOG link - default manual installation.
Bonus Uniques Over 90 new unique items you can fidn in game, aimed to compliment various build paths and options throughout your adventure. GOG link - default manual installation.
Note: Don't use this mod with Epic Encounters - it already adds plenty of new artifacts, balanced exactly for EE design. Throwing Weapons Armory Three new types of throwing weapons are added to the game: Darts and Throwing Knives which scale with Finesse and Throwing Axes that scale with Strength. GOG link - default manual installation.
1H-Spears and Piercing Variants Simple mod that adds additional one-handed spears and piercing variations for both one- and two-handed spears. GOG link - default manual installation.
Note: Don't use this mod with Epic Encounters - it has own weapons rebalance part. Shadow Stalker Craftable equipment specialized in Finesse. They can be recolored into blue, green, red or standard black. You can level up this armor by combining it with a magical hammer to keep it viable. Wolf Armor Full set of armor and weapons with balanced stats which will suit Ifan playstyle and lore, or just any asassin/archer character in general. Default manual installation

Plenty of different mods for various things here and there - mods which don't certainly fall under one scrict category, situational or "matter of tastes" ones. Here you may find various useful additions and maybe even some essential mods, depending on your current setup and playstyle.

Food and Rest System (primary needs for player characters) Absolutely amazing mod for realism immersion lovers! The system for needs makes rest also all kinds of food and drinks necessary for your characters whilst not making it a primary goal. Note: For the compatibility with the “Already inspected” mod install the "Food_and_Rest_AI_DE" version. Academy Lessons For All Allows each party member to obtain a lesson from each of the teachers in The Academy on Nameless Isles, instead of just one character per party. GOG link - default manual installation. Good Chemistry Shows you the effects of food, drinks, ingredients, and potions without requiring you to consume them first. All The Source - Source Fountains At All Waypoints Adds Working Source Fountains to all waypoints in the game, including the Lady Vengeance. Matter of taste mod - at one hand, source fountains exist in game and you only need some time to teleport to needed waypoint and get to them, so it's not directly a cheating mod - it simple saves you some time. At the other hand - simply placing them straight at each waypoint is definitely not immersive/lore-friendly. Your call :) GOG link - default manual installation. Initiative-Based Turn Order Dislike the "ally turn, enemy turn" nature of D:OS2's round-robin system? Wish that your initiative had a bigger impact on the turn order? This mod changes the combat turn order whereby players and enemies will act in order of their initiative. GOG link - default manual installation. Anyone Can Be Sworn ==NEW== Allows anyone (as in vanilla it was possible only for already overpowered Fane) to accept the God-King's covenant and receive the +2 attributes, Combat skills and Talent points that come with it. Use the default manual mod installation method. More Blood Roses ==NEW== This mod adds 5 additional "Blood Roses" throughout the game. GOG link - default manual installation. Lucky Charm Tweaks ==NEW== Here you'll find two options for buffing the extra loot chance from Lucky Charm. Take your pick! Use the default manual mod installation method. Spear Drop Chance Up ==NEW== This mod makes the drop chance of spears equal to that of strength based two-handed weapons. GOG link - default manual installation. Unique Animals ==NEW== Adds new animals to GM mode. Taunt Range Increased ==NEW== Simple as that. Doubles the taunt effect radius to make it more viable, if you think it's underpowered. Use the default manual mod installation method. Lohse Dialogue Fix ==NEW== Fixes incorrect flags in Lohse's dialogue during Act 2, enabling extra dialogue with Lohse as a companion. Use the default manual mod installation method.

Several great difficulty-increasing mods from the same author. They are not for everyone and are highly subjective, but are simple and fits the vision of hardcore-like setup greatly. Do [NOT] use them with "complex" overhauls like SAGA/DU/EE until you're completely sure what you're doing and want exactly these changes despite overhaul's design vision, as they usually have own changes to these aspects.

