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About this project
Welcome! I'm Sinitar. I'm a modding-oriented YT author and maximalist mod compiler, and also an author of complete modding guides for Skyrim and Oblivion. This project is a result of months of modding Fallout: New Vegas. I love Nexus modding community and always try to support this community as much as I can. One of my goals is to help other players have perfectly modded and perfectly stable games - and that's not some sort of exaggeration.
Fallout: New Vegas is an amazing game and a brilliant RPG. But as many of you may know, Obdisian (studio who actually developed it as Bethesda was only the publisher and provided Obdisian with engine) had only 1.5 years deadline to create a game of SUCH scope, which is an incredibly short term for an open-world, story-driven RPG with a lot of gameplay mechanics and non-linear gameplay. That's why (and also because game was being made on Bethesda's already 13 y.o. Gamebryo) it had a lot of of bugs, glitches, broken mechanics and unfinished/cut content. The project goal is to change that :) I've personally went through vastly majority of more than 20.000 mods available for NV atm, picked several thousands from what looked really beautiful/interesting, tested them, compared and then sifted out those that were outdated/bugged/redundant and added the most qualitative/original/stable ones to the list, step by step.
covers everything - from bugfixing and graphics to tiniest gameplay details. NV has of thousands of mods and it's very hard to check and compare them all, specially for modding newcomers. I did this and chosen everything (or almost everything - guide will be expanded gradually after release) you may need to transform your game into something increadibly beautiful and with badass gameplay, while being able to fit your personal taste at the same time. List of 800+ mods for you to choose from to improve your game to a completely new level is waiting - with performance impact notes, compatibility advices and many other personal notes.

Complete stability - your game will run smoothly, without crashes and stutters even with hundreds of mods. Thousands of vanilla game bugs fixed.
Everything for graphics - models, textures, weather and lighting, ENB, towns and cities overhauls, interface - to make your NV graphics shine as never before, improving the look of even smallest objects. Besides that, instructions for owner of weaker rigs are also provided.
Everything for gameplay - combat, AI, animations, perks and traits, armors and weapons, quests and new lands, cut content, sounds, music and radio stations, player homes, immersion, companions, utilities and much more - best mods in terms of features and stability are gathered her
But there's more! U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. offers a unique system of "modules" - pre-made lists of mods, compiled from A to Z for different goals and tastes - casual, hardcore, survival and so on. It's made for people who don't want to go through the guide itself. Now you can just pick a mod list fitting your taste the most and install it following the chosen module - everything will be sorted out for you in it already. New modules will be added gradually.
Guide can be implemented for any rig. For maximum graphics result, you need system which looks like this: GTX 970 (or AMD analogue), good i5 CPU (or AMD analogue), 12GB RAM. But if your system is weaker - don't worry! For mods with most performance impact, I'm providing instruction for lower-end rigs as well.And if your PC is a complete potato/toaster (like, it can only run the basic game itself and any graphics mods, even with performance tweaks are still hurting your fps much) - just skip the graphics section of the guide or proceed to low-end section which contains some useful advices of what you still can use to improve graphics, but not hurt your FPS. Then proceed to it's gameplay part and/or pre-made modules.
Guide also has tips for merging, making merged patches, editing the mods and other advanced techniques.
Lastly, in Files section (showed in this image) you can find the pack of .ini files already pre-configured for stable and ultra HD gameplay - you only need to use these inis with few [possible] adjustments needed, depending on your rig - and that's explained in the guide and in a readme file attached. There are also some mods attached for optional download which are tweaked version of existing mods, where tweaks were made for balancing purposes (uploaded with respective authors permissions).
I'm running New Vegas with ~720 mods in a real walkthrough without crashes and stutters - and you can have the same or even bigger list. All you need is to follow the guide stability section carefully, and then proceed to the guide mod list part, or it's modules. Simple as that!

How to support:
This project is completely free. Still, it takes insane amount of my time to build and expand it - release version of this project already took me ~600 working hours. The more independent I will fee myself as an author, the faster new updates and modules will arrive. But support only if you really want it and able to:

I don't give a permission to re-upload this to other sites by any other person, if you like this guide and want to share it please just add a link to this page.

U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. features:

Release trailer:

A demonstration of how New Vegas can look like with U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. implemented. Also remember that everything about graphics - lighting, saturation, brightness, shaders, (like on new water look in the video), depth of field, letterbox ("black bars") - can be configured or disabled:

Tired of Fallout 4 and Fallout 76? Take a look at this promising spiritual successfor of classic Fallout games:

Q: What kind of PC specs I need to run U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. with maximum possible graphics setup?
A: GPU - GTX 970 (or AMD analogue). CPU - i5 6600k (or AMD analogue). RAM - 12GB. This is more or less medium gaming rig as for today, and with such specs or higher you'll be able to run all graphics mods, ENB and everything you wan from the list. But even if your PC is a complete potato and barely can run New Vegas itself, U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. is still fully open for you - just skip the graphics part or proceed to low-end section which contains some useful advices of what you still can use to improve graphics, but not hurt your FPS. Then proceed to the gameplay part of the guide, or to the modules with pre-made mod lists. With the stability tips and tweaks in respective section of the guide, your game still will be fully stable even on weak PC.

Q: Should I install ALL mods from this list?
A: You can do this in theory ofc - but you should never do this. Remember that this is not a mod pack - it's a mod list, with description and advices. You should understand that more not always equals better :) Also, the bigger mod list you will have, the more important you'll need to be in terms of compatibility moments. If you want to make your own dream mod list - go through the guide and pick the mods you really like, don't simply install all of them. If you want to save time - pre-made modules are for you to choose from - there you don't need to worry about compatibility as everything is already picked for you and you only need to mimic the mod list and follow additional instructions if they are present. You are the lord of your own game, so even while U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. provides a definitive list of mods and advices about them, you still need to read mod pages ;)

Q: I also want to install ENB, where's a tips for it?
A: Sure! Whatever you want - it is here ;) Just read a bit further.

Q: I got infinite loading screen/my game crashes with out of memory errors/I have enourmous stutters and FPS drops.
A: Please read "Stability & Essential Bugfixing" section carefully. Read it and install all the things needed before starting to install mods from the main part of U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. of its modules. I've made this part as much easy to make as it's ever possible - in most of steps you can simply use my .ini files that are already fully adjusted for stable modded game no matter of your Windows version (7,8, 10). All you need is to just follow the stability section carefully and your game will be free of crashes, stutters and memory issues even with hundreds of mods.

Q: Where are you from? A few words about you?
A: Ukraine. 29 years old. Gamer, retarded slavic youtuber youtuber and gym addict. Web-developer in past, fitness trainer and nutritionist now (as hobby).

Q: Would you expand this guide and add this/that?
A: Sure! I'll expand the guide and what if even more important for may players, add new pre-made modules, as well as improving existing ones. If you want to help me deliver them faster, you can support U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. on Patreon. But do this only if you really want and able to.

Q: In future when U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. will receive updates, how can I see the new-aded mods between hundreds of others?
A: New mods freshly added to the guide after initial release will be marked with red-colored "==NEW==" sign.

Q: The guide is so short - I see only pictures, where the hell are those 800 mods?
A: U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. is gently separated into various sections for your comfort. For the same reasons, to not make you constantly scroll through huge wall of text, those sections mod lists are enclosed by "Show/Hide" buttons - just click on the Show button under the section name and it will expand, showing the list of mods in this section. Click on Hide again, and it will close.

Q: What's that sign near some of the mods?
A: As New Vegas has much "shorter" plugin limit compared to Skyrim, for example, merging the mods is more important and common task for NV modding if you're aimed on a big mod list. That's why, to ease your work and save your time significantl, I've made this "indicator" - if the mod has mark near its name, this means you can add this mod to merge make "easy" mering (this will be explained below). Durin the mods installation, don't pay this indicator any attention - but if/when you'll be merging your mods, you will be able to instantly know which mods you can freely merge as is. Please take into account that this indicator "coverage" is not full yet - several dozens of mods already have it and some are fitting the conditions but don't have the mark yet - I'll be gradually marking more and more relevant mods in future updates.

Q: Can you just upload your New Vegas folder with all your mods somewhere so I can just download it and not to choose and install mods one by one?
A: Nope. The reasons:
Firstly - this would be illegal and disrespectful as mod authors don't give permissions to re-upload their works somewhere. I respect their hard work.
Secondly - everyone has absolutely different PC specs, and my personal setup can be absolutely unplayable for many people.
Exactly to solve this "issue" in legal way, U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. contains modules with already pre-made mod lists of certain type, with all needed instruction and already with all mods compatible - so literally everything you need is to mimic them, if you don't want to go through whole guide by yourself :)

Q: That's all cool and everything, but I wanna stay tuned on updates and have modding chatting, something you can offer?
A: Sure! Just join our Discord server - the biggest and most experienced Discord modding community.

Q: I'm a mod author - I've made a cool mod and it's still not in your guide!
A: Just drop me a pm here or ping me in our Discord server and tell me a few words about your mod - thank you :)

Now, the first and most important rule. Keeping it will load your gun with super bullets and give you stable game even with hundreds of mods installed.

First of all, make sure your system is prepared:
  • Make sure you have latest game version and all DLCs. Most of mods require DLCs to work properly - if you won't have DLCs, your game simply won't launch when using many dozens of popular mods. Also, guaranteed work of all mods can be ensured on 100% only on English version of the game. Graphics mods mostly will work fine with any language version, but many gameplay mods will not work properly with other languages and I won't be able to provide troubleshooting support in this case.
  • Disable Steam overlay, Afterburner overlay, disable all posisble overlays in general, add New Vegas to your antivirus/firewall "white list", disable all possible "boosters" and "tuners" programs you may be using. Also disable automatic Geforce Experience game optimization for NV (or similar feature for AMD GPUs). All of them can anytime screw up your modded game and/or it's many settings. Follow the guide and use only what's recommended here.
  • Make sure you have VC++ 2013 installed. To install, just download and run the file.
  • Make sure you have DirectX June 2010 Redist installed. To install, just donwload into some empty folder, run the file - it will extract plenty of files, then run the installer. After installation is complete, those temporary files - you can delete them.

Good! Before you'll start, watch the video below. Don't pay attention that it's recorded in Skyrim - all the terms and base principles are literally the same in both games. Watch this video completely, from start to finish. Even if you know most of terms explained in it - you'll still find something new, and for modding newcomers it will answer on most of basic questions:

Now, let's make your New Vegas ready for modding and stable!
Attention #1: all steps in this section are obligatory. Do not skip any of them until it's separately mentioned.
Attention #2: U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E.'s stability section contains absolutely everything you need to make your game free of crashes and stutters. This means you don't need to use any other guides/tutorials together with it - some guides are good, but just outdated, most "super secret tweaks" you may find randomly in web are placebo or even directly harmful. Stability mods and tweaks, and their exact combination listed here has proven itself to give the best performance and stability - tested on different PCs, different Windows versions and by many different players.
Similar applies to mods in the list - if you don't see some mod while you was expecting it, most likely it's just forward in the list due to better installation order. Or if some, maybe even really popular mods with a lot of endorsements are not listed here, that simply means they either have stability issues or just have a better and newer alternatives :)
Some really great but sort of very much matter of taste/cheating/highly conflicting mods will be also mentioned in own section in the end- but using mods from this section, you're doing this at your own risk and I won't be able to provide troubleshooting support for them.

1) Install a mod manager per your choice.
Choose between these two mod managers, choice is absolutely a matter of taste. I'm using NMM, but choice is completely up to you:
Nexus Mod Manager - simple and effective. NMM is recommended for modding newcomers - very intuitive with close to zero learning curve, minimalistic and clear interface while having 100% of features needed to build even the heaviest mod list. It's also 100% fine with installing mods that have so called "fomod installer" (when a popup with options to choose appears during installation). NMM is also much easier to manage certain "point" conflicts when overwriting mods. On the page, get the .exe version of latest NMM file. While NMM is very easy to get into, you can also wathc this amazing video tutorial about its setup and usage.
Mod Organizer - mod manager on steroids, packed with huge amount of cool features. Has longer learning curve, but allows more powerful customization while building the mod list. Many players with advanced modding skills are choosing it, and that's well deserved. It has 2 versions - MO1 and MO2 (both can be downloaded from the files section linked - and don't worry it's Skyrim SE section - it's just hosted there. MO fully supports New Vegas). MO2 has even more features, but it was developed for 64bit games in first turn (like FO4 and Skyrim SE, while NV is 32bit one). MO1 (Mod Organizer 1 Legacy) is complete without additional glitches MO2 may have - so if you're not yet very experienced, but you liked MO, get the MO1. If you're an experienced modder - try MO2. You can also watch some super useful series of video tutorials for MO1 and MO2 here.
Important note about MO usage: this mod manager stores mod files and .ini files in own way, so to edit your ini files you'll need to open them through MO itself.
What about Vortex and FOMM, you may ask?
Vortex - while looking really fancy in Win 10 style, it's still glitchy and doesn't have some fundamental features for "serious" modding (for example, manual load order sorting, which is crucial for big mod lists), making it dysfunctional in some aspects. I won't be able to provide a troubleshooting support if you're using Vortex, please take that into account.
FOMM - the oldest mod manager for NV. It has 2 versions - older one wasn't updated since 2010 and it's just too outdated and unsupported at all. The updated version of it has many it's issues fixed, but still has a lot of another issues and glitches, from minor to major. Correct installation of mods is not guaranteed and I won't be able to provide troubleshooting support for it as well.
Tldr: choose between NMM or MO and have a stable game :)
If something will change in a good way for any of FOMM/Vortex, I'll let you guys know.

2) Install LOOT.
Your best friend to organize load order - the way in which order your mods are going one after another. Loot also shows some useful information - missing masters, dirty records, which can be useful to you. Proper load order is very important to run your modded game without conflicts, as mods (especially gameplay mods) compatibility often depends on it. Download the LOOT.Installer.exe file via the link provided (image showing file version needed) and isntall, then run it. LOOT usage is very simple - just run it, choose New Vegas as a game and click "Sort plugins". Wait until sorting is finished, click "Apply" and close the program. Here's an image showing the buttons needed. Do this each time you've installed a few other mods, and one more time when your mod list is finished. LOOT is smart and has own database, so in almost all cases automatic sorting is enough - but don't worry, for cases when some manual load order rules are needed, I'll notify you and provide simple instructions :)

3) Install New Vegas Script Extender.
Download the archive (using the first link on the page shown on this picture) anywhere at your PC. Unpack it.
Place nvse_1_4.dllnvse_1_4ng.dllnvse_editor_1_4.dllnvse_loader.exenvse_steam_loader.dll files to your NV root folder (the main game folder, where New Vegas launcher exe is, [not] the Data folder).
From now on and always, launch the game only via nvse_loader.exe. Make a shortcut of it for your desktop and launch game only with it.

4) Install 4GB Patcher.
4GB Patcher increases amount of RAM available for game to use.
To install - download the archive anywhere, unpack and place FalloutNVpatch file to your NV root folder (the main game folder, where New Vegas launcher exe is, [not] the Data folder). Run it. Bingo, your game is patched! Only install it - we'll deal with .ini file tweaks later in one-click way ;)
Note: if you have GOG version of the game and your game launches via vanilla launcher no matter what - it's fine for GOG version.

5) Install New Vegas Anti Crash.
This mod is a pure magic. No other words for that. One click installation. Bang. Almost all engine crash issues disappearead. Essential and amazing mod.
Just download and install with mod manager.

6) Install New Vegas Stutter Remover.
This mod main feature is to greatly reduce amount of stutters in your game. But, it helps against crashes and with memory allocation as well, working in team with previous mods with a great synergy.
Just install with mod manager. Don't do anything else for now. "Anything else" is alredy pre-made for you in the next steps :)

7) Use my New Vegas .INI files (Fallout.ini and FalloutPrefs.ini)
Go to Files section of the guide (showed in this image). There you'll see file named "Base INI Files". These .INI files are [already] pre-configured for ENB usage - you don't need to do anything yourself. Download the archive, unpack it anywhere, grab the Fallout.ini and FalloutPrefs.ini and place them to \Documents\My Games\FalloutNV, overwriting if asked. Now you need to make only 2 tiny adjustments. You can open them with any text editor tool (notepad for example, but I humbly recommend to use this amazing editor - it makes editing the .INI files x10 easier and more comfy for your eye, and it's totally free). So, do the next:
- In Fallout.ini, find iNumHWThreads= value. Change the value to the amount of your CPU cores (it's set to 6, so if you have 4 cores - set the value to 4, etc). Save the changes (press CTRL+S) and close the ini file.
- This step is "floating". During your mod list growing, if you'll be experiencing sound lags and/or some sounds not playing at all from time to time, you need this step. If you don't such issues, then don't change the values mentioned in this step. In Fallout.ini, find iAudioCacheSize= value. It's set to 2048 by default. Double it, setting to 4096. Now, in the same file, just in the next line, you'll see iMaxSizeForCachedSound= value. It's set to 256 by default. Doubt it, setting to 512. Save the changes (press CTRL+S) and close the ini file. These settings should have with sound lag issues in most of cases, but in case that won't be enough still, you can double respective values again (to 8192 and 1024 respectively) - but this most likely will never be needed. Save the changes, close the ini file.
- In FalloutPrefs.ini, find sD3DDevice= value. Change it to your GPU name. Note: this part is important. The thing is - yes, you can change that in NV launcher as well, but if you'll launch it first time while different GPU is listed there, NV launcher will reset all other settings to default as well.
- In FalloutPrefs.ini, find iSize W= and iSize H=. Those, as you already may have guessed, are values for your ingame resolution, where "W" value is width and "H" value is height. It's set to 1920x1080 by default, but if your resolution is different, or you're planning to play in DSR (dynamic super resolution), change these values to whatever your need. Save the changes, close the ini file.
Important note: after you've finished with settings for these two .INI files, set them to "read only" mode. It's also very recommended to not use NV launcher to change ingame resolution and other settings in general - it's reported by many players that even simply launching NV launcher without doing anything reverts some settings (like for grass density, for example) back to vanilla values. Just get a habit to make those changes directly in .INI files - it's much better :)
Also, if you want to return game starting intro (it'd disabled to save your precious time because c'mon, how many hundreds of times you saw it already haha), just change values of "SMainMenuMovieIntro=" and "SIntroSequence=" back to 1 instead of 0.

Optional additional settings to disable mouse acceleration and for more realistic decals/blood/shooting fx visibility range/time (tinker with these settings only after you've finished your mod list completely, sure that everything is running fine and your FPS is fine):

Disable mouse acceleration:

In your game main directory (where game .exe files are), in a file called Fallout_default.ini, find [Controls] section and change it's content to these lines:

bBackground Mouse=1
bBackground Keyboard=1

Better decal settings:

In Fallout.ini, make the next changes to values (or just paste the lines if you dont have some of them):





That's it!

8) Install my .INI files for New Vegas Script Extender and New Vegas Stutter Remover.
Go to Files section of the guide. There you'll see file named "INI Files for NVSE & NVSR". Download the file and add it to your mod manager. Install. When asked about overwriting the files - approve it.
That simple, you may ask? Yep! These .INI files are pre-configured with actually working settings for each and every PC. As well as for Windows 7, 8 and 10. Yes, you may have read that NVSR doesn't work properly on Win 10. This issue is also fixed. Unlike from other random settings that can be found in web, these inis also don't have any harmful values, configured in that way so you don't need to bother about adjusting anything no matter what rig you have and on which Windows you are.

9) Install The Mod Configuration Menu.
Allows to configure mods via special cozy menu straight in game. Required for many mods to work properly and makes your modded game life much more easier.
Note: don't forget to intsall the "MCM BugFix 2" file from Updates section in Files tab. Download the update file and simply add the archive to you mod manager and install with mod manager, overwriting when asked.

10) Install JIP LN NVSE Plugin.
This mod is like a required "core" for each second amazing gameplay mod, being an extension to NVSE and adding hundreds of new functions. Basically, without it most of great mods listed below most likely would never appear or work same good. In addition, it also fixes many notorious bugs from vanilla game. Download and install with mod manager, no other actions required.

11) Install Ogg Vorbis Libraries.
This tiny but effective fix greatly helps with audio lags and stutter in the game caused by audio issues, by improving the method how game decodes audio.
This needs to be done manually. Just follow the steps:
- Make an empty folder anywhere on your PC and name it "NV Vorbis Backup", for example.
- Go to NV main folder (where game launcher is located) and find the files called libvorbis.dll and libvorbisfile.dll. Take these two files and place them to previously made backup folder. In this way, we'll simply backup these files, just in case.
- Download Ogg Vorbis Libraries main file.
- Unpack it.
- Take libogg.dlllibvorbis.dlllibvorbisfile.dll and place these 3 files into your NV main folder.
- Bingo!

12) Install ENB binaries and my enblocal.ini file.
"But wait! Last time I installed those pesky ENBs my PC turned into ash", you may say. The reason for this was incorrect installation and nothing else :) Until your PC isn't something like Pentium Core 2 Duo with Intel HD integrated graphics, you can run at least performance-friendly ENB, just with proper ini settings - they make a huge difference. My gf, for example, is running NV with decent amount of texture mods and ENB on laptop with 750m GPU (which is really weak as for modern PC standards). So, as you can see, there's literally no reason to not use ENB today.
Secondly, unlike a often-met misconseption, ENB is not just a "thing that changes colors and blurs background". ENB is a complex post-processing engine - meaning it adds visual effects and shaders that game itself simply doesn't support. True antialiasing and actually working ambient occlusion, beautiful detailed shadows, water shaders, godrays, qualitative HDR and much more. Besides that, ENB if easily and fully configurable through ingame interface.
But there's even more - and that's a main part! Even for some personal reasons you won't use ENB itself (meaning ENB presets for graphics enhancement), you still need this step. The thing is, so called Enboost (and actually, just proper settings in enbloca.ini) is [improving] your game performance and eleminating memory-related crashes thanks to it's ability to increase total amount of memory game can use, literally bypassing part of 32big game engine limitation. But for this to work, you need to have ENB binaries. In this case, ENB itself as graphics enhancer will not work, but will drastically improve FPS and overall game stability.
Now, we can continue to installation itself:
- Download the archive from the ENBdev website. Scroll down till you see the black pixelated-like arrow. That's a download button.
- Unpack the archive, go to WrapperVersion older, take only d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe and place them into Fallout New Vegas main folder (where FalloutNV and FalloutNVLauncher .exe files are). Not the \Data folder!
- Go to Files section of the guide. Now, get the file named "Enblocal INI File". Unpack it, and place file called enblocal.ini to your NV main folder (same folder where you've just placed ENB binaries). This file, same as NVSE and NVSR inis, it's already pre-configured and only one parameter in it [maybe] will need to be changed. Read below.
- Now, check if you need to change that single parameter in enblocal. Download VRamSizeTest. Unpack the archive, and run VRamSizeDX9.exe (exactly this one, not the DX11 one). If the "Video memory available" value you see there is 10500 or higher - congrats, you don't need to change anything at all! You don't need to read next steps.
- If it's lower than 10500, substract 170 from value you have if you're on Win 7, substract 350 if you're on Win 10 and don't substract anything if you're on Win 8. For example, your value there is 9000. Correct value needed for Win 7 will be 8830, same 9000 for Win 8 and 8650 for Win 10.
- Now go to your NV main folder and open enblocal.ini file with any text editor (notepad for example, but I once again humbly recommend to use this amazing editor - it makes editing the .INI files x10 easier and more comfy for your eye, and it's totally free). Find the VideoMemorySizeMb= line. Change it's current value (10240) to value you received in previous step. But remember that 10240 is [maximum] value, so if your test will show you bigger value - just keep 10240. Press CTRL+S to save the changes and close the file. Done!
- In your videocard driver/control panel, for New Vegas, set the Antialiasing, Anisotropic Filtering, FXAA and Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) to "Application-Controlled" (Nvidia) or "Use application settings" (AMD), or to just "Off", in case of application-controlled options are not available.
How to play in borderless windowed mode (working Alt+Tab): set the next values to True instead of False:

Very important note #1: after you've made these steps, NEVER change your enblocal.ini. Yes, that means if some ENB preset you will be using has enblocal.ini file in it as well - do NOT use it. Simply don't paste it with other ENB preset files, leave it be. This file contains only technical settings related to memory and stability, that's why you should always have only your own one, which is adjusted for your rig.
Very important note #2:
My enblocal.ini file already has fps limiter set up. If vastly majority of cases, it's the best way to limit fps in your game (which is needed to prevent some physics glitches and stutters). Make sure that V-Sync and/or other similar FPS limiter features are disabled for New Vegas - check your GPU program settings for NV, tools like Nvidia Inspector and so on - ENB has own FPS limiter which works better with the game. If you'll have multiple sources of FPS limitation for NV, this will cause stutters.

13) Install ENB AO Hair Transparency Fix.
This is a tiny, but needed mod to fix sometimes happening weird visual glitches with hair. For some reasons, while mod has correct structure, author only made it to be manually downloaded. Don't worry! Donwload it manually somewhere, then, if you're using NMM, use "Add Mod From File" option like shown on this picture and choose this archive. Mod will be added to you mod manager and you can install it as usual. MO has similar feature too.

14) Install Yukichigai Unofficial Patch.
YUP is same as Unofficial Patch for Skyrim or Oblivion. It's an immense compilation of bugfixes - thousands of them! Absolutely titanic work and a must have and essential mod for core bugfixing.
Important note: you don't need Mission Mohave mod. YUP completely superseds it in terms of quality and amount of bug fixes. Besides that, Mission Mohave contains many subjective changes to the game which are not actually bugfixes. Use YUP and only YUP.

15) Install Unofficial Patch Plus.
Another great compilation of bugfixes that's made to be used in team with YUP. Grab it! Optionally, but very recommended - also install Addendum addon from this mod Files section - it contains several other improvements that are not complete bug fixes, but change really notorious things, and change them logically.
Note: if for some reasons you don't want to have UPP own additions that are not directly a bug fixes, but rather a changes to notorious vanilla mechanics (they all are absolutely fine and logical tho, in my opinion), you can use Unofficial Patch NVSE instead :) But use one or another, not both.

16) Install Navmesh Fixes and Improvements.
Criminally underrated and absolutely amazing mod that does how it's named. It improves and fixes a lot of navmeshes in the game, fixing a lot of issues related to them. Navmeshes is a pathfinding parameters for NPCs in game, so mod helps greatly with many cases when NPCs were acting like a robots. 

17) Now install the Great Collision Trio!
Precision Collision - Clutter NV
Unnecessary Physics
Collision Meshes
These three mods will greatly improve the look and behaviour of many colliding objects in the game - food lying on tables, corpses lying in cars and hanging towers, grenades bounces etc, making position of hundreds of such objects more logical and their physics looking much more realistic.
Install the mods in the same order as they are listed and overwrite when asked.
Note: also download patches for Hectrol Tumbleweed compatibility, OJO BUENO Texture Pack compatibility & PrecisionCollisionClutterFix. Install only PrecisionCollisionClutterFix patch now.

18) Install Placed Creature Corpses use Vanilla Skeletons.
This little mod will prevent many weird glitches related to corpses, especially when playing a modded game.

