Who are you?

Hello there! I'm Sinitar, a Ukrainian maker of informative gaming content. Gym addict, gamer since my 8 y.o. and Sega Mega Drive II, and One Piece lover. Favourite music band? Dozens of them, but one and only - Nightwish in old "setup".

I'm running Sinitar G Youtube channel and on this website I'm publishing all my work that's not directly a video - A to Z modding tutorials, personal mod lists and mods.

You can also join me in Twitter, Discord, Twitch and Instagram, as well as browse my video games store. Nice to meet ya!

What is your channel about?

It's mostly modding and Bethesda oriented, but covering plenty of other gaming content in general. Few years ago, when I first tried to mod Skyrim, I faced the same issue as many of us faced - lack of generally useful information, actually working, non-placebo and not harmful stability tips, dedicated mod lists and last, but not less important - all this up-to-date. Internet is full with modpacks and tutorials which are promising you "best nextgen ultrarealistic newest" experience, but it's often wrapping around very arguable & subjective choices, outdated mods and placebo settings.
After my own many trial-and-error attempts, I finally learned everything I needed, but after all this hell and countless days spent on brining all needed info in once piece, I decided to pay back to modding community so noone would need to go through this painful process, by creating all-in-one, complex and comprehensive yet easy to follow modding guides to let you make the ultimate modded game of your dreams - that will be maximum possibly stable, have most beautiful graphic, interesting and rewarding gameplay, but most important - made exactly up to your personal taste and fitting your rig powers. That is how the modding guides are appearing one after another.

Besides modding tutorials, channel can offter you everything needed about modding in general - reviews of most interesting & beautiful mods, from big overhauls to neat, underrated little gems. Modded Skyrim characters builds and ARPG builds. Roleplays. Graphics showcases. Great indie game reviews. And much-much more, with over 800 videos in total.

Not related to modding directly? Surely! Reviews of great indie games, interviews with game studios and mod authors, game critics, great RPG letsplays and so on.

The mission of the channel and this website is to provide dedicated, indepth informative gaming content as well as support to modding community and talented indie developers, and ofc course, to provide you with interesting news about gaming in general.

The credo of the channel's content is to always have something unique that you won't find elsewhere, while providing it with most pleasant visual quality, even if it's purely informative video. Whatever you came to it for, you will feel yourself at home.

Your YT channel has a lot of vids. How do I navigate in them properly to be sure I didn't miss anything that may interest me?

Here's a direct link to all my playlists. From there, you should orient easily :)

I'm a mod author/team behind the interesting project. Can you review it?

Sure! Just contact me in Discord or Twitter - drop me a couple of words about your project and I'll be happy to give it a look <3

I'm and independent game developer/team/indie studio making a badass game. Can you help with a shoutout?

I'm always happy to help as much as I can to a great indie gems! Same as mentioned aboive, please contact me Discord or Twitter and drop a few words about your game. Thanks!