Armor-Based Saving Throws Makes status effects previously blocked by Physical and Magic Armour subject to saving throw rolls instead. A target's chance to resist a status effect is equal to the percentage of the corresponding armor type it has remaining (+ talents). No Free Memory Slots Takes away the free memory slot you gain every other level in the vanilla game. If you want more memory slots you have to invest attribute points. Shock-Powered Teleportation Changes Teleportation so it only work against enemies who are already Shocked or Stunned, making teleportation a much less reliable means of dealing with adversaries. Harder difficulty mod once again. Reactive Immunities Enemies gain two turns of immunity to a fully disabling status after recovering from that status. Players do not.
Damage Dispels Charmed Damaging charmed enemies dispels the effect. Simple as that. Applies to player as well, but with 33% chance. Less Sticky Oil The Slowed effect from Oil surfaces disappears as soon as a unit leaves the surface. Meant to make it harder to use oil to keep melee opponents at bay, but obviously benefits players as well. Ice Incarnates From Ice This last one is not actually difficulty-increasing, but just a neat little one from the same author. Casting Summon Incarnate on a patch of ice now gives you a proper ice-infused personal demon. All mods from the author above are available to download for GOG users here - default manual installation

Slightly More Civil Ability Points Gain a civil point every 3 levels starting at level 2, rather than every forth level starting at 3. May be useful for a solo-LW walkthrough, for example. GOG link - default manual installation. Shapeshifting Origin Tags A simple mod that preserves origin tags when transforming into another race. It also enables companion dialogues, so you can talk to companions while they're shapeshifted. GOG link - default manual installation. Combined Icon Atlases Combines all of Larian's icons into one big atlas, to help mitigate the 7 atlas UI limitation (which causes icons to not render). GOG link - default manual installation. Diverse Weapons An overhaul for all weapons in the game in order to make them more diverse from each other depending on the type. Also introduces changes to runes and source orbs, explained on the mod page. GOG link - default manual installation.
Note: Don't use this mod with Epic Encounters - it has own weapons rebalance part. Menace Tanking System This mod allows characters to generate Menace. The character in a party with the highest Menace is the character who, 9 times out of 10, will be the priority target for AI-controlled enemies. Addon to override governing attribute to Consitution is available. Anathema Awakened - The Bane of the Source King Turns Anathema into a useable but risky weapon with unique effects that make it worthy of being the Source King's bane. Drain Source from your enemies to feed the sword but be cautious. The sword is still fragile and also has the potential to possess those who wield it. Mask Of The Shapeshifter - Skillbooks This mod alters the mechanics of all 6 variations of the Mask of the Shapeshifter, making them act just like the normal skillbooks, teaching the player skills they originally provide. GOG link - default manual installation. Rude Loot - No Civil Abilities on Armor Removes nearly all randomly generated civil ability bonuses from loot. Persuasion won't appear on amulets anymore, or Lockpicking on gloves etc. GOG link - default manual installation.
Note: Same here - don't use this mod with Epic Encounters due to very same reason. Joyless Beginnings - Skip Act 1 Completely skips Act 1 and spawns you at Reaper's Coast with lvl 9, plenty of gold, set of ammor/weapons and all needed base items. Level Up Equipment Potion With this mod, you can buy a special kind of potion that will level up all equipped gear to the level of your character. So if you found a nice piece of equipment you no longer have to toss it away for a better version now that you can drink for it.
Note: Don't use this mod with Epic Encounters - it has own, very immersive system of upgrading quipment in forge. Crafting - Origin Armors Allows you to craft origin armors. Make Grenades Great Again This mod changes grenades so they scale with finesse, making them a more viable late game option for rogues and rangers, damage modified slightly as well. Two new grenades are also added to the game. GOG link - default manual installation.
Note: Don't use this mod with Epic Encounters - it has own weapons rebalance part. Raise Your Pets This addon gives you more pets that you will encounter along your journey, with own unique abilities. Scribe Scrolls and Skillbooks Lets you scribe copies of scrolls and skill-books in your inventory without having to re-craft them from scratch. Footprints Footprints last much longer now, fading over a longer period of time for added immersion. Better Staff Of Magus Removes the cooldown and slightly improves the damage to make staves a more useful ranged weapon.
Note: Don't use this mod with Epic Encounters - it has own weapons rebalance part. Hall of Echoes Waypoint (Arx) Under certain circumstances upon entering Arx, you will no longer have access to the Lady Vengeance in the Hall of Echoes. This mod aims to solve that by adding another waypoint statue in the starting area of Arx. Once you've discovered the waypoint, you'll be able to reach the Hall of Echoes and do whatever you must do there. The forced waypoint will also disappear as soon as you discover the original waypoint onboard Lady Vengeance. 25% Less EXP Essential mod if you're using mods that add new enemies (and so, you get more experience in total), to keep game balanced. Or if you simply wanna harder walkthrough. 50% and 75% versions are also avaialable. GUI Eater Removes armors, vitality and level values from UI - a simple yet interesting concept for those who, once again, want more challenging combat experience. Unnerf Lone Wolf Reverts Lone Wolf back to classic edition values. Obviously, will be overpowered for 2 character party setup, but can make sense if you're planning to play solo. Undead Savior Pretty arguable mod in terms of its feature, but may be interesting for some players - it removes ability of enemies to heal you in combat, which basically negates the "psychic" element of enemies always "knowing" if you're undead. Better analogue exists, which alters enemies Loremaster skill, i.e. doesn't remove ability to heal you at all, rather exactly making enemies non-psychic - but sadly, it doesn't work with latest game version. If this will change at some moment, I'll update this line. Never Meet Sir Lora Never Meet Black Cat If any of both of these pets actaully bother you that much - now you can completely remove them from the game. Barkus Rex Because why not, haha.