19) Install Wrye Flash.
Wrye Flash is a NV version of popular Wrye Bash program. It' an essential tool you need to update leveled lists in your game. What is leveled list? Simply said, everything you can buy and loot - traders inventories, containers loot, items you can loot from fallen enemies and so on. The thing is game itself does not update leveled lists at all by default, so when you're adding mods that adds a new weapons and armors distributed to the world immersively, new items to traders and so on - you need to make a Bashed Patch to update leveled lists. You will need it later, when your mod list is finished. It's usage is very simple and will be explained below :) For now, just download the "Wrye Flash 18.0 - Standalone Executable", unpack the archive and place \Data and \Mopy folders to your NV main folder (where game launcher is).

20) Install FNVEdit.
An amazing program that allows you to edit mods directly. Download the archive, unpack it and place the folder anywhere, it doesn't matter. You will use it later.
This is very easy and comfy to use tool for fixing some certain mod conflicts. It's also needed to make so called Merged Patch - special mod that will handle most of mod conflicts and merge same records. You need both Bashed and Merged Patches in your game. Here's a simple explanation why. Let's say several mods in your load order are affecting same NPC. One mod gives this NPC a new gun. Second mod gives this NPC a new facial details. Third mod gives him a fancy hat and several items that you can loot from him. If you'll be using only LOOT, only the last mod from these 3 will have effect, basing on the load order - so you will see him with a fancy hat only, without new armor, weapon and loot. With Bashed Patch, you will also be able to loot new items from him. And with Merged Patch, you will also see him with new facial details, new gun and that fancy hat, together (as it should be). Great compatibility and all mod features possible to see in game.
Another great feature of FNVEdit is, as it allows you to directly modify mod records, you can make balancing tweaks - for example, nerf some OP modded weapons/armors, or make them stronger, and so on.
Instructions of Merged Patch creation and usage will be provided below.

21) Install Merge Plugins.
Yes, it's hosted at Skyrim mods section - don't worry, it's working absolutely the same for NV. Download the archive and unpack it anywhere you want. Due to NV much lower .esp plugins limit and how amount of plugins are affecting stability, it's very much recommended to always keep amount of plugins below 130. Perfectly, around 100. That's why merging your mods is almost an essential thing for NV, especially if you'll be aiming on a heavy mod list. But dw, there's nothing hard in this at all. Details will be explained below.

Optional stability tips (in 99% of cases, you won't need them so just skip this part - use them only if you have stutters no matter what):

#1 - If you're on Win10 and settings provided for NVSR in the Files section are not giving proper effect no matter what (and only in that case), try NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix. This mod is an alternative to NVSR - it greatly remakes part of its functionality (meaning you should not use NVSR if using this one). The drawback it's ofc doesn't provide same "coverage" as NVSR - so some stutters will still be there.

#2 - ReservedMemorySizeMb= value in enblocal.ini - if you'll still be getting stutters with 1024 value, try diferent ones - 512, 384, 256, 128.

#3 - DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB= value in NVSE_Config.ini - while the value in .INI file in Files section has proved itself to be the best in most of cases, if you want to experiment, you can change it a bit to see if it give better peformance results. You can also experiment with disabling bReplaceHeap and seeing if that helps.
#4 - In some very rare cases, for some rigs, ENB fps limiter causes stutters. It happens really rare, but if you are 100% sure you have made all the rest of stability adjustments correctly, this may be a culprit. In this case, try to disable fps limiter in enblocal.ini (by setting "EnableFPSLimit=" line to "false"), and instead, limit your fps to 59 using your GPU control panel or Nvidia Inspector (this option is recommended).

Done! You're ready to build your ultimate mod list - with a stable game & packed with tools needed. Hey ho! :)

Let's rock! First of all - let's give NV a look it deserves <3
Before you'll start, make on good habit right now - never download mods using the "Vortex" button on top - always go to Files section of the mod and see the file version there. Reason is very simple - "Vortex" button (it's not related with Vortex itself, if you're using NMM or MO, you only need to once choose "remember my choice" to browser when asked with which app you want to open such links and that's it) is downloading so called "default" version of the mod (which is the first from top in Files section) - but this "default" version of the file is not always what you actually need. Always download mod files directly from "Files" section.

(User Interface) is something you'll see each time you will onver inventory, trade, change settings and do many other actions. So before changing the look of game world itself, we need to get the interface look to a new level. You don't want a blurry icons and want UI to look crisp and be comfy, right? Here's a base list of mods for that purpose (more will be listed below, but this part is an essential one). Install in the same order as they are linked and overwrite when asked.
UIO - User Interface Organizer
A must-have mod main purpose is to maintain compatibility between most of popular UI mods.
The Weapon Mod Menu
Mod adds new, much more comfortable to use weapon mod menu. Also prevents game from crashing when using certain weapon mods.
One HUD - oHUD
The more control you have over your UI, the better. This mod allows you to move HUD elements as you want over the screen, toggle them off etc.
Vanilla HUD Remastered
Super-cool mod that update the HUD elements to look great on up to 4k monitor resolutions without having your UI looking as a blurry mess. Note - do [not] choose the Vanilla UI Plus patch in its installer, it will be patched by VUP itself.
Vanilla UI Plus
An amazing mod that greatly improves and optimizes the look of UI without changing the original style itself. It's hosted not on Nexus, but don't worry, the file is absolutely clean. Download the file and add it to your mod manager.Now install with mod manager as usual and overwrite when asked.
Note #1: also download "Vanilla HUD Remastered Patch 1.83h" from this mod "Addons" tab, add to your mod manager and isntall it too.
Note #2: It's strongly recommended to read this short article to get a better understanding of UI mods installations in general - even while I've already provided the correct installation order for core UI mods, author's article will be useful to you :) It will be also useful to you if you're getting "Vanilla UI is overwritten by some other mods" message in MO.
Inventory Search 
After 8 years, you finally can do this. Yes. That's your "CTRL+F" for intentory :)
New World Map Texture for New Vegas
The default mod file is black-and-white version. If you want the colored one, install one from optional files section.

I know you're hungry to get that tasty graphics! We'll start right now :)

Choose and install the ENB preset.

Why ENB first and not the textures mods, you may ask? It's pretty simple. Texture and mesh mods are improving the look of textures (the "skin" of object) and meshes (the "skeleton" of object, its model). ENB is adding completely new visual effects and shaders that game itself is simply not able to have - real AA, SSS, true HDR and qualitative Bloom, detailed shadows, high-quality Ambient Occlusion, Anisotropic Filtering and much more. For the game look it means that New Vegas with just a good ENB preset installed, but without texture/mesh mods at all will visually look much better than with even 200 textures mods, but without ENB. And logically, you should install what's more important first - to see which FPS hit it gives to your game (or doesn't give), and then orient from that.

Rudy ENB or Wanderer's ENB are my personal recommendations to go with - these 2 presets have the best balance between vanilla-wise look and new stunning visuals, great interior lighting and great performance while using the latest ENB binaries. You can also use my ENB preset called Seven Sins ENB (listed below) - I made it as combination of my 2 ENB presets - Rudy and Dreary (shameless self promotion hehe). But ENB is completely matter of taste and this choice ofc only up to you - browse the mod pages, try different presets and keep one you like the most. Also, sometimes ENB presets require certain weather/lighting mod to look as intented - be attentive to that.

Now, one more exciting detail - technically, ENB itself is not a mod - it doesn't modify a single game file at all. Yep! That means you can change ENB preset literally ANYTIME you want without any issues.
Changing ENB presets is very easy - when you want to try a new one, simply delete all the files from existing one, besides enblocal.ini - as you may remeber, I mentioned before that you should always keep your own enblocal.ini file - never overwrite it with ENB preset enblocal.ini (just don't paste enblocal.ini file from ENB preset if it has it), and never delete your own enblocal.ini. Then paste new ENB preset files, and so on. Also, if certain ENB preset you like requires some lighting mod, for example - don't worry, you can install it after - just don't forget to do this.
Once again - never overwrite, never change and never delete your own enblocal.ini file in favor of ENB presets.

Now, the list of ENB presets (will be expanded in future):

Important note: no matter which ENB you'll choose, you can and should skip all tweaking instructions on its page. All you need is the ENB preset files themsevelves (and don't forget about "never change your enblocal.ini" rule). The thing is all ini tweaks for ENB presets are the same - and you already have them. Comfy, isn't it? ;)

Rudy ENB for Fallout New Vegas
One of my favourite ENB presets for NV - as mentioned above, it has great balance between improved visuals and vanilla-friendly look, preserving the desert look on NV worldscape. It also has absolutely amazing interiors look, complete NV/TV/EV support and great performance. If you love the original color scheme of NV and want to keep it but also make much better - Rudy ENB is a great choice. It's also the most up-to-date ENB preset on NV nexus, carrying the latest ENB features.
Dreary ENB
Something like a direct opposite to look of Rudy, this preset is greatly inspited by Metro/Stalker series - it's bleak, dark and gives a deep cinematic look. Most likely the best cinematic/bleak preset for NV and one of my 3 favourite presets. If you love the desaturated visuals - try it for sure.
Note: don't forget to install "Fix for dark regional weathers" file from Update Files section.
Wanderer's ENB
Absolutely amazing ENB preset that greatly combines cinematic look for exteriors, but still having it close to original look, with beautiful interiors with great color/brightness balannce, and a great performance. On of my 3 favourite ENB presets ever and one I'm currently using now in my own walkthrough.
Note: if you want to have a Letterbox ("black bars") effect with it, just copy the "effect.txt" and "effect.txt.ini" files from Rudy ENB \enbseries folder to your game \enbseries folder. This will add Letterbox and allow you to control it directly in game, via ENB GUI :)
Seven Sins ENB - Cinematic Highly Compatible Preset
This is ENB preset I made combining Rudy and Dreary, taking cinematic exteriors look from Dreary and interiors look from Rudy, with my minor edits. It's also fully compatible with all "visions" and has compatibility versions for Realistic Wasteland Lighting, Interior Lighting Overhaul and both of them together.
Note: this preset is also very performance-friendly itself, and I additionally made "ultra-performance" version which may help owners of low-end rigs.
Onix ENB
Really well-made preset with a touch of "photorealism" - bright and sharp look, at golden middle in terms of saturation.
Nevada ENB - 2017 Edition
Pretty similar to previous preset, but still a bit different at the same time, also with a bit more saturated interiors.
A beautiful, saturated vintage preset.
The ENB of the Apocalypse - New Vegas
"Bleached" and high-contrast one.
Old but good, balanced preset and pretty much vanilla-friendly.
Viradia ENB - Colors and Lighting enhancement
This preset can be best described as "Vanilla Plus ENB".
Overgrowth ENB
A bleak ENB preset, similar to Dreary in some way, but much more bright and not that much desaturated.
Zenith and Xenith ENB Remastered
Another one "Vanilla Plus" preset, with a bigger saturation level.
Exotic ENB
A really good mix between cold and warm tones at the same time.
Grim, desaturated and dark ENB preset - another alternative for bleak/cinematic look lovers.
Old World ENB
A preset between vibrance and realism, with a bit of vintage touch.
Fallout New Vegas Beautification Project ENB
A very saturated preset.
Forlorn ENB
Pretty original preset - almost without any colors in it at all.
Midhrastic ENB for Fallout 3
Yes, this preset is hosted on Fallout 3 Nexus, but it [does] work for New Vegas without issues. Place only the next files from it's folder: \enbseries folder, enblensmask.png, enbpalette.bmp, enbseries.ini and enbsunsprite.tga into your NV folder, don't grab other files.
This one also will be a good option for owners of low-end rigs.
Performance-friendly ENB preset with mixed realistic/cinematic look and a bit "blue" tint.
Seasons of the Abyss New Vegas Edition
Saturated preset with "washed out" look.

Now, we can go to the main part - improving the look of textures and models themselves.

First of all, we'll install some really big mods that will serve as amazing "base" for improving the big part of game's objects and effects look. Now, important moment - for graphics mods, installation order matters a lot, so you simply need to install the mods exactly in the same order as they are listed here. Until there are separate instructions - simply overwrite everything when asked (if you're using NMM) or give bigger priority (MO). In some cases when you will need to overwrite certain mods and not overwrite other ones - I'll mention that and provide clear instructions. Take it slowly, without rush - when some mods will need additional "tinkering" regarding compatibility - eveything is explained. Don't rush and you'll be fine, guranteed :)

World textures an flora:

Really big and qualitative texture pack for NV and perfect choice to start with.
Go to Files tab: download and install MEDIUM files, namely the "NMCs Textures NV MEDIUM Pack Part 1 of 2 FOR NMM" and "NMCs Textures NV MEDIUM Pack Part 2 of 2 FOR NMM". After that, install "NMC New Vegas Patch for ALL Sized packs" file.
That's an important detail here - even if you have a monster rig, still install MEDIUM pack - you'll see no visual difference in regular gameplay compared to LARGE version, but save a lot of VRAM.
If your GPU has less than 3GB of VRAM - install the SMALL version, namely the "NMCs Textures NV SMALL Pack SINGLE FILE FOR NMM".

OJO BUENO Texture Pack
Go to Files tab: download and install HIGH version of the mod. Pretty much the same as with NMC, you'll see no visual difference in regular gameplay compared to ULTRA version, but save a lot of VRAM.
After you installed this mod, install compatibility patch from "Collision Meshes" (the "OJO BUENO Texture Pack compatibility" file) mod you downloaded earlier.
If your GPU has less than 3GB of VRAM - install the PERFORMANCE version.
After you've installed the mod itself, make sure to install "Ojo Bueno Vending Machine Update ULTRA" from Optional Files. Yes, exactly the Ultra - it's a texture for only 2 objects, so even with best possible textures this won't affect your performance in general, and those Nuca Cola machinces deserve the best!

Wasteland Flora Overhaul
Does how it's called - a great HD overhaul of vanilla flora + new trees and plants placed here and there without breaking the original look of Mojave.
Now, about the mod versions. There are 3 of them - Fertile, Dead and ESP-less. I'm personally the Dead version - it completely preserves the original look, but it's completely a matter of taste. Fertile version adds more flora with more beautiful trees and plants models, but as can be guessed from it's name, there are more trees and many of those trees are green and more "alive"-looking.
If your GPU has less than 3GB of VRAM - Fertile version may hit your FPS more noticably, so choose between it and Dead version for performance sake.. Before actually using it in walkthrough, go to some places with noticable amount of trees and mark your fps there, save and exit. Install the Dead version and check fps again with it. If you won't see any noticable loss (~5 fps is fine) - good, you're fine. If, depending on your GPU, you will see noticable fps hit - remove the Dead and install ESP-less version, it should be fine.
Installation instructions for each version:
Dead version - Install "Wasteland Flora Overhaul (Dead) 3.1" from Old Files
Fertile version - Install "Wasteland Flora Overhaul v3.2b" from Main Files.
ESP-less version - Install "Wasteland Flora Overhaul ESP-less and LOD-less" from Main Files.

This mod is purely OPTIONAL - look into Files page, try different mod versions, look if you like the grass in game. My ini settings are already covering grass density, so for simply more dense vanilla grass you don't need it. This mod will give slightly different variety of grasses and so, visually different grass density - maybe you'll like it more than just with ini settings. It also has grees grass textures if you want "summer/alive" look of New Vegas (which is not "lore-friendly" ofc, but still may fit someones taste). This mod plays greatly with Fertilve version of Wasteland Flora Overhaul - if you don't want "spring" visual overhaul for your game - you don't need it.

Now, let's go for weapons, armors, creatures and effects:

HD Hi-Res World View Weapon Textures
A base weapon retexture pack which we'll overwrite with others listed below - it's still needed as it covers some textures not covered by other mods.
Weapon Mods Expanded - WMX
This mod is actually mostly a gameplay one, bot for proper work with other mods together, we need to install it now.
WMX is absolutely essential mod that adds modifications to each and every weapon in the game (which was not possible in vanilla and many weapons simply didn't have any modifications at all) [including] melee weapons as well.
Important: after you installed it, download DLC & EVE patches (install DLC patches now choosing the DLC merged option and EVE patch after EVE installation below), also download Weapon Retexture Project (WRP) patch, but we'll install it AFTER both WMX and WRP, there are special instruction for this, provided later. Also, make sure to load WMX after Asurah Reanimation Pack (if you'll be using it).
IMPACT + Compatibility Edition patch
As it's named - covers impact fx and fixes tons of illogical impact visuals. Install the mod itself first, then overwrite with Compatibility Edition file.
EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements
A mod from the same author that covers huge amount of various effects - fire, shooting effects, weapons, explosions etc.
Note: after you've installed this mod, install WMX EVE patch (you've already downloaded it from WMX page, choose "WMX-EVE-AllDLCMerged" option in installer). You can also optionally install laser rifle recolor.
Enhanced Blood Textures
Amazing mod retexturing all blood visuals.
EXE - Effect teXtures Enhanced
Badass mod from author of Impact and EVE - all 3 mods from this author are "crossing" in coverage of some textures, and installed in this exact order will give you the best result.
Note: after installation, check water surfaces in game and if you'll have pixelated water textures - DELETE files in data/textures/water folder
Weapon Retexture Project - WRP
Great mod that retextures most of weapons with a stunning quality.
Important moment: install "Weapon Retexture Project" version 1.95 from Old Files section. Using the "old" version doesn't mean it's bad - it simply covers a bit less than latest version, [BUT] - the main point here and in exact installation order of mods starting from WMX till this one is simple - one can have either not all mods listed here and so, much lesser coverage, or follow certain installation order and few more simple instructions to have the biggest retexturing coverage and everything compatible. In the end, you'll have the biggest coverage and the best quality.
Now, the special instructions (nothing hard, don't worry): go to this page and follow the instructions (showed on screenshot here just in case). Basically, you need to install 4 separate retexture mods, then delete 357retex.esp and singleshot_retex.esp files from your \Data folder and install WMX-WRP patch. That's it!
IHWT - Improved Heavy Weapons Textures
Overwrite everything BESIDES WMX and WRP, also install EVE and WMX patches after, namely the "IHWT - GatlingLaser for EVE" and "IHWT - Tesla WMX Patch" files.
Critters Retexture Pack
A simple base retexture mod for creatures with attention to details.
Hall Of Equipment
Base retexture mod for clothing and armors. Also install all DLC addons from Opitonal Files.
Wasteland Clothing Hires retexture
Do NOT overwrite EVE and EXE. Also grab POWDERGANG FIX. IMPORTANT MOMENT - after you installed it, delete "powdergang04.nif" file inside "data\meshes\armor\powdergang" folder.
Reinforced Leather Armor Female Mesh Fix
Tiny but great fix for vanilla armor.
aMidianBorn NV Book Of Water
Amazing armors and creatures retexture mod from Cabal, whom you surely now if you've modded Skyrim as well.
Install both "BOA NV The Book Of Flesh" and "nov 2011 book of steel" files.
Now, attention: install this mod (also install Lonesome Road file). Now, DELETE the next 2 .esp files - "boa ncrpahelmet.esp" and "Boacombat2glove.esp" from your \data folder - after you deleted them, install this mod - it has plenty of fixes/improvements to AmidianBorn mod its 2 .esp plugins in own one.
MGs Neat Clutter Retextures
A big mod of great quality that's aimed on clutter retextures - meaning various smaller objects in game world.
Install "MGs NCR Pack Ojo friendly 7" mod version and all separate files: BB Cigs, Beige Pack, Common globe, Duct Tape, Fire hydrant, Flat mop_mop bucket.
Important note: do not overwrite Wasteland Flora Overhaul ("No to mod" option regarding WFO in NMM, for MO users - hide this mod file conflicting with WFO).

Now, let's retexture everything possible at all - to have as less ugly vanilla textures as possible. All the mods below are either covering less generic, rare or "forgotten" objects not covered by previous list, or just retexturing certain objects better. Once again, everything is very simple - just follow the list and overwrite everything if asked, until certain specific instructions are provided.

Laser RCW and Big Meltdown
Install only first 2 files - "Laser RCW 3rd Person Textures" and "Laser RCW Retexture".
Metal Armors Metalized - 2K Metal Armor Re-textures
I personally recommend Black Edition.
Shifting Shadows - 2k Assassin and Stealth Suit Retextures
Chinese Stealth Armor Retexture
Service Rifle Remade
Install the WMX version.
Improved Robots Textures
Install all 3 main files. Do NOT approve overwriting ("No to all" option in NMM) to only get lacking retextures (for MO users - hide all conflicting textures from this mod).
Textures Over Time
Install [ONLY] Sandstone and Sandbags files.
Money Higher Quality Retex 1_2
Do NOT approve overwriting ("No to all" option in NMM) to only get lacking retextures (for MO users - hide all conflicting textures from this mod).
Hi-Res Typewriter
Magazine Redux
HI-RES Chems and Health Re-Texture
Do NOT approve overwriting to only get lacking retextures.
PM's Med-Textures - HD Chems and Venoms
Install Med-X Texture and Sebastjin's Normals files as well.
Misc Item Icons - New Vegas 
HQ Dust Storm FX
Conor's Cool Doctor's Bag
Conor's Coffee Mug Replacer
Transparent Nuka Bottles
Overwrite ONLY MESHES ("yes to folder" for meshes folder and "no to folder" for texture folders if using NMM or hide this mod textures if using MO).
Hectrol Tumbleweed Deluxe HighRes Retex
After you installed this mod, install compatibility patch from "Collision Meshes" mod you downloaded earlier.
Fallout Food Package Retexture Compilation 
Do NOT approve overwriting (NMM) / hide this mod textures (MO) to only get lacking retextures.
Audleys Misc Textures
Do NOT approve overwriting (NMM) / hide this mod textures (MO) to only get lacking retextures.
HiRes Skill Books Retexture
A Quoter1 Texture Pack
Do NOT approve overwriting (NMM) / hide this mod textures (MO) to only get lacking retextures.
Snowglobes Redone
Install special effects version.
Semi-transparent Door Glass
Its a Dogs World - Dog Texture Overhaul
Improved Cyberdogs Textures
Optionally install camouflage addon from files section.
HD Mist
Brahmin Variant Redux
Neglected Clutter and Other Things - Retex
Use only "Neglected Clutters" file - when overwriting, overwrite all mods mods [besides] OJO Bueno.
"Neglected Architecture and Furniture"s file is [not needed].
PM's HD Ammo Boxes
Super Mutants HD - 4k Retextures
Use "Super Mutants HD - 2k Low" version.
Nuka Fridge HD
Pause Menu HD
Cherry Bomb HD retexture and remodel
Install only texture file, don't install the model.
The Molerat Extravaganza - Molerat Retexture
Securitrons in CRT
Old Vegas_Billboards Posters and Loading Screens
Take a look on images section. If you don't like its loading screens or if that's your first run (and so you most likely would like to have vanilla loading screens), get separate packs from files section - namely the "Old Vegas billboards" and "Old_Vegas_posters_paintings".
High Res Vanilla Posters and Graffiti
If you like Old Vegas more "sinful" look of posters - do NOT overwrite itto have new look of posters, if you didn't like - overwrite to stick to retextures vanilla ones.
Acoraito HD Textures Pack
2K HD Cloud Retextures
Mojave Nights - a moon and stars replacer
HD One Hand Melee by Insanity Sorrow
Also install "Gun Runner Box" HD from Files section.
FalloutMG's profile
Choose his New Vegas mods. Grab all 5 mods and install WMX patches.
Brand New Aliens
Yes, it's NV mod - you can meet them in NV if you have Wild Wasteland trait.
High-Resolution Bobby Pin Box
High-Res Hula Girl Retex and Resource
High Resolution Iguana on a Stick
Pinyon Nuts Retexture
Higher-Resolution Westside Craftsman Window
Caravan Lunch - Fixed UV Map
Harmonica retexture
Less Horrendous Vikki and Vance Casino LOD Mesh
AmmoBox-Grenade-Mine Re-Textures
Overwrite YUP and do [not] overwrite any other mods.
Better Gas Leak Effect + fix
Y-17 Trauma Override Harness GLOVES
New Lunchbox Model
New Food Sanitizer Model
Bighorner Model Variants (install standard version) 
Bighorner Ultra High Resolution Texture
MFC Grenade Texture Fix
Misc and Food Stuff Re-texture
Do [not] everwrite anything to have only lacking retextures.
Chem Retextures
Do [not] everwrite anything to have only lacking retextures.
Mentat Flavors Texture and Heart Pills
Better Looking Broc Plant N Flowers
WAY Better looking White Horsenettle
High Resolution Buffalo Gourd Seed
Better Looking Xander Root
HQ Legion Slave Ledger and Karls Journal 
RadRoach Coloring Retexture
BB Can Re Texture
Engine Block OverHaul
Worn Rebreather Retexture
Festus Rebuild Re-Tex
The Lost Pool Balls
Better Guitars
Brahmin Steak Retexture
Repconn Sign Retexture
Bighorn Saloon Sign Retexture
Shiny Platinum Chip 2k
4K Pre War Dress 2018
Use the 2k version.
HD Desk Fan
Also install "Higher quality mesh" file.
Dufflebag Retexture
Choose any version you like from Files section.
Seed Package Retexture
Ralphie Poster Retexture
Dark Sentry Turret Retexture
Old World Blues - Wall Safe Console Retexture
Steamer Trunk Retexture
Improved Eyebot Texture for NV
HD Steam Gauge Assembly Retexture
Rex 2k HD Retexture
New T-51b Icons New Vegas 
Real Toast
True Rain
Industrial Hand Retexture
Lottery Ticket
Hectrol ED-E Deluxe HR Retex EVOLUTION PACK
Improved ED-E Textures
Ultra-Luxe Interior Re-texture
Download the file manually. Unpack, open folder and go inside "Default - Replace all curtain textures" folder. Right-click on "textures" folder and archive it. Add this archive to your mod manager and install as usual.
Louisville Slugger
Gomorrah Card Deck Retexture
Nail Gun Retexture
Install WMX version.
4k Kitchen Knife Re-Texture 
Fork Redone
Spoon Redone 
Hectrol MiniNuke Deluxe HighRes Retex
Hectrol Vegas Sewer Deluxe HighRes Retex
Hectrol Lockinterface Deluxe HighRes Retex
Pre-War Money Retexture
I'm personally using the 50 Dollar Bill version.
Holodisk (Holotape) - Retex
Healthier Yao Guai 
Install the "Real Bears" version. Look on mod page screenshots, decide which look you like more, and keep only one mod .esp file, deleting the other one.
NV Animated Soda Bubbles
NV Animated Terminal Screen Saver
Bullet Impact Increased LOD
Tiny but immersive mod that will let you see actual bullet impacts on much bigger distances.

Great! We're done with textures and models! Now lets spice our game with some neat lighting additions.

Situation here is a bit different from other Bethesda games like Skyrim or Oblivion. While Skyrim offers endless weather modding capabilities (just look on NLVA mod on Skyrim Nexus), New Vegas wasn't that lucky and weather modding in it is somewhat limited. That's why, various complex and well-known weather mods, like Nevada Skies, Project Reality, Fellout and so on, are doing most af weather addition is pretty performance-heavy, scripted and often "dirty" way that often leads to noticable FPS hit, non-stop runnings scripts which leads to glitches and save bloats. And, in most of cases, the more weathers mod offers, the more "rough" it will feel because many modded weather transitions are happening instantly, breaking the immersion you have from weathers themselves. Also, most of weather mods are visually incompatible with ENB presets until they aren't directly tweaked for them - this moment doesn't cause technical issues, but causing game to be too dark/too bright and so on. That's why using weather mods that are not listed here is at your own risk - not because other authors made bad work (I absolutely bow before projects like Nevada Skies), but simply because with big chances these mods will affect your game not in the best way just due to how they are working in NV, especially in long-term walkthrough. I'll list only few mods here, a good alternatives that I thoroughly tested myself to make sure they don't suffer from these issues and won't cause performance/script related issues (especially with heavy mod list). Still, please remember that they may or may not look good with certain ENB presets. 
In addition, one of the main goals of all weather mods - getting rid of that yellow tint that vanilla game had, is done just passively by many ENB presets, which adds huge amount of visuals to the game, making it look gorgeous with vanilla weathers. ENB presets are also usually make nights darker (another goal of weather mods coming as bonus). But in the end, same as with ENB presets - to use weather/lighting mod or no its only up to you.

