Massive updates for SE, FNV & DAO guides are out + fundraiser update

Skyrim SE: Around 80 new mods, more merging marks and some descriptions/instructions corrections. Fallout New Vegas: The biggest update in the history of the guide so far - over 300 new mods, lots of text/UX improvements and the ultimate module, New Vegas Legend, updated to version 2.0. Dragon Age Origins: over 30 new mods (including a brand new, complete overhaul for items and enemies in the game) plus more compatibility and mod tweaking notes. Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 and Starfield guide updates are coming shortly as well 👀

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F.A.Q. Preparations Essential Mods Non-Essential Bug Fixes UI (Interface) Mods QOL (Quality Of Life) Mods Gameplay Mods Spaceship Mods Weapons & Armors Sound Mods Reshade Presets Graphics Mods Low-end Tips

What's this all about?

Starfield is a new grand-scale game from Bethesda, which automatically means two things. Good thing: It's made by Bethesda so it will eventually have great modding support. Bad thing: It's made by Bethesda. Either way, only in the first week since the game was released, community released the first 1,000 mods - and this number will surely grow exponentially. This page has everything you need to know about the best mods available and about modding Starfield with those mods - not being afraid of neither "lite" nor "serious" modding and being able to improve the game as much as possible. By following the guide, you can have stable and fun modded game no matter whether you'll have 15 or 200 mods installed. Go through the guide without a rush, pick what you like - and enjoy your modded game.

Guide features:


Do not re-upload this guide to other website and/or resources, do not claim it as own work and do not sell it. In the rest - feel free to translate into other languages (just message me in Discord first), I'd be glad if you'll link it to help other people and so on. I'm here to serve - the more people can have stable modded game, the happier I will be :)

Current guide version/changelog & future updates:

Update 0.65 for Starfield, at October 17, 2023. Massive update. What's inside:

- Around 130 new mods (marked with ==NEW==). Make sure to check "Essentials" section too as there are new mods there as well.

- New section, "Non-Essential Bugfixes" that lists various mods fixing small bugs or changing gameplay moments that are not technically bugs, but can feel annoying or irrational.

- New section, "Spaceship Mods" that lists (mostly) gameplay mods related to spaceships usage.

- Updated instructions for mods that were updated from .txt to CCR versions.

- Improved page design.

Update 0.6 for Starfield, at September 25, 2023. Large update. What's inside:

- Nearly 100 new mods. Make sure to check "Essentials" section too as there are new mods there as well.

- Installation instructions for CCR mods added ("Essentials" section again) and some instructions improved visually.

- Multiple existing mods received better alternative (mostly the .txt bat mods upgraded to CCR mods), were replaced with those. When replacing .txt mod with CCR one, before installing CCR version, make sure to remove the .txt mod and delete its bat command from your StarfieldCustom.INI

- New section, "Weapons & Armors", where all mods related to changing both visual and gameplay-affecting aspects of these, will be listed. Retexture mods for armors and weapons were moved to this section.

- Improved instructions and notes in some sections.

Update 0.55 for Starfield, at September 2023. What's inside:

- 46 new mods (marked with so you can spot them easily), including new performance improvement and bug fixes, so make sure to check "Essentials" section as well.

- Several sections refurbished and extra mods installation/configuration instructions added.

- Note: if you've updated the game lately, make sure to also update your SFSE and all SFSE-based mods (most notable - Baka Achievement Enabler, Classic Sprint, Sprint Suttering Fix and Enemy Friendly Fire) - most of them in general were already updated by their authors.

Initial alpha release, version 0.5 for Starfield, at September 2023.

Future updates:

- Regular weekly updates.

- Modules

- Corrections of links/typos if needed

- When the CK is released and Starfield will move to a new stage of modding, I'll roll out a major update.

- To report the issue (typos, broken link etc) or to make a suggestion - please drop a message in #suggestions_room in our Discord server.

How to support:

This project is completely free. Still, it takes insane amount of my time to build and expand it - the modding guides and other related modding content already took me over 7,500 working hours in total. I'm also living in Ukraine during the russian invasion, and have to support two families at once. The extra work I'm doing to support our defenders, air raids and PTSD caused by the war also make every inch of the work I do more difficult than before. The more independent and confident I will fee myself as an author - the less stress and more free time I'll have - and so, the faster new updates and videos will arrive, and new projects will appear as well. But support only if you really want it and able to:

Q: So I should install ALL mods from this list?

A: While you purely in theory can ofc - you should not do that by any means. This is a guide - it gives you an ability to compare and choose. Open mod pages, read the descriptions and my notes about the mods. Install what you like and don't install what you don't like :) Plus, some mods are changing same things, just in different way - so you can have multiple options to choose from to fit your personal taste the most (which is the benefit of the guide purpose in first turn).

Q: Why there are so few sections in the guide?

A: Starfield modding stage is in its infancy stage right now and so is the guide itself - consider it an alpha version that'll be changed heavily with time. There are not too many actually good mods as for now, so there's no need to create extra complexity and lots of sections with sometimes just couple mods inside. As soon as the modding stage will expand enough, the guide will be updated properly.

Q: What game version is needed for modding?

A: Steam version. While you can technically mod the Windows Store/Game Pass/Epic Games Store version with [some] mods, it's noticeably more troublesome to do so and the SFSE-based mods (read: many of the innovative gameplay mods) are not able to work on other versions than Steam one as those version don't support SFSE. Steam version is crucial for modding Starfield.

Q: What kind of monitor is the best for Starfield and what resolution should I play at?

A: In-depth yet easy to understand article here, give it a read.

Q: I have the game in language other than English, is it a problem?

A: Before modding the game, make sure to change game language back to English, both audio and subtitles. The guide is made for English version of the game. Some mods like simple texture replacers or basic tweaks will work fine no matter the language, but as for many seirous gameplay mods, there is no guarantee that they will work with non-English version of the game properly, or work at all with localized version. Many gameplay mods needs a proper localization to work in game version other than English, and while some mods have this as an additional feature, you shouldn't expect for this by default. Moreover, translations (hosted on separate pages made by community) are often outdated which leads to various bugs. If you want to be able to use Starfield modding stage and this guide on its fullest, use English version of the game. I won't be able to give any troubleshooting support for non-English versions.

Q: Can I continue my saved game after modding?

A: It's strongly recommended to start a new game. Trust me, with all the improvements, you'll want to experience the game refreshed look and gameplay fully, from the beginning.

Q: I also want to install Reshade preset, where's a tips for it?

A: Sure! Whatever you want to know about modding this game - it is here ;) Just read a bit further.

Q: I got infinite loading screens/My game freezes, crashes or doesn't launch/I have various other weird glitches/My mods don't seem to be working - while I have a modern rig which clearly should be able to handle the game.

A: Please read "Preparations" section carefully. As it name suggests, do NOT skip it - implement it fully. Read it and install all the things needed before starting to install mods themselves.

Q: I have some other questions related to modding. Help!

A: Feel free to join our Discord server and community members or I will try our best to help you :)

Q: Will you expand this guide and add this/that?

A: Sure - I will update and improve it. Unstoppably :)

Q: Guide just received massive update, but how can I see the little new additions?

A: I add mods and fix text errors few times per week. All the mods freshly added to the guide will be marked with red-colored ==NEW== sign.

Q: Wait, why the popular [mod_name] is not listed here?

A: One of the main goals of the guide always is to keep your game stable. If some popular/well-known mod is not in the guide - it's either actually pretty buggy, or is not updated for the latest game version. Nothing more besides that.

Q: Ok, now vice versa - I see bug reports on various mod pages which are listed in the guide. Why they are here then?

A: While Starfield modding stage is still in the phase of active development (and so are some mods as well), it often happens that bugs players report at some mod page have nothing to do with the mod itself, or they appear due to user-end mod list incompatibility problem, etc. It ofc also doesn't mean all bug reports are false - yet, I personally tested each mod which I've included in the guide, to make sure it works fine - and mods which are actually heavily bugged are not included. Don't worry!

Q: Game was just got an update but I'm alredy in the middle of walkthrough/have mods installed. What to do?

A: If that's not some major update that brings up new DLC or something on relatable scale that you absolutely can't live without, it's strongly recommended to not update hastily. In most of cases, SFSE-based mods can stop working properly, and some others as well. The best choice here is to hop in to our Discord server and ask there.

Q: Can you just upload your Starfield mods folder with all your mods somewhere so I can just download it and not to choose and install mods one by one?

A: Unfortunately, no. The reasons:
Firstly - such an action would be just disrespectful to mod authors, and I respect their work.
Secondly - everyone has absolutely different PC specs and different taste, and my setup can be absolutely unplayable for many people due to being too hard, for instance.
Lastly - even if you'll download some modpack from elsewhere without having at least a basic knowledge about modding (which you'll get while going through this guide) - should you wish to somehow adjust your mod list, you simply won't be able to do this properly and/or damage your save.
Trust me - when you're making your mod setup by yourself the result will be way better because most of mods are absolutely matter of taste.

Q: That's all cool and everything, but I wanna stay tuned on updates and have modding chatting, something you can offer?

A: Sure! Just join our Discord server - where you can chat with a community about modding Starfield, other iconic series like TW3/TES/FO and more.

Q: I'm a mod author - I've made a cool mod and it's still not in your guide!

A: Just join our Discord server and tell a few words about your mod - thank you :)

Q: I like dem pictures on this page, who is the author?

A: All the screenshots in both galleries are taken by myself using inbuilt badass Photo Mode. It's really useful in the game, and knowing the huge size of the game and many cool-looking places available to take those images at - try it for sure!

Q: Where are you from? A few words about you?

A: Ukraine. Gamer, One Piece & JJBA fan and gym addict living through the russian genocidal invasion. Web-developer in past, fitness trainer and nutritionist now (as hobby asides from content creation).