Various mods which allows you to experience different adventures - new quests added to original game and standalone projects - from a simple map mod with enemies to fight with, to a complex mods with multiple worldspaces, stories and quests, new races and skills. Take into account that in most of cases such mods have nothing to do with the game story itself and have own design & story - like a mini games made on DOS 2 as engine. Also, don't be afraid of such mods often not having 5 stars ratings or enough ratings at all - this is simply a not mass-popular mod category, so low amount of ratings doesn't mean the mod is bad - if you found something interesting, try it yourself. Also [always read the mod page carefully] as due to having own design and often being realy big in size, these mods require some other mods to work properly, or have certain ingame conditions you should stick to. This section is not very big yet as there are not many of such mods in general, and I'm not adding mods to the guide without testing them myself - and adventure/quest mods require more time to test, as you can guess. It will be expanded gradually.

Mods that are adding quests/events to game itself, working as an immersion addons:

The Source Artefact A new area and quest added to Reaper's Coast.

Standalone story/adventure addons:

The Pyramid Of Shadows A massive standalone campaign designed from the 4th gen Pyramid of Shadows D&D module. While technically still being a WIP mod, it's already really immense in size and can give you many hours of walkthrough. Mod author updates it often. GOG link - default manual installation. LEVELS A massive and well-designed standalone adventure that can give you 6 to 12 hours of walkthrough. Mystics A custom story mods with new races and classes, 8 to hours 16 of playtime. MysticsTwo A new story from the author of the mod above, with a large worldspace to explore and sailable ships. Note: Look for the author's instruction on the mod page about the mod size. Hunt for the Old King's Dragon ==NEW== A simple quest added in to the game early on with an NPC after venturing through Fort Joy and conversing with a dragon hunter shortly after. Group up with a pair of mages to hunt down the dragon or switch sides and ambush the wizards for a chance at treasure. Use the default manual mod installation method. Darkest Divinity: Original Dungeon ==NEW== An attempt of roguelike gameplay implementation for DOS2. The Wizards Sanctum Superb map, ambient and beautiful. Take into account it's made for GM mode, so there are no enemies on it by default.

Mods which can be considered cheating or pretty arguable in terms of balance. Some of them though, may be great for testing or balancing the game with sort of masochistic hardcore mod setups. It's all up to you, after all :)

The Cheat Commander Best mod for testing your character builds fast. Add small or large amounts of gold, experience, set your character to a specific level, henerate full sets of legendary gear for your current character level, spawn items such as lockpicks, runes, purging wands or even swornbreakers, create every skillbook for any skill type (including combination books), add extra attribute and talent points beyond your current level, add character tags, including hero and villain - via dialogue with cheat commander NPC present in each arc. Mod can be installed and uninstalled in midgame without issues. GOG link - default manual installation. Automatic Item Leveling All player/party items are scaled to the player's level once obtained and on level up. GOG link - default manual installation. Skilled Up Adds a new NPC in each act selling all skillbooks in the game including Source skills and crafted skills The Quick Start Backpack A backpack that spawns at the start of the game with loads of items you'll find useful inside. Weightless Lockpicks and Trap Disarm Toolkits Eternal Repair Hammer Eternal Lockpick Eternal Trap Disarm Kit A group of similar mods from the same authors - do exactly how they are named. Simple Carry Weight Increase Base carry weight bumped from 100 to 200. GOG alternative - similar, but not the same mod - default manual installation. No Equipping Requirements Weapons, shields, and armour no longer have equipping requirements. Infinite Memory 300 memory slots. GOG alternative - default manual installation. Rune Slots back to 3 Max rune slots increased to 3. Enables rune slots for all equipment. GOG link - default manual installation. Book Of Origins Select any origin and racial skill you want. GOG link - default manual installation. Sourcery Quality of Life Bless and Curse now cost no source and memory points (appear as innate skills). Full Loot Ever wish traders would drop their full inventory on death? Full Loot is here to break the economy save the day! Configurable via ingame menu. GOG link - default manual installation. Civility and Grace Increases available civil skill points from 2 to 6 and talent points from 1 to 2. Can be useful for solo-LW walkthrough with hardcore modded setups. GOG link - default manual installation. Long Range Enrage Vast bonus to Enrage skill range. Recipe Unlocker - Definitive Edition The mod grants you all Larian-made recipes when you start a new game or load a save. Skill Book Recipes Expanded Makes certain "NPC only abilities" useable by player, skillbooks for them and possibility to craft them. GOG link - default manual installation. Lucky Breaks and Auspicious Beginnings Provides a significant boost too all possible character points (less overpowered version available). GOG link - default manual installation (both versions inside, choose only one). Dahlia's Uniques Mod adds an NPC to the game, Dahlia, that provides replicas of DOS2 uniques. GOG link - default manual installation. Amazing Wings Wings for free to your character, with 20 different styles. GOG link - default manual installation. 8 Max AP Does exactly that. GOG link - default manual installation. Character Creation Gear Mod adds 5 crates on the Fort Joy beach where you wake up containing the character creation gear. Radiant Origin Gear For free. Faster Merchant Restock 6 times faster. Improved Charm/Taunted - Player Characters Won't Use Consumables Prevents charmed or taunted player characters from using the consumables in their inventory.