So, weather/lighting mods:

For the first 3 mods listed, choose only ONE of them. Using more then one from those 3 can and will cause random issues, including stuterting. For the rest 3 mods - you can use any or all of them on top.

FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting
My personal recommendation to use if you want to give some fresh look to Mojave weathers/lighting. Pretty simple but at the same time with great coverage, "photorealistic" weather/lighting mod. It almost doesn't changes anything in terms of technical work of weather, but makes lighting itself and vanilla weather more photorealistic and fresh. Really great implementation and no performance impact. It also has several really great ENB presets made for it in mind, listed above in the ENB presets section.
URWLNV Ultimate Edition v2.1
Consider this as complex weather mod which is more stability-wise version of Nevada Skies. It still has great variety of weathers. It can affect your fps a bit, but won't affect your game performance or stability in long terms. Mod is hosted on ModDB, not on Nexus, but there's nothing bad in it - don't be afraid of downloading from there.
How to install the mod: unpack the archive and add "URWLNV Ultimate Edition v2.1" archive from it to your mod manager. Then proceed with FOMOD installer.
Note #1: if you'll be using Interior Lighting Overhaul mod - do not use this mod interior plugin.
Note #2: in second archive inside the main mod folder, there's an ENB preset - you don't have to use it, but ofc you can try it :)
Note #3: make sure to read the mod's readme and manual text files for better usage of the mod.
M0rk's Lighting - Better Wasteland Lighting
Simple mod with no performance impact that makes Mojave "tone" more vibrant. May give or not give weird lighting together with ENB presets.
Rainy Days
Simple and great mod - it adds rainy weather to Mojave. Rainy weather has own chance to appear or you can trigger it anytime via your pip-boy. Also, don't forget to install YUP patch for it.
Colorado River Weather Tweaked
Changes the weather in Colorado River area, making it less grim. Load after other weather mods if using them.
Nights are Darker - Ultimate Edition
Remember that you always can adjust nights brightness level (same as all other parameters related to brightness, contrast and saturation) straight in game via ENB GUI. But if you don't want to tinker with that - this mod is a great option. Very simple but effective mod that makes nights darker. Recommended for realism/hardcore lovers. You can uninstall it anytime in midgame without any consequences. Also make sure to install "no timescale" files and overwrite the main mod.

Lighting and lights in direct meaning:

For the first 2 mods listed, choose [one]:
Simple Street Lights
Really well-made street lights mod compatible with everything as it only activates many from originally-existing lights. Choose only one .esp file to isntall - file names are pretty much self-explanatory. I'd recommend version without extra lights. In other case if you want more light, just use Electro-City. Also install this fix for it.
Street Light Restoration
Even more "lite" street lights mod, a simplier alternative to previous one.

Good, now interior lighting:
Interior Lighting Overhaul
This mod is real masterpiece. It overhauls lighting in each and every interior of the game, making lighting more logical and game in interiors look much more ambient. Vaults, caves, buildings - all this now will fell much more immersive, and places that should have been scary will be such now. Besides that, it fixes tons of vanilla lighting bugs, adds new features like light switches in hotels and safe houses, and covers all DLCs as well.
Imprortant note: due to some details, we'll install this mod later, in the end. Don't worry, I'll remind you. For now, you can just install it to test (visit different interior locations/cells in game) and decide if you want it or not. Uninstall after testing. If you'll like what you see, install the mod when it will be mentioned again in the guide. My Seven Sins ENB preset also has version tweaked for it.

The choice of things like body/skin mods, hair, eyes mods is absolutely personal, so here I'll be listing only a few mods atm, that make a general "facelift" to New Vegas NPCs and can be installed without compatibility consequences with armor mods and so on.

Fallout Character Overhaul
My personal favourite. Amazing overhaul for characters making them look significantly better and still immersive and keeping the original style. It also has great support in terms of compatibility with other mods, having patches for almost every well known mod (listed below). Also install this  and this  fixes for it to eleminate minor glitches here and there.
Note - for some reasons, mod installer often installs patch for Russel even if you didn't choose it - just delete it manually if that's the case.
Additionally, take a look on the next 3 patch pages to make it better compatible with some other mods you may be using:
Patches collection 1 
Patches collection 2 
Patches collection 3 

Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 3
Similar mod that you can use as an alternative to FCO.
There's also a tutorial of how to run [both] FCO and NV Redesigned together - you can folllow it if you want to combine these 2 mods, but that's only up to you.

Now just a few more mods that I can personally recommend (you can use them with previous 2 mods):
Distributed Necklaces and Chains
Absolutely essential mod! The thing is, even with NPC overhauls, characters will still have visible neck seams on them. This mod plays in team, removing neck seams in immersive way by wearing necklaces, chains and dogtags to each NV character to hide them.
Authentic Burned Man
Because Joshua deserves that.
Project APOLLO Playable Androids Race
This mod doesn't change anything. It adds completely new playable android race, with own unique trairs, classes and unique looks with animated mechanical body effects. You can also see my showcase video of it here.
Immersive Mouth and Teeth - FNV Version
A popular mod is now available for NV.
Facial Piercings for Fallout New Vegas 
Simple yet great looking. Note: use only english .esp plugin, disable/delete the russian one!
Natural eyes by zzjay
Beautiful eyes mod by well-known and talented mod author. Just test if eyes look fine on all NPCs when using together with big NPC overhauls like FCO or NV Redesigned.

Your best friend in cruel FO world! Remember - if the mod is a replacer (meaning it changes the look of original pip-boy), so choose and install only one mod. But some have standalone versions you can find separately in the game - as for standalone versions, you can have more than one. Also, some mods offer "handheld" pip-boys, meaning it won't be taking place on your hand visually and you'll see it only when actually using - handheld pip-boy mods are useful if you gonna have a lot of new armor mods - because regular pip-boys often clip with non-vanilla armors.

PipBoy 3000 HD Retexture
Keeps vanilla look with better textures. For those who prefer pure vanilla look, but want better quality.
Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI
My personal favourite atm. Has both standalone and replacer versions.
Official Pipboy Readius - New Vegas Edition
A NV port of popular Pipboy Readius mod from FO3. Don't forget to install a fix for it. You may also be interested in retextures for it here and here.
A Familiar Friend - Pip-Boy 2500 - Handheld Pipboy
Popular mod which gives FO1/FO2-inspired look to your pipboy. You may be also interested in regular (on-hand) addon for it.
Pip-Boy 2501
Great looking handheld pipboy. Also has 9 optional colors available (to use them, just grab textures of preferred color from "_Skins (Optional)" folder and overwrite the mod's original textures).
Nuka Pipboy
Colorful and original pipboy mod. Also has a retexture version for Pip-Boy 2500 mod - so be attentive and choose only one to install.
HoloPipBoy 4000
Parkerized Pip-Boy
Black Pipboy Variants
Camo Pipboy Variants
Note: a simple tweak needs to be made for this mod to work properly: go to \data\meshes\pimpboy3billion and change the pimpboyarm.nif name to pipboyarmfemale_fixed.nif.

Now, one more fresh and absolutely genius mod!
Universal Pip-Boy Customization
Revolutionary pip-boy mod that allows a wide customization of your pip-boy. Hide it completely when you don't need it, disable pip-boy glove, make customized skins and even swap between different pip-boy mods straight in game! Amazing, isn't it? Besides that, it already supports plenty of popular pip-boy mods and will support more in future.

And two more pretty useful mods:
SmoothLight - Pip-Boy light enhancer
Changes the Pip-Boy light: Increases magnitude (distance) from 15 to 45 to illuminate a greater area. - Decreases fade (brightness) from 1.2 to 0.55 to reduce HDR dampening effects. Changes color from subtle green to subtle halogen amber for a warmer, more natural lighting effect.
Quicker PipBoy Light
Simple as that.

Fallout Classic Fonts
As the mod named - changes your ingame font to a classic Fallout looking one.
Condensed Vanilla - Narrower Smaller Fonts
If you want it thinner.
CALIFORNIA Fonts for Vanilla
Simple as that - your game will now have beautiful font from Fallout: New California.

This section has lists the mods that give a facelift to the Wasteland itself - improving the look of scenery, adding more landscape details and clutter here and there, restoring cut landscape details (most of which were cut from the game for sake of performance on consoles) and so on. All mods listed here were once again personally tested by me, so you can be sure - whatever these mods are adding or however they are changing, they are doing this in immersive and lore-friendly way, making Mojave to look better and less, but keeping its authentic look at the same time.

Uncut Wasteland
Absolutely essential mod that restores huge amount of cut scenery details all over the game world.
Note #1: It's recommended to use the main version which doesn't add NPCs, for better compatibility with many other mods.
Note #2: If you'll be using "The Living Desert" mod (listed below), make sure Uncut Wasteland is loaded [after] it. This is very easy to make by adding custom load order rule for the mod in LOOT, like shown here.
Prerelease Restored
Similar mod of smaller size that's fully compatible with Uncut Wasteland and all mods in this section. Highly recommended.
New Vegas Landscape Overhaul Remastered
An improved & cleaned version of popular mod with the same name. It greatly improves the overall look of many ingame generic areas that were looking just flat before, adding immersive details like rocks, fallen trees, rubble piles and so on.
New Vegas Roads Reborn
A simple yet great mod that's focused on improving the generic look of NV roads adding varios clutter around here and there - small abandoned buildings, burnt trailers, broken rusty cars and so on.
Note: for mod proper work, download and install ALL the files in order from oldest to newest. You can also easily merge them.
Mojave Sandy Desert
This mod installation is optional. It truly lives for its name - making FNV worldspace to look even less diverse and even more barren. It also gives the same "sandy" look to most of landscapes textures that previously were different. It also removes some of Wasteland trees and flora to achieve that. It's really a matter of taste, but if you ever wanted to give the game even more deserted look - it may be a great choice for you.
Note #1: Install "Main File 2.10 - No LOD" version as we'll generate our own terrain LODs later.
Note #2: If using this mod, make sure to use "no esp" version of Wasteland Flora Overhaul.

This step is completely optional. What is "Reloaded"? It's collective name of a great enhancement proejct for several Bethesda games - Oblivion, Skyrim and New Vegas. Reloaded has 2 parts - for both graphics and gameplay, with everything, even the tiniest feature can be disabled in .INI file. The "power" or Reloaded for each game differs - it has the most amount of features for Oblivion, and less amount for Skyrim/New Vegas. Graphics part of Reloaded is something similar to ENB, but different at the same time. It provides AO, coloring based on game location, godrays, SMAA, volumetric fog and some other features, same as ENB does. The interesting part here is some of same features in ENB and Reloaded can be used at the same time for even better effect. Also, Reloaded adds some visual effects that ENB does [not] have at all - for example, those amazing water shaders and reflections you saw in my vanilla/modded comparison video.
Gameplay part of Reloaded offers imemrsive first person camera similar to popular mod here on Nexus, FOV control and various neat tiny features, like low HP effects and so on. At this stage, Reloaded can be considered as an independent graphics features and utility gameplay features engine that you can use together with ENB with few simple settings made. Another great benefit of Reloaded is that absolutely each its visual effect can be tweaked as you want, straight in game via its own GUI, similar to ENB.
Lastly, Reloaded has zero or close to zero performance impact, so you won't lose anything by trying it - and it's also a great "lite" alternative to ENB if you're on really low-end PC and can't handle even performance-friendly ENB no matter what.
Note #1: NV Reloaded is still in development and it may have minor bugs here and there, especially when used together with ENB - keep that in mind please. In the Files section, you can find my .INI files for Reloaded - already pre-configured for usage together with ENB. If you want to tweak it yourself, experiment - feel free to, but in both cases, please report any bugs to Reloaded forums, not to the U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. comments - I'm not involved to its development and I provided my .INI files for it as is.
Note #2: "My first person camera is messed up! I don't see my gun until I aim! Agrrrrhh! A bug!" Nope, it's not a bug. That's an immersive first-person camera view feature from Reloaded. As I mentioened above, Reloaded for NV is still a WIP, and it needs certain tweaks to be fully compatible with ENB. Its first-person camera mode is one of those conditions. You can disable it in Reloaded ini file, but if you'll do this, game will have certain visual glitches with ENB and Reloaded together. So if you don't like this camera mode - better just uninstall Reloaded for now and wait for its future updates :)
- go to NV Reloaded page (it's hosted on own website, so you'll have to register on it) and grab the latest version archives at the bottom of the page.
- From your NV main folder, backup the "binkw32.dll" file (copy it somewhere in other folder).
- Unpack the Reloaded archive and copy it's own binkw32.dll to your NV main folder, overwrite. Now delete this file from Reloaded folder
- Archive the \Data folder and add this archive to your mod manager, then install as usual.
- Install my "NV Reloaded INI file for ENB" from Files section, approve overwriting when asked. My .INI settings for it are already configured for best ENB compatibility and have my own water shaders settings that you saw in video. Alternatively, you can configure everything yourself - read the readme file that's inside Reloaded archive and you can also ask for advices on Reloaded forums.
- Open your enblocal.ini file and change "SpeedHack=true" to "SpeedHack=false". Save changes and close the file. That's needed for proper Reloaded work together with ENB and correct work of its ingame GUI.
If you don't like new intro/main menu/intro music: just use my .INI files [and] delete the "NVRGameStudios.bik" and "NVRMainMenu" files from Data\Video folder in your NV folder, as well as delete the "NVRMainMenu.mp3" from Data\Music\Special folder.
- Uninstall Reloaded files in your mod manager.
- Delete the "binkw32.dll" file from your NV main folder and bring back the file you backed up before.
- Open your enblocal.ini file and change "SpeedHack=false" back to "SpeedHack=true". Save changes and close the file.

Good job! We are done with the first part of U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E.
Now, the gameplay part [OR] you can skip it and go to straight to MODULES section (if you don't want to go through the whole list or don't have time) - it offers various pre-made mod lists for any taste, carefully compiled by me personally.

99% of work on graphics part of the game is done (the last 1% is need to be done when the whole mod list is complete, I'll remind you about that). Now we can start to mod the hell out of New Vegas from each and every it's gameplay aspects - combat, AI, quest & new lands, armors & weapons, stealth & dialogues, companions & followers, immersion & survival, animations, perks & traits, towns'n'cities overhauls & player homes, utility and much more - till the tiniest details, your NV gameplay will be turning into amazing, challenging and rewarding as it always had to be! Moreover, if you don't want to go through this whole part of the guide yourse, you can refer to "modules" section below - already pre-made mod lists for different goals & playstyles, where you only need to mimic them and that's it.

Let's start from the mods that are adding new armors, weapons & clothing - something that's never enough, right? Choose what you like and install. In most of cases, armor/weapon mods can be also easily merged into a single .esp, saving you plenty of plugin slots (as it's strongly recommended to have active .esp number below 130). Here, I won't be recommending much from myself (besides just a few mods that I see a real "champions" and absolutely essential) but mostly just list some qualitative mods in general - which one to use it's all about your taste :) My only direct recommendation is not install them all and not install too much in general - as practice shows, if you'll install several dozens of weapon/armor mods, you still won't find/use most of them during walkthrough, so pick up ones you really like and also sure you'll be using in actual gameplay. Install one or two big packs and several standalone armor/weapon mods you really like the most. Even though you can merge such mods freely, the loading times still depend on the total size of your game files - so don't waste space for mods that you're not sure you'll be actually using :)


ADAM Reborn
Amust-have, definitive Ranger armor mod. Choose Complete Version in installer and choose YES in "NCR Tropper Module". Don't forget to install a fix as well. You may also be interested in some optional files for it:
Desert Ranger armor retexture for ADAM Reborn
Project Nevada patch
Use only if you'll be using Project Nevada ofc.
Courier Ranger Armor - Customisable In Game
Absolutely fantastic and original armor mod which main feature is incredible customization possibilities - read mod page, browse images and you'll understand.
Spice of Life - Variety Armor and Clothing
Great mod that drastically increases variety of armor & clothing on generic characters. Important moment: it doesn't work with vanilla character bodies - you should have Robert body and Breeze body/Type 3 mods for it to properly work. Also, install YUP patch ("YUP-Spice of Life Patch" file from the Files section) and ADAM Reborn patch (if you're using it).
Powered Power Armor 
New power armors, 20 modification kits for them, new visors and more! Old but absolutely great mod. You may be also interested in Project Nevada patch  for it, alternative, more robotic voice files for armors, and couple of fixes here and here (both).
Note: do not overwrite OHUD.
T-60 Power Armour 
Badass power armor mod inspired by FO4's T-60.
Gas Masks of the World
Why vanilla game never had them? This mod is an immersion icon! Also install all 3 update files. Project Nevada patch is also available.
Wasteland Engineer Armor 
One of my personally favourite armor mods for NV. Project Nevada patch is also available in mod's Files section.
T45d Power Armor Replacement 
Note: when the mod is installed, make sure you have only [ONE] .esp active - depending on either you're using/planning to use Project Nevada or no. If you'll be using Project Nevada, keep only "T45d Power Armor Replacement - PN.esp" and delete the "T45d Power Armor Replacement.esp", and vice versa. The same applies to standalone mod version.
VaultTec Power Armor 
Note: this armor is included on Project Nevada Equipment module.
Gloves Galore 4k Pair of Gloves
For the most detailed gloves ever.
Black Leather Armored Duster
I really love this one. Simple and stylish.
TFH 1st Recon Helmet 
Badass helmet for your needs. You may be also interested in "no-faction" and/or tweaked version of it (original mod is still needed).
Dragonskin Tactical Outfit 
Ranger Power Armor 
MK117 Prototype Combat Power Armor 
Make sure to use correct version of the mod (vanilla or PN one).
Drags New Armor Pack 
Note: not all armors are lore-friendly.
Courier Duster with Elite Riot Gear combo 
You can also install optional "craft" file on top to be able to make it yourself.
Headgear Is Important - Headgear Pack 
Really original and neat mod that's adding tons of different stylish headgears.
PreWar Clothing 
New Vegas clothes by zzjay 
Aradia Kato armor for Fallout 
T6M Courier's Stash 
JaySuS Rogue Ranger Coats 
Note: choose only one .esp and delete the other one.
An Armor With Hood 
Note: the orignal version of the mod is not designed for vanilla bodies - so if you're not using any body mods, don't forget to install the vanilla body patch.
Tough Traveller Armour 
Note: base version of the mod requires Robert's body. Install vanilla and/or Breeze patches for respective cases.
Colossus t49xv 
Note: read the mod's installation instruction carefully.
XV Sharl Armour 
Colossus Enclave - Lienas Squad Armour 
Note: you need [BOTH] main files.
Pink Princess Outfit 
NV Experimental Glasses (Animated) 
NV Combat Helmet MK Animated 
Road Fighter Armor 
Modern Gunslinger Armor 
Make sure to use proper mod version - for vanilla, breeze or robert's bodies.
Kerberos Panzer Police Jin Roh armor 
Note: delete the "ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa" file after you've installed the mod.
Drags Casual Courier 
Courier Vests 
Wasteland Hoods 
Tactical Clothing 
Nightstalker Set 
Really badass-looking armor made purely from vanilla mashup.
The Road Warrior Armor
Sweater and Skirt 
Install both main files. Also install the update file if you're [not] using "New Vegas clothes by zzjay V3" mod.
Dexter's Holiday Pack
Vanilla Outfit Tweaks
Sinbloods Venomous Armor 
Signus - Armor Pack 1 
Glacier Glasses 
I Got Spurs 


Weapons of the New Millenia
Biggest an best New Vegas weapon mod ever made. Stylish. Badass-looking. Variative. Ingegrated into leveled lists (meaning enemies can use the new weapons, you can find them in containers, but from traders and so on). Also, install the next addons/fixes for it:
Craftable Weapon Mods addon
Millenia L96 Fix 
Asurah animations patch
Note: Install this only if you'll be using Asurah Reanimation Pack (listed below), and install after it.

Now, take a look on separate weapon mods by Millenia that are not included in his all-in-one pack. All of them can be easily merge together into one weapons-related .esp. When installing these standalone mods, do NOT overwrite anything when asked (choose "No To All" when asked about overwriting if using NMM or hide the conflicting files in these mods if using MO). These weapons are:
IMI Desert Eagle 
Also install this fix. It has 2 version - for vanilla animations and for Asurah Reanimation Pack, use only one.
Winchester M1897 
Codename RU-556 
Colt M16A2 
Dragunov SVU - OTs-03 
IMI Galil 
Steyr Scout 
Walther WA2000 
Serbu Super Shorty 
Suomi M-31 
Browning P35 
Beretta 87 Target 
OTs-33 Pernach 

Nice, now some other great weapon packs and standalone weapon mods:
Classic Fallout Weapons - New Vegas
Beautiful mod that does exactly how it's called - adding a lot of weapons from previous Fallout games to NV with leveled lists integration. Also install some bugfixes for it:
Classic Fallout Weapons - G11E G11 Loudness Vindicator Minigun L30 ALL FIXED 
Install all 3 main files
Classic Fallout Weapons New Vegas (CFWNV) Realism fix
Tesla Weapons Pack 
My favourite energy weapons pack. Has minor issue (shotgun shots missing mesh - just don't use the shotgun until mod is updated).
Photon Laser Weapon Pack 
Badass laser weapons from the same author.
Recon Laser Weapons 
Turbolaser Weapon Pack 
A great alternative to previous 2 mods (but can be also used together).
Asurah S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Weapons and Armor pack 
Note: delete the CALIBER .esp file.
Ruger SR-556 
Also try various retexture files for it. I'm personally using "4Echo Alternate Textures". If you'll be using Arurah Reanimation Pack, install a compatibility patch for it (after both mods installed).
Tactical Laser Rifle 
Super-useful mod for those who wanna focus on energy weapons but be able to snipe.
Widowmaker - A Unique Lever Action Weapon 
Hunting Revolver and Ranger Sequoia 
Gives fancy look to named vanilla weapons inspired by popular FO4 weapon mod.
Remington 700 
Make sure to check out author's profile  for more badass weapons!
MNK-RHINO Gauss Revolver 
The XM4 RAW - A Gauss Rail Assisted Hybrid Weapon 
Heavy Plasma Repeater 
I strongly recommend to check other mods  from this author, his works are really nice.
Forge Beyond
SA80 - L85A2 
Walther WA 2000 
Kriss Vector
Check out author profile for more great weapon mods.
Benelli M3 Super 90 
Glock 17 Gen 4 
Tactaghoul's profile 
Alien Isolation - Magnum Revolver 
H-K G36c 
The Gun Runners M60 
Also install a fix for it.
Barrett 95 Anti Materiel Rifle 
Franchi SPAS-12 
Alien Isolation - Flamer 
Kar 98k and Type 99 
Cynthia 50.Cal 
LK-05 Concept Carbine 
Mossberg 590 Special Purpose Shotgun 
Holorifle Re-Projected - 2K Textures - Custom Sounds - Stats Tweak - OWRRP 
Technically and basically this mod changes the vanilla weapon, but it also tweaks its stats and adds new custom sounds, that's why it's in this section and not in retextures section of graphics section.
Gyrojet Carbine 
M1903A3 Springfield 
PA3 Hybrid Shotgun 
M2281A1 TAR 
Ruger Mini-14 
Remington 870 Wingmaster Shotgun (Re-release) 
Bioshock Rapture Pistol 
Plasma Boomstick 
FO1 Alien Blaster 
Choose between replacer and standalone version.
Maschinenpistole model of 1940
BayK's Weapon Pack
Also install fix patch  for it. Inf Files section of the fix page, you can also find Project Nevada patch.
Tammer's Standalone Weapons Mega-Pack 
You may also want to browse same author's profile  for standalone mods if you don't want them all. Also install WRP patch for it.
Gun runners arsenal Expanded 
Camon and Scottmack Weapons - Compatibility Edition 
Note: read mod page carefully - you'll need to install few other weapon mods, linked on the mod page and then disable their .esp plugins, and enale this mod one - it's saving you space, fixing some minor issues and adds leveled lists integration
Autumn's Arsenal 
Machete True Killer 
Sabre Weapon 
Balisong Butterfly Knives 
AE-86 Seiryuu Beam Katana 
Ka-bar knive by Eprdox 
Happy Widow Powerfist Set 
Wannabe Book of Eli Machete Knife Sword Blade Thingy 

This part of all FO/TES games is maybe one of the most clunky and just outdated. Clumsy movement, unrealistic and often just silly-looking shooting/reloading animation and just tons of bugs and glitches related to them. The time has come to change that!

Couple of essential fixes not covered by other mods first:
Automatic Weapons Fix - Minigun-Gatling-Chainsaw and more 
Fixes notorious "no firing sound if quickly shot second time" and "stuck in firing animation with no ammo" bugs
Reload Animation Fix - Lever-Pump-Single action guns 

Great, now let's fix and upgrade everything related to weapon animations. There are 2 mods for that - use [only one]:
Weapon Animation Replacer
This mod can be considered a "vanilla weapon animations plus". It fixes bugs in vanilla animations and slightly improves them here and there. If you want the vanilla animations without glitches - this mod is an option for you. Though, the mod folder structure is not suitable for mod manager installation, and for instructions of how to make the mod mod-manager compatible, proceed to this page (instructions and files needed are in Files section - download the "NMM Version" and "NMM Version USER MANUAL" and read the User manual.rtf, it has really step-by-step easy to make instructions).
Note: when installing and asking about overwriting, overwrite everything besides Weapons of New Millenia mod.
Asurah Reanimation Pack
Badass, new, updated & improved and simply the best animation mod for NV. While it's stated to be in "alpha" state, it's absolutely functional and for some weapons mods, compatibility patches are already were made. Weapons of New Millenia, for example, have it's support now. Animations are stylish and super-smooth. The main advantage of Asurah mod over any other similar mods is the exactly how smooth the animations are. This is done by huge amount of efforts put into each animations. How to explain that in simple? Each animation is a complex movement that consists of several smaller movements, an iterations. And if vanilla animations have let's say X amoutn of those iterations per animation, Asurah mods has like 3X of them - and that's animations are looking that good.
Installation instructions:
- Install "Asurah Reanimation Pack main" first. Overwrite everything if asked.
- Then, install all files from Main Files section. Overwrite when asked
- Then, install all files from Update files section. Overwrite when asked
- From the Optional File section install the EVE patch. Install patches for separate Millenia weapons mods only if you have those mods ofc.