Now, the first and most important rule. Keeping it will drive right to the most distant galaxies with lots of mods and fully stable game.

1) Make sure your game is NOT installed in Program Files/Documents/any other system folder. Answering possible question - yes, Program Files (x86) is the same. Why so? Most of game clients suggest to istall there by default! True that, but unmodded and modded game are two different things. When game is modded, there are many additional files which didn't exist there in first turn, overlays like Reshade/ENB or script extenders/injectors, etc - and it's needed to be ensured that system has full access to all of them. Program Files is a system folder, and because of this modded games can be often messed up without you even knowing that - so to make sure it won't happen, install your game anywhere - just not in Program Files. If it's same drive that has your Windows installed on it - it's ok too, just once again, not...well, you got it :) With Steam, you may just want to create an another Steam directory out of Program Files, and install Starfield there.

2) Make sure no active overlays, AVs, firewalls and various "boosters" are running. Disable Steam overlay. Make sure your AV (anti virus) software is disabled or at least has Starfield, your mod manager of choice and SFSE (a bit below) added to the whitelist. Same goes for the firewall, if you have it - and this also applies to Windows Defender. Lastly, make sure that you don't have any kind of "boosting/tuner" software enabled - such as Afterburner/RivaTuner etc, and that your GPU software (like NVIDIA Geforce Experience or AMD analogue) doesn't have "optimisation" settings enabled for Starfield. Note: NVIDIA overlay is known to be fine so you can use it to track your PC performance when playing, if needed, as well as making screenshots and recording video pieces.

3) [Optionally yet highly, strongly and crucially recommended] - download and install Sublime Text. It's a simple yet powerful text editor - similar to Windows native Notepad, just many times better. It's very cozy and makes editing various configuration .INI files (which you'll need for some mods here and there). It's free and reliable, pleasant to the eye (unlike the hideous Notepad) and serves millions of people for many years.

4) Launch the game once before intalling mods themselves. Simply launch the game once (not needed to start the walkthrough, just run the game till the main menu is opened, and then exit) to make sure that base game .INI files are generated.

5) Use my StarfieldCustom.INI file or values from it. At this page header, click on the zip button and download the "StarfieldCustom INI file" as shown here. Unzip the archive. Now, go to "\Documents\My Games\Starfield". If there's no "StarfieldCustom" file there, just place my file here. If you already have this file, then make sure you have the same lines as from under [General] and [Archive] in my file and paste those if you don't have them.

6) Check your game after each few mods installed. Always make at least a basic check (launch the game - load a test save - fast travel somewhere/start a random combat/open character menus and inventory) from time to time in process of modding. This is needed to prevent situations like if something goes wrong (improper mod installation, weird conflict or even just corrupted mod files during download) but you having no idea what and when exactly because you last time checked your game way to long ago. So, simply check your game often enough to always keep the hand on pulse.

7) Develop this good habit when it comes to meeting a bug in modded Starfield ↓↓↓↓↓ When experiencing a game issue which you think is related to mods - don't rush to report it as bug to the first mod you think it's coming from. Replicate it a few times, try to remove mods few by few and see when exactly the issue goes away - it often happens that what you have thought of being a bug from a certain mod at first, may be not even related to it to begin with or be not a bug but a feature which you just personally don't like. Mod authors not always can help with every possible issue because they can't surely know about how exactly their mod will work together with all other possible mods on the stage. Tldr, often "bug" reports made without a proper check will only confuse other players and bring yet another report of the issue which has technically nothing to do with the mod itself. Always apply common sense, narrow down the culprit carefully and respect the time of people who make this game better <3

8) Disable Starfield autoupdates. Game updates are usually a good thing in general. Yet when it comes to the modded game, such update may or may not mess up your mods. If that's not some major update that brings up new DLC or something on relatable scale that you absolutely can't live without, it's strongly recommended to not update hastily. In most of cases, SFSE-based mods can stop working properly, and some others as well. The best choice here is to hop in to our Discord server and ask there.

9) Activating .txt and .esp mods Note: This is needed only for .txt file mods and for mods that have .esp plugins. Loose file mods (meshes, textures, sounds, animations) are just drop-and-forget.
As for now, once again, Starfield modding is still at the beginning of its path, so some modding aspects are not most comfortable - but if you want to mod the game now, you need to understand these details.
TXT mods: Require "activation" in form of a certain command line being added to your "StarfieldCustom.INI" file, like this: sStartingConsoleCommand=bat DifficultyTweaks, where the "sStartingConsoleCommand" basically means "apply the next console command when the save is loaded" and "bat DifficultyTweaks" (just an example, can be any other) means "apply the settings from the .txt file of the Difficulty Tweaks mod". Thing is, you can only have one such line in general, so, if you'll be using multiple mods of such kind (that's almost guaranteed), and want them all to work properly, you'll need to "merge" the commands.
Let's say, you have 3 mods for which commands are "bat DifficultyTweaks", "bat BigBadonkers" and "bat ToddSeducesMe". All you need to do is to write them all one after another, separated by the "; " (wihtout quotes), so the resulting line should look like this: "sStartingConsoleCommand=bat DifficultyTweaks; bat BigBadonkers; bat ToddSeducesMe".
Extra tip: the bat (whatever) command name is the same as the mod's .txt file name. So, if mod .txt file is named "OnePieceRocks.txt", then it's command for the StarfieldCustom will be "bat OnePieceRocks" (just without the file extension). That's it!
ESP/ESM mods (classic Bethesda plugins): These are mods with .esp extension plugins. After you'll place such plugin inside the "Data" folder, you need to add this line to your "plugins.txt" file: *ModName.esp (just an example, plugin name can be any, where you always should begin from "*" (without qoutes) and "ModName" is a name of the plugin). Repeat this for every mod with .esm or .esp plugin, every time in new line, without any extra spaces. All the .esp plugins must be loaded after .esm plugins, and the load order goes from top to bottom, meaning that .esm plugins should be above in the very beginning with .esp plugins being listed below them. If there are some mods that are conflicting in certain features and you need mod #5 to take over the mod's #4 changes, mod #5 should be - yes, you're correct - below the mod #4. In the end, it should look like this. The location of "plugins.txt" is explained a bit below.

I'm serious - make sure to follow it. These steps are crucial. Thanks :)

Q: How should I install Starfield mods?

A: As for now - manually. It's only [temporarily] till mod managers (MO2, for instance) will officially get Starfield support which is only a matter of time (MO2 update with Starfield support is already in development). Vortex supports modding Starfield on paper, but, unfortunately, it's still highly buggy, doesn't install some mods properly and can do more harm than good for your modding. Plus, there are not so many Starfield mods right now in general - you won't have any troubles with manual installation - and as soon as other mod managers will receive Starfield support, I'll udpate the guide right away :)

Q: Where to install the mods?

A: There are several directories:
- to Starfield Root folder (where Starfield.exe file is located).
- to Starfield Data folder.
- to SFSE plugins folder, which is in "\Data\SFSE\Plugins".
- to CCR folder (abbreviation from the Console Command Runner, a bit below), which is in "\Data\SFSE\Plugins\ConsoleCommandRunner".
The guide mentions to which one for the mods. Simply download the mod archive, unzip it, and place the file/s into the folder guide instructs you to. If there are some extra steps needed to configure the mod, the guide will mention that too.

Q: What about the installation order and overwriting between the mods that change the same files?

A: For gameplay mods, the installation order usually doesn't matter. For UI/graphics mods, if the mods change same files (until there's a compatibility patch provided by one of the mod's authors or the community), whatever mod overwrites other mod files, will take the effect. Until there's no dedicated extra instructions, you should install the mods in the order they are listed in the guide and approve ovewriting. If there's a patch needed/provided, and any other extra steps need to be made, the guide will mention that.
If there's no instruction provided in the guide and there will be an overwriting prompt when you'll be installing the mod, this means there's a conflict with some other mod installed previously, but not patch available, so overwriting will leave you with the "winning" mod feature only. For instance, one mod changes ship upgrade UI tabs to red color, and other one - upgrades it from 30 to 60 fps. If there's not patch provided, installing the latter one will give you 60 fps for this UI, but its color won't be changed to red. You got the idea :) When the mod managers will fully and properly support Starfield modding, it'll be super easy to see which exact mods are conflicting.

1) Install SFSE. If you allready have it - great. If no - install it. It's obligatory. SFSE is [essential]. Many stability and innovative gameplay mods are working through it. Consider it a basic invisible evolution element of Starfied.
Download the archive somewhere manually, unpack it. From the folder, get the .dll and .exe files, as showed here, and place them to your Starfied folder. (the root folder where Starfield.exe is, not the Data folder). From now on, launch your game only via SFSE (sfse_loader.exe), not the game regular launcher.
Now, go inside the game "Data" folder and create "SFSE" folder in it. Then, go inside this freshly created folder and create a "Plugins" folder in it (without quotes). This folder is used to install SFSE-based mods like shown here. Well done!
Note: if the "blank" SFSE shortcut icon bothers you, get this or this to set and icon for it (follow the instructions in the readme/mod page).

2) Install Address Library for SFSE Plugins. Starfield updates usually break SFSE-based mods. This plugin makes it easier for mod author to make such mods to work independently from the game version. But it's still needed to be installed for the player as well, so do so:
Place [all] the .bin files to Starfield SFSE plugins folder.

3) Install Baka Achievement Enabler. This one is needed for ingame achievements to work with the modded game, as by default, mods disable achievements.
Place the "BakaAchievementEnabler.dll" file to Starfield SFSE plugins folder.

4) Install Modfix. As for now, one should install Starfield mods that change vanilla assets (like meshes and textures) into the "Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data" folder instead of a game "\Data" folder, which is quite uncomfortable. This little tool creates a "link" between these 2 directories so you can intall mods to a "normal" (ingame) data folder as usually for other Bethesda games. Make sure to open the mod page's "Docs" tab and follow the instructions there. You only need to do it once, it's "do-and-forget" action.