Some mods that should be mentioned due to being great or having good potential, but unstable in some aspect - not properly working with latest game version, causing occasional crashes etc. Maybe they will be fixes in future, and this is what the section is for - to keep them in mind if you like them. But as for now, use them only at your own risk.

Level Up All Equipment - Including Uniques It was absolutely essential mod for many players (including myself) in classic version of the game as it was proviging a very useful mechanic of items upgrading which was balanced at the same time (not give for free), but atm it's pretty bugged. GOG link. Occultist- A Summoner Overhaul Amazing summoner class overhaul, but prone to crashing the game randomly. GOG link. Greed - Increased Loot Variety Hundreds of additional modifiers for items - from stat bonuses to unique skills. This mod will not directly break your game or anything - but it has decent amount of bugs here and there, and as it's abandoned, it's not likely they will be ever fixed. It also, on practice, disbalances loot system on some extent, so even while it's totally playable in general, it's not recommended to have it if you're aimed on challenging and balanced game. GOG link - default manual installation.
Note: Don't use this mod with Epic Encounters - it has own items rebalance part. Scourge/Plague Doctor Class Another superb class mod with plenty of new skills and own mechanics, but crashing the game too often as well. GOG link. Faster Source Vampirism While the mod idea is great and actaully works, at the same time skill often disappears from skillbar at certain conditions, which makes the mod arguably an improvement in whole. Try yourself and see.

Inspired by DOS 2 amazing community and wanna make your own mod, but don't know where to start? Tutorials and modder resources - look here :)

Modding tools setup Activation instructions. Larian's mod creation wiki Dozens of articles for everything you need to know, from basic guidelines to advanced tips'n'tricks from other authors. LeaderLib wiki From LaughingLeader of how to use his library.

Various modders resources:

Majoras - Project: Fashion Sins Chronicles: Shared Library Animations Plus Dragon DEvamp

Huge, heartful thanks and a deep bow to amazing people who made Divinity: Original Sin 2 modding stage looking as it's now, and growing even more with each month!
Thanks to Norbyte, Laughing Leader, Kassent, Fireundubh, Ameranth, Bardblue, Kalavinka, Lady Cassandra, Elvasat, Feenex, Helaene, Odinblade, Heaphaistos, Majoras Vox, Windemere and Nimue, The Composer, A100N, Peachy, Muffiny, freeway, frasdoge, Malchezzar, J0k3_R, Pencey, Derpy Moa, Zerd, Element120, Mwulf, Ryuki, Rose, Craftian, Kurtchekov, Brum, Thorstmixx, core one, Gnomee, Vincent H.L, ForgottenAmnesia, RobotGodzilla and so many others - thanks for making this amazing game even better <3
Thank you Larian for being such a humble and community-friendly studio.
And ofc, thank you, dear reader - you've made it till the end. I want to ask you to always remember to rate/endorse a mod if you liked it and also want to wish you the most epic and fun modded DOS 2 walkthrough ever.

I want to huge thanks to each and every patron of mine, existing and past ones, who helped me to keep going and deliver Divinity: Original Sin 2 modding guide - without your support, I would never be able to have enough time to compile it <3

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