- From Asurah mod page, download "WMX Patch by Wuestenranger" archive. Unpack it. Now, here's the way of properly installing it:
It's quite easy! Sadly, files structure in the patch folder on the mod page is quite a mess without any instructions - but we can make a proper mix we need. Also, take into account this way is only if you've installed all 3 mods - WMX (with all DLCs ofc), WRP, EVE and their respective patches in correct order, as per guide.
So, the steps:
- Download the patch archive, unpack it. You'll see many .esp files and folders there.
- Open 2 windows. In one, you'll have "WMX Patch" folder opened, so you'll be looking at \meshes folder in it. In other window, you'll be taking files needed from other folders.
- Grab \meshes folder from "WMX DLC" folder and place it to your opened "WMX Patch" folder. Windows will ask about overwriting - confirm.
- Make the same action with "WMX WRP" folder \meshes folder.
- Now the same with "WMX-EVE Patch" folder \meshes folder.
- Now, get the "WMX-EVE_ALL_DLC.esp" file and place it to your "WMX Patch" folder.
- In your "WMX Patch" folder you now should have \meshes folder with all meshes you dropped into it, and "WMX-EVE_ALL_DLC.esp" file. Now jsut select both folder and .esp file and arhive them. Name the archive how you want, for example "Asurah WMX Patch for EVE and all DLC", and add this archive to your mod manager.
- Install with mod manager as usual, overwrite. Profit!

Great! Now, install patches for other weapon mods (if you have them ofc):
Asurah Reanimation Pack - Weapons of the New Millenia patch
Ruger SR-556 Patched for Asurah Reanimation Pack mod
Fitz's .45 Machine Pistol patch for Asurah's Reanimation Pack
Awesome! Now let's proceed to other animation-related mods. And I'm sure some will literally bring a tear upon your eyes!

Diagonal Movement 
Yeah, you're not dreaming. Yeah, you can actually see proper diagonal movement animations after 8 years :)
Jump While Aiming
Yes, for real! It also doesn't take .esp slot as it's pure NVSE plugin.
Animated Chems
This mod plays animation when using chems and stimpaks.
True Crouching
If you crouch, you'll be able to actually crawl under obstacles! Really immersive and realistic mod. Has rarely happening minor bug that disables general subtitles, but no issues besides that.
New Vegas - Enhanced Camera
This is an amazing mod if you want your first-person experience more realistic and alive. This said, mod has decent amount of glitches and may look weird if you're using some weapon animation mods or playing on FOV different from vanilla one (75). Still, you can add or remove it anytime, in midgame as well - the benefit is it's a pure NVSE plugin - and so uninstalling it won't cause any issues to your save.
Sit Anywhere
Simple as that. Muh immersion!
Helpless Falling
Optional mod that will make falling a much more dangerous thing because animation will be much more "confused" and has longer duration before you stand up.
Animated Sleeping
See yourself sleeping.
Note: for mod proper work, it needs Enhanced Camera mod, take that into account.
Animated Workbenches
Mod plays animation when you use a workbench.
The Groovatron NV
A poser mod for NV.
Your player character can now play some idle animations like NPCs.
Wasteland Guitar Hero
Wanna be a Wasteland bard? Go on :)

There's never enough of new adventures! Especially if you've finished New Vegas already in past. Or finished it few times. New quests in Mojave or even a completely new wordspaces, new factions, mysteries and dangers, new friends and enemies, everything wrapped with new stories. Everything is here. This list contains only quest/new land mods I personally played and tested - they may feel different for different players and playstyles, but all of them are well-made will give you many hours of interesting gameplay. The only general advice about this section is simple - don't install many big quest mods at the same time. They all are great and you definitely may want to play them all, and installing them all won't give you and direct game instability, but if you'll install too many of them, you just won't be able to finish each and every in a single walkthrough, and so most of them will just clutter your data folder and make loading screens longer. Choose like 2-3 big quest mods and few smaller ones. Still, that's just my personal recommendation :)

Fallout - New California
I'm opening this section with currently the biggest and most professionally made quest/new land mod ever made for New Vegas. New California is hard even to call a "mod", in general. It has a size of a complete game and it's done on amazingly high level of everything - from wordlspace design to character voices and narration.
- A game-sized mod. Basically, an independent game itself.
- Deep and incredibly non-linear storyline, with many charismatic characters and followers, with many different endings.
- A worldspace bigger than any of official DLCs.
- An epic war between The Super Mutants, The Raider Alliance, The Enclave, and The New California Republic.
- Incredible voice acting.
- Professionally-made cutscenes, mass events, new radio stations, new armors and weapons.
You can also watch my complete review of it, as well as 4k scenery showcase.
New California is an unofficial but lore-friendly prequel to New Vegas and I'm strongly recommendeding to play it. You will be stunned, shocked (in a good meaning) and absolutely amazed.
Installation: simple af. Download the file, unpack it. Run the .exe installer, navigate to your NV folder. Profit!
Note #1: NC is a [prequel] to New Vegas, so the best option is to actually play it before your NV walkthrough. Current mod version has a "bridge" to NV worldspace, but my personal recommendation is just to play it, and then start new NV walkthrough itself, because if you'll appear in NV worldspace after NC, you'll be already very strong and NV itself will have close to no challenge for you.
Note #2: in "recommended mods" list, you already have all the mods (besides only Project Nevada and Robco Certified).
Note #3: make sure to read the list of incompatible mods. It's not big, but still, read it.
Note #4: New California is such a huge mod that it has dozens of other mods made [for it] by various authors. All those mods are not obligatory to have - but many of them are really good additions to already amazing NC itself. List of such mods is available as a standalone "New Californication" module, in modules section of U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. below. It also contains my personal recommendations of mods NV mods that are playing great together with New California. Once again, it's recommended to play NC before NV walkthrough, and to either play it without any mods besides "recommended" at NC page, or only with mods from "New Californication" module, and after you finish NC, change your mod list for an actual NV walkthrough.

Autumn Leaves
Absolutely incredible, DLC-sized quest mod with multiple endings, nonlinear walkthrough, over 2000 of fully-voiced dialogue lines and generally amazing mood, inspired by classic RPGs like Planscape Torment and Arcanum, and of course, new items and plenty of new unique perks as rewards. Also, don't forget to install YUP patch for it.

Now, a series of quest mods from one talented authors. "Someguy Series" is a pack of many quests mods of different type - they can be serious, funny or just ridiculous, but they are all so well-made that you'll like even the "ridiculous" ones. All his mods have a real charm and in total, will give you many dozens of hours of walkthrough.
The Someguy Series
This mod does nothing on its own, but it's a [required core] for all other Someguys's mods. Install it. Now, the mods themselves:
New Vegas Bounties I
New Vegas Bounties II
New Vegas Bounties III
Almost iconic series of "bounty hunting" mods with dozens of various quests where you need to track outlaws - everything with own backstories, challenging fights, humoristic moments and new worldspaces.
The Inheritance
Fully-voiced, lore-friendly storyline from the same author.
New Vegas Killer
Ever wanted to work as an assassin for hire? Think no more.
Lastly - check out other mods in Someguy's profile - you may find some more mods that will fir your taste a lot.

A fully-voiced mysterious quest from author of award-winning "Falskaar" mod for Skyrim.

Honest Hearts Reborn
Absolutely amazing quest mod which extends the Honest Hearts DLC and feels like a native part of a game.

Beyond Boulder Dome
A complete new land with own creatures, spirit and quests, giving really great presence feeling.

Tales from the Burning Sands Complete
A story-driven quest mod, deeply based on narration, storyline and puzzles. Project Nevada patch is also available.

Zion Trail
An adventure in a completely new big worldspace, lore-wise and with a great level design.

The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino
Old but great and roleplay-wise quest mod to restore named hotel and casino. Quests, encounters and more - everything is voiced.

Afterschool Special
Small and great mod from the same author. Take into account that it may be or not be compatible with Goodspings overhaul mods.

The Collector
Short quest mod - but greatly written & voiced, as well as blending the game greatly, and very much underrated one.

The North Road Remastered
New and really-well made quest mod with a new worldspace. It's also a good choice for high-level/hardcore players.
The Rockwell Pursuit
You can also play this mod prequel, but that's on your own choice - it's pretty bugged. Pursuit is a great one, stable and voiced.
Sympathy For the Devil
Short but intense and voiced quest mod that makes you make a moral choice.
The Deterrent
Novac Public Library
Saxxons Quest Collection
Salt Lake Stories
Note: currently this mod is not compatible with Honest Hearts Reborn.
BenTuttle90 profile
For two small, but atmospheric quest mods.
Legion Quests Expanded
The Couriers Cache
Peace in the Valley
Kazopert's quest mods
Various little, but amazingly well-made mods, a great example of "quantity above quality". My personal recommendation to play.
New Vegas Stories
War Trash - Quest Mod
Mod has minor conflicts with AWOP (listed below). NPCs from both mods spawn in same places sometimes - but nothing game-breaking.
Snow Globe Quest
Adds quests to help you find all the Snow Globes.
Mysterious House
Novac Legion Quest
A mod with self-explanatory name. More bounty-hunting sidequests, if you still need some. Some moments in it may be not really lore-friendly, or better to say, obviously "inspired" by other titles, but the encounters are well done. If you was a big fan of New Vegas Bounties series, try this mod for sure.

Everything related to perks and traits in game. Rebalnce/fixes/improvements for vanilla perks/trais and completely new ones - for any taste and playstyle. With mods from this section, the amount of character builds and roleplay possibilities will be almost endless for you. My only personal advice here is the next: if you're playing NV your first time, or played it already, but that was a long ago - think about skipping this section, or only installing some "vanilla-fix" perk mods, as otherwise you may just find yourself overwhelmed with amount of perks and traits in total. If you want to add fresh things to you game, it's still recommended to install one big perk mod or couple medium/small ones to once again not become lost in too huge amount of perks you'll be able to choose from. Also, remember that most of numeric values or perks and traits (if you will see some of them too strong or too weak) can be adjusted via FNVEdit, so in most of cases you can balance over/under powered perks pretty easily.

Ultimate Unarmed and Melee Perks Tweaks - UUMT 
Absolutely essential mod if you're planning to play as melee - it fixes almost all underpowered/incorrectly working melee perks and adds some new useful ones.
More Perks Merged
This mod is a very useful merged of all separate plugins from the most popular perk/trait mod called "More Perks". Besides the merging everything into one plugins, author also fixes many original mod issues and typos.
The More Perks mod itself adds 120+ new perks/traits and it's really the biggest and most variative mod of such type existing which can incredibly enhance your gameplay.
ST Traits and Perks
Another pretty big perk pack with about 50 new perks/traits and few vanilla perks rebalanced.
Improved Traits
Small balancing mod for some vanilla traits and 2 new ones.
Da Wrecka's Perks
Two  dozens of new perks and some vanilla perk rebalances, some of new perks are also pretty overpowered, also be sure to install only plugins you need from the pack.
Perk Rework
Balancing mod that rewords some of useless or underpowered perks.
Note: while having correct archive structure, mod for some reasons doesn't have mod manager installation button, so just download it manually, add to your mod manager and install as usual.
Some Perks
Pretty underrated mod - with very simple, but effective perks.
Lessons Learned Overhaul 
Absolutely original, unique and lore-wise overhaul of one of the most useless perks in the game. A must have mod, as for me.
Baddarkl Perk Overhaul
A complete overhaul of many others poor vanilla perks as well as some new really cool perks and traits. Also adds new trait for absolute hardcore lovers. This mod is from previous mod author and it includes Lessons Learned Overhaul as well as his other minimods, so if you'll decide to go with this one, you don't need previous mod or any other his separate mods. Couple of vanilla trait/perk reworks are arguable, but it's still a really interesting perk mod. Also don't forget to grab Project Nevada patch if you'll be using it.
Way of the Wasteland Warrior - Melee Perks for Fallout NV
Great and complex melee-oriented perk mod, also can be used together with "Unarmed and Melee Revolution" listed below. Do not use it's optional "Vanilla Perk Changes" if you're already using "Ultimate Unarmed and Melee Perks Tweaks - UUMT" mod.
Pacifist Perks
Immersive and non-immersive at the same time, but very original mod.
Special Snow Globes
Snow Globes in New Vegas will now grant SPECIAL/skill point bonuses.
Meltdown NVSE Upgrade Plasma Spaz Redux 
A tiny but spectacular mods and must have for Energy weapons walkthrough.
Pharmacist Perk
Pharmacist perk unlocks recipes for chems and aids that were previously uncraftable.
Heartless Doesn't Provide Poison Immunity 
If you also think this perk was overpowered.
Well Rested Overhaul 
Makes Well Rested great again! And also much more logical.
Adds the Gifted trait from Fallout 1 & 2 into New Vegas.
Anatomic Perks 
Simple yet very immersive and logical changes.
Resident Evil Themed Perks
As it could be seen from the mod name, certain features it adds will be ofc absolutely not lore-friendly, as well as some effects are really OP. But if you don't mind that (and remember you can tweak all numeric values) - that's a pretty interesting thematic perk mod.
Explorer Perk Revised
A great alternative to one of the most useless and roleplay-unfriendly perks in the game. I'd recommend to use "No Locations" version.
Legendary Bloatfly Reward Perk 
Does how it's called - simple, balanced, and something you definitely deserved for beating that toxic bastard.
Human Goat
Really useful new perk, especially for hardcore mode. Can and will make survival easier, but will really come in handy if you're running mods that are makign survival more harsh.
Burden to Bear - Original
Simple yet original and much more effective change to vanilla perk.
Child At Heart Perk
Restores lil, purely cosmetical, but cute perk that was giving you attitional options/rewards when talking to some children and robots.

Karma was one of the most useless mechanics in New Vegas - that's why I thought it deserves a separate section. There not that much mods for it - but those listed are really good. Take a look! Same as for mods in previous section, if you like some mod features, but don't like bonuses values (overpowered or too weak for you) - remember that you can easily change the values in FNVEdit.

Karmic Balance - Karma Consequences 
Really immersive karma mod that adds pleasant, but balanced bonuses and karma consequences system. My favourite Karma mod ever.
Karma Perks
This one is a similar mod that adds even more karma bonuses, but without immersive consequences as in previous mod. Bonuses or second and third perks can be a bit too strong, as for me, but that you can always adjust in FNVEdit.
Note: use either this or previous mod - not both.
Karma Fix 
A mod with simple idea but immersive change - it changes most of NPCs karma values in logical way. It also disables Karma gained from killing bad guys - in vanilla game it was riduculous 100 value for Evil character while Very Evil was giving you 2, so most logically Evil should give 1. Mod set this to 0 - if you don't like that, change in FNVEdit or use next mod in addition
Evil Character Karma Tweak 
Simply fixes that one utterly ridiculous karma bonus for killing evil NPCs, setting karma bonus for killing Evil NPCs to 1 instead of 100. You will still have small, but pleasant karma rewards for killing bad guys. Note: YUP does the very same fix, but sets Karma reward to 5 - this mod is for more hardcore lovers or just for people with a huge mod lists with greatly increased population.
Negative Karma for Grave Digging 
Simply a must have in my opinion, makes so much sense.
Beyonds Tweaks Take Powderganger Stuff No Karma Loss 
Removes illogical "steal" karma penalty for stealing from powdergangers, a ver logical and needed mod as well.
Steal - less Karma lost 
Losing 1 karma instead of 5 when stealing - I'd also recommend to set this to 2 or 3 in FNVEdit though, for a better "golden middle".
Disable Karma Messages and Sound
Only needed if some reasons you won't be using Project Nevada - it's implemented there already.
Calculate Karma
Simple as that - see your Karma numerically in immersive way without need to use a console.
Karma Neutralized
If you don't want to deal with karma at all, this may be a good solution for you. Requires new game to work properly.
Cannibalism - no negative karma
This particular mod makes no sense for me personally - it's very logically to gain negative karma for eating people, but still, maybe someone will find it useful.

Mods that are affecting gameplay mechanics themselves in Fallout are melding/crossing very often, so it's pretty hard and maybe even confusing to separate them in som certain "type". The rest of gameplay mods will be devided into 3 sections. To put it simply, the mods that are "big", "medium" and "small" - either directly in size or in their impact on the gameplay. This section will be listing the "big ones" - for example, complex overhauls, covering certain gameplay mechanics in general, or maybe small, but still having big noticable impact on the gameplay or adding not many, but complex features. Mods from this section is like like a solid base for your mod list, where you can find both rebalances/overhauls & entirely new amazing gameplay features as well that you were not aware about before.

First of all, let me present you two most all-embracing, well-made and just great "major" overhauls to NV gameplay. If you're not really experienced in modding atm (an in general at all) It's recommended to choose one of them to stick with.

Project Nevada
In my humble opinion, PN is an absolutely essential gameplay mod for NV. It not only balances most of main gameplay aspects, but also add new gameplay features, while keeping them immersive and those features are mostly just for your game comfort. It's core new and immersive features are: super-cool "bullet time" mode (slowing time while consuming AP, a great alternative to silly VATS system), dynamic crosshair for more realistic shooting, sprint, hotkey for grenades, immersive first-person overlays for visors and helmets, enhanced stealth field and special visions, immersive pripary needs for hardcore mode, chargeable energy weapons and few more. Besides that, PN offers really well-made core rebalance of the game - attributes, damage, stealth and combat options. Lastly, it adds really cool implants features, some new perks, and a lot of new, lore-friendly armors and weapons carefully distributed into leveled lists. It's also highly configurable in MCM - you can adjust or disable all it's core features to ensure it fitting your taste and/or be compatible with many similar mods.
Project Nevada is currently my own "core" mod in the mod list.
Note #1: installation options are up to you, but it's recommended to choose them all.
Note #2: install Project Nevada patch from Unofficial Patch Plus files section - namely the "Unofficial Patch Plus - Project Nevada Patch".
Note #3: Install the addons from the mod pages below:
Project Nevada Patches
Grab EVE and WMX patches and install them (if you're using respective mods ofc). DLC patches are included in mod below, so you don't need DLC patches from this page if you'll be using "Extra Options".
Project Nevada - Extra Options
This addon installation is optional, but recommended. Adds some more new features to PN, balances some parameters in it and fixes minor bugs, polishing the mod greatly. In installer choose all recommended options.
Chargeable Tesla Cannon
This tiny mod fixes not even a "bug", but likely and "overlook" in the mod - but it's a great addition!

JSawyer Ultimate Edition
Well-rounded and greatly balanced major overhaul that's making game much more balanced and rewarding while sticking to vanilla design. It's similar and different from PN at the same time. One of its main features is restoration of minor cut content here and there, and it also offers a great rebalance of core gameplay and may look more "lite" overhaul.It also doesn't add that new comfy features that PN has, like special hotkeys, visors, doesn't add many new armors and weapons like PN does etc, being a complex overhaul, but still smaller then PN. It also has compatibility patch for Project Nevada so it's not a problem - you can use them both together, but my position here is same as it's author's one - it's better to not use two huge and great gameplay overhauls together as this won't mean double greatness. While Ultimate Edition has many aspects configurable in MCM, it's still "weaker", compatibility-wise, then Project Nevada (which has compatibility patches made from almost every more or less popular gameplay mod), towards other mods in general. So, look on the mod page, read comments and reviews of it and decide yourself - this choice is purely up to you - to have PN, JSUE or both.
Note: make sure to visit the next 2 pages to grab patches for some popular mods:
JSawyer Ultimate Edition Patches
Patches for: Project Nevada, Equipment Restoration Project, Fallout Character Overhaul, Fallout New Vegas Redesigned and few more.
DiDisaan's Patch Emporium - JSawyer Ultimate Edition
Patches for: more than dozen of various other mods and, what's also handy, various combinations of mods, so you can have only one patch for several mods at the same time.

Good, now some few other "big guys", but of other type:

A World Of Pain
AWOP is a huge project of great quality, great ambience, challenging fights, both creepy and funny encounters and interesting backstories. It adds more than 150!! new locations - caves, bunkers, shops and so on - filled with new enemies, neutral NPCs and quests. This mod alone will give you several tens of hours of exploration. The only moment you need to take into account - most of its NPCs are not voiced, just because mod is maintained by just a few people and itself is just to huge. If that's something you can't tolerate - you can skip it. But, trust me - just after a couple of new dungeons, sweat drips on your forehead for hard encounter and good laughs, you won't pay any attention to this - as the dialogies and quests themselves are written more than great.
- Install "A World of Pain" and " AWOP Dead Money 2.0" files from Main Files section.
- Install "AWOP Optional Plugins" from Optional Files section. Read options description carefully and install what you like. My recommendation is Low Loot Merged and Nerfed 4D Storage only.
- Download "AWOP Compatibility Patches" and "AWOP Weapon Mod Patches". Install the "AWOP Weapon Mod Patches" - in installer, choose Impact, EVE and WMX options, and then "EVE All DLC" and then "WMX All DLC Merged" options. Do [NOT] install "AWOP Compatibility Patches" file now.
- Download AWOP Revisions addon. Do [NOT] install it now. Same as with AWOP compatibility patches file, we'll do that later - don't worry, I'll remind you ;)
- Install fix patch for Dead Money addon.
- If you're using Saxxon's Quest Collection, download and install patch for it from Didisaan's AWOP patches page.

The N.V. Interiors Project
Similar project more focused on the overall ambience - mod is adding several dozens of completely new, fitting, lore-friendly interiors to explore. It feels like a native part of the game and greatly improve the adventuring/exploring feelings that game is giving to you. The great news here is you can run it together with AWOP to have even more new cells to explore!
- Install "NVInteriors Core v2.1.1" and "_NVInteriors_Combo Edition v1.3.4" from the Main Files section.
- Install one of "NMC_NVInteriors compatibility Patch". It's up to you, but until you're not on very weak rig, you can actually use "Large" version as interiors mostly "eat" much less FPS than exteriors.
- Optionally - install NV Interiors Project Addon - namely the "NV Interiors Addon 1.21" from Main Files and "NV Interiors Addon 1.22" from Update Files.
Note: current version of the addon (1.22) is compatible only in case you're not using AWOP (because it require AWOP version of NV Interiors, which is obsolete as NV Interiors is auto-compatible with AWOP now and .esp name is different). It should be updated soon.

True Wasteland Economy
In my opinion, an absolutely essential mod to fix the ridiculously easy economy/survival part of the game, a great addition to both Project Nevada and JSawyer Ultimate Edition. Fully modular and MCM-configurable - you can adjust it to fit your taste on 100%. If you're using Project Nevada, make sure to disable "Unfound Loot" option in Project Nevada and use this mod similar feature - it's newer and better.

Alternative Repairing
Repairing system is now greatly improved and expanded. It adds new repair parts for you to craft and buy - to give you more options and add a bit of satisfaction to scavenging junk, as it should be in Wasteland.

Now let's see some more amazing mods!

Nevada Combat 
Small yet effective combat mod that's aiming on overall rebalance of several dozens of combat values to make fights more challenging but without changing "too much". I made this mod myself to complement other great combat mods, so balance was the most important moment, and it's also highly compatible with most of popular mods - just load NC after other combat mods.
Enemies will react on shooting faster, hide and change weapons more often, but at the same time other ridiculous vanilla AI was balanced too - enemies will be less "ninjas" and "snpiers" and so on. Mod also rebalances weapon reach and has immersive optional unique feature t oallow Agility slightly affect your character movement speed. NC will be a good option for both "lite" mods lists as well as a great base for heavy mod lists, in terms of combat. Mod page also has detailed description of features and additional advices about compatibility, so read it carefully :)
Cover Based Stealth Mechanics
A must-have mod to make stealh part of gameplay much more challenging, realistic, rewarding, but greatly balanced at the same time. It reworks many detection mechanics so stealth will have an actual sense in game now. Mod also allows you to change the overall damage multiplier level in game to adjust it as for any taste - for both spongy/lethal combat lovers. It also allows to change the sneak damage bonus itself. Lastly, it has super-immersive, animated "peak" feature that's both useful for gameplay itself as well as roleplayhing. And the last thing - almost every feature and value of this mod is easily configurable in MCM.
Note: install both main files and, if using together with Project Nevada, make sure Project Nevada stealth settings and AI Detection are disabled.
Enemy AI - Tactics - NPC Healing 
Another great mod that balances the combat, making enemies more smart - agressive when needed, carefull when they are injured and so on. It also has unique feature that allows NPC to heal themselves with stimpaks in combat. Compatible with all combat mods mentioned above and recommended to be used together with them.
Installation: download the archive manually, unpack it. You need to keep the "XFO - 9a - Enemies - AI revamp.esp" file and choose only [one] healing plugin to keep, deleting the other two. I personally recommend to use the Low or Med versions. When unneeded lugins are deleted, zip the two files you have, add the archive to your mod manager and isntall as usual.
Important note: healing works, but for better and more logical work it requires a tiny fix which you can make yourself. Click the spoiler button to see the solution:

For this, you need to download and install GECK - dw, dw - it won't bite! :) To install it, just drop the files from the folder to your NV main folder (where game launcher is, not the \data folder). Run it, load the healing mod .esp in it and open scripts section. Find "aaForceHealDebug" script and open it. Find "if HealYes == 1" line, close to the end of the script. Inside this part of script, you'll see the next part:

pltarget.cios stimpak
pltarget.playidle 3rdpspecialidlestimpak
set justHealed to 1
if getrandompercent < 30

DELETE this part.
Now, paste this instead of it:

pltarget.cios stimpak
pltarget.playidle 3rdpspecialidlestimpak
set justHealed to 1

So, in the end, this part of script should look like this:

if HealYes == 1
pltarget.cios stimpak
pltarget.playidle 3rdpspecialidlestimpak
set justHealed to 1

Save and close GECK! Done :) Thank you so much Rick for this fix <3

The next 4 mods can be also used together - but don't do this blindly, decide yourself if you need each of them:
More Realistic Aiming + fix patch
Mod adds slightly noticeable shaking when aiming, as it would be irl. Will fit any taste, as the strength of shaking is configurable in MCM.
JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating
Does how it's named, adding one more realism aspect to your shooting. Highly configurable as well. 
Immersive Recoil 2.0 
Best balanced recoil mod ever made - and also compatible with all weapons and weapon mods.
Note: load  it after JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating
B42 Weapon Inertia
This simple but immersive mod adds weapon intertia, when firing and rotating with weapon. No more firing from a weightless paper gun!