5) Install Console Command Runner Updated ==NEW==. An SFSE plugin that automatically runs user defined console commands on startup. Needed for steadily growing number of mods below in the guide. Place the .dll file to your Starfield SFSE plugins folder. Now, go inside your SFSE plugins folder, create a new folder there, and name it "ConsoleCommandRunner" (without quotes) like shown here. Nice. This one is an updated version of the original mod compatible with the latest game version.

6) Install Plugins.txt Enabler. ==NEW== Needed for easy activation of mods with classic Bethesda plugins via "plugins.txt" file. Download the SFSE version. Place "SFPluginsTxtEnabler.dll" file to Starfield SFSE plugins folder. Now, go to Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Starfield and create a new text file there called "plugins.txt" (the name itself is "plugins" without quotes, with the .txt extension). Launch the game once and close it. If you will not see the AppData folder, enable the hidden files visibility in Windows settings. Now, to active the plugin/s:
After you'll place such plugin inside the "Data" folder, you need to add this line to your "plugins.txt" file: *ModName.esp (just an example, plugin name can be any, where you always should begin from "*" (without qoutes) and "ModName" is a name of the plugin). Repeat this for every mod with .esm or .esp plugin, every time in new line, without any extra spaces. All the .esp plugins must be loaded after .esm plugins, and the load order goes from top to bottom, meaning that .esm plugins should be above in the very beginning with .esp plugins being listed below them. If there are some mods that are conflicting in certain features and you need mod #5 to take over the mod's #4 changes, mod #5 should be - yes, you're correct - below the mod #4. In the end, it should look like this.

7) Use Starfield Performance Optimization. Game graphics settings tweaks for a decent FPS boost without a quality loss on Ultra graphics settings preset. Unzip the archive and place the file from it into your Starfield root folder, approving overwriting. Next time you'll launch the game, make sure to switch the settings preset back and forth to your one (for instance, set preset to Low and then back to Ultra, if using Ultra) to make sure changes are applied.
For other presets rather then Ultra, try this one - installation principle is the same.

8) [OPTIONALLY] Install Disk Cache Enabler. Use disk cache for IO for less disk activity and improve performance if Starfield is installed on HDD. If you're playing on SSD, there won't be much difference, most likely (or just a bit) - but for HDD, this one is is super effective. Download the SFSE plugin version and place the .dll file to Starfield SFSE plugins folder.

9) [OPTIONALLY] Install Starfield.exe Auto-Backup. Game updates break SFSE and mods based on it. This tool will automatically store your different versions of Starfield.exe files in backup folders. Now you will always have a backup of your executable in case you unintentionally updated your game via Steam, so you can use it instead of the updated Starfield.exe temporarily till SFSE and related mods will be updated.
Place the "auto_backup_executable.dll" file to Starfield SFSE plugins folder.

Now, install all the mods from a list below. They are plenty, but each is absolutely essential in different ways, be it bug fixing or must-have QOL improvements

60 FPS - Smooth UI Increases the UI files to 60 FPS, for a smoother and less jittery user interface and menus. Get the FULL version and place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. Showcase here. StarUI Inventory Inspired by SkyUI for Skyrim, this mod completely overhauls inventory interface to be more modern, comfortable and generally PC-like, as well as adding extra sorting and other features. Place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. You can configure the mod through "StarUI Inventory.ini" file inside "\Interface" folder. A brief ingame showcase of the mod available here. StarUI HUD A much larger, complex and configurable HUD overhaul from the author of the mod above, for multiple other HUD aspects, and with more features to be added with time. StarUI HUD gives you full control over most HUD widgets and provides an updated loot list and better item cards with DPS and V/W. Resize, move, recolour or disable most of the HUD widgets and more! Place the "Interface" (that's already a 60 FPS one) folder to Starfield Data folder. You can completely configure every mod feature in the .INI file, or just use one of the presets provided by the author (read about that at the mod page).
Optionally, after you've installed this mod, you can install retextures for some of the mod's icon which make them look somewhat more vanilla-like. Place "Interface" folder to Starfield data folder and approve overwriting. Mod showcase here. StarUI Workbench ==NEW== StarUI Workbench improves all workbenches with a more compact layout, more information, sortable columns, new data columns, custom layout, recolouring, dark mode, QOL features and more. Place the "Iterface" folder to Starfield data folder. Fully configurable in the .INI files that come with the mod files. StarUI Configurator ==NEW== Visualized configuration interface for all StarUI mods. Put the files from "Data" folder to Starfield data folder. Double click the "StarUI Configurator.hta" file and configure the mods to your liking. Enhanced Dialogue Interface There are LOTS of dialogues in Starfield, so let's make time spent in them more cozy. Enhance your dialogue experience with a wider, refined and centered text area, improved text clarity featuring a subtle shadow for better readability - all without annoying transition animations. Also, there are several visual appearance options, optional possibility to choose dialogue options with the keyboard keys and some configuration available. Place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. You can configure the mod through "Enhanced Dialogue Interface.ini" file inside "\Interface" folder. If you want to have the "Post War" or "Vanilla Like" visual apperance, download the preset file and replace the "Enhanced Dialogue Interface.ini" file. Ingame showcase here.
It's not imperatively necessary, but highly recommended (as they work great in tandem) to also install this mod for improved subtitiles look from the same author. Installation way is the same, and you can configure this one through the .INI file as well.
Lastly, if you don't have time or don't want to fiddle with the configuration files, you can get one of many beautiful presets (.INI files) available here. Sprint Stuttering Fix Fixed twitching/stuttering when sprinting in first person on uneven terrain. Download the "Sprint Stuttering Fix" file (the one that has "Requires SFSE" text). Place the "SprintStutteringFix.dll" to Starfield SFSE plugins folder. Sprint Headtracking Bug Fix Fixes a bug where the player head is permanently stuck facing the left or right after jumping while sprinting without a weapon drawn. Place"Meshes" folder to Starfield Data folder. Weapon Swap Stuttering Fix Fixed stuttering when changing weapons. Get the SFSE version. Place the .dll file to the Starfield SFSE plugins folder. Enable Loose File Modding ==NEW== [Optional mod]. If you prefer to fiddle with the StarfieldCustom.INI file as least often as possible, you can install this mod to make the loose files modding (lines for that are part of my StarfieldCustom.INI file) and automated process ran by CCR command. Place the .toml file to CCR folder. Crash Logger ==NEW== Provides a crash log that can be (not guaranteed, but still) useful when troubleshooting a game crash. Place the .dll file to SFSE plugins folder. Starfield Silent Voice A SFSE plugin that adds support for unvoiced in-game dialog added by mods. There are no such mods right now, but this one sitting inside your game folder will not do any harm nor affect performance, and when such will be released - you will already have it. Place all mod files to Starfield SFSE plugins folder.

This sections lists various bugfixing mods that are correcting certain ingame issues or glitches that are can't be called game-breaking or just crucial enough. At the same time, if you're a maximalist or have some bugs that are troubling you personally, most likely, you'll find a fix here. Some mods that are changing certain gameplay moments that is nto technically a bug, but still can be annoying or just feeling irrational, are listed here as well.

Acculander Thruster Fix - Stroud-Eklund Landing Gears ==NEW== Removes the bad duplicate Stroud-Eklund Landing Gears geometry. Place the "Meshes" folder to Starfield data folder. Stealthing on Scow - Stealth option for No Sudden Moves ==NEW== Not practically a bug fix, buy this quest walkthrough aspect could be irritating to many players. Now if you can sneak your way to the artifact without alerting the guards, you can leave without combat or bounty. Place "Scripts" and "Source" folders to Starfield data folder. Undiscovered Temples Fix ==NEW== Fixes the bug with Undiscovered Temples in the game's UI so it won't be higher than the actual number of temples there are to discover. Note: most likely won't work retroactively, so it's better to install it in the beginning of the walkthrough. Place "Scripts" folder to Starfield data folder. Other You Elite Crew Appearance Fix ==NEW== Fixes a bug causing the Other You Elite Crew to change appearance after you use an Enhance. Place "Scripts" folder to Starfield data folder.

Icon Sorting Tags - Starfield Edition Add a small icon in front of lootable items in the world and inventory, so it's easier to see what is what to help with inventory management. Place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. Ingame showcase here. Undelayed Menus Download the first main file. This mod's goal is to significantly improve the user experience by enhancing the responsiveness and efficiency of in-game menus. Place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder and do [NOT] overwrite (there will be a conflict with StarUI files). Then, open the StarUI Inventory.ini file and "bInstantOpenCloseAnimation" value to 1 instead of 0. Press CTRL+S and close the .INI file. Clean Main Menu ==NEW== Removes main menu clutter. Includes a .toml config file to modify what exactly to remove. Place all mod files to SFSE plugins folder. Enhanced Player Healthbar This mod dynamically changes the player's healthbar color at 75%, 50% and 25%. Place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. Enhanced Player Boostbar From the author of the mod above. TChanges the player's boostbar color to blue and flashes cyan when fully recharged. Place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. Dark Mode for Terminals Save your eyes once and for all. Get the 60FPS version (main file not needed) and place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. Choose this mod or the one below. Easy Read Dark UI - Clean Terminals ==NEW== A darker UI for terminals and kiosks. Removes much of the dust speckles and visual clutter. Get the 60 FPS version and place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. Choose this mod or the one above. Compact Ship Builder UI Compact Mission UI Compact Crew Menu UI Compact Build Menu UI Similar mods from the same author to make more items to be seen on the screen. Place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. Customizable HUD 2.0 Change colours, hide the scanner vignette, add a carry weight read-out to the scanner UI, even add warning colours with custom thresholds for health, O2 and more. Customizable via the JSON configuration file (you can easily edit it with the Sublime Text). Get the 60FPS version and place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. You can configure the via the "ui_options.json" file. Less Intrusive HUD and Better Crosshair Modifies a few combat HUD elements for a better experience. Look on the mod page images for demonstration. Place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. Colored Research Icons Replaces the Reasearch Laboratory selected icons with colored versions using Constellation color palette. Get the 60FPS version. Place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. Speedy Starmap QoL Speeds up resource display, starmap fading/panning. This mod is just a configuration tweak to the "StarfieldCustom.INI" file you already have. Thus, do NOT replace the file itself with this mod's one - simply copy the lines from the mod page and paste them inside your own existing file. Fullscran - Whole Screen Scanner Highlighting This set of INI tweaks allows you to see highlighted objects and resource veins across your entire screen, and not just inside the scanner circle. Put the mod .txt file into Starfield root directory and follow the activation instructions from the mod page. Unique Quest Arrow Designs ==NEW== 7 unique quest arrow designs with optional blank textures to remove spinning cube effect. Show Star Names ==NEW== Always show star names when on the galaxy map. Place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. Black Loading Screen Remover Choose one of the mod versions. Place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. Faster Favorites Menu What the mod title says. Get the 60FPS version. Place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. No Data Menu Flicker If this bothers you. Get the 60FPS version. Place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. Stew - No Galaxy Map Rotation Reset ==NEW== Engine plugin to keep the galaxy map orientation after releasing the rotate button. Place the .ddl file to Starfield data folder. No Galaxy Map Vignette Removes the vignette from the pause menu background. No Pause Menu Vignette Removes the vignette from the pause menu background. Simplified Compass UI edit that removes certain redundant parts of the compass without messing with functionality or usability. No Loading Spinner on Fader Menu Removes the loading spinner from the so-called "fader menu" (loading screen when fast traveling, entering buildings, ships, etc.) to preserve immersion without removing loading screens altogether. Place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. Longer Ship Outpost and Item Names Allows you to name your Ship, Outpost, Weapons, and Armor using more than 14 characters! 25 is the default, you can choose a number up to 255 in the included INI config file. Place the mod files (.dll and .ini ones) to Starfield SFSE plugins folder. You can configure the name symbols length in the "longer-ship-name.ini" file. First Person Messages - CCR Changes the in-game corner notification messages to first person ones for muh immersion. Place the .toml file to CCR folder. Starfield Save Previews SFSE plugin that brings back save game screenshots. Starfield HD Vanilla Desktop Shortcut Icon Replaces the ugly-outlined game desktop icon. Read the mod page for the installation instructions.

Loading screen mods, replacing or adding new loading screens. Installation: "Texture" folder to Data folder.

Concept Art Loading Screens Ads 50+ new loading screens to Starfield from the game's concept art. Sci-fi Loading Screens Mega Pack Nearly 200 new loading screens compiled from various sci-fi art. Not related to Starfield mostly, but still beautiful and can be a good pick for many players.

Main menu replacers. Choose one. Installation: "Video" and "Sound" (if present) folders to Data folder.

Orbits - A Main Menu Replacement A custom main menu replacement for Starfield that loops seamlessly. Chose 1080p or 4k version (4k has sense only if you have 1440p monitor or bigger one). Cowboy Bebop Main Menu Replacer Changes the main menu title screen to have the Cowboy Bebop intro video with sound. STAR WARS Main Menu Replacer - Binary Sunset This mod replaces the main menu animation with a better high quality animated video of the Binary Sunset on Tatooine and 10 minutes music from Star Wars. SF Concept Art Main Menu Replacer Animated 4K main menu replacer that highlights some of the great concept art behind the creation of Starfield. Mass Effect 3 menu replacer ==NEW== Alien The 8th Passenger Main Menu

Font replacers. Choose one. Installation is same as for the most of other UI mods (Interface folder to Data folder).

Starfield String Sharpener - A Font Replacement Compact and accurate fonts Helvetica - Font Replacement Nasalization - A Font Replacer Mass Effect Font ==NEW== Fallout 4 Font Replacer ==NEW== Accessibility fonts Some font options for people with reading disorders.

Console Size and Color As for now, console is needed not only for cheats, but also useful for testing various things, especially when game is modded. Thus, let's make console more comfortable to use. This mod is just a configuration tweak to the "StarfieldCustom.INI" file you already have. Thus, do NOT replace the file itself with this mod's one - simply copy the lines from the mod page and paste them inside your own existing file. Photo Mode Camera Improvements Disables the collision entirely on the photo mode camera, allows it to move much farther from the player, allows the orbit camera to get up close to the player, and lessens restrictions on selfie camera angles. Download the "Console Command Runner Version" version and place the .toml file to CCR folder. CCR - Waiting Reinvented Save your time by simply spending much less time in "waiting" menu. Choose one of the mod versions (4 hour version recommended) and place the .toml file to CCR folder. Powerofthree's Tweaks SFSE Collection of various gameplay tweaks. Read the mod page for the list, to see if you need them. WIP mod, with more tweaks to be added. Place the .dll and .INI files to SFSE plugins folder. Responsive Grabbing This mod cuts that frustrating one-second delay when grabbing objects and bodies to just 300 milliseconds, making your game more responsive and enjoyable. This mod is a StarfieldCustom.INI settings - do not replace your own StarfieldCustom.INI and follow the mod page instructions to paste the needed lines yourself. Better Alt-Tab Stops the game from opening the pause menu and becoming inactive when using Alt-Tab. This mod is also a StarfieldCustom.INI settings - do not replace your own StarfieldCustom.INI and instead paste the values from the mod file into your own StarfieldCustom. Ship Power Control Tweaks ==NEW== Swap between multiple preconfigured power presets. Select your ship's available power systems with Quick-Keys 1 to 6. Place the "Interface" folder to Starfield data folder. Ship Skip - Instant Station Docking and More Removes painfully slow docking cutscenes. Comes with option to remove ground landing and takeoff animations. Get one of the main files per your preference. Place "Meshes" folder to Starfield Data folder. Realistic Head Tracking - CCR Lowers head tracking value for NPCs from 30 to 5 so they aren't watching you from across the room but still look in your direction when you're talking to them. Place the .toml file to CCR folder. Flight Camera Fix - CCR Resets the flight camera to a slightly less in the ship thrusters position. Ideal for larger ships. Place the .toml file to CCR folder. Enhanced Ship Builder Tolerance Plus Gives multiple personalization options to the ship builder menu controls and placement limitations. Provides lots of files for different features in different setups - read the mod page for the list of features and place the chosen .toml files to CCR folder. Instant Grav Jump What it says - no more animation. There's also optional version that doesn't remove it, but makes it faster. Choose one and place "Meshes" folder to Starfield Data folder. Camera Shake Remover - CCR ==NEW== Removes camera shake in various combat and during explosions if this bothers you. Place the .toml file to CCR folder. Simple Offence Suppression SFSE ==NEW== SFSE plugin that prevents neutral NPCs and spaceships from turning hostile when you accidentally hit them. Place the .dll and .ini files to SFSE plugins folder. Showcase here. Faster Airlock and Hatch and Door Animations ==NEW== Entering and exiting certain buildings can be tiresome due to how slow their airlocks/hatches operate. This mod aims to fix that. It comes with various speed multipliers for you to choose from. Choose the version and place "Meshes" folder to Starfield data folder. Then, download the sound fix to match the speedup - get the proper version and place the "Sound" folder to Starfield data folder. CCR - Starfield Ship Distance Tweaker Uses Console Command Runner to increases the distance at which you can loot, dock, and transfer with you ship to 2500 Meters. It also changes the ship registration to 25% of the ships value. Place the .toml file to CCR folder. Starfield Hotkeys Hotkey console commands and game actions. Examples: set a hotkey to enter Photo Mode, change outfits, open the Wait menu, toggle the freecam, stop/slow time and more. Refer to the mod page for installation instructions and tweaking options. Baka Quick Full Saves Turns Quick Saves into normal Saves to give you a better control of your walktrhough if needed. Place the .dll file to Starfield SFSE plugins folder. Note that it's still not recommended to spam the quicksave way too often as there's a hardcoded limit for number of saves in the game, which is 100. Ship Builder Tweaks A bunch of tweaks that make the ship builder more enjoyable and responsive to use. Includes faster and further zoom, faster panning, faster rotating, smaller snapping distance and more floors. Place the mod files to the Starfield root folder. Then, look for the activation instructions on the mod page. Classic Sprinting (Hold to sprint) Changes sprint button to only sprint when the button is held instead of acting like a toggle. Place the mod files (the .dll and .pdb ones) to Starfield SFSE plugins folder. Hold To Equip Extended Enables vanilla "Hold To Equip" feature for more items - hold the action key when looking on the food item to consume it, and to read the book/magazine/note without picking it up. Place the mod .dll file to Starfield SFSE plugins folder. Jetpack Overhaul Jetpacks now work with pressing and holding buttons, instead of being single press. Optional energy consumption and thrust tweaks. Place the mod files to the Starfield root folder. Then, look for the activation instructions on the mod page. Show More Points of Interest Increases the distance at which the scanner marks points of interest. Place the mod files to the Starfield root folder. Then, look for the activation instructions on the mod page. Better Visible Resources Make materials/resources stand out more with bright colors so they stand out more. Place the "Textures" folder to Starfield Data folder. Better Visible Valuables Similar mod from the same author for creditsticks and digipics. Choose one of the mod version and place the "Textures" folder to Starfield Data folder. Better 3rd Person Flight Camera Nobody wants their nose up their ship's butt. This mod fixes that by pulling the camera back further. Good for larger ships. Place the mod file to the Starfield root folder. Then, look for the activation instructions on the mod page. Slower item rotation Loweres the rotation speed when placing objects with the workshop (e.g. decoration) for smoother placement. Place the mod file to the Starfield root folder. Then, look for the activation instructions on the mod page. Customizable Climbing Animations (Ladder and Mantle) Tweak how fast you can climb on ladders and other objects (mantle) to your preference. The mod comes with several speed options to choose from, from x2 slower to x2 faster. Choose one of the mod versions and place the "Meshes" folder to Starfield data folder. No Lockpick Activate Stops the inventory menu automatically showing after unlocking a container, allowing you to quickly use the loot menu instead. Place the .dll file to SFSE plugins folder. Less AI Greetings (CCR) Mod to change the greeting distance and timers of NPC so that they aren't as annoying. Place the .toml file to CCR folder. Clear Imagespace Modifiers Use this mod if you have certain imagespace modifiers (lens, blurred vision etc) "stuck" at your save no matter what even when changing cells and planets. Get the CCR version and place the .toml file to CCR folder. Disable Low Health Visual Effects Disables the visual effects (red pulsing dof distortion effect) when you're on low/critical health. Do not replace your own StarfieldCustom.INI and instead paste the values from the mod file into your own StarfieldCustom. Hide Spacesuit in Breathable Areas Hide Spacesuit on Ships Hide Spacesuit Anywhere Several similar cosmetic mods that make the "Hide Spacesuit in Settlements" option to work either in different places (or everywhere completely). Choose one. Place the .esp plugin file to your Starfield Data folder, and then activate the plugin in your StarfieldCustom.INI file (if you're not sure how to do so, refer to "Preparations" section). Note: this feature was not foreseen by the game regular behaviour, so there can't be 100% guarantee it won't cause glitches in some areas - test your game in different locations first on separate save. Show Spacesuit When Taking Environmental Damage ==NEW== Fixes an oversight that prevented spacesuits from showing when taking environmental damage. Most noticeable when using one of the mods above. Choose one of the mod versions and place the .esp plugin to Starfield data folder.