Fallout 4 Power Armor Features
Simply E.S.S.E.N.T.I.A.L. mod for power armors - just read mod description page and you'll understand why. It adds plenty of badass and balanced features - from proper power armor sounds to completely new gameplay features and perks (power jumps, Pain Train etc), but what if even more great - you can set these features to be applied to your followers AND enemies as well - for a much more challenging fights. Don't forget to install the update as well!
Note: Take a look on patches in Optional Files section. If you're using "T-60 Power Armor" mod - disable/delete that mod's esp, namely the "T60.esp" after you've installed patch for it (the "FO4 PA features T-60 addon" file).
Advanced Recon Nightvision
Core is same implemented in Project Nevada, but this one still has more features plus "tweaking" things from it like nightvision color change and so on. Also don't forget to install a patch that automatically patches it for usage with PN and couple of other popular mods.
FO76 Style Mutations
A great mod that adds one of the few atually good features from FO76 to NV - an immersive system of mutations - a double adged features with pros and cons.
JIP Selective-Fire
This mod introduces a selective-fire system to Fallout: New Vegas. Most projectile-type weapons, capable of automatic fire, will have two or more optional fire-modes for the player to switch between
Melee Cleave (a.k.a. Sweep)
Makes melee attacks hit multiple enemies for a more satisfying melee gameplay. You can also turn same feature on for NPCs.
Unarmed And Melee Revolution
Indeed a pretty revolutionary mod with unique features for melee builds. Though, the Warrior perk is actually OP, but if you don't like that you can easily adjust or remove it from the mod in FNVEdit. Also works great together with Way of the Wasteland Warrior listed before in the guide.
Economy Overhaul 
Another great mod that rebalances and changes NV economy system to make it more interesting and rewarding. Can and advised to be used together with True Wasteland Economy mod - only a few simple adjustments are needed to be made.
Note #1: If using Project Nevada, make sure PN economy features are disabled.
Note #2:  "True Wasteland Economy" compatibility. To make them 100% compatible, only 2 minor adjustments are needed: 1 - set prices of items in TWE's MCM to 1 (vanilla). It will be handled by this mod. 2 - open this mod esp file in FNVEdit and restore merchants caps amount to vanilla game values - just drag values from New Vegas.esm and drop to E.O. same lines, approve, save and exit FNVEdit.
NPCs Can Miss
Mod that makes NPCs be much less "snipers" - especially useful for players who use mods for realistic weapon damage.
Important note: though mod feature is great, in most of mod setups it can make your game too easy. To prevent that, it's recommended to use "NPCs Can Miss - High Accuracy" version in most of cases.
Mojave Arsenal
Adds ammo variants, reloading parts, and weapon mods as loot, fixes item naming conventions, improves vanilla recipes and so on.
Ammo Crafting Schematics
Similar and different mod at the same time that also makes crafting more interesting. Can be used together with previous mod, but they have some overlappings which you can easily remove in FNVEdit.
Note: also install the "ACS - Dead Money", "ACS - Gun Runners Arsenal", "ACS - Honest Hearts v1_0_2" and "ACS - Lonesome Road v1_0_1" files. You can merge them together without issues.
Equipment Restoration Project
Does how it's named - restores really big amount of cut items, mostly armors and weapons.
Water Overhaul
A great mod for all hardcore lovers and everyone who just want to make survival aspect of the game more challenging.
Note: if using together with Project Nevada, ,ake sure to setup load order rules in LOOT for the patch to be loaded after PN Rebalance module if you're using it AND after "Unofficial Patch Plus - Project Nevada Patch.esp". You may also want to adjust few values to fit usage with PN better - namely Dirty and Irradiated Water Dehydration/Rads values - but that's only up to you.
Bottle That Water
"Bottle water" only alternative if you don't want to use Water Overhaul - though, this together with PN only can make "water" part of Hardcore mode too easy, keep this in mind. Also, if using Project Nevada, don't forget to grab a patch for it.
Caesars New Regime - Legion Overhaul
An mod for the Legion it deserves! Much more badss-looking legion armors, new classes for Legion NPCs, voiced Legion companion and some more features.
Pickpocket Overhaul 
Mod rebalances the pickpocket system to take target perception and item weight into account, along with uncapping the success chance and nerfing the impact of item value - in the end, making pickpocket much more realistic, rewarding and interesting process.
Ultimate Illness Mod
Wanna add more challenge to Hardcore mod? Wanna to have a real test of survival in Mojave? Think no more!
Note: mod should be used ONLY with hardcore mode, and be aware that it's VERY hardcore itself, read mod page, try mod on test save and decide if you need it.

Next few mods are not only compatible, but just should be used together, drastically expanding world encounters and adding various new events in absolutely logical, lore-friendly way, unlike the many other popular spawns/population mods:
The Living Desert
This mod adds hundreds of npcs and several scripted events to the world of Fallout: New Vegas; people patrolling the roads, traveling between towns, occupying locations, exploring the desert and reacting dynamically to your choices throughout the game. It's doing everything in lore-friendly, non-intrusive way and it's simple an essential mod for any type of walkthrough - once you've playe with it, you can't play without it anymore.
Mojave Wildlife
Adds hundreds more leveled, vanilla-friendly creature spawn points throughout the whole Mojave, based off unused vanilla leveled lists. All spawn points are meticulously hand-placed and distributed as evenly and fairly as possible. I'd recommend to use "FO3 No Chanced Spawns Version" of the mod, but read the description page and decide yourself
Mojave Raiders
A great mod that's improving Raiders faction, from the author of previous mod. It balances their loot and adds more of them to fight.
Note #1: load this mod after Uncut Wasteland if you're using version with NPCs and be sure to use "Nipton Takeover Disabled" version if you're using Nipton Rebuilt or similar Nipton town overhauls.
Note #2: load this mod after "Uncut Wasteland" mod.
Increased NCR and Legion Wasteland Patrols 
Brotherhood of Steel Wasteland Presence 
Great Khan Wasteland Presence 
Three small-but-great mods from the same author that adds named patrols - not many of them, but with great attention to lore. Author also has one more similar mod for cecuritrion, but some of its features are arguable - read the mod page and comments section and decide if you want it as well :)

Great, let's finish this big section:
Live Dismemberment
Pretty revolutionary mod, does exactly how it's called - adding the dismemberment feature sraight in combat. It may conflict with many mods that adds locational dmg and similar features - the most noticable conflict is with Project Nevada. Still, it doesn't make your game crash or something - just may lead to some disbalanced combat values. For example, with PN installed, NPCs who lost their leg die almost instantly - and reverting limb dmg values back to vanilla ones in PN Rebalance settings doesn't seem to "fix" this. But if you don't mind minor conflicts like this - try it for sure, as the mod features itself is absolutely epic!
A great mod thats overhauls unarmed, melee, ballistics, energy, explosives, poison, fire, electricity, plasma and shrapnel types of damage making them more realistic and character builds based on them more feasible to play as, but has straight compatibility issues with many other big mods like EVE, YUP and some others, so it's up to you use it or no, or to make patches yourself. Its another issue (not technical tho, but how its plays) is such a concept may look great in general at the firs glance, but in the end you'll be easily able to exploit it - playing as sniper, melee assassin and so on - you'll be dealing huge dmg to enemies while you can always find a way or two to avoid being damaged in many cases. Still, if you're running a simple mod list and/or aimed on "dangerous" combat, BLEED may be a good option for your mod list.
Legendary NPCs and Weapons
Amazing powergaming mod that adds ultra-tough new enemies and same ultra-powerful weapons to the game. It's a double-edged sword in some sense as it can make you OP as well so it's not a best choice for perfectly immersive/balanced gameplay, but besides that fact I'm sure many players may find it really interesting.
Vicious Wastes - Difficulty Mod
Great difficulty mod of "medium" hardcoreness level - it's optional, but I humbly recommend to at least try it as it's really well-made, plus adding some new coo gameplay features. It makes combat more dangerous for both player and NPCs and improves the rewarding feeling from level progression via really well-made balancing changes. Some things are similar to Project Nevada, but in own, more challenging way. It also has patches to choose during installation for some popular mods and most of its modules can be disabled in MCM to ensure full compatibility with similar mods, and if you don't like reduced level cap, you can easily adjust it using FNVedit - just dont' forget to revert perk level requirements back to vanilla values, as mod lowered them to fit lower max lvl. I'm personally using this mod as well, with a bit of own tweaks.
Note: if you're also using Nevada Combat mod, use the "No Agility" version as the same features is already available in this mod.
Cirosans Classic Overhaul
Amazingly well done and most likely one of the most criminally underrated gameplay overhauls on Nexus - its balance many gameplay mechanics in logical way, adds new things like new perks/traits. All its major options are modular to install - giving you ability to choose what you want and don't want. Has DLC support and compatible with Project Nevada.
This mod installation is optional - but it's a very much needed one for hardcore players that are using mods that increase weapon dmg. It changes the maximum damage resistance and minimum bleedthrough on damage threshold, in order to improve the effectiveness of armor when using mod/mod lists aimed on higher damage multipliers.
DT Multiplier and DR Adder
This mod is also useful for hardcore players, but unlike previous mod, it's very useful mod in general. It restores DR features that was a beloved protection type in FO3. To maintain the perfect balance, bot DT and DR settings for all armor types are available for you to tweak in MCM - you can adjust the whole system to your taste in order to make own balance between DT/DR to make armor work in NV much more rewarding in general.
Librarian Of The Wastes 
Useful and immersive mod that introduces 3 main features: 1 - Unwanted 'skill books' can be swapped at Mojave Express drop-boxes for other skill books. 2 - The 'Librarian Of The Wastes' perk lets you craft your own (less effective) versions of skill books. 3 - The 'Well-Read' perk lets you craft chems that provide permanent stat bonuses of various kinds. It' really neat and non-intrusive mod that will allow you to build your character better without breaking the immersion.
Note: in my personal vision, some value in the mod should be adjusted a bit. From the author's permission, I made such version and you can find it here, in U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. files section.
Simple as that - implements Fallour 4 adrenaline mechanics (which was actually pretty cool) into New Vegas.

Mods in this section are usually not big in size or gameplay features coverage, but they also often offers really unique features/mechanics and while they may be often "a matter of taste" for each player, their quality is great and exactly in this section you may find some mods that will make you say like "holy-mayoly, why something like that was never done before?". Here you can also find many of those "hidden gems" as well.

Vanilla Sprint 
Simple sprint mod. Drains action points based on armor class (none, light, medium, heavy), and will increase dehydration in hardcore mode (this is unfortunately not configurable).
Aim View Switcher
Essential mod for 3rd person lovers - when you're aiming, it automatically goes to 1st person, but as soon you end aiming, it's getting you back in 3rd person
Manual Reload NVSE + amazing addon for it
Hardcore lovers, get it!
Weapon Requirements Matter
Another great but simple mod for better realism that directly restricts you from using weapons if you don't have enough Strength for them.
Med-Tek Trauma Kit
A medical mod for healing crippled and injured limbs and body parts in more hardcore way.
NAWEMO - NPCs use Ammo Variants and Weapon Mods
Such a tiny, but simply genius mod aimed on realism and more challenging gameplay - an essential one to have for challenging game.
Super Mutant Overhaulord
Logical bump to all super mutants in the game, very recommended. It conflicts with Vicious Wastes a bit, but that's easily fixable in FNVedit in favor or one of the mods.
Melee Reach Fixed
Why the pipe had twice longer reach that two-handed baseball bat or greatsword? Exactly. No sense. This mod is fixing all those ridiclous weapon reach values and balances others. Use scripted version.
Note: if you're using my Nevada Combat, you don't need this mod
More Conditions to Fast Travel 
A mod for true immersion lovers. Will be especially effective in Hardcore mode.
No Pipboy in Combat
Hardcore lovers, take it.
Note: same feature is included in Vicious Wasted mod, so this one is not needed with it.
VATS disabled
Who ever use VATS anyway? But, if you can't resist...
Retrievable Throwables
Now you can pick up throwable weapons! Simple yet realistic mod - pretty much the same as other mods of this author are (Diagonal Movement and Weapon Inertia are his works). Additionally, you can even make ladders out of spears and climb things with that!
B42 Quickthrow - an alternative grenade hotkey mod
This mod adds brand new, modern throwing weapons mechanic, as seen in Metro, COD, Fallout 4 and some other FPS games. Fast left-handed throw for all throwing weapons (grenades, mines, melee), including those that are added by mods. Full support for 1st and 3rd person. Pick up and throw grenades near you, available after taking perk "Return to Sender" (req: lvl 4, explosives 40). Adaptive aiming - hit where you aim at close range (up to 15 meters). Both for 1st and 3rd person. Other smaller features and quality of life improvements: sounds, icons (not nice ones though), weapon selection memory, throwing power gauge, middle mouse button support for throwing, MCM configuration.
Note: this modifies skeleton file, so it may (not for sure, but in some certain cases) lead to conflicts with the mods that are doing the same. It won't break your game - so in worst case you'll just need to uninstall this mod or other one that is conflicting and that's it.
Extremely Degraded Weapons and Armor of Killed NPCs
Even more realism/hardcore details for those who love this. Mod currently has minor bug that thrown weapons also become degraded, but works just great besides that.
Skirmisher - Throwing Weapons Expansion
Skirmisher adds a bunch of new recipes that will allow you to make and improve throwing weapons, and three new perks that will help your character specialize in throwing weapons, and unlock even better recipes.
No second chances fixed
A mod to make even the saves system more hardcore.
Limited Game Savings
Equipable Rex
A must-have mod for those who can't play wihtout Rex, imo.
Atomic Wrangler Sex Workers
Despite the name, this mod doesn't contain any nudes, but only adding NPCs to make Atomic Wrangler more immersive.
No Witnesses
Finally, the system of witness and everything related to this crime part system, is looking and working as it should, fixing the plainly silly system in vanilla game. Just read the mod description and sticky post and you'll understand you've waited for this mod for ages.
Take Chems Make Fiends 
You can move freely among the Fiends of the Mojave with the Day Tripper perk if you wear Raider armor and a Fiends helmet.
Better Armed Bright Followers
Gives the Bright Followers better weapons, rather than limiting them to Laser Pistols.
Mojave Travel
A simple, lightweight, and compatible alternative to conventional fast travel. Use a motorcycle to get around the Wasteland!
New Vegas Trains
This mod overhaul the entire Mojave wasteland railroad tracks, it adds a new immersive Fast travel, aka the trains.
Zooming Scope
For those who aren't using Project Nevada but still want this feature.
Recon Under Armor (JIP LN NVSE)
Allows characters to equip Recon Armor under their Power Armor. Works on the player, followers, and all NPCs.
Dark Craving
A mod for absolute hardcore lovers, as it will turn cannibalism in real curse to deal with.
Jumping Takes Action Points
Simple as that.
Encumbrance Damage
Damages the player periodically while overencumbered, à la Fallout 4 Survival Mode. 
Big Guns - Framework and Automatic Compatibility (TTW - PN - etc)
Re-enables the Big Guns Skill and provides automatic compatibility for mods that add weapons, along with providing a framework for perks.
Be Merciful
Remove them from the cross, perform mercy kills or...leave them to their fate. Really good roleplaying mod.
No More Trippin and Bear traps 
An update to all the vanilla and DLC various tripwire and trap scripts, so that they correctly account for Light Step and ALL flying creatures. Your flying eyebot and Gutsy companions will not trigger traps nor mines, nor will any of your companions if you have the Light Step or In My Footsteps perks. Plus, placeable bear traps!
True Fallout 3 Aiming
Replicates Fallout 3's aiming.
Armour Repair Kits 
Adds craftable armour repair kits, same as weapons have.
Better Harvesting
Provides a realistic (mostly more) amount of resources from harvestable plants based on how many resources are actually visible on the model.
Junk Rounds Plus 
Junk rounds made with the perk's recipes now use Lead instead of Scrap Metal, and they use tin cans, powder, and primer instead of casings.
Tin Cans to Scrap Metal and Reverse 
Mod gives you the ability to break down Tin Cans to Scrap Metal and craft Tin Cans from Scrap Metal.
Craftable Powders and Primers
Allows the player to use a reloading bench to create Powders and Primers to be a bit more self-sufficient and not be forced to constantly buy them.
Unique Clothing Stat Improvements
This mod overhauls many unique armor pieces in the game by replacing the mundane vanilla stats with drastically altered stats, giving both upsides and downsides.
The Moon Comes Over The Tower - Restored 
This quest in the vanilla game is extremely short. On the doorstep of the Lucky 38 is Emily Ortal and she asks you to bug a terminal. You walk into the casino, bug the terminal as asked, and walk out. This mod aims to restore that stage. It also gives the player a reason to explore locations like H&H Tools Factory and North Vegas Steel since they aren't used in any other quests. 
NV Feral Ghoul Children
This mod adds feral ghoul children to the Mojave. They have been added to the leveled list and will spawn randomly among feral ghouls adults.
Advanced Recon Trap Detection 
Adds a couple of ways to detect traps including a handeld device and a perk.
Advanced Recon Range Finder 
Adds a range finder (distance to target) on all scopes and binoculars.
Companion Cure
Adds a a new perk so you can cure your poisoned companions.
Campfires Expanded 
Adds a list of useful, lore-friendly actions when using a campfire, beyond just cooking and sleeping.
Portable Campsite
Adds portable bedrolls and campfires to Fallout New Vegas, enabling your character to set up camp wherever you want.
Portable Tribal Tent
Portable tent in native American-ish / Tribal / Khan theme.
A complete overhaul of all the metal boxes, crates, ammo boxes, and footlockers to change their generic appearance. Absolutely immersive and essential mod, in my opinion.
Lonesome Road True Faction Allegiance 
Changes how Ulysses' perceives your factions to involve more sensible parameters to truely depict your Courier's allegiance. Also includes dynamically changing duster.
Primm Reputation Restored 
Upon finding Primm, your reputation will be set to Neutral (and thus it shall appear on the Pipboy). Doing quests will raise Fame or Infamy depending on how well you do the quest. 
New Vegas Uncut 6 - If It Wasn't For Betsy Remastered
Based on the New Vegas Uncut releases by MoBurma, this mod adds the cut content companion Betsy (as well as her unique quest) back into Fallout: New Vegas.
No Skill Tags (NVSE) (redone)
Removes skill tags, and skill tags only.
Immersive Minigames
Real-time, character-skill based replacement for the hacking and lockpicking mini-games with HUD display and MCM options.
More Challenges
More Challenges Mod will introduce new types of challenges for player to complete. Also, this mod offers a plugin that alters the original challenges in Fallout New Vegas.
Immersive Hit Reactions - Enemies React More To Getting Shot
Ever thought to yourself how enemies sometimes don't even react to getting shot? This mod tries to fix that.
Cloud Grenades 
Adds in a new grenade, a throwable version of the cloud from Dead Money, for when you want to kill someone as painfully as possible.
Simple Reputation and Disguises
Faction outfits only act as disguises if you're an enemy of the faction and no longer 'juggle' reputation - alleviating some associated bugs.
Note: remove "Primm Reputation Restored" if using this mod - it has same feature included.
Faction Armor Usage Enhancement
Has similar goal, but works in different way.
Energy Ammo Tweaks (Damage and DT)
Changes the damage and a few other effects of energy weapon ammo.

IMPORTANT NOTE about mods listed below in this section - do NOT use them if you're using JSawyer Ultimate Edition - they all are included in it. If you're not using JSawyer Ultimate, you can easily merge them. Now, the mods themselves:
22LR Varmint Rifle - Restoration
Alters the Varmint Rifle to use .22LR rounds instead of 5.56mm rounds, as it was intended to during development. Also alters the unique Ratslayer weapon.
Better Caravan game limit for merchants
Limits games of Caravan against merchants to one game every 3 days, rather than 5 games total.
Goodsprings Wasteland Adventurer - Merchant Restoration 
You last downloaded a file from this mod on 23 Dec 2018
Restores a cut hunter/merchant NPC who was supposed to be placed just outside of Goodsprings, near the Jean Intersection, and who has some interesting dialog to boot.
Lonesome Road - Scorched Sierra Power Helmet
Restores the cut Scorched Sierra Power Helmet to go with the Scorched Sierra Power Armor.
Mantis Gauntlet - Crafting - Schematics - Restoration
Adds crafting schematics for the Mantis Gauntlet weapon, a feature which was cut from the final version of the game.
More Caravan Players - Restoration 
Restores the ability to play Caravan against Poindexter, Melissa Lewis, and Klamath Bob.
Nuka-Cola Victory - Quartz - Quantum - Vending Machines 
Adds a 10% chance that any Nuka-Cola vending machine may contain one of the special types of Nuka-Cola, including Quantum. I'd personally recommend to modify this chance in mod's .esp via FNVEdit, making it lower.
Ranger Sequoia in NCR Safehouse
Adds a Ranger Sequoia to the NCR safehouse.
Repair Bladed Weapons with Whet Stone
Allows you to repair any bladed weapon with the Whet Stone miscellaneous item.
Ultrajet Recipe - Contreras
Adds a note to Contreras filing cabinet that holds the recipe for Ultrajet.
Working Crimson Caravan Traders 
Makes Crimson Caravan Traders function as typical Traveling Merchants, allowing you to buy/sell things from them.

The are plenty of towns/interiors overhauls on NV Nexus, but some of them are irrational or having major overlaps with other well-known mods. For exampe, "New Vegas Uncut" series that's add a lot of cut content and is really great itself, but has huge amount of incompatibilities with dozens of other mods and glitches here and there. New Vegas Restoration or well-known Strip overhauls that are very-long-ago made and made pretty "dirty" - reported for chrashing the game, bad navmeshing that make NPC to act liek they are blind zombies, etc. That's why I have not included many mods for reasons and if you don't see some "popular" settlement mod here - it's not becuase I missed it, but because it's not fitting the big and stable mod list concept, moreover in many of cases there are newer and more stable alternatives.
All mods listed here are really great and you will not have any major issues (like floating buildings, broken quests or crashes) even when using many of them together. Only some rare and really small cosmetic conflicts may appear if you'll use all of them together (like single cases of misplaced clutter, lighting overlap and so on), and in return you'll have many of memorable places and just regular places greatly visually improved and looking more immersive.
Lastly, this whole section is compatible with NVInteriors, AWOP and Interior Lighting Overhaul projects. Electro-City may have its stree lights clipping with new objects added by the mods (which you can just disable using console), i.e. same "cosmetic" conflicts - like new dungeon entrance clumsily covered by a wooden plank or unusual lighting positions - but nothing causing game instability. Browse the list, choose the mods you like, skip the mods you don't like.

The True Revival of Luxury - An Ultra-Luxe Overhaul
The Town of Vice - A Gomorrah Overhaul
The Mogul Mausoleum - A Lucky 38 Overhaul
Three beautiful and fresh overhauls from the same author. Lucky 38 one is also compatible with mods that change Presidential Suite (player home) itself.
Iguazu Shopping Center - A Mall in The Strip
A beautiful new interior with fully voiced NPCs and...something hilarious. Compatible and plays well together with previous mods.
New Vegas Strip Redone (REDUX)
Exterior overhaul for the Strip. This mod has couple of minor conflicts with previous mods. Properly test them if want to run together, and eleminate minor conflicts in FNVEdit.

Medical Clinic Expanded
Can be used in pair with next mod for better results.
3DNPCs for New Vegas Pack
Yes, it's from the "Interesting NPCs" mod author in Skyrim. Just add the archive to your mod manager and install as usual.

Less Empty Primm - A Primm Town Overhaul
Little Fair in Primm 
Fully compatible and recommended to use with previous mod.

Goodsprings Reborn
Beautiful mod but with great balance - nothing lore-unfriendly or too much added.
Goodsprings Filler + Interior Expansion-Goodsprings
Buenas Fuentes - A Goodsprings conversion
Really original and vibrant overhaul of Goodsprings, but not very lore-friendly.

Novac Reborn
Make sure to choose version you need depending on some other mods you have.
Novac Redone
Qualitative alternative to previous mod. Keep in mind it's incompatible with Willow companion mod (you can delete the conflicting cell record in this mod .esp to make it compatible).
Novac Settlement Overhaul
Wasteland Touch-ups - Novac

Freeside Again
Fresh and qualitative Freeside overhaul, also has NVInteriors patch. The only thing it has as flaw are some dirty records so just clean it with FNVEdit.

Nipton Rebuilt
Absolutely great mod that allows you to actually rebuild the town. Also install flags pack addon for it.

And new a few more qualitative overhauls for smaller places and/or addition/uncut content restorations:
Decorated BOS Bunker
Powder Ganger Camp North Overhaul 
Vault22 flora overhaul - UPDATE
Filling New Vegas
A mod that adds hundreds of clutter objects in NV interior cells, here and there, making many places looks much more immersive. Posisbly can have few small clutter objects a bit misplaced in some interiors if using with all other mods - nothing more besides that, most likely you won't even notice.
A brand new settlements, really well-made.
Cut Sewers Restored 
Mojave Rooftops + OWB addon
Mod adds rooftops here and thre in Mojave (and OWB worldspace). Will be especially useful for snipers :)
Strip Wall Billboards 
Lucky 38 E3 Lights Restored
Vault 74 Restored 
Better Doc Mitchell's House 
More like a "useful" overhaul for this starting cell. Moves stuff around, adds clothes to his dresser, adds a workbench and reloading bench and replaces weapons found in his house etc.
Classic Adobe Buildings in Mojave
Absolutely amazing, soulful mod that changes several locations/cells in Mojave to get back that classic Fallout aesthetics.
Note: This mod is maybe the only in this section that will have major clipping issues if you're be also running mods like Interior Lighting Overhaul and/or ELECTRO-CITY, which you won't be able to solve with load order tinkering - you'll have to directly edit records in FNVedit to eleminate the major incompatibilities. But once again, it's really worth the time :)

Pretty much the same as with previous section, I've included only the mods I've playtested myself - to make sure they are not only beautiful/comfy, but also stable and free of issues. The most original and well-made, qualitative player home/mansion/hideout mods are waiting for you in this section :3

Vault-HQ1 NV - House On The Hill
One of if not simply the biggest player home mods. Really functional and with huge amount of cells/rooms for all posisble needs - from roleplaying and comfy gameplay needs, to screenarchery.
The Overlook - An Interactive Player Home
TIny yet highly interactive and lore-friendly player home.

NV Novac Apartment
One of the most beautiful and cozy overhauls for vanilla players homes and my personal fav mod for Novac apartment. Note: load this mod after Unofficial Patch Plus.
Living Motel - Novac
A great "lite" alternative to previous mod.

An Improved Lucky 38 Suite
Super-beautiful overhaul for this one. Mod has couple of minor glitches, but besides that it's a beautiful work. That's one is my personal favourite between all mods for this suite.
Living Lucky - Lucky 38
More "vanilla-wise" alternative and my personal #2 favourite.
Lucky 38 Redesigned
Lucky 38 Suite Reloaded v5

Elianora's Awesomised Sink
Most detailed anf cozy Sink overhaul.
Living Sink - The Sink
"Lite" alternative, but also very good-looking one.

Boat House
Very simple but original player home on the water.
Bunker 21
A small bunker playerhome in wasteland, equipped with an Auto-Doc, merchant, crafting tables and a sortable storage system.
Castle Cove Getaway - Player Home
Wanna small, minimalistic yet rich-looking inside mansion on top of the hill? Here you go.
The Lake House
That's...the lake house, simpel as that. Very vanilla-wise look and has most of things you'll need inside.
Enclave Vault Mod
Enclave-themed bunker with plenty of features.
Goodsprings Schoolhouse Cellar
Small but cozy basement. Not compatible with Afterschool Special quest mod.

Courier 6 Hopeville Safehouse (Lonesome Road)
Courier 6 Sierra Madre Safehouse (Dead Money)
Courier 6 Zion Safehouse (Honest Hearts)
Three mods for three DLCs from the same author - pretty simple and useful for your travels. Take into account that default versions of the mods have some free loot and weapons - if you find this unbalanced, just use the opitonal "LITE" versions :)

Build your own Mountain Fort
Simple yet badass! Hearthfire-inspired system of building your own little fortress! Very original mod.
Vault - A Player Home
A simple player home in the abandoned vault.
Tika Tonga Apartments - A Player Home
A new apartment building in Wasteland which you can use as a player home.

Radio, music and sounds are the same important as other aspects of the game - sound make game feel as it should, tunes it, plunges you into immersion. Mod of that type are also always a subjective choice - I won't be directly recommending you what to use and what not, but just list some mods I personally tested and felt them fitting the game greatly, and even making some noticable changes - making those changes with respect to game original music and sounds.