Note: technically, all .toml/.txtf mods are fully customizable even if the mod page doesn't mention this - you can change the values in the mod .txt file using your text editor. But ofc, for complex mods like combat AI overhauls, you need to clearly know what you're doing - otherwise, it's better to not touch the values. Also, as Starfield modding stage grows, the "Gameplay Mods" section will be gradually spliced into standalone sections like "Spaceships" (already created below), "Combat" etc.

In-Game FOV Changer Lets you permanently change the FOV In-Game, from 70 (vanilla) up to 120. Place the mod files to the Starfield root folder. Then, look for the activation instructions on the mod page. Less Heinous Leveling XP Curve Smooths out the leveling curve, making higher levels less grindy, while remaining close to default at lower levels. Pretty much a must-have mod for a long walkthrough. Choose one of the mod versions (difference explained on the mod page), place the mod .txt file to the Starfield root folder. Then, look for the activation instructions on the mod page. Ingame showcase here Use this mod or the one below. CCR - Auto Faster Leveling Alternative to the mod above, this one simply makes leveling in general faster with different options - from x1.25 to x10 faster. Choose the mod version you prefer and place the .toml file to CCR folder. Simple Difficulty Tweaks A difficulty mod for starfield that hanges the damage the player and enemies take, as well as enemy health late game, basically making both you and enemies less spongy. Simple changes that make a good difference. Note: you'll take MUCH more damage on Hard and Very Hard with this mod. Download the "DifficultyTweaks.txt" file first, unzip the archive and place the .txt file to the Starfield root folder. Then, open your "StarfieldCustom.INI" file (the one in "\Documents\My Games\Starfield") and, under the [General], paste the "sStartingConsoleCommand=bat DifficultyTweaks" (without the quoutes). Press CTRL+S and close the .INI file. If you already have the "sStartingConsoleCommand" line and something else with it, just follow the bat commands merging tips above. Done!
Combat and Stealth AI Overhauls A much more complex (but at the same time, fully modular, so you can only grab parts you think you need) approach which involves not only damage modifiers, but also noticeable improvements to enemy AI for both open combat and stealth. If you were also baffled by the utter stupidity of the enemy AI in this game (well, it's honestly hard to call this AI to begin with), then try this mod. Get either AIO version or the separate standalone "module" files of the mod. AIO version is updated to CCR version - place the .toml file to CCR folder. For standalone versions, place the .txt file/s to the Starfield root folder. Then, look for the activation instructions on the mod page. Mod showcase here.
Note #1: If you'll be using this mod, the mod above is not needed. This mod also covers damage modifiers, but in more balanced way (which makes sense, as enemies will be already stronger because of the improved AI).
Note #2: if you'll be using several standalone files instead of AIO, make sure to add activation bat command line for [each] of them to your StafieldCustom INI file. Enemy Friendly Fire (SFSE) SFSE plugin that enables friendly fire for all NPCs. Place the mod .dll file to Starfield SFSE plugins folder. Showcase here. NPCs Take Environmental Damage NPCs are by default immune to environmental damage such as gas vents, frozen liquids, corrosive liquids, lava pools, etc. This mod changes that. Place the .esm file to Starfield data folder. Realistic Ejection Pattern Changes the speed, rotation and randomness of spent cases. Place [only] the .toml file to CCR folder. Mod showcase here. Longer Slide Distance ==NEW== Extends the combat slide distance. Multiple versions to choose from. Pick one and place the "Meshes" folder to Starfield data folder. CCR - Better Horizontal Boost ==NEW== Adds several options to increase the horizontal boost pack power modifier to make the horizontal boost a bit faster and more useful especially on Balanced and Power packs. Pick only one .toml file and place it to CCR folder. Smart Aiming - Third to First Person Automatically switch to first person when aiming your weapon, and back to third person upon release. Place the mod files (.dll and .ini ones) to Starfield SFSE plugins folder. Configurable via the "po3_SmartAiming.ini" file. Third-Person ADS FOV Allows you to change the default ADS FOV when in Third-Person view. Place the "ThirdPersonCam.txt" file to the Starfield root folder. Then, look for the activation instructions on the mod page. ADS FOV Removed (SFSE) Or just disable it completely. Place the .dll file to the Starfield SFSE plugins folder. Better BoostPack Flight A comprehensive boospack flying overhaul. It transforms the boost pack's behavior, allowing for swifter forward propulsion and temporary hovering during combat, imparting a distinct sense of weightiness. While the jetpack now provides quick bursts of thrust and sustained mid-air suspension, it doesn't permit soaring into the skies as if gravity were non-existent on close to 1G or above celestial bodies.
Installation: Place the "BetterBoostpackFlight.txt" file to Starfield root folder and look for the activation instructions on the mod page. Ingame showcase here. Increased Affliction Penalties ==NEW== Changes to affliction debuffs, penalties and damage to make them actually dangerous. Get the CCR version and place the .toml file to CCR folder. Legendary Spawn - CCR Increases the spawn chance of legendary enemies anywhere from 50% on Easy to 150% on Very Hard. Place the .toml file to CCR folder. Crowded Universe - CCR Feel that planets are too empty? This mod will add content to them. Updated, CCR version of the mod - so make sure to delete the original .txt version if you have it and remove the corresponding bat command from your StarfieldCustom.INI, then place the .toml file to CCR folder. Less Crowded Universe On the opposite, this one [decreases] the number of locations in any previously unused landing site (or even make planets empty). Choose the version and place the mod txt file to the Starfield root folder. Then, look for the activation instructions on the mod page. More Planet Sites Increase amount of sites on planet. Works only on not yet discovered planets. Chose the CCR mod version you prefer and place the .toml file to CCR folder. Stew - Manual Reload ==NEW== Stops the player automatically reloading when running out of clip ammo so you have to press the reload button yourself. Place the .dll file to SFSE plugins folder. Targeting perk - no enemies glow ==NEW== Removes the glowing effect of the enemies when you have a targeting perk, if this effect bothers you. This said, it removes the visual effect entirely, making this part of the perk useless. Place the "Scripts" folder to Starfield data folder. RLS Non-Detectable Companions Don't you just hate it when your companions blow your cover? Now they won't. Place the mod .txt file to the Starfield root folder and look for the activation instructions on the mod page. Closer Followers - CCR Some follower AI tweaks to make them stop lagging behind 20 feet, jogging, then stopping and repeating. How many times you wondered you can see your companion just to find them 500 meters behind still standing and gawking? This mod will help. Place the .toml file to CCR folder. Quit Blocking Me - CCR Doubles the distance the follower walk from you when bumped, and removes delay. Place the .toml file to CCR folder. Custom Scan Requirements - CCR Lowers the number of scans required to complete a survey for plants and animals. Chose one of the mod versions and place the .toml file to CCR folder. Gravity Affects Weight SFSE plugin that makes gravity affect inventory/carry weight. Place the .dll and .ini files to SFSE plugins folder. Rewarding Activities This mod increases the experience received from exploring new locations, picking locks, overcoming speech challenges, researching, creating new items or upgrading weapons and equipment. Different version available and the files themselves are easily customizable. Place the chose mod version .txt file to the Starfield root folder. Then, look for the activation instructions on the mod page. To configure the mod, simply change the values in the .txt file (while the game is not running). Customizable Food Drinks Chem Duration Changes the duration and magnitude of foods, drinks and chems. You can change the values in the .txt file. Place the mod .txt file to the Starfield root folder. Then, look for the activation instructions on the mod page. Ingame showcase here. No More Junk Loot Reduces the visual clutter for loot-able items, making it easier and faster to see the good items that are actually worth picking up. Several versions available. Choose one and place the "Meshes" folder to Starfield data folder. Note: while being effective in what it does, if you won't manually remove some mesh files from the mod, this can result in some weird lookings, like all fire extinguishers turning invisible and so, missing from their postsaments, etc. Outpost Kiosks - Buildable Vendor ==NEW== Build vendor kiosks in your outposts to conveniently sell your items. Choose one of the mod versions and place "strings" fodler and the .esp file to Starfield data folder. More Populous Space - CCR ==NEW== Increases spawn chances for all space encounters I know variables for by 50% across the board. Place the .toml file to CCR folder. Increased Scan Distance Increases the distance at which objects can be scanned. It also increases the social interaction distance of the scanner (Diplomacy, Intimidation, and other perks). Place the mod files to the Starfield root folder. Then, look for the activation instructions on the mod page. Increased Highlight Distance Increases the distance of objects highlighted by the scanner. Place the mod files to the Starfield root folder. Then, look for the activation instructions on the mod page. Enhanced Lockpicks Easy Digipicks Plus SFSE script that gives a variety of options to change the difficulty of lockpicking with digipicks. Inside the mod folder, choose [one] .toml file and place it to CCR folder. No XP Kill Steal Fix - CCR Not quite technically a bug, most likely, but rather an adjustment. The mod eliminates the sitautions where companions and other NPCs can steal your kill and you get no XP for it. Updated, CCR version of the mod - so make sure to delete the original .txt version if you have it and remove the corresponding bat command from your StarfieldCustom.INI, then place the .toml file to CCR folder. Better Mines - CCR Do you hate when your mines instantly explode when throwing at an enemy? Then this mod is for you. Updated, CCR version of the mod - so make sure to delete the original .txt version if you have it and remove the corresponding bat command from your StarfieldCustom.INI, then place the .toml file to CCR folder. Better Sprint Costs In a world where we have space ships but still no cars to drive, there's one crucial thing we require: reduced oxygen sprint costs. Updated, CCR version of the mod - so make sure to delete the original .txt version if you have it and remove the corresponding bat command from your StarfieldCustom.INI, then place the .toml file from the chosen mod version to CCR folder. Power Attack Cost Reduction Melee combat can be a lot of fun. But sometimes you wonder, why is my character after two swings already out of breath? Updated, CCR version of the mod - so make sure to delete the original .txt version if you have it and remove the corresponding bat command from your StarfieldCustom.INI, then place the .toml file from the chosen mod version to CCR folder. Better Jump Cost - CCR Jump oxygen cost decreased in half or (cheat version) being completely free. Updated, CCR version of the mod - so make sure to delete the original .txt version if you have it and remove the corresponding bat command from your StarfieldCustom.INI, then place the .toml file from the chosen mod version to CCR folder. Better out of LOS Sneaking - CCR This mod decreases enemy hearing accuracy when you're hidden behind obstacles, improving your stealth by reducing their ability to detect you out of sight. Enemies won't have supersonic ears anymore when you're playing hide-and-seek behind walls. Updated, CCR version of the mod - so make sure to delete the original .txt version if you have it and remove the corresponding bat command from your StarfieldCustom.INI, then place the .toml file to CCR folder. Better Death Physics - CCR Applies more realistic physics to getting shot or exploded. Place the .toml file to CCR folder. Peaceful Planets (Empty Planets) Makes the procedurally generated planets empty so you're free to explore in peace. Add the line from the mod .INI file to your "StarfieldCustom.INI" file. Quantum Essence Activator ==NEW== Creates a hotkey to directly activate Quantum Essence without going through the menus, SHIFT+N by default. Place the .toml file to CCR folder. Save Tweaks (SFSE) This plugin allows you to tweak the conditions under which saving is allowed for your personalized gameplay experience. Place the .dll file to SFSE plugins folder. For the configuration instructions, look at the mod page. PermaDeath ==NEW== You have only one life, and that's it. Upon dying, all character saves will be deleted. Place the mod files to SFSE plugins folder.