Radio mods:

CONELRAD 640-1240 - Civil Defense Radio
The most endorsed radio mod on NV Nexus - and in this case, that's absolutely deserved! Enjoy the 55 new tracks sustained greatly in style of original game radio - feels like a native part of the game, but adds so much variety and awesomeness!
Platinum Radio
My personal favourite and very underrated radio mod - it's different but still in the same syle, adding a lot to original radio songs variety.
Installation note: first, install the "Platinum Radio Ver. 1.0" file and then install and overwrite it with "Platinum Radio Ver. 1.7" file.
Music Pack for Radio NV - 250 Songs
Simple as that - a huge pack of 250!! radio tracks, with vastly majority of them being very lore-friendly.
Nuclear Winter Wonderland (Radio Station for Christmas)
Another, winter/xmas-inspired radio mod from the same author.
Wave Radio
Pretty original radio mod that adds a lot of tracks from 30s, 40s and 50s.
Note: it also adds a small cell and new NPCs with certain interactions in Freeside and Strip, so check these cities on separate save if you have overhauls for them before using this mod in actual walkthrough.
Old World Radio
Mod adds 11 new and very different radio stations, with great diversity of broadcast type.
Radio New Vegas Everywhere
Self-explanatory - makes New Vegas radio available in DLC areas as well.
Radio Hotkey
Adds a new hotkey that can be used to turn the Pipboy radio on or off, and change stations. Hotkey can be changed in MCM.

Sounds & Music:

Combined Community Sound Pack
A comprehensive sound overhaul that replaces nearly all weapon sounds with new ones hand-picked from assets of many talented modding stage contributors. It's really well-made and after couple of hours played with this mod I started to see that most of new sounds actually fit better than original sounds.
Note #1: do NOT use the WMX patch from the mod page. Install patch from this page - if you're using both EVE and WMX, install the "WMX-CCSP-EVE-AllDLCMerged v1.1" version.
Note #2: if using Asurah Reanimation Pack, be sure to make custom load order rule in LOOT to load CCSP after Asurah mod and any other patches, like Asurah Reanimation Pack WMX/EVE patch, otherwise some weapon sounds will still be vanilla.
Fallout New Vegas weapon sounds overhaul - 2018
Another great weapon sounds mod. Use one or another. I personally prefer most of the sounds from this one over CCSP, but sadly it's not compatible with mods like WMX/EVE and doesn't have a patch, so you'll have to make one yourself in FNVEdit.

DV's Custom Soundtrack Project - Wasteland Music
In my personal opinion, this is the best and really most underrated replacer music pack for New Vegas. It's pretty "different" but greatly fitting the game as the same time, with many tracks being a custom-made covers of original melodies. If you're played NV several times before and want a refreshing touch in game's music - you may be interested in this mod greatly.
Fallout New Vegas Classic Fallout Music
Simple mod that changes many of main NV music tracks to classic Fallout ones.
Immersive Pickup Sounds FNV Edition 
This mod greatly improves the sound immersion by adding a custom pickup sounds when looting an items, depending on item type.
Installation: make sure to install the "Immersive Pickup Sounds - Compatibility Version" file and also isntall "Misc Item Icons Version" file as well.
Ed-E The Random Sounds
The most hilarious sound mod ever made. Why? Install it and plya with ED-E for juts a few minutes. You'll see.
Audible Pass Through Bushes Sounds 
Tiny, simple and genius! Now you finally CAN hear the sounds of bushes when passing through them.
Better boots sounds
Another immersion gem that greatly increase type of sounds playing when you're walking on certain different terrain - roads, mud, rocks, grass, wooden floor etc. Vanilla game simply didn't have that.
Installation: you need only one mod version from three first files and "Other surfaces" file in addition. While last file installation works with mod managers, first 3 files have wrong folder structure, so if you want to install them via mod manager, so you can always safely uninstall, you need to do the next: create folder called "sound" anywhere, then download the archive, unpack it, get the "fx", get it and place inside "sound" folder you just made. Then, just archive the "sound" folder and add archive to your mod manager. Then install as usual.
No More Double Open And Close Sounds 
Fixes the notorious sound glitch.
Passive Combat Music
Combat music will only play if you attack or get hit.
Gruesome Cannibal Eating Sound

New companions for your travels! But even if you're a lone wolf - take a look at this section anyway, because here I'll be listing only the most original and qualitative companion mods, many of them may change your views on follower mods and greatly increase your expectation level from this mod type in general. Most of companions in this list (besides just a few ones listed in the end that are obviously made just for run) are unique - with a lot of greatly-voiced lines and unique appearance. They aways have something to say, they have own temper and often stories and quests. You'll never be bored with them.

Companions themselves:

Willow - A Better Companion Experience
The most and deservedly known follower mod for NV with more than 1200 voiced dialogue lines. Willow reacts on events, surroundings and just always have something to say. Also install this little improvement patch for her.
Note: if you're using FCO as well, re-install it so you can choose patch for Russel (it's a general advice for this section as FCO installer has patches for some popular follower mods as well, such as Russel, Deliah, Niner etc).
A fully-voiced male companion from the creator of New Vegas Bounties with own story and over 1200 voiced lines.
Robco Certified
Best complementing mod for science walkthrough ever. It allows you to build your own robots army and will greatly add to your gameplay diversity as well as roleplay capabilities. Also install this little fix for it and FCO patch (only if using FCO ofc).
Vulgar, smart and attractive female follower with also over 1200 voiced lines and unique functions.
Delilah- Mojave MD
Over 300 voiced lines, own storyline, new quests and much more other useful scripted gameplay features in this original follower mod. You can also isntall an optional (but actually great, I'm personally using it) alternative voice acting pack for her.
"Sociopathic junkie friend simulator". Nothing possible can describe this companion better. Badass and crazy guy with over 500 voiced lines and own main/side quests. Mod has several minor bugs, but they are not game-breaking.
Desmond Harper Companion
An original male companion mod with 200+ voiced lines and short personal quest.

Now, 4 mods from the same author that are mostly "cosmetical", but give great improvement - better faces, outfits and weapons:
A Better Veronica
A Better Cass
A Better Boone
A Better Arcade

Sunny Smiles Companion
Sunny Smiles is now a fully featured companion, with voice and lip-sync.
Joshua Graham - Fully-Voiced Companion
Turns Joshua Graham into a possible companion you can take into the Mojave. He's fully functional and fully voiced using Graham's in-game audio files.
Vulpes Inculta - Fully-Voiced Legion Companion
Similar mod from the same author for Vulpes Inculta.
House's Securitron - Voiced Companion-Questgiver
House's Securitron is a fully voiced and fully functional Securitron companion and basically a mobile House; you can ask him anything you can ask House (and more) and progress through the House questline through him.
Raul as Danny Trejo Overhaul
Because Machete isn't SMSing.
Because why not. Obviously OP mod just for fun. Easy Pete probably deserved that :)

Various generally useful mods for companions:

JIP Companions Command and Control
Comrehensive, complex and easy-to-use at the same time, the ultimate companion control framework is here. Mod revolutionizes the way companions are controlled and interacted with, bringing new elements of team-work and tactics, with the intention of making the game look and feel more like a proper role-playing game than an action-shooter. This mod has huge amount of useful features, and with it many mods (like Unlimited Companions, for example) are no longer needed - you simply will have all-in-on mod. So, make sure to read the mod page carefully.
Auto Medic Kit - NPC
Absolutely brilliant mod that allows your companions to use various healing items and chems in combat.
Companions Combat-Ready
Simple yet very much needed function. Companions ready their weapons when you do. Supports modded companions.
Note: this features is included in JIP CCC mod above, so if you're using JIP's one, you don't need this mod.
Cyberware for Companions
Allows you to purchase implants and upgrades for companions, providing them buffs and bonuses.
DEC - Dynamic Essential Companions
This mod is somewhat cheating as for me, but it may be useful for some players. Dynamically assigns essential status to companions and former companions of the player.
Follower Tweaks 
Assorted changes to remove annoying features from some followers. ED-Es no longer constantly 'whir' while moving, perk changes to companions and so on. Affects ED-E, Boone and Rex.

Now, I want to mention 3 great gameplay overhauls, but take into account that if you're completely or mostly following the guide in terms of gameplay mods and/or it's modules, using these mods may lead to major overlaps and other issues, and I won't be able to give any support regarding these issues (and their authors won't be able as well, most likely) - yes, this basically means that all these 3 mods will be incompatible with the vastly majority of gameplay mods in the guide, you'll play with graphics mods only and these mods, an testing each gameplay mod you want to add separetely and deeply. This is because these mods are bad (vice versa, they are really original and interesting), but simply because of their size and way of working.
The main point here is that making your own mod list, tweaking and polishing it, you will have perfect "overhaul" of everything in the end that's fitting [your] taste on 100%. Huge "whole" game overhauls like these three are "plug and play" big mods changing most parts of the game completely - but changing subjectively, often with much newer/lightweight/more functional alternatives to their "segments" and "weak" compatibility-wise. But, I just must mention these 3 here as from the perspective of efforts and time put into them, these mods deserve respect.
All these 3 mods are complete GAME overhaul - meaning they change almost every game aspect and mechanics, and even wordlspace and story, in own way. These 3 deserve a low bow for their scope but it their changes good or bad - it's a very subjective topic and only you my friend can decide this. My position here that if you like them, you should either play them alone without any gameplay mods that majorly affect the game in some aspect. Compiling gameplay mod list yourself you can achieve better and more suitable, personally for you results, in terms of gameplay mechanics.

DUST Survival Simulator
This mod is a huge and great, made by author of popular FROST mod for Fallout 4, a "whole game" overhaul, from combat and economy to hardcore survival and combat aspects and sort of survival horror atmosphere, but has plenty of glitches. Has many "matter of taste" features aimed on realism. DUST changes game drastically - gives own story and disables most of vanilla questlines, changes perk system and ocmbat completely, changes game world and so on - you'll be not actually playing and not playing New Vegas at the same time. It's a great mod, just be sure that game world will be changed according to author's taste, so choose yourself - it's about either ths setting fits your wishes for gameplay. I also personally recommend to try DUST ENB with this mod.

AWN - After War Nevada - Complete Overhaul Mod
Another "whole game" overhaul. AWN takes inspiration from classic Fallout games and some from Stalker series, and same as previous one, it's aimed on much more challenging gameplay and harsh survival. It almost tripples the amount of perks and traits in game and chances each and every gameplay mechanics in own way. This said, AWN does not "transform" the game - weathers, locations etc, unlike DUST does. It also has some bugs, which is nothing surprising knowing it's size and fact it was done by a single person. It was reported for crashing game as well, but not that often as DUST does. It also has better compatibility with some big mods - compatibility patches are available for YUP, Project Nevada, AWOP, NV Redesigned and Spice of Life. From these three huge overhauls, After War Nevada is my favourite one as it doesn't change game world itself and it's still much better compatibility-wise, so if you're hungry to try "all-in-one" overhaul, my advice is to try AWN first

Fallout Days Of Chaos
Third "whole game" overhaul which is pretty original as that transforms Mojave into some sort of horror survival simulator. This mod has less crashes reports compared to previous two overhauls. Though, some changes, especially visual ones, are [really] subjectively-made. But who knows, maybe you'll like them? Also take into account this Days Of Chaos completely removes main quest from the game and massively changes factions and many quests. If you'll decide to play it, also install HH addon and small fixes/content addon.

This section should be pretty much self-explanatory. Mods here, in almost all cases, are not affecting the gameplay difficulty directly, but instead making your life more "comfortable". Wanna change your field of view in cozy MCM menu anytime or have different FOV for different situations? Wanna squelch those annoying DLC popup messages when starting new game? Trade faster, bypassing generic dialogue UI? Search items by keywords, have minimap, hide quest items when you wanna? Those and dozens of other small but very useful features are here - they will simply make your game much more comfy to interact with and save you a lot of time. This section will be a true collection of gems that are fixing certain moments that were most likely bugging you for years.

FOV Slider
One of utility mods that I consider absolutelly essential. It adds an MCM menu with options for adjust World Field of View, Player Field of View, Pipboy Field of View and Terminal Screen Field of View. Also allows adjusting the Scope Scissor Amount, Weapon FOV Ratio, FOV Zoom time, Dialogue Zoom time and Dialogue delay time.
Stimpak Hotkey
Adds a configurable hotkey for automatically using Stimpaks, Super Stimpaks, and Auto-Inject StimpaksAdds a configurable hotkey for automatically using Stimpaks, Super Stimpaks, and Auto-Inject Stimpaks. Hotkey itself can be configured in .ini file.
PCB Hotkey
Very simple mod to hotkey your backspace key as an on-demand PurgeCellBuffers command. As you may know, you can set PCB in .ini file of NV, but it's binded to fast travels - and so if you're playing with hardcore/survival mod list without fast travel, for example, this mod will be really useful to you.
Simple DLC Delay
Delays DLC until you meet certain requirements, no more quests and messages as soon as you step out of Doc Mitchell's house.
Tutorial Killer 
Mod name is a bit misleading - it doesn't skip tutorial, but "kills" all that annoying messages that are attacking you first few minutes of the game.
RPM - Remove Pre-order Messages
Guess what? It removes preorder messages!
Couriers Stash Corner Messages
An alternative to previous mod that changes popups to corner messages instead.
Couriers Stash Pre-order pack selector
Lets you choose which Courier's Stash/Pre-order packs - if any - are automatically added to your inventory when you start a new game.
BLIND - Borderlands Inspired Numeric Damage
Numeric Hit-Boxes (ala Borderlands/DeadIsland) as well as 3D healthbars, and more complementing features.
Skip Doc Mitchell's Exam 
If you're playing through game for (N+1)th time already and wanna save this minute of time.

Now a few mods from the same author, that help with many notorious things of improve tiny details, while having no plugin at all - being a pure NVSE mods:
No Cripple-Critical Messages (NVSE)
Better Autowalk (NVSE)
Disable XP Popup (NVSE)
Combined Combat XP (NVSE)
No Screenshot Popup (NVSE)
No Pause on Alt-Tab (NVSE)
VATS Ignores Teammates (NVSE)
Scrolling Doesn't Switch POV (NVSE)
No Loading DLC Popup at Start Menu (NVSE)
If you like all of these mods, you can also try a mod that includes most (most, but not all) of them in one mod with configurable .ini file here.

Save Hotkeys
Automatically saves your hotkeys when weapons are stripped (entering a casino, The Silver Rush, the Fort, etc.) and allows for manual saving and restoration of hotkeys through two keyboard shortcuts.
Definitive Camera Hotkeys - a PHW Module
Pan/tilt/track and zoom camera, save and load configurations, hotkey pretty much everything, fix crouch-walk camera in third-person, switch shoulders at will, all with full controller support.
Redesigned CASM (Cipscis Automatic Save Manager) now using the MCM for configuration. Includes several of the optional save conditions from the Fallout 3 version of the mod.
Simple Saves
A lightweight mod that automatically creates saves every 5 minutes (by default) and when you level up.
Hotkey Scroll Wheel (JIP LN NVSE) 
Super-useful mod! Adds configurable keys to the game that enable the player to cycle through and use their hotkeys. Using the default hotkey interface, which is normally accessed by holding down a hotkey, the player can quickly move through there hotkeys, and select the item they would like to use.
Quick Trade
Trade with merchants and companions without having to talk to them, in a single hotkey click. Hotkey is configurable.
Quick Use
Enables you to quickly use any currently selected consumable item in container mode/real time and to quickly equip weapons and armors in real time.
Loot Menu for FNV
The only not heavilybugged "quickloot" mod, still with some possible glitches, but working greatly!
Weapon Stat Viewer
Allows you to view more in-depth stats for your currently equipped weapon.
Wild Wasteland Checklist
Keeps track of which Wild Wasteland events have been experienced.
Pip-Boy Counters For Rads And Hardcore Needs
Adds visible counters of rads and hardcore needs to the side of your Pip-Boy.Supports Pip-Boy 3000, 2500, 2500A, Readius, and Pimp-Boy 3 Billion.
Gear Lists - MCM
MCM lists containing all playable weapons and armors, even those from other mods. Show information like FormIDs, calculated DPS, and all supported ammo. This mod is ofc sort of "cheating" one - so use it fairly ;) But it can be extremely useful for testing purposes.
Quick Search
Seach any item by its name or part of its name in your inventory. Yup! For real!
JIP MiniMap
One of the best mods released in 2018. Adds a customizable mini-map to the HUD display. Switch between global and local map, show/hide the minimap using hotkey, see map markers, door markers, quest markers and so on. Also highly configurable in MCM.
Faster Sleep Wait
Makes sleeping and waiting 5 times faster.
Needs and Rads Capper 
Great mod that allows you to make needs and rads cap adjustments + introduces max HP RAD dmg as in FO4. You can change all values in ini file.
Pip-Boy Light Colours
Gives the user options to customize the Pip-Boy light. Allows to change light radius as well.
Reload Reloaded
Very useful mod to control reload & draw speed progression/dependancy from agility, throwing range from strength and sneak attack modifiers.
Console Paste Support
A plugin to add clipboard paste support, as well as ctrl left/right and backspace/delete to aid typing in console.
Convenient Fast Travel Markers
A vice versa case of "realism" mod, but may be very useful for people who actually love fast travel and want to improve it. This mod adds numerous map markers to various parts of the Mojave Wasteland, with the intention of reducing the amount of walking required to get to certain locations. The inspiration for it, as per author, was playing hundreds of hours of New Vegas and getting really bored of always having to walk up The Fort just to talk to Caesar.
Improved Transportalponder - Old World Blues 
Makes the Transportalponder remember your last location in the Mojave Wasteland, gives it a teleport visual, and allows it to teleport companions with you. Optional version which allows use in other DLC/mod-added areas.
Better Pickup Prompt 
Makes several improvements to the HUD pickup prompt that appears when you look at an item.
Drag Things to other cells
Simply drag things to another cells. Now you can.
"Press X To Close Menu" Hotkey
Allows you to close almost any menu with the press of a single key.
Toggle Aim
Aim down sights with the press of a button, rather than holding it.
Note: this features is alredy implemented in Project Nevada, needed only for those who aren't using it.
Droppable Bottlecaps
Allows you to drop bottlecaps from your inventory like any other item.
NSMMC-Classic Fallout Start Music
Not technically a mod, this one is a pack of two programs that (you guessed it) control the start menu music.
Quest Item Hider
Hides misc. quest items in your inventory, reducing inventory clutter and increasing readability.
Note: has only tiny issue that hides star caps in inventory, you'll most likely won't ever notice, no issues besides that.
Muzzleflash Control
Automatically disables muzzleflash on silenced weapons, modded weapons too. Can be switched on and off. Re-enables the muzzleflash if you take the silencer off.
Casino Exchange All 
Trade in all caps, Legion money, NCR money, Pre-war money at once.
Cinematic Camera
For those who want to make some gorgeous clips.
FEEL - Facial Expression Editor
An in-game facial expression editor, for screenarchery purposes.
Overencumbered Message Remover
Removes the "You're over encumbered and you cannot run" message.

This section contains many mods that are are small and/or it's just hard to be attributed to a specific category. Mods from this list can do different things - affect gameplay, add new features, fix bugs and so on. Mods from this section is the last part of "polishing" you mod list with final lil improvements here and there - not a must-have, but also important as it may contain mods that add exactly what you wanted but wasn't able to find in bigger mods.

Remember Selected Ammo
Now game will not forget your selected ammo type after switching, unequipping or dropping the gun.
Buy or Steal
Buy the items that are on display in any shops across the wasteland and includes an optional module that does not let you grab items that are not owned by you.
Minimalistic Crosshairs
Improves the crosshair interface by adding proper gun-sight and interaction crosshairs. Also has few optional versions - choose one.
Eddie Hears An Explosion 
This mod attempts to fix one of the clunkier moments in the game that had mistimed sound related to NPC action during the quest.
Project Nevada - Better Sprinting
More like and "easier mode for sprinting", but may be useful to depending on taste, I believe.
Ammo Has Weight (NVSE)
For those who don't want to play on Hardcore, but still wana have this realism moment from it.
Fallout 76 Encumbrance (NVSE)
When over-encumbered, you can use Action Points to run and jump. Inspired by Fallout 76. Option to remove encumbrance message.
Swimming and Rebreather Restoration
Restores the swimming sounds and the unused rebreather sound.
Gun Follows Crosshairs in First Person
Mod really does what it says, but, it changes camera/aim absolute positions a bit - nothing critical, but that may be embarassing for some  players, I believe. Test it and decide if you need it or no. The issue it fixes is still only a cosmetic one though.
First Aid NVSE
Adds a simple menu and hotkey to allow the use of consumables on nearly any NPC.
Any glasses with any mask
Now you can wear any glasses with any mask. Genius, isn't it?
Worn Backpack
A small mod that adds a new backpack to the game with custom model and texture. If you want more carry weight bonus and don't want to download additional plugins, you can easily modify bonus via FNVEdit in Object Effect section, Magnitude value.
Service Rifle Mesh Fix
Needed only if you're not using "Service Rifle Remade" mod.
Sticky Ragdoll Camera
Makes the camera follow the player while he is ragdolling. Because vanilla for some reason doesn't.
Motion Sickness Destroyer
This simple mod removes all motion blur, double vision, and other nasty nauseous effects.
Glowing Star Bottle Cap
Makes Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Bottle Cap to glow.
Witcher Style Dual Rifle Back Holsters
Adds a dual rifle holster set (similar to Geralt's back scabbards from the Witcher games), one for your currently equipped rifle and the other which has a static rifle so it makes it look like you always have a rifle on your back even when you pull out a sidearm.
Some Recipes
This is a mod that contains a few recipes without altering any thing, was mostly meant for usability of certain items like duct tapes and wonderglue.
Harvestable Cave Fungus 
Allows you to harvest Cave Fungus and Mutant Cave Fungus from a variety of previously static objects. Covers all DLCs.
Honest Hearts Rain Script Fix 
Never saw a rain in your game? This will help.
Debt Collector Quest Fix 
Fixes a bug in the "Debt Collector" quest which potentially resulted in multiple rewards.
New Vegas Bush Fix
Fixes a subtle vanilla bug that plays bush rustling sounds when it shouldn't.
Reactivated Hit Topics
Simply restores hit topics, like in Fallout 3 (NPCs speak a line when being hit).
Empty or Not Empty 
Tiny realism mod. Prevents the player from "magically" knowing if a container or a corpse is empty or not before having checked it.
Choose Lockpick or Use Key
Enables the option to lockpick locks after already possessing their keys.
Faster Terminals 
Speeds up terminal type rate. No more waiting for login and text display.
Empty Bottles
This mod adds empties for items that are consumables.
Realtime Player Death
Makes player's death realtime without any slowmotion. Plays greatly in team with the next mod.
Faster Player Death Reload Time
Decreases the time it takes for the game to automatically load your last save when you die from 5 seconds to just 2.
FO3 Level Up Music
Replaces Level Up music with one from FO3.
More Frequent Merchant Restock
Makes merchant restocking slightly more frequent - from 2 days per week up to 3.
More Mutants at Black Mountain
Ever thought that ascending Black Mountain was too easy? Not Anymore!
NV Animated Zeppelin
This mod adds a big animated zeppelin that flies around the Lucky 38 tower.
Irradiated Radroaches 
This mod adds a new type of enemy who is already in the game but was cut: Irradiates Radroaches.
Yield To Stop Combat
Activate your opponent while blocking, and they will stop fighting if your reputation is high enough. Yes, similar mechanics is available in vanilla game, but this mod is like an addition to it.
Old World Blues - Keep Big MT Active
Keeps enemies respawning in the Big MT even after you have completed the DLC. Also optionally re-enables the random announcements from the Think Tank and Doctor Mobius if they are not all dead.
Old World Blues - Path Lighting
Turns on all the blue garden lights in the Old World Blues DLC. They turn on at 20:00 and turn off at 07:00.
Honest Hearts Letter 
With this mod, a letter by Daniel or Graham will be added to the item box at the end of Honest Hearts.
Fix for the Caesar Legion Armors
This mod fixes the problems of the Legion armors. 100% approved by the mighty Caesar.
Fixed War Room Table
Small fix for the animation of the War Room Table that stopped playing after a few seconds.
Barton Thorn Acts Normally
Barton Thorn seeks out the player himself to ask for help with the geckos.
Enslaving Arcade fix
Makes it so you can give Arcade to Caesar if you miss the first chance. Useful mod for "bad guy" walkthrough.
Legion AI-Combat bark fix
Makes all legionaries use the same speed as each other that were not already set, does not affect legion NPCs with their own speedoffset for story elements.
Nightkin Scripts Corrected
Nightkins' scripts corrected. Additional scripts related to REPCONN HQ and "Come Fly With Me" quest also corrected.
Vendors Containers Respawn Fix 
Fix for erratic respawn (or not respawning at all) of all Vendors' containers. For more details, see mod description.
Johnson Nash NCR Ammo Fix 
Johnson Nash states that he'll have more ammo flowing in if the NCR takes over Primm, but he actually doesn't. This fixes that.
Ghouls Glowing Spell Fix 
Glowing spell of Glowing Ones and Reavers will not dissipate when they are dead. Sometimes their spell won't trigger at all. That's a fix.
Boulder City Super Showdown
Mod makes some small but effective changes to make the Boulder City Showdown quest a bit more like an actual showdown.
Beyond The Beef Tweaks
A few small changes to the Beyond The Beef quest aimed at improving options and making the conclusion more fulfilling.
Honest Hearts Workbench Crate Luck 
Forces the Honest Hearts workbench crates (the only source of skill books in the Honest Hearts DLC) to obey the player character's luck as opposed to generating random loot. This eliminates New Vegas's only random factor in handcrafting a character build.
More Usable Furniture - FNV and TTW
Swaps several static pieces of furniture with usable versions.
Friend of the Night Fix - YUP friendly
Even though there are n corrections of this perk, the nth + 1 doesn't hurt. Read mod page and decide which version of mod you need.
Perks Day Tripper and Chemist Survivalist Style Fix
Food and Stimpaks will no longer be affected by Day Tripper and Chemist.
The Professional Fix
Now perk will work as intended - even with custom created weapons. Read mod page and decide which version of mod you need.
Old World Blues Implant Y-3 Fix
Corrects the named perk.
Dogs Heads Will Explode Too
Don't beat me! I know it's cruel. Not using this one personally. But well, everyone on their own.
33 Percent Chance of Extra Ingredient on Plants and Fungi
You'll have 33% chance of an extra ingredient on plants and fungi.
Caleb McCaffery NPC and Hat Bug Fixes
Fixes all the bugs related to Caleb McCaffery and his hat. The Atomic Wrangler's room become player's property after finishing the quest.
Lonesome Road Roughin It Bedroll Kit Fix
The Roughin' it! Bedroll kit is no longer an ingestible item, it will become an inedible item ("Misc" category). After loading your last save, the "ingurgitable" item will be removed from your inventory and replaced with the "miscellaneous" item.
Psycho and Slasher Bonus Damage Fix
The +25% Psycho and Slasher dmg bonus will stack for a total of +50% dmg bonus (base weapon damage).
Door to Zion Advance Year Fix
Fixes verious time-related bugs regarding this.
Rebreather Tweaked
Rebreather, VMS15WaterBreathing (object effect) and Water Breathing effect corrected.
EMP Effect Pulse Slug Incendiary Ammo Fix 
Fix for not granting XP when using Pulse Slugs and Incendiary Ammo. EMP effects against robots "de-nerfed".