In this section, all kind of (mostly) gameplay mods related to spaceships, are listed. As Starfield modding stage grows, the "Gameplay Mods" section will be gradually spliced into standalone sections like this one.

Call Your Ship ==NEW== Call your spaceship from anywhere outdoor. The ship will take off and then land in front of you, ready to be used. Place the mod .txt file to Starfield root folder and the "Scripts" folder to Starfield data folder. For the mod usage in game, look at the mod page. Showcase here. More Ownable Ships Increases the maximum number of ships you can own (5x, 10x, 25x, 50x). Make sure to use the CCR version - choose the one you prefer and place a .toml file to CCR folder. Ship Interior Ramp ==NEW== This mod lets you add a ramp to your ship, and walk from one level to another. Make sure to read mod page fully to understand the usage. Place "geometries" and "Meshes" folders to Starfield data folder. Place Ladders Anywhere ==NEW== This mod lets you place a ladder that connects any two habs vertically at any given set of two vertically-aligning attach points that you want. Place the "Meshes" folder to Starfield data folder. Place Side-to-Side Doors Anywhere ==NEW== This lets you place port-starboard connections anywhere between two habs that you want. You can also block connections. Place the "Meshes" folder to Starfield data folder. Make sure to read the mod page for usage instructions. No Contraband Scanning for Faction Members ==NEW== Do not get contraband scanned if you are a member of the same faction. Place the "Scripts" folder to Starfield data folder. CCR - Ship cargo transfer diіtance Choose the distance at which the you can transfer to your ship cargo and viceversa. In the mod folder, choose [one] .toml file and place it to CCR folder.

Mods that change either the look or stats of everything armors and weapons related - their models and textures, damage/resistances, reticle and scopes, and (in future, when CK will be released) - mods that add new weapons and armors to the game.

Reticle, scope, hit markers and such:

High-Vis Scope Crosshair Replacement Scope reticles/crosshairs are now dual colors with red accents for higher visibility. Download a proper version depending on whether you're on regular (16:9) or ultrawide (21:9/32:9) monitor. Unzip the archive and choose ONE version in it (they have previews for you to look at). Place the "Interface" folder from the chosen one to Starfield Data folder. Clean Vanilla Hit Marker Removes the visual clutter from the vanilla hit marker, making it much easier to see what you're shooting at. Multiple styles available - unpack the archive, chose one of the versions and place the "Interface" folder to Starfield Data folder. Plague's Optics Reimagined A remake or edit of nearly every reflex/holographic reticle in Starfield. Now you can see what you're shootin' at, soldier. Place the "Textures" folder to Starfield data folder. Clean Reflex Sight Lenses Removes the tint, dirt, and glare from all reflex sights. Place the "Meshes" folder to Starfield data folder. Compatible with the mod above - one changes textures, another one changes meshes.

Armor & weapon retextures:

Freestar Security Leather Fix Fixes the Freestar Security uniforms looking like wet plastic. Black Gloves Overwrite Recolors the base gloves in the game to be black. Works well with other spacesuit mods that darken the textures. The Mandalorian - Boba Fett - Jango Fett Mod in several versions to replacer Mantis or Satrborn suit with the Mandalorian-inspired one. Mod showcase here. The Mandalorian ==NEW== Replaces the Mantis spacesuit with Din Djarins Mandalorian armor and boostpack. The Mandalorian - Experimental Nishina Spacesuit Replacer ==NEW== Ranger Dustwear - Darker Texture Concept Art Inspired Pirate Gear RodgerTM profile ==NEW== For multiple retextures for various outfits. FA - 4K - The 'Onyx' Deepseeker Spacesuit ==NEW== All Black Va'ruun Spacesuit Black Striker Maskwear Outfit Black Shocktrooper Spacesuit Outfit Muddy Black Poncho Gonz - UC Xeno Marine - Various Gray UC Marine Anti-Xeno Gear Black Bounty Hunter Spacesuit Black Utility Headphones All Dark Black Starborn Spacesuit Capeless Starborn Armor - No Potato Sack and Cleaner Metal ==NEW== Black Cyber Runner Outfit Neocitysuit and Capesuit Normal Textures improvement ==NEW== Shapely Neocity Formwear Pants Replacer ==NEW== Pirate Captain Gear - Enclave Retexture Roosevelt Suit - 7 Variants - John Wick - Hitman ==NEW== Operative Helmet - Teal Visor Halo Inspired Deimos Helmet Space Helmets - Dark Visors by Xtudo ==NEW== Space Helmets - Silver Coating Visors by Xtudo ==NEW== Space Helmets - Gold Coating Visors by Xtudo ==NEW== Completely black, silver or gold replacers for many helmet visors. Pirate Assault Helmet Visible Visor ==NEW== Rebel Sarah Outfit Outfit color replacer for Sarah. Many different replacers for the legendary Mantis Suit: Better Looking Mantis Suit Mantis Spacesuit - My replacer by Xtudo Mantis Spacesuit - My Ecliptic replacer by Xtudo Mantis Spacesuit - My Starborn replacer by Xtudo Mantis Spacesuit - My Crimson Fleet Pirate replacer by Xtudo Mantis Spacesuit - My UC Marine and UC Pilot replacer by Xtudo The Ronin - Tactical stealth armor - Mantis replacer Bane Spacesuit - Mantis Replacer ==NEW== Mantis Suit - Vigilante ==NEW== Use [one] of the mantis suit replacer mods. PLAGUEW4LKER profile For various weapon and armor retextures. Dpillari profile ==NEW== For various HD weapon retextures. Japanese Steel - Real Katana Black Drumbeat With New Suppressor Option XM-2311 - In Black Platinum XM-2311 Use one of the 2 mods above as they retexture the same pistol in a different way. Grendel - Beowulf - Hard Target - Black and Gray Retexture Retextures for two weapons. Ryujin Grendel - Beowulf - Hard Target - Drum Beat - Kodama - Shotty - EON - Wakizashi A Ryujin-styled retexture of the Grendel, Beowulf, Hard Target, Drum Beat, Kodama, Shotty, EON and Wakizashi. VSS Vintorez - In Black Black And Gray Laser Cutter Recolors Deep Rock Galatic Cutter - ROCK AND STONE Colored Cutters Choose one of these 3 mods. Black Solstice Not A Toy Solstice Weapon Retexture ==NEW== Black NovaLight and NovaBlast Retextures of two pistols. BlasTech IB-94 ==NEW== Mandalorian-inspired Ratter replacer. SeasoningSenpai profile For some Halo-inspired weapon replacers. Ewody profile For multiple weapon retextures with many options. BorderFields - Weapons ==NEW== Retexture of the various Starfield weapons to give them a Borderlands-inspired look.

Bug or various little annoyances fixes:

Old Earth Shotgun Pump Fix ==NEW== Resizes and moves the old earth shotgun's pump to be less weird. Place the "Geometries" folder to Starfield data folder.

For vastly majority of the mods in this section, installation is the same - place the "Sound" folder to Starfield Data folder. In rare cases of other installation way, I'll provide an instruction.

Starfield High Pitch SFX Tinnitus Fix Removes frequencies above 10khz for every high pitch tinnitus sound for over 30 ingame sounds. More Subtle Scanner Sounds Replaces over 45 "scanner" and menu sounds without the high pitch frequency. More Subtle Quest Music Similar mod from the same author for the mission sounds. More Subtle Level Up Sounds Replaces the endless and dramatic orchestral level up music with faithful percussion ambience and less harsh noise. Silent Sounds - Immersive Gameplay by Xtudo Removes Level Up, Location Discover, Mission related, Skill Magazine read and similar sounds. Intended for a more immersive gameplay. Choose one/several of separate versions or the AIO (all-in-one) version. Stellar Soundtrack ==NEW== Replaces much of the space and planet music with music from StellarDrone. City Background Music ==NEW== New ambient background music for the 4 main cities. Look at the mod page for the track samples. No Combat Music - CCR Simple as that. More ambient combat for the people who don't like the combat music in the game. Updated, CCR version of the mod - so make sure to delete the original .txt version if you have it and remove the corresponding bat command from your StarfieldCustom.INI, then place the .toml file to CCR folder. Stop Whistling UC Security Stops the UC Security, most noticeably in New Atlantis, from whistling. Silent Data Menu Sound This mod mutes the sound effect played when opening and closing the Data/Dashboard menu. Bleeding Edge Melee weapons sound overhaul. Immersive Explosives Sounds - I.E.S Replaces the explosive priming and throwing sounds of both mines and nades to something much more sci-fi instead of re-used FO4 sound. OrgasmicSneeze profile ==NEW== For multi-option shooting sound replacers for many weapons. AzureFailure profile ==NEW== For Star Wars inspired sound replacers for various shooting weapons. Satisfying Headshots - Sound Overhaul Stellar Sounds (Headshot Sound Options) No Headshot and Crit sounds ==NEW== Variations for better headshot sounds - or to remove them entirely instead. Use one of the mods. I personally prefer "Alternate" or "CSGO" sound from Stellar Sounds. Enhanced Digipick Sounds - Vanilla Plus - Lockpicking ==NEW== Less harsh. Vanilla plus. Subtle Enhancement. Removed some highs and cleaned them up. No more earpiercing sounds! Elevator sound replacer Replaces the elevator startup sound at New Atlantis/Cydonia/Neon that clearly has too many bits from the fallout 4 one. Boost Pack Sound Overhaul Six new sound profiles to replace the default boost pack ignition noises. Pick one. Children of the Sky - A Starfield Song by Imagine Dragons Main Menu Music Replacer This replaces the Main Menu music with Imagine Dragons' song "Children of the Sky - A Starfield Song". Blade Runner 2049 - Gun Sound Replace sounds for Regulator pistol. That pistol look very similar as the one from the film, so, why not? promethean light rifle sound replacer for orion Replaces the firing sound of the orion energy rifle to the sounds of halo 5's light rifle. Spoken Hazard Alerts Voiced mod will alert you when an environmental hazard is near. Choose one of the versions. Fallout 3 SFX Level Up Sound Fallout New Vegas SFX Level Up Sound Skyrim SFX Level Up Sound Several mods to replace the original lvlup sound to something familiar.

Consider Reshade a sort of an advanced "intagram filter" that overlays itself on the game image to change color palette, improved shadows, ambient occlusion and some other details. While much simpler and less feature-packed than ENB for Skyrim, a good Reshade preset shouldn't be underestimated as it can noticeably improve the game look in the way [you] like it.
For the installation instructions, proceed to the chose Reshade preset page.

Rudy ReShade for Starfield In my humble opinion, the best Starfield Reshade preset. Amazing balance of colors, brightness and shadows, supports for all popular LUT mods (see below) and different versions inside the same preset - natural, vibrant and cinematic. And on top, already configured (but disabled by default) DOF (depth of field) and Letterbox (cinematic black bars) options if you need to make some stunnign screenshots or record video pieces. Try it for sure! Real Starfield ReShade My second favourite so far - a really well balanced, hihgly cinematic preset. Deep Detail ReShade Gives your game a sharper, cinematic, darker look with deeper shadows. Quantum Reshade One more well-balanced preset. Looks pretty similar to the preset above, while bit a bit less darker and with a bit of a blue tint. Has several versions that are somewhat different from each other - try a couple. Deep Space ReShade Desaturated cinematic preset. Deep Space ReShade A preset with an attempt (as limited as it's possible now) into a photorealism. ON TOP RESHADE Vibrant, color-boosting preset. Natural Life - Reshade Balanced preset focused on realism. Starpunk Reshade ==NEW== Vanilla+, contrast-boosting preset. SpacesDark ReShade VERY dark preset likely not suitable for most of players, but would be good for hardcore lovers as you'll need a flashlight most of the times with it. Viper's screenshot and gameplay ReShade Cinematic preset with cutsom DOF, good for screenarchery.

Installation: mods in this section will have either "Textures" (in most of cases) or "Meshes" (in some cases) folders, or (rarely) the files with ".ba2" extension. Place this folders/files to Starfield Data folder - it's same for all the mods here.

LUT mods:

NaturaLUTs - Color Graded Filter Removal and Black Level Restoration LUTs Neutral LUTs - No Color Filters Base LUTs Stellar LUT Gravity LUT NAS - Natural and Atmospheric Space KODACHROME - The NASAPunk Vintage Collection ==NEW== These ones are not to be confused with Reshade presets. LUTs are color palette texture file collections. You can use them without Reshade at all, or use together of the preset of your choice to furtherly adjust colors in your game. Some Reshade presets, for instance, Rudy Reshade, are calibrated specifically for certain LUTs. To install any of these, place "Textures" folder to Starfield Data folder.

VFX mods (impacts, fires, decals, weather and lighting and various other visual effexts):

EXE - Effect Textures Enhanced Huge amount of the VFX effects in the game improved. Muzzleflashes, storms, blood, explosions, lasers, and more. A WIP (work in progress) mod, so check it from time to time for more crispy textures added. Note: both this mod and the EBT (below) are retexturing blood decals, so these files will conflict and trigger and overwriting prompt. If you like EBT blood textures more, overwrite this mod files with EBT's in the next step. Otherwise, the EBT is not needed. Enhanced Blood Textures Starfield A blood retexture mod. Ingame showcase here. Improved Water Splash Effects ==NEW== More Dramatic Grav Jumps Changes grav jump animations. Now they play longer and with more dramatic views. Different options available - pick the one you prefer and from it, place the "Meshes" folder together with the mod .esp plugin into Starfield data folder. Remember that you ened to active the .esp plugin - if you're not sure how to do this, refer to the Preparations section of the guide. More Immersive Landings And Takeoffs Makes landings and takeoffs sequences a little more immersive. Everytime during these sequences you will also get the cockpit view. Choose [one] .esp plugin and place it to Starfield data folder. Remember that you ened to active the .esp plugin - if you're not sure how to do this, refer to the Preparations section of the guide. Mods works fine together with the one above. Improved Engine Trail Glow ==NEW== Make the hideously long engine trail glow more timid. No Space Dust Removes the visually obstructive space dust when flying around in your ship. Lens Flare Removal Does what it says. If the lens flare bothers you, just remove it with this mod. Starfield Dynamic Weather Mod CCR ==NEW== Dynamic weather mod which changes the weather automatically as you play, even allowing new weather variations in different climates/biomes. Place the .toml file to CCR folder.

World object retextures (cities, ships, flora etc) in form of large packs:

Starfield HD Reworked Project The legend in improving models and textures for Witcher 3 and Skyrim, now with a texture overhaul for Starfield. Landscape, architechture, metal and concrete, paintings and rocks, effects and NPCs improved textures - all in a single pack - growing in coverage with every update. A great "base" texture overhaul with other texture packs to be installed on top. Skurkbro's Retexture Project - Starfield WIP mod that aims to cover all Starfield surfaces with a hand-made HD textures. Comparison showcase here. Landscape Textures Overhaul ==NEW== Another great large landscape textures overhaul. A good idea to install this one on top of HDRP and Skurkbro ones as this one has, imo, the best looking landscape textures, but both HDRP and Skurkbro mods cover other textures this one doesn't. SavrenX Crisp Flora Same texture size as vanilla but a noticeably better quality for Starfield flora. SavrenX Stone Similar mod from the same author, for the rock and stone textures. "Landscape Textures Overhaul" covers most of the same textures SavrenX has for stones and caves - so choose which one you want here. SavrenX mods have really great textures, but they are often pretty different from vanilla look, while Landscape Textures Overhaul mostly stick to great quality, but at the same time, almost doesn't change the vanilla style itself. SavrenX Cave And caves. BorderFields - Fauna ==NEW== Retexture of the various Starfield animals to give them a Borderlands-inspired look. Enhanced Starfield Clouds Noticeably improved clouds. Showcase here.