We are almost there! Now, the...

Which are important and must-to-do though! In this section, we'll be installing some other mods/patches that need to be installed in the very end because that depends on which mods you have in general. We'll now also fully "finalize" our mod list, to make your setup actually crsip and ready for the new adventure. Final push!

AWOP patches
Note: obviously, this is needed only if you have AWOP itself. If you don't have AWOP, skip this step.
- Run "AWOP compatibility patches" and "AWOP weapon mod patches" installers and choose options for all mods you have.
- Run "AWOP Revisions" installer. Choose Fallout Character Overhaul 3 patch or NV Redesigned patch (if you have those mods ofc), "You Are The Hero" in "High-level Good Guys" section, Toughest Goodsprings Fight in "Ghost Town Gunfight" section, don't choose anything in "Additional Options" section and "Tech Raider Collar" in "Loot Destruction Item" section.

Interior Lighting Overhaul
Note: this is needed only if you decided you like ILO previously and want to have it. If you don't want it, skip this step.
Now, finally, run the ILO installer and choose compatibility patches for all mods you have from the list offered. Done.

Consistent Pip-Boy Icons
Amazing mod that retextures billions of icons, and also has support for more than 50 popular mods. During installation, be careful and choose options for mods support only if you have these mods.

DiDisaan's Patch Emporium - Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP
This amazing manly man made just insane work on making patches between YUP, various known mods and dozens of other mods. Carefully look through all patches and install ones you need.
Note: these patches are fixing minor conflicts and none of them are essential, so you'll be absolutely fine without them and it will take some time browsing them to pick which you need, but it's worth for the best compatibility possible in smallest details if you want that. Open files section, go through it, read carefully and grab patches or combinations of patches (useful features of DiDisaan's work) that fits your mod list.
When finished, check author's profile, visit each separate mod patches page and go through them and pick up some patches that "YUP" page didn't cover.

Mojave Patch Outpost
Few more patches for YUP that you may need.

The M.E.R.G.I.N.G.
If you don't have Merge Plugins or forgot why you need a to merge mods, return to stability section, step #21.
It's not hard at all - just do it slowly. Watch this video for "fast yet enough" instructions or this video for more in-depth turorial (yes, it's for Skyrim, but there's no difference at all).
Our main task now is to get amount of plugins to 130 or lower. Merging process itself is very easy and the main issue is to know which mods you can actually merge. Until you are building a super-heavy mod list (with like 700+ mods), you can you the next simple instructions which can consider "a simple steps for easy merging":
1) You can ofc merge everything possible into a single .esp, but that's not recommended. Try to merge the mods of same "common" category. For example, merge weapons & armors mods in one merged .esp. patches into second and various other small gameplay mods in third one.
2) Follow the "Rule Of Four". Just grab some mods you want to merge and see if:
- All mods you wanna merge are not directly conflicting (between themselves, conflicts with base game .esm and dlcs is fine), using the FVNEdit option showed on this screenshot.
- All mods you wanna merge do NOT have .bsa archives.
- All mods you wanna merge do NOT have MCM.
- All mods you wanna merge do NOT have navmesh records (the records showed on this screenshot).
If answer to all 4 questions is "NO" - you can easily merge these mods in a few clicks using Merge Plugins basic functionality. If some mods don't fit the "rule", just leave exclude them from to-merge list.
And now, the exciting detail! Remember the indicators? This indicator means that #2, #3 and #4 in "rule of four" you don't need to check for this mod already - only check the mods for conflicts in FNVEdit and add them to the merge :)
3) Repeat this until you have as many mods to merge as possible and make the merge. Remember that in rare cases MP will show you errors in some mods, that doesn't mean crashes - you can ignore them to add this mod to merge as well, as showed on this screenshot.
4) Remember that you can merge merged .esp plugins as well - as many times as you wannna - so better do everything slowly, step by step, merging mods by tens or so - don't try to merge 100 mods in on fell swoop if you're doing this first time :)
5) Merge mods until your amount of plugins will be less than 130. Profit!
Note: in fact, both mods with .bsa archives and navmesh records [can] be merged - "rule of four" is just the most "simple-to-go" one, which you can use as a "base" for merging without any additional actions required. This said, merging both mods with navmesh records or .bsa archives is not technically hard at all - in first case you just need to rebuild navmeshes in GECK and in second case you can just unpack the .bsa for respective mods using this option in Merge Plugins. Such details are coming with experience and you should not be afraid of them - and you can always be sure that U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. provides you with all needed "first steps" for modding experience.

Now, let's make a BASHED patch!
Run Wrye Flash ((if you don't have it or forgot why you need a Bashed Patch, return to stability section, step #19).
At the bottom, you'll see plugin called Bashed Patch, 0. Right-click on it and click on "Build Patch" option, click ok and build the patch. It will take some time. If the process will be interrupted with some errors popped in window - just disable the mod listed and build the patch again. This happens really rare, so most likely you won't even encounter that at.
Now, open the Bashed Patch, 0 in FNVEdit and delete all records that are not leveled-related, like shown on this picture. Bashed Patch is doing leveled lists records better than Merged Patch (the next step), but in the rest we'll be using Merged Patch services.
Now, as many records were delete, Bashed Patch most likely will have several master files listed, but not needed. Right click on the Bashed Patch, 0 in FNVEdit and click on "Clean Masters" option as shown on this picture. Close and save when asked.

Now, let's make a MERGED patch!
Run FNVEdit (if you don't have it or forgot why you need a Merged Patch, return to stability section, step #20).
Now, watch the part of this video. Link is with timing, but just in case, you need to start watching from 4:45. It's for Skyrim, but guess what - yeah, all the actions are the same for NV as well. The only difference that you need to name your merged patch as FNVMerged.
After it's generated, open it and delete leveled records (also shown in the video). If you're using NMM, watch till 6:41, if you're using MO, watch till 7:01. Deleting the leveled records is needed as Bashed Patch that we made in previous step, handles this a bit better, so speaking simple it will be "leveled lists from Bashed, everything else from Merged". Don't forget to clean unneeded masters, same as we just made for Bashed Patch.

Now, let's build our LODs in the best way possible!
If you are still not quite sure what LOD is and why you need to do something about it, watch my video which explains that on fingers.
Ready to get beautiful and matching distant views? Now, what you need to do:
1) First of all, backup your current LOD-related files. Create an empty folder somewhere out of game directory and call it whatever you like, for example "NV LODs Backup". In it, create 2 separate folders. Now, in your Data folder, go to Meshes\Landscape\ and see LOD folder in it - copy this folder into one of folders inside your backup folder. Now, go to Textures\Landscape\ abd see LOD folder in it - copy this folder to other folder inside your backup folder.. Lastly, go to Textures\Landscape\Trees\ and see TreeDeadLod.dds file in it and copy it to your backup folder. Great - now, if in any case something will go not right, all you need to do to "fix" your LODs and restore them to vanilla state is to delete respective files inside your Data folder and place back ones you wisely preserved.
2) Install the next LOD mods and files in order listed below. Overwrite until special instructions are given below:
- "FNVLODGen Resources" from FNVLODGen page. We don't need "NMC LOD texture fix" as this lod file is already overwritten by OJO. Also, do NOT overwrite "Repconn Sign Retexture" mod.
Limestone LOD. If your GPU is like GTX970+ (or AMD analogue), install the "Limestone LOD 1024x HIGH POLY" version, and install "Limestone LOD 512x LOW POLY" if your GPU is weaker.
LOD additions and improvements. Do not overwrite OJO when installing. Don't forget to install the Update file and NVInteriors addon (if you're using NVInteriors) as well. After installation, open tmzLODadditions.esp in FNVEdit, go to the Wordlscape section, INAM - Image Space line as it's shown here and simply drag'n'drop purple value from the left column on green value in right column, then approve, click ok and close FNVedit - this minor change is needed to prevent possible lighting glitch.
LOD additions and improvements - FNVInteriors AWOP Patch. This installation is optional - install it [only] if you're using both NVInteriors and AWOP together.
NMC LOD Texture Patch. Install the "FNV Poco LOD Texture Patch" file.
Much Needed LOD. Install the "Much Needed LOD" file, then "Much Needed LOD - NMC Patch" and then "Much Needed LOD - Ojo Bueno Patch".
Enhanced Terrain LOD. Important note: this last installation will greatly improve distant objects look, but also may impact your performance and increase VRAM load on low end PC and if your mod list is already pretty heavy. After you'll install it and generate LODs with FNVLODGen, test your game for at least an hour of real gameplay and visit various locations. Modern rigs should not have any issues with it, but still, it's storngly recommended to test ingame first. Also, the file size, when it's unpacked, is huge (~16GB), so don't be surprised it will take ages for your mod manager to install it.
Installation: if you have mods from graphics part of U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E., use "NMC Washed Out - Ojo Bueno ETL" version. If you don't use OJO and have NMC only, use "NMC Original ETL" version. If you're using Mojave Sandy Desert, use the "Mojave Sandy Desert ETL" version. If you're not using texture mods at all being on low-end rig, try the "Vanilla ETL" one (but once again, test the FPS hit in game). Lastly, install the "4K Terrain LOD Noise - ETL" noise ifle. You can try "8K Terrain LOD Noise Normals - ETL" as well, but it barely gives any visual difference.
3) Boom! Download the FNVLODGen itself manually, namely the "FNVLODGen 3.2.1" file anywhere out of game folder and Program Files folder, unpack it and follow the instructions on the mod page (these, just in case). As that's a program and not a mod in usual meaning, you're running it's exetucable file itself, not through mod manager - that's why we made files backup before.
4) Boom! Yep, it's that simple. Done.
A last note to experienced modders:
if you already used tools like DynDOLOD for Skyrim and have decent knowledge of xEdit, you may be interested in trying xLODGen instead of FNVLODGen for even better results. But please take into account that all issues, if you'll have them, you should report to xLODGen forums, not the U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. comments. And ofc if you're not sure - just stick with FNVLODGen results. Ty <3

You did it!
Your mod list is ready. Now, the final step. Proceed to Special Section in the very end of the guide.
Then run LOOT the last time to sort your load order,  and start your journey!
Wan to support the development of this project? Take a look on Patreon page.

If you don't want to go trough the whole list yourself and think about which mods and how to combine, or just don't have time - this section is what you need! Below you can find several "plug and play" mod lists that I personally compiled - so you don't have to worry about testing mods, finding which play well together and which not  - don't have to worry about compatibility at all. Just choose the mod list that you like the most, by reading its description - and then simply mimic it in no time. Playing NV first time? Wanna have casual combat? Hardcore combat and survival? Lightweight mod list with "vanilla plus" experience or super-heavy mod list where each tiniest details is improved? U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. has a mod list for any preference. Modules can also list certain ENB presets that I see "fitting" the mod list purpose in general and have certain advices about graphics mods in general - but these recommendations is just a cosmetical advice.
Important note #1: each of modules assumes you already implemented Stability and Graphics parts of U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. While graphics part is ofc totally up to you (and depends on your PC capabilities), don't forget about installing the essential UI mods in the beginning of it, and make 200% sure you've implemented whole Stability section as it's an essential one, no matter how big mod list you are planning to have. I won't be able to provide any troubleshooting if you didn't make the Stability part. Implement it.
Important note #2: some of the mod lists names may be hinting their setup, some no - mostly I just picked the names I wanted and that's it. Name of the mod list can be purely cosmetic at all. So make sure to read each module description, besides the name.
Important note #3: after you mimic the mod list (any of it), proceed to the "Few Last Steps" section.
To choose your mod list, look below ↓↓↓

This is the basic mod list which will be a great choice in the next cases: 1) You're playing NV for the first time 2) You're playing Fallout series for the first time 3) You have played NV before, but that was long ago, you are completely new to modding wanna to play through game as is. Consider this list as vanilla game, just minus bugs, plus useful general/cosmetic improvements that are not affecting game content and balance.
Note: while it's ofc up to you, but if your case is rather one of two first ones (you never played NV or Fallout at all before) - it's very, very recommended to stick with this mod list for the first run. NV is incredibly amazing, non-linear game - so you'll be playing through it several times at least, so don't rush. If you have zero or close to zero Fallout experience, if you'll install one of "big" mod lists, you'll be most likely just overwhelmed with amount of new features. Play with this basic list first to get yourself into the game and its universe.

ENB preset recommendations: Rudy ENB, Dynamo ENB, Midhrastic ENB
Additional recommendations for graphics mods: from [Models & Textures] big section, don't use the OJO Bueno mod (or just uninstall it if you have it already), don't use anything from [Weather & Lighting] section besides ILO, from [Character Overhauls] use only Distributed Necklaces and Chains mod, from [Pip-Boy Mods] use the PipBoy 3000 HD Retexture mod and from [Landscape Overhauls] section use only Uncut Wasteland and Prerelease Restored mods.

Mod list:

ADAM Reborn
Choose Complete Version in installer and choose YES in "NCR Tropper Module". Don't forget the fix and retexture.
Automatic Weapons Fix - Minigun-Gatling-Chainsaw and more 
Reload Animation Fix - Lever-Pump-Single action guns 
Diagonal Movement
Ultimate Unarmed and Melee Perks Tweaks - UUMT 
Lessons Learned Overhaul 
Meltdown NVSE Upgrade Plasma Spaz Redux 
Ammo Crafting Schematics
Besides the main file, also install the "ACS - Dead Money", "ACS - Gun Runners Arsenal", "ACS - Honest Hearts v1_0_2" and "ACS - Lonesome Road v1_0_1" files. You can merge them together without issues.
Equipment Restoration Project
Mojave Raiders
Note: load this mod after "Uncut Wasteland" mod.
Increased NCR and Legion Wasteland Patrols 
Brotherhood of Steel Wasteland Presence 
Great Khan Wasteland Presence 
Take Chems Make Fiends 
Melee Reach Fixed
Strip Wall Billboards 
Immersive Pickup Sounds FNV Edition 
Install the "Immersive Pickup Sounds - Compatibility Version" file and also install "Misc Item Icons Version" file as well.
Audible Pass Through Bushes Sounds 
No More Double Open And Close Sounds 
FOV Slider
Tweak your FOV to any value you want and for every case, in cozy MCM.
VATS Ignores Teammates (NVSE)
Weapon Stat Viewer
Quick Search
Improved Transportalponder - Old World Blues 
"Press X To Close Menu" Hotkey
Honest Hearts Rain Script Fix 
Vendors Containers Respawn Fix 

You're good to go! Now, proceed to "Few Last Steps" section, just before the Modules section itself. There, skip the "AWOP Patches", "DiDisaan's Patch Emporium", "M.E.R.G.I.N.G" (this is just not needed with your current mods amount, but if you wanna get some merging experience - go on) and both Bashed & Merged Patch steps. In "Mojave Patch Outpost", download and install only "YUP-WMX Patch" file.

This module will be great for those who already played NV, but some time ago. It's for you if you are in good terms with FO series, but new to modding and not quite sure which game difficulty/setup you want atm - so you want a game with some new stuff here and there. Rebalance which will be improving boring vanilla combat/AI & giving new challenges, but still sticking with original game mostly. New content, but not too much to not get lost in it. New mechanics and stories, but just as many to not start feeling overwhelmed.

ENB preset recommendationsRudy ENBDynamo ENBMidhrastic ENB, Onix ENB.
Additional recommendations for graphics mods: in [Weather & Lighting] section, from Weather mods, use either none at all or "FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting", and from 2 exterior lights mods choose either none at all or "Street Light Restoration".

Mod list:
ADAM Reborn
Choose Complete Version in installer and choose YES in "NCR Tropper Module". Don't forget the fix and retexture.
Gas Masks of the World
Also install all 3 update files.
Equipment Restoration Project
BayK's Weapon Pack + fix
Turbolaser Weapon Pack 
Automatic Weapons Fix - Minigun-Gatling-Chainsaw and more 
Reload Animation Fix - Lever-Pump-Single action guns 
Jump While Aiming
Animated Chems
Weapon Animation Replacer
Download both files manually anywhere and then proceed to this page (instructions and files needed are in Files section - download the "NMM Version" and "NMM Version USER MANUAL" and read the User manual.rtf, it has really step-by-step easy to make instructions).
Diagonal Movement 
The Someguy Series (required core file) + New Vegas Bounties I
The Collector
Ultimate Unarmed and Melee Perks Tweaks - UUMT 
Lessons Learned Overhaul 
Meltdown NVSE Upgrade Plasma Spaz Redux 
Perk Rework
Note: while having correct archive structure, mod for some reasons doesn't have mod manager installation button, so just download it manually, add to your mod manager and install as usual.
Anatomic Perks 
Karma Perks
Beyonds Tweaks Take Powderganger Stuff No Karma Loss 
Nevada Combat 
Install "Nevada Combat - No Agility" version (dw, it doesn't mean you won't have Agility attribute - it's just a shortened name and it actually means "no new bonuses from Agility").
Alternative Repairing
Ammo Crafting Schematics
Besides the main file, also install the "ACS - Dead Money", "ACS - Gun Runners Arsenal", "ACS - Honest Hearts v1_0_2" and "ACS - Lonesome Road v1_0_1" files. You can merge them together without issues.
Vanilla Sprint 
Economy Overhaul 
Caesars New Regime - Legion Overhaul
Mojave Raiders
Note: load this mod after "Uncut Wasteland" mod.
Increased NCR and Legion Wasteland Patrols 
Brotherhood of Steel Wasteland Presence 
Great Khan Wasteland Presence 
Super Mutant Overhaulord
Zooming Scope
No More Trippin and Bear traps 
Primm Reputation Restored 
Take Chems Make Fiends 
Nuka-Cola Victory - Quartz - Quantum - Vending Machines 
Working Crimson Caravan Traders 
Strip Wall Billboards 
The True Revival of Luxury - An Ultra-Luxe Overhaul 
The Town of Vice - A Gomorrah Overhaul
The Mogul Mausoleum - A Lucky 38 Overhaul
Less Empty Primm - A Primm Town Overhaul
Decorated BOS Bunker
Powder Ganger Camp North Overhaul 
NV Novac Apartment
An Improved Lucky 38 Suite
Living Sink - The Sink
CONELRAD 640-1240 - Civil Defense Radio
If you like to travel with companions, take a look on these mods - install any of them, or all if you wanna:
Willow - A Better Companion ExperienceRussell, Delilah- Mojave MD + alternative voice acting packNinerVanessa.
You can also grab these visual improvements for vanilla companions:
A Better VeronicaA Better CassA Better BooneA Better Arcade.
Once again, if you're playing with followers, these mods may be very useful to you:
JIP Companions Command and ControlCompanions Combat-ReadyAuto Medic Kit - NPC, Follower Tweaks .
Good, let's continue.
Immersive Pickup Sounds FNV Edition 
Install the "Immersive Pickup Sounds - Compatibility Version" file and also install "Misc Item Icons Version" file as well.
Audible Pass Through Bushes Sounds 
No More Double Open And Close Sounds 
FOV Slider
Tweak your FOV to any value you want and for every case, in cozy MCM.
RPM - Remove Pre-order Messages
VATS Ignores Teammates (NVSE)
Weapon Stat Viewer
JIP MiniMap
Quick Search
Improved Transportalponder - Old World Blues 
"Press X To Close Menu" Hotkey
Honest Hearts Rain Script Fix 
Vendors Containers Respawn Fix 
Remember Selected Ammo
Any glasses with any mask
New Vegas Bush Fix
Honest Hearts Letter 

You're good to go! Now, proceed to "Few Last Steps" section, just before the Modules section itself. There, skip the "AWOP Patches" step and in "Mojave Patch Outpost" get only "YUP-WMX Patch" file.

Ok, real modding starts here. This mod list will greatly and noticably improve gameplay in many aspects. Realistic & much more challenging combat. Plenty of new, exciting gameplay features and mechanics - original ones, as well as great mechanics from other FO games. Immersion/survival additions & improvements. Much more new content, stories & encounters. Drastically better animations & sounds. And ofc, bigger attention to fixes of smaller bugs and oversights here & there. This mod list is for experienced FO players who knows the game grealty - an so, knows its notorious parts, as well as want much more new things - to explore more, to have more challenges and bigger rewards, to make much more new character builds and to be able to play more complex in general. Still, while giving tons of improvements and enough of new stuff here and there, the mod list is not too big - you won't be overwhelmed by events and new features, even if you're new to modding.

ENB preset recommendations: no direct recommendations here - it's all up to you.

Mod list:
Project Nevada
One of the core mods in our list. PN not only balances gameplay, but also adds new useful gameplay mechanics (super cool "Bullet Time" features as a great alternative to VATS, dynamic crosshair, immersive, feature-packed visor overlays for ranger and power armor helmets, chargable energy weapons and more), adds new armors & weapons and so on. It also has great compatibility support to use with other great gameplay mods, and as for some other conflicting features that we'll have done better by other mods, we can just disable respective PN features in MCM. A great, solid base for a heavy mod list with many unique features.
Choose all options during installation. Then, make the next steps:
- Install "Unofficial Patch Plus - Project Nevada Patch" file from UPP's files section.
- Install EVE and WMX patches from this page.
- Install this (choose all suggested options) and this.
Good job! Now, a few settings needs to be adjusted in game, in Project Nevada mod configuration menu (MCM). When you'll exit Doc's house and game will load, open PN's MCM and [disable] the next features: sprint, grenade hotkey, enhanced stealth field, stealth settings (set to Vanilla) & experimental AI options, recoil spread and unfound loot option (uncheck the "Enable"). To help you with this, needed options are showed on the screenshots here, here, here & here.
ADAM Reborn
Choose Complete Version in installer and choose YES in "NCR Tropper Module". Don't forget the fix, a retexture and PN patch.
Gas Masks of the World
Also install all 3 update files.
Equipment Restoration Project
Powered Power Armor 
Also install the Project Nevada patch  for it, alternative, more robotic voice files for armors, and fixes here and here (both).
Note: do not overwrite OHUD.
T45d Power Armor Replacement 
Note: when the mod is installed, make sure you have only [ONE] .esp active - namely the "T45d Power Armor Replacement - PN.esp" and delete the "T45d Power Armor Replacement.esp".
T-60 Power Armour 
Make sure to [disable] it's .esp plugin, you won't need it.
Gloves Galore 4k Pair of Gloves
Courier Ranger Armor - Customisable In Game
Wasteland Engineer Armor 
Weapons of the New Millenia 
Also install an improvement and a fix for it (both).
IMI Desert Eagle 
Also install this fix. Get version for Asurah Reanimation Pack.
Winchester M1897 
Colt M16A2 
IMI Galil 
Tesla Weapons Pack 
Photon Laser Weapon Pack 
Ruger SR-556 
Recommended retexture - "4Echo Alternate Textures". Also install compatibility patch for Asurah Reanimation pack.
Remington 700 
Heavy Plasma Repeater 
Tactical Laser Rifle 
Balisong Butterfly Knives 
Automatic Weapons Fix - Minigun-Gatling-Chainsaw and more 
Reload Animation Fix - Lever-Pump-Single action guns 
Jump While Aiming
Animated Chems
Asurah Reanimation Pack
Installation instructions:
- Install "Asurah Reanimation Pack main" first. Overwrite everything when asked, [besides] Ruger SR-556 and IMI Desert Eagle mods.
- Then, install all files from Main Files section. Overwrite when asked
- Then, install all files from Update files section. Overwrite when asked
- From the Optional File section install the "EVE patch". Install patches for separate Millenia weapons mods (only those ones you have)
- Install the Weapons Of The New Millenia (big pack) patch.
- From Asurah mod page, download "WMX Patch by Wuestenranger" archive. Unpack it. Now, here's the way of properly installing it:
It's quite easy! Sadly, files structure in the patch folder on the mod page is quite a mess without any instructions - but we can make a proper mix we need. Also, take into account this way is only if you've installed all 3 mods - WMX (with all DLCs ofc), WRP, EVE and their respective patches in correct order, as per guide.
So, the steps:
- Download the patch archive, unpack it. You'll see many .esp files and folders there.
- Open 2 windows. In one, you'll have "WMX Patch" folder opened, so you'll be looking at \meshes folder in it. In other window, you'll be taking files needed from other folders.
- Grab \meshes folder from "WMX DLC" folder and place it to your opened "WMX Patch" folder. Windows will ask about overwriting - confirm.
- Make the same action with "WMX WRP" folder \meshes folder.
- Now the same with "WMX-EVE Patch" folder \meshes folder.
- Now, get the "WMX-EVE_ALL_DLC.esp" file and place it to your "WMX Patch" folder.
- In your "WMX Patch" folder you now should have \meshes folder with all meshes you dropped into it, and "WMX-EVE_ALL_DLC.esp" file. Now jsut select both folder and .esp file and arhive them. Name the archive how you want, for example "Asurah WMX Patch for EVE and all DLC", and add this archive to your mod manager.
- Install with mod manager as usual, overwrite. Profit!