Character mods (eyes, skin etc). If there are multiple NPC visual overhauls listed - choose one:

Starfield Eye Material Fix Repainted normal and roughness maps for the eyes in starfield, vanilla eyes caused a visual distortion where the roughness would make the pupil look grey, instead of black. this aims to fix that for a more natural look, more detail in normal map for iris. The Eyes of Beauty - Starfield Edition The most popular eye retexture mod for Skyrim and Fallout 4, now for Starfield. Daraki's HD Eye Textures Kanjs - Eyes Couple other comple eye replacer mods. Cyborg Eyes Nobody's eye colors Smaller mods replacing just some of the eye colors. Eyes Brows and Lashes Redone - MonstrrMagic Texture Series ==NEW== High resolution retexture of eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes. Pekoe Eyes and Lashes ==NEW== ABS Body Simple as that. VBB (Voluptuous Body for Beauties) ==NEW== New body models for females. Look at the mod page for demonstration. Athletic Fitness Muscle Texture For your character body. XS Sporty Sexy Sweat - Wet body skin texture for Starfield XS Sporty Sexy Map - Athletic fitness muscle texture XS Ripped - Male Sporty Sexy Map Athletic fitness muscle texture Peko's 4K Face Texture Improved faces textures with deeper pores. 4K Face Smooth lips High-res, smoother textures for face and lips from the same author. SavrenX Hair HD hair textures for everyone in the game. HD Teeth HD 4K Scars x9 WAR OF THE STARS TATTOOS Ink of the Belt Cybertat01 Replacers for vanilla tattoos. SavrenX HD NPC Optimized A massive facelist for huge number of Starfield important NPCs with a great quality. Note: huge mod size as well, so make sure your internet connection is stable for the download. SavrenX HD Crowd Optimized A mod from the same author, for better looking crowd NPCs. High-Res NPCs - Sarah CRT - Andreja Has several versions to choose from. Make up for Andreja More goth look without moles. Supervisor Lin Clean COMMANDER IKANDE With Tattoo's and NEW Eyes Vasco Variants Crowd NPC eye Ambient occlusion Fix Adds Ambient Occlusion to the eyes of crowd npc's.

Everything else:

Dpillari profile ==NEW== For various HD retextures for small objects and clutter. 2560x1440 (WQHD) Cutscenes FMVS - 60 FPS AI Interpolated 3440x1440 (UWQHD) Cutscenes FMVS - 60 FPS AI Upscaled and Interpolated 2560x1080 (UWFHD) Cutscenes FMVS - 60 FPS AI Upscaled and Interpolated 5120x1440 (Dual-QHD) (DQHD) Cutscenes FMVS - 60 FPS AI Upscaled and Interpolated Mods doing same thing - upscaling and interpolating quality of the custcenes (artifact "vision" videos) for various monitor types. Place the "Video" folder to Starfield data folder. No visions for artifacts powers and unity Or maybe you're tired of those and want to remove them entirely? Choose your preferred version/s and place the "Video" folder to Starfield data folder. Fog Remover - CCR Starfield is unbelieveable foggy absolutely everywhere, often for just no reason. This mod removes most of the fog. Pace the .toml file to CCR folder. New Atlantis Plus - Enhanced Trees This mod changes some of the textures of a handful of the types of trees in New Atlantis (as well as elsewhere where assets are reused) to be more realistic and less "nuclear green". Bog's Grog Retexture Drink Up Me Hearties Old World Refreshments (Fallout x Starfield) Bringing the Flavor of the Old World from the Fallout Universe into Starfield! Plated not Crated ==NEW== Removes all the gross tupperware that surrounds your delicious food. Making it more yummy. Stellar Glass Tired of the glass looking horrible, way too muddy and not being able to see through it most of the time? Let's fix it. Real Flashlight Choose one of the main file versions. Use this mod or the one below. Vanilla Flashlight Improved (VFI) Download the mod archive, unzip it and choose one version from the several available in the folder. Use this mod or the one above (tis one is my favourite here). Ingame showcase here. Starfield Display Revamp Real Milky Way Galaxy Expansive Starfield Realistic Stars Milky Way Galaxias ==NEW== Choose one of the mods above to change the look of the night sky. HD 4K Boardgames Get the 2k version from the Optional Files tab. Stellar Water Two mods for improved water textures. You can install both in the order as they are listed and overwrite conflicting files. Ads and Signs Redone ==NEW== High resolution retexture of advertisements, signage, flags, murals and vending machines. Starfield Billboards and Posters Edited Billboard/poster advertisements in most of the settlements. Mod showcase here. Old Earth posters - outpost replacers Replaces some of the posters available as decorations in the outpost builder. K747's Cypress Tree Upgrade for New Atlantis ==NEW== Comes in two versions. I personally prefer the "green" one. NASA Visions Of The Future Posters Replacer ==NEW== Replaces 18 vanilla posters with peices of official NASA artwork. Vintage and Retro Movie Posters ==NEW== A retexture of the outpost poster decorations featuring vintage and retro sci-fi movie posters. Realistic Biome Planets ==NEW== Artifacts Redone High-res retexture of Constellation artifacts. 4k version recommended in this case. Psychedelic Electric Flaming Aurora ==NEW== Several animated looks for Aurora glass. Lore friendly Immersive Vending Machines Retextures of vending machine displays around Starfield settlements. Improved Transit Signs for New Atlantis More detailed transit signs for New Atlantis. Improved NAT Lettering ==NEW== Clear Glass for NAT ==NEW== Improvements to New Atlantis Transit wagon signage and glass. Claptrap mini bots ==NEW== Replaces mini bots with Claptrap robot model from Borderlands. Alternate Shepherd's Sign Replaces the Shepherd's sign with something not painfully basic. Easy Read Dark UI - Display Screens ==NEW== This mod replaces the in-game displays to be in line with Easy Read Dark UI. Place the "Textures" folder to Starfield Data folder. Dark Terminal Display ==NEW== A terminal texture replacer that goes well with dark terminal screen mods. Place the "Textures" folder to Starfield Data folder. Akila City Solomon Coe Statue Retexture 4K ==NEW== 4k AI upscale for statue texture. Stroud Be-Gone Simple texture mod that removes the Stroud logo on all modules for ship building. Isolation Skill Patch Alpha Channel Fix Fixes a bug in the alpha channel in the Isolation rank 4 skill patch texture. Look on the mod page screenshots for demonstration to see if you're actually even bothered by this to use it. Immersive Debris - CCR See the aftermath of ship battles with their debris still floating about for much longer than by default, with more debrig floating around.

Already at Medium/Low graphics settings preset but still not enough FPS? Some mods and tips for low-end (older/not so strong) PCs to improve your performance. At the same time, if you feel you could use a few extra FPS even if your rig is powerful, you can still look at the options here.

Starfield Texture Optimization - Overhaul This mod is meant for low-end PCs to help improve performance by downscaling textures to lower resolution compared to the base game. Choose either 1k version (2 files), or rather 512 or even 256 version, depending on how much performance help you need. Place the ".ba2" files/s to Starfield Data folder. Starfield Performance Optimizations Get the "Low" preset file. Unzip the archive and place the file from it into your Starfield root folder, approving overwriting. Next time you'll launch the game, make sure to switch the settings preset back and forth to your one (for instance, set preset to Ultra and then back to Low) to make sure changes are applied. Alternatively, you can also try this settings for Medium and Low presets, as well as this and see which one will give you a better boost.


You did it, Dusty! Now it's time to enjoy your Starfield - just make sure to double-check everything (mod files installed correctly, configuration files tweaked where needed etc) and give your game a few hours test run before starting a "real" walkthrough - to see everything is up to your likings. If you want to support this and my other projects, consider joining my Patreon (mohtly perks) or BuyMeACoffee (one-time support). I thank you for reading, and let's both say thanks to incredible people without whom this guide wouldn't exist to begin with ⤋⤋⤋

Bethesda for Starfield, and for allowing the community to maintain mod-making tools for it
Ianpatt, Behippo and the Script Extender Team for amazing SFSE
Priqrade for the original Achievement Enabler.
shad0wshayd3 for SFSE Achievement Enabler and other mods.
Crypton for ModFix.
enpinion for Disk Cache Enabler.
Fuzzlesz for 60 FPS Smooth UI.
m8r98a4f2 for StarUI Inventory
Seb263 for Undelayed Menus, Responsive Grabbing, Enhanced Dialogue Interface and Subtitles.
Antonix35 for Sprint Stuttering Fix.
mcguffin for Icon Sorting Tags.
SilverEzredes for Enhanced Player Healthbar and Boostbar.
Maceyaface for Customizable HUD.
cedricksusername for Orbits - A Main Menu Replacement.
unleashthefury for SF Concept Art Main Menu Replacer.
BleakBlack for Console Size and Color.
JohnsonsStuff for Photo Mode Tweaks.
yakuzadeso for Better Alt-Tab and Disable Low Health Visual Effects.
Bub200 for Ship Skip.
Geba12 for More Planet Sites.
oogabooga66 for Crowded Universe, Stop Whistling UC Security, Lens Flare Removal and others.
Vermunds for Classic Sprinting.
NexusGuy999 for In-Game FOV Changer and Ship Builder Tweaks.
NickMillion for Combat and Stealth AI Overhauls.
powerofthree for all their immersive SFSE mods.
Xtudo for the variety of different nice mods.
rudy102, Creision, HelloImCrimson and other Reshade presets creators for their vision on beautiful Starfield.
fadingsignal, TheDragonWithinMe and TreyM for qualitative LUTs.
LogRaam and Kanjs for beautiful eye mods.
weijiesen and everyone related for EXE and EVE.
dDefinder for Enhanced Blood Textures.
epiphanyabsolute, dpillari, A100N, litbeep, theCyanideX, SweeJ24 and many other authors for their model and texture improvements for the game.
JamesBondDB, E3roKK, quellingblade, yakuzadeso for Starfield performance optimization and tweaks for low-end PC users.

Thanks to every single mod author that helps to make Starfield better. To their mod users - don't forget to endorse the mods, or drop a kind comment/a tip to the mod authors which works you loved the most :)

Huge thanks to each and every patron of mine, existing and past ones, who helped me to keep going and deliver Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Modding Guide - without your support, I would never be able to have enough time to compile it. You are the best supporters content creator can wish for! <3

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