Diagonal Movement 
That's it. Now, you can [optionally] install 3 more animation mods - it's only up to you:
Sit AnywhereAnimated Sleeping, Animated Workbenches.
Done with animations, let's continue.
Autumn Leaves + YUP patch
Honest Hearts Reborn
The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino
The Someguy Series (required core file) + New Vegas Bounties I
Ultimate Unarmed and Melee Perks Tweaks - UUMT 
ST Traits and Perks
[optionally - if you'll be playing as melee character, otherwise not needed] Way of the Wasteland Warrior - Melee Perks for Fallout NV
Explorer Perk Revised
Lessons Learned Overhaul 
Meltdown NVSE Upgrade Plasma Spaz Redux 
Perk Rework
Note: while having correct archive structure, mod for some reasons doesn't have mod manager installation button, so just download it manually, add to your mod manager and install as usual.
Karmic Balance - Karma Consequences 
Negative Karma for Grave Digging 
Legendary Bloatfly Reward Perk 
Anatomic Perks 
Beyonds Tweaks Take Powderganger Stuff No Karma Loss 
Nevada Combat 
Install the main, Full version.
Steal - less Karma lost 
I'd recommend to set mod value (there's only one in it) to 2 or 3 in FNVEdit, for a better "golden middle" balance.
Alternative Repairing
Junk Rounds Plus 
The Moon Comes Over The Tower - Restored 
Cloud Grenades 
More Caravan Players - Restoration 
The N.V. Interiors Project
- Install "NVInteriors Core v2.1.1" and "_NVInteriors_Combo Edition v1.3.4" from the Main Files section.
- Install one of "NMC_NVInteriors compatibility Patch". It's up to you, but until you're not on very weak rig, you can actually use "Large" version as interiors mostly "eat" much less FPS than exteriors.
- Install NV Interiors Project Addon - namely the "NV Interiors Addon 1.21" from Main Files and "NV Interiors Addon 1.22" from Update Files.
True Wasteland Economy
Make sure that Unfound Loot option is enabled.
Cover Based Stealth Mechanics
Install both main files.
MCM settings: choose Basic Cover Stealth, disable Damage Adjustment and choose Bachar's Selection for Stealth Boy, as showed on screenshots here, here & here. Up to your taste, you can experiment with Damage Adjustment, but if you will do this, I'd recommend to raise it to x1.5 as max.
B42 Weapon Inertia
Vanilla Sprint 
More Realistic Aiming + fix patch
Immersive Recoil 2.0 
Caesars New Regime - Legion Overhaul
The Living Desert
Fallout 4 Power Armor Features
Don't forget to install update file. Also install "FO4 PA features T-60 addon".
Mojave Arsenal
Pickpocket Overhaul 
Librarian Of The Wastes 
Note: in my personal vision, some value in the mod should be adjusted a bit. From the author's permission, I made such version and you can find it here, in U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. files section.
No Witnesses
B42 Quickthrow - an alternative grenade hotkey mod
Note: this modifies skeleton file, so it may (not for sure, but in some certain cases) lead to conflicts with the mods that are doing the same. It won't break your game - so in worst case you'll just need to uninstall this mod or other one that is conflicting and that's it.
NAWEMO - NPCs use Ammo Variants and Weapon Mods
Be Merciful
Mojave Raiders
Note: load this mod after "Uncut Wasteland" mod.
Retrievable Throwables
Increased NCR and Legion Wasteland Patrols 
Brotherhood of Steel Wasteland Presence 
Great Khan Wasteland Presence 
Super Mutant Overhaulord
No More Trippin and Bear traps 
Primm Reputation Restored 
Take Chems Make Fiends 
Nuka-Cola Victory - Quartz - Quantum - Vending Machines 
Working Crimson Caravan Traders 
Strip Wall Billboards 
Goodsprings Reborn [or] Goodsprings Filler + Interior Expansion-Goodsprings
Novac Reborn [or] Novac Redone
The True Revival of Luxury - An Ultra-Luxe Overhaul
The Town of Vice - A Gomorrah Overhaul
The Mogul Mausoleum - A Lucky 38 Overhaul
Less Empty Primm - A Primm Town Overhaul
Decorated BOS Bunker 
Better Doc Mitchell's House 
Powder Ganger Camp North Overhaul 
NV Novac Apartment
An Improved Lucky 38 Suite
Living Sink - The Sink
CONELRAD 640-1240 - Civil Defense Radio
Combined Community Sound Pack
Install the ""WMX-CCSP-EVE-AllDLCMerged v1.1"" patch from this page.
Also, be sure to make custom load order rule in LOOT to load CCSP after Asurah mod and any other patches, like Asurah Reanimation Pack WMX/EVE patch, otherwise some weapon sounds will still be vanilla.
If you like to travel with companions, take a look on these mods - install any of them, or all if you wanna:
Willow - A Better Companion ExperienceRussell, Delilah- Mojave MD + alternative voice acting packNinerVanessa.
You can also grab these visual improvements for vanilla companions:
A Better VeronicaA Better CassA Better BooneA Better Arcade.
Once again, if you're playing with followers, these mods may be very useful to you:
JIP Companions Command and ControlCompanions Combat-ReadyAuto Medic Kit - NPC, Follower Tweaks .
Good, let's continue.
Immersive Pickup Sounds FNV Edition 
Install the "Immersive Pickup Sounds - Compatibility Version" file and also install "Misc Item Icons Version" file as well.
Better boots sounds
Installation: you need only one mod version from three first files and "Other surfaces" file in addition. While last file installation works with mod managers, first 3 files have wrong folder structure, so if you want to install them via mod manager, so you can always safely uninstall, you need to do the next: create folder called "sound" anywhere, then download the archive, unpack it, get the "fx", get it and place inside "sound" folder you just made. Then, just archive the "sound" folder and add archive to your mod manager. Then install as usual.
Audible Pass Through Bushes Sounds 
No More Double Open And Close Sounds 
FOV Slider
Tweak your FOV to any value you want and for every case, in cozy MCM.
Stimpak Hotkey
Hotkey itself can be configured in .ini file.
Simple DLC Delay 
Tutorial Killer 
RPM - Remove Pre-order Messages
VATS Ignores Teammates (NVSE)
These few mods are optional (depending on if you see those things as issues or no):
No Cripple-Critical Messages (NVSE)
Disable XP Popup (NVSE)
Combined Combat XP (NVSE)
No Screenshot Popup (NVSE)
Scrolling Doesn't Switch POV (NVSE)
No Loading DLC Popup at Start Menu (NVSE)
Good, now a few more.
Hotkey Scroll Wheel (JIP LN NVSE) 
Quick Trade
Drag Things to other cells
Weapon Stat Viewer
JIP MiniMap
Quick Search
Improved Transportalponder - Old World Blues 
"Press X To Close Menu" Hotkey
Honest Hearts Rain Script Fix 
Vendors Containers Respawn Fix 
Remember Selected Ammo
Any glasses with any mask
New Vegas Bush Fix
Honest Hearts Letter 
[optional] Worn Backpack
[optional] Motion Sickness Destroyer
Harvestable Cave Fungus 
Irradiated Radroaches 
Nightkin Scripts Corrected

You're good to go! Now, proceed to "Few Last Steps" section, just before the Modules section itself. There, skip the "AWOP Patches" step and in "Mojave Patch Outpost" get "YUP-WMX-PN-PNEO Patch" and "YUP-PPA Patch" file.

This mod list is a true monster. If you're a veteran NV player, if you remember all its details and want dozens of new stories & adventures, if you want your gameplay to be incredibly challenging yet incredibly rewarding, if you want the each smallest, tiniest, microscopic detail of NV gameplay to be improved, and bug/overlook - fixed, if you want nextgen, "devil in details" mod list that will surprise you on each step no matter how many hours (or thousands) or hours you have in this series - New Vegas Legend is waiting. This mod list also contains not only general instructions, but also all needed tweaks, till the smallest ones, in mods MCMs, together with my own edits in many cases. This mod list is basically very close to my own one.

To be added...

Planning to play Fallout: New California and wanna get the best possible experience from it? Seek no more - New Californication mod list is for you! It contains many mods made especially for NC as well as mod for NV that are personally tested by me and proven themselves to be fully compatible with NC and greatly impoving joy from playing it. Take into account that it's strongly recommended to play NC directly [before] starting your actual NV walkthrough - and so, you should have [only] mods listed here - to be sure everything will be compatible and will not cause issues when playing New California. After you finish it, you can delete NC-dedicated mods and change/expand your mod list for actual NV walkthrough.
Note: same as for any other module, make sure you did the Stability and Graphics parts. If you're on low-end rig and skipped the Graphics part, make sure you installed WMX with respective patches needed.

First of all, make sure you have Fallout - New California itself installed. Quick installation instructions you can see in [Quests & New Lands] section, in NC part.

ENB preset recommendationsRudy ENB. If you wanna more cinematic look, you can try my Seven Sins ENB.
Additional recommendations for graphics mods: do NOT use any mods from [Weather & Lighting], [Character Overhauls] and [Landscape Overhauls] sections.
Incompatible mods list (do not use them with NC, at all, they will cause crashes and/or other direct gamie-breaking issues):
TTW (Tales of Two Wastelands), Simple DLC Delay, Roleplayers Alternative Start Fallout New Vegas, LevelUpNoLock, Human Plague Perk, Boosted Skill Effects, Delay Level Up, ELECTRO-CITY - Relighting the Wasteland, Enhanced NPC Awareness, ST Robot Race, Honest Hearts Reborn, Threshold, Awesome Crippling Effects, Ghoulified - Immersive Playable Ghoul, Bellevue Bill Regal Rises, PCB Hotkey, Fallout Who Vegas - Complete.

Mod list:
Project Nevada
Choose all options during installation. Then, make the next steps:
- Install "Unofficial Patch Plus - Project Nevada Patch" file from UPP's files section.
- Install EVE and WMX patches from this page.
- Install this (choose all suggested options).
- FInally, install NC visor patch.
Note: In game, open PN's MCM and [disable] the next features: sprint, grenade hotkey, enhanced stealth field, stealth settings (set to Vanilla) & experimental AI options, recoil spread and unfound loot option (uncheck the "Enable"). To help you with this, needed options are showed on the screenshots hereherehere & here.
Colored Fallout New California Worldmap
New California Character Overhaul
JIP Companions Command and Control
Also install NC portrait icons patch.
Companions Combat-Ready
VATS Ignores Teammates (NVSE)
ADAM Reborn
Choose Complete Version in installer and choose YES in "NCR Tropper Module". Don't forget the fix, the retexture and optionally this mod if you're also will be using NCR Trooper Overhaul (if so, manually grab the project Nevada Patch from the optional folder, add it to your mod manager and install).
NCR Enclave Diversified - Fallout New California - Power Armor Overhaul
Make sure to also install both update files.
Vault 18 Armored Jumpsuit
Wasteland Engineer Armor + NC patch
Weapons of the New Millenia
Also install an improvement and a fix for it.
Fallout - New California - MF's Addons and Tweaks
Install both main files.
California Markets
Adds more merchants, which NC lacked a bit.
RobCo Certified - New Vegas
Absolutely essential mod for science walkthrough in NC.
New California-Radar Point Expanded
A great little addition that feels like a native part of the game.
New California - Nerdy Johnny Recruitment
NPC Arm Mounted Pip-Boy 2000 MkVI or 2500
New California - Hippie Shack [or] New California - Abandoned Bus Shelter
Or just both if you like them :)
Retrievable Throwables
NC A L P H A to ALPHA fix
True Wasteland Economy
Note: disable "Unfound Loot" feature in its MCM.
Cover Based Stealth Mechanics
Install both main files.
Fallout 4 Power Armor Features
Vanilla Sprint 
B42 Quickthrow - an alternative grenade hotkey mod
Note: this modifies skeleton file, so it may (not for sure, but in some certain cases) lead to conflicts with the mods that are doing the same. It won't break your game - so in worst case you'll just need to uninstall this mod or other one that is conflicting and that's it.
Tin Cans to Scrap Metal and Reverse 
FOV Slider
Remember Selected Ammo

Optional mods:
More Realistic Aiming + fix patch
Immersive Recoil 2.0 
Any of these 3 mods or all them together can make shooting more challenging - that's not what all palyers want, that's why they are listed here, as optional mods.
B42 Weapon Inertia
New California Compatibility Features
Only if you plan to play NV after NC with the same character (which is still not recommended as this will ruin game balance for you).
Fallout New California - TTW patch
To be able to play NC with TTW installed (which is still not recommended).
Fallout New California - Arachnophobia Patch
If this bothers you.
New California Infinite Companion Ammo
Kinda cheating - but everyone on their own.
Quick Trade
No Cripple-Critical Messages (NVSE)
Disable XP Popup (NVSE)
Combined Combat XP (NVSE)
No Screenshot Popup (NVSE)
Scrolling Doesn't Switch POV (NVSE)
No Loading DLC Popup at Start Menu (NVSE)
"Press X To Close Menu" Hotkey
Motion Sickness Destroyer
Faster Terminals 

You're good to go! Now, proceed to "Few Last Steps" section, just before the Modules section itself. There, make only the "Consistent Pip-Boy Icons", Bashed Patch and Merged Patch steps. Mering plugins is not needed in this case, as you'll be below the recommended amount - but if you wanna get some merging experience - go on :)

This one is a comprehensive mod list wrapping around Hardcore mode and survival in its all means. With this mod setup, game will be cruel and dangerous to you, in first turn, not even because of fearsome enemies, but because of fersome, strongly realistic survival aspect of post-nuclear world itself, opening you new horizons into survival in Fallout.

To be added...

TTW (Tales of Two Wastelands) is an unique project that allows you yo play both FO3 and FONV at the same time - on the same map, with a single character. But (pretty much expectable) due to complexity ot this total conversion and plenty of its own changes made to the game, most of gameplay mods are incompatible with it, and some that are not yet know to be directly compatible or not require certain time to find this out. This mod list contains an ultimate mod list for TTW walkthrough.

To be added...

A highly dedicated mod list with a lot of personal changes to mods that's wrapping around the most poor character build type in NV - a melee one. Nevada Berserker is all about to change that and show you that melee walkthrough can be diverse, fun and rewarding.

To be added...

Originally, JSawyer is a gameplay overhaul from one of Obsidian lead developers, Josh Sawyer, which later was expanded and improved into JSawyer Ultimate Edition by talented PushTheWinButton. JSUE is a complex gameplay overhaul with own vision and design, but due to this it also require a big work in terms of picking mods that will be "fitting" this design. In respect to both Josh Sawyer and Push's work, this mod list is a JSUE-dedicated creation to have the best possible experience with it, with as much other great mods as possible.

To be added...

Modules section complete! Now a few more sections that may be interesting to you.

This section is for people who have somewhat modern, but still weak rigs, or just a really old PCs which are barely able to run New Vegas itself. Here, you can find some tips to either get that few FPS you lack for a performance level you want, or to have your game playable with mods even if your PC is a complete potato.

1) Set grass-related values back to vanilla (or even more performance options). In your Fallout.ini, change the next values:
iMinGrassSize= to 80, 100 or 120
iMaxGrassTypesPerTexure= to 2
fGrassMaxStartFadeDistance= to 7000 or lower
fGrassDefaultStartFadeDistance= 3500 or lower
fGrassFadeRange= to 5000 or lower

2) Set lower shadowmap resolution. In your FalloutPrefs.ini, change the next value:
iShadowMapResolution= to 512 or 256

3) Use performance-friendly ENB:
Midhrastic ENB for Fallout 3
The most performance-friendly ENB ever. You can also disable DOF (depth of field) and AO (ambient occlusion) for even better result.
Seven Sins ENB
Use "Ultra-Performance" version of it.
Also, you

4) Decrease AF quality. In your enblocal.ini, change the next value:
MaxAnisotropy= to 8, 4 or even 2.

5) If you can't run ENB with decent FPS no matter what, try using New Vegas Reloaded only, without ENB.
This can be a good "lite" alternative while eating literally zero FPS, even of old rigs. Read the installation instructions in Reloaded section, and for in-depth advises, ask on Reloaded forums.

6) Use Performance Of The Gods mod.
This mod may give you plenty of extra FPS, depending on how weak your rig is. It removes a lot of smaller/insignificant objects here and there - small rocks, various non-important clutter, particles and so on.

7) Use Better Combat Performance - wastedisposal edition mod.
This one improves performance in combat by removing the muzzle flash light effect and shell casings.

8) This solution is REALLY extreme and not generally recommended. But, if your rig can't even run NV itself, that's an option.
What this mod does is very simple. It downscales most of textures in the game to 8x8 pixels in size (vanilla textures are mostly 512/256), and so, giving really good performance boost.

9) Alternatively, you can use Ordenator to compress/downscale any textures you want yourself.
Yes, it's hosted on Skyrim mod section, but it works the same well for New Vegas too. If using it, don't forget to use these .INI settings.

As it was mentioned in the beginning, here some spesific mods are listed. There are 2 parts in this section. One is for some great, but either dangerous (a lot of dirty records, heavy scripts leading save bloat, crashes and overal game instability) or just highly-conflicting mods that are stable on their own, but simply have too many incompatibilities with many other great mods. Most of in this part are not directly "bad", but just not fitting the concept of stable modded game with decent or big mod list or having so "weak" compatibility part that it's a pure hell to maintain it or just not worth to lose that many other great mods to use certain one. Please take into account that I will not be able to provide any troubleshooting if you'll be using these mods - so using them is at your own risk. Second part has mods that are stable and fine in general, but may be just purely a matter of taste to install - kind cheating on absolutely not lore-friendly.

Highly conflicting/unstable mods:

Darnified UI
A popular and original UI mod, but abandoned long ago. May be incompatible with many other mods that affect UI - and definitely will be if you're running heavy mod list, causing various issues, from minor to game-breaking. There are also some useful addons for it:
Darnified UI Add-on - DT and DR
Darnified UI Extension
Traits Menu DarNified

ELECTRO-CITY - Relighting the Wasteland
Absolutely amazing mod with huge coverage and various amount of features like togglable light sources, adds hundreds of lanterns, lamps, signs and so on, but can have compatibility hell with a massive mod list, sometimes adds too much lights which looks not very lore-friendly and cause random crashes.

Nevada Skies - Weather Effects
A beautiful mod that adds a ton and a little wagon of new weather effects. Still, weather transitions are often looking really weird and rough, plus it will be incompatible with almost all ENB presets besides few those are configured directly for it (and even those will still often have weird visuals together). It also run pretty a lot of scripts, and in way it's done, it can affect your performance and bloat save.

Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod
A great mod that fixes billions of various errors and glitches related to weapons models and functions, but overwriting everything may lead to some new conflicts/glitches appearing instead, also current version of the mod messes with position of ironsights on some weapons, so use on your own risk. It's a great mod for purely vanilla walkthrough, but most of its fixes are also fixed or improved in other mods that you already have from the list.

The biggest ammo mod on NV Nexus, but sadly abandoned and having a lot of issues in it - glitches and incompatibilities with tons of other weapon mods. It also has much more better compatible alternative in the guide. Decide yourself if it's worth the trade. If you'll be using it, install shell casings retexture for it.

Roleplayers Alternative Start Fallout New Vegas
Great mod if you're bored from vanilla start, but it may conflict with many big mods, so just use with caution and only after proper testing.

Enhanced NPC Awareness
A great and somewhat even revolutionary mod that greatly improves detection of NPCs making combat much more realistic and challenging. Sadly, atm it has couple of pretty random but combat-breaking bugs which lead to neutral NPCs randomly attacking you on sight and some other weird combat behaviour. Track this mod - named bugs should be fixed in the next version.

Monster Mod
A huge creature mod, but it has many glitches here and there on regular basis, as well as some not lore-friendly creatures. Up to you. If you'll be using it, don't forget to install the fix/addon patch for it and a compatibility patches collection.

ATTT - Armed to the Teeth - New Vegas
Visually revolurionarly mod as well, working similar to Dual Sheath Redux and Equipping Overhaul for Skyrim for example, but in it's current stage it's VERY bugged and can be incompatible with many weapon/animations/weapon fx mods. My advise is to try it on separate test save - test with many weapons and armors, including you favourite weapon/armor mods, to see if you want to use it, or just track it for future.

Brotherhood of Steel Unforgotten
Really interesting quest mod with well-made voice acting, but sadly still having several really annoying glitches. Also has a patch for FCO.

The Secret Bunker
Big and original player home mod, but swarmed with glitches.

Matter of taste/cheating/immersion-breaking mods:

Natural Waters For New Vegas
Changes some of the default green water.
HiRes Water Bottle Textures and Meshes
Transparent look, but may also look weird with ENB and in some other cases.
Nebula Night Sky and Stars
Fantasy-looking night sky.
Better Head Bits
More head bits.
HQ Pre-War Books and Damaged Books
Already covered by MGs clutter mod, this one is more diverse but also pretty colorful.
Better Main Menu
Highres option for those who prefer vanilla main menu.
Crippled Limbs Heal Over Time
Somewhat cheating mod.
Just for lulz, but why not? :D
ENB Friendlier HD Dust Storms
Qualitative alternative to HQ Dust Storms, while 1st one is also "ENB-friendly".
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Magazines and Books
Somewhat similar to "Librarian of the Wastes", but with permabonuses to SPECIAL, which I perosnally find the OP idea in general, as there are more than enough of such bonuses in game already. This mod has cool collector's idea, but it's not really needed from bonuses perspective. Still, that's up to you.
Run While Aiming (NVSE)
Pretty op mod as for me, but may be useful for someone.
Westside Restoration
The mod itself is not causing game instability, but it's unfinished - still, much better then vanilla Westside.
STUN - Stun and Tie Up NPCs
Really great mod that work almost flawlessly, but lacks animations which may "break" immersion for some players.
Vertibird Player Home
Another really unique player home mod, but with a few non-crtical glitches, also incompatible with Project Nevada.
Vending Machines of the Wastes - Part 2
Great and very comfortable, while arguably immersive mod and still with decent amount of bugs.
Homing Projectiles
Pretty much cheating. But well, if you wanna, who gonna stop ya? :)
Limitless Stats
Very much a powergaming mod, has some non game-breaking glitches, but the main issue that it's just TOO much power-gaming oriented and makes low sense in RPG like New Vegas, still it's a great mod itself and may be fun for some players, and be useful in very hardcore walkthroughs.
Hire And Recruit
Hire and recruit anyone. Immersion-breaking, but still may look cool for some people.
No Faction Armor
Makes no sense from roleplaying aspect, but may be in someone's taste.
GARU - Infinite ammo for your companions
As it's seen from the mod name, it's pretty cheating as well.
Bypass Minigames - Lockpick and Hacking
Arguable solution, but may be useful for people who are bored from seeng that process again and again.

This section is a message of endless gratitude to everyone without whom this project would have never happened - mod authors. Thanks to each and every of you, because that's you who are making our favourite games eternal.
I want to personally mention several authors and teams who made huge contribution to this community and New Vegas modding stage - without your creations and passion, its modding stage would have never been the same as we know it now. Show some love to these authors - give them kudos, endorse their mods and consider supporting them.

NexusMods team - thank you guys for making the biggest modding website in history and supporting its community.
Script Extender team - for NVSE, SKSE, F4SE, FOSE, OBSE - most of the best mods appeared only because script extender was made.
Jazzisparis - for JIP, an extension to NVSE without which dozens or even hundreds of amazing mods would never appear, UIO and for all your amazing mods in general.
Yukichigai - for YUP and countless thousands of fixes you've added to it during these years, and to everyone who contributed to YUP.
RoyBatterian - for essential and cosntantly updated 4GB Patcher, FOV Slider, for titanic efforts put into TTW which gives such a great chance to play both FO4 and FONV together, and for all your mods.
Schlangster and everyone from SkyUI/Project Nevada teams who was helping him through the years - for amazing, essential mods for both TES and FO communities.
Queued - for New Vegas Anti Crash, a freaking magic mod that makes game so much more stable out of the box.
Skyranger-1 - for New Vegas, Fallout 3 and Oblivion Stutter Removers.
ElminsterAU - for xEdit, an essential tool for all Bethesda games to modify mods easily and solve compatibility conflicts.
Boris Vorontsov - for revolutionary graphics enhancement for all Bethesda games, and other games, the ENB.
Rudy - for the beautiful, performance-friendly and greatly balanced ENB presets for NV, Skyrim and DD.
Pelinor - for Mod Configuration Menu, Weapon Mod Menu, Quick Trade, More Realistic Aiming and other mods.
NMC and Tapioks - for their immense contribution to FO retexturing and for 2 biggest and beautiful texture packs for New Vegas.
Brandon Lee aka Thain and whole Fallout: New California team - for gathering, staying together and inspiring us, for making the biggest and most amazing total conversion for Fallout ever made.
PushTheWinButton - for UPP, JSWUE, Mojave Raiders, Mojave Wildlife, Mojave Arsenal and all other your mods, most of which are absolutely essential for modded NV walkthrough.
KiCHo666 - for your countless fixes to notorious Bethesda games problem - physics, as well as for your other little gems.
Someguy2000 - for your numerous, absolutely badass, exciting and fun to play quest mods, and for Russel.
Antistar - for WMX and your thrilling quest mods for other Bethesda games.
Vurt - for being the biggest Bethesda modding flora wizard for all its games. And for Gothic mods too :)
Weijiesen - for simply an incredible contribution to effects and fx models/textures improvements and the biggest part of work in this section for NV and FO3.
Millenia - for talented weapon modeling, pricess contribution to Fallout weapon retexturing and for biggest and literally the best new weapon mod pack ever made for NV.
Dree74 - for More Perks, and so, much more character builds and interesting walkthroughs.
Djmystro - for making and constantly updating AWOP, the biggest dungeon/encounter mod ever, during all these years.
Chucksteel - for making and constantly updating another amazing exploration mod, NV Interiors.
Xilandro - for making absolutely immersive mods, and oher small, yet so long needed ones - B42 Weapon Inertia, Quickthrow, Retrievable Throwables, Diagonal movement and others.
Miguick - for making absolutely amazing and nextgen mods like Fallout 4 Power Armor Features, and for making dozens of fixes to notorious vanilla bugs and mechanics.
Slippyguy - for Vicious Wastes, Alternative Repairing and other your mods - and for updating them nowadays.
C16 - for being an active NV mod author in 2019, and for making such simple yet "devil-in-details" and needed mods.
Gopher - for OHUD, Advanced Recon Thermalvision and all your contribution to Bethesda modding, as well as for your cozy modding-related tutorials.
Darthbdaman - for your heavy contribution for NV modding and sometimes simple unique mods - Equipment Restoration Project. Stimpak Hotkey, DT Multiplayer/Adder, Adrenaline, and all your "compatibility edition" mods.
Asurah - for most badass, qualitative, detailed animation mod for New Vegas.
Mental Gear - for pssionately retexturing hundreds of clutter objects, "forgotten" by popular big mods.
Macintroll - for your hq clothing retextures and other mods.
Cabal120 - for your contribution to armor retexturing for NV and all your badass, essential retextures for Skyrim as well.
Dragbody - for badass Legion overhaul and your armor mods.
LlamaRCA - for Willow and Heather.
BaronVonChateau - for amazing, must-play Autumn Leaves
TheLozza - for gas masks. Seriously, how a game like NV was released without them?
Sandbox6 - for Uncut Wasteland, Navmeshes Fixes and Improvements and your other underrated mods.
Sarge198 - for ILO and other lighting-related little neats mods.
MonoAccipiter - for your love to improvements, which you did for ADAM, NV Landscape Overhaul and NV Interiors.
hairylegs222 - for really useful Performance of the Gods mod, which is so much useful for low-end rig users.
Kazopert - for incredible FPGE, More Perks Merged and your other immersive mods.
ELPascal - for the Living Desert - perfectly balanced and incredibly immersive, essential population mod.
lStewieAl - for making plugin-free, tiny, but often so much needed mods to save time and nerves, for both FO and TES series.
Didisaan - for being a patches machine.
Aghjax - for tiny yet so surprisingly immersive mods. I hope you'll bring more :)

NV modding stage is huge, and so is the variety of amazing mods for it - so it's sadly just absolutely impossible to mention each and every author here. Once again, a heartful thanks to each and every of you, for being awesome and making awesome mods!

Separately, I want to huge thanks to each and every patron of mine, existing and past ones, who helped me to keep going and deliver New Vegas U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. - without your support, I would never be able to have enough time to compile it <3

Mikoto Uchiha
Ryan Kostyniuk
John Barry
Andrea Terlizzi
Gaving McAlpine
The Old Khajiit
Richard Carney
Anthony Lewis
Judith Polczynski
Alex Edelstein
Cindy Johanson
Julie Fourby2ly
Artjom Korzan
Yamnyak King
Kenneth Pemberton
Nicko Van den Berg
izaak alexander
James Dimitriou
Radu Profiri
Shirley Tao
Thomas Lewis
anakon wad
Nicolae Ionel
Dale Richards
Yann Cameron
Tyyne art
Nis Thyssen
Steve Marquis
Steven Pham
Alexis Romero
Joseph Pancerella
William McMorrow
Cameron Smith
Alastair Goldberg
Tim Iatao
Fabian Ruga
El Amigo Piedra
Justin Pirkig
Alexander Becker
Marc-Antoine Morelli
Jakub Vokral
Meet John Douglas Cortes II
Brandon Robinson
Micah Bates
Ryan C
David Hector
Richard de Bonn
Wesley Caton
Adrian Thomassen
Keksimus Maximus
Shaquille Martin
Инквизитор Ordo Hereticus
Bison Games
Space Monkey
Lewis McNally
Joe Murray
​Gabriel Madore
​frank gai
​Press PLAY
Matt Girdler