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F.A.Q. Preparations and modding basics Essentials Non-essential bugfixes UI (interface) mods Models, textures & VFX - world and characters Reshade presets Armors, weapons & artifacts Skills, talents & combat mods Various gameplay mods Voices, music and sounds Quest mods Dog mods Romance and emotional interaction mods Last steps & extra tips

What's this all about?

There's no need to present such a legendary game as DAO to most of RPG fans. An if it's your first meeting with this game - without a doubt, standing at the pantheon of most iconic fantasy RPGs of all times, Dragon Age: Origins is Bioware's magnum opus and an examplary RPG with truly nonlinear walkthrough possibilities, bewitching and heartbreaking storyline, and deep, tactical combat. But, there's no end to perfection, plus, DAO, in a technical meaning, suffered from large number of bugs, a lot of content was cut from the game, and the game has numerous mechanics not implemented to full potential or just implemented hastily. So why not to make this incredible game even better? Moreover, with DAO modding stage being bigger and more surprising that you could possibly think!

Fix close to all notable game bugs. Improve game graphics without damaging its unique, authentic dark fantasy design. Improve and expand the game's arsenal of weapons, armors and artifacts. Improve and tweak combat up to your own preference. Improve vanilla character abilities and introduce brand new classes. Add new, immersive touches to quests, cutscenes and romantic interactions. And many others things you probably never thought you need before you see them. Information about all these mods, how to install and use them - on a single page. Prepare to experience the iconic DAO - but also greatly improved and expanded in a lore-friendly manner as per your own taste.

Guide features:


Do not re-upload this guide to other website and/or resources, do not claim it as own work and do not sell it. In the rest - feel free to translate into other languages (just message me in Discord first), I'd be glad if you'll link it to help other people and so on. I'm here to serve - the more people can have stable modded game, the happier I will be :)

Current guide version/changelog & future updates:

Update 1.1 for Dragon Age: Origins at February 2024. Added 13 new mods/tools and improved/corrected a few installation instructions and fixed couple of empty links. Update includes fixes for 2 rarely happening critical game bugs that can happen in both purely vanilla and modded games, as well as some useful game/mod files editing tips should you want to adjust some of the mod you're using.

Initial release. Version 1.0 for Dragon Age: Origins at December 2023.

How to support:

This project is completely free. Still, it takes insane amount of my time to build and expand it - the modding guides and other related modding content already took me over 7,500 working hours in total. I'm also living in Ukraine during the russian invasion, and have to support two families at once. The extra work I'm doing to support our defenders, air raids and PTSD caused by the war also make every inch of the work I do more difficult than before. The more independent and confident I will fee myself as an author - the less stress and more free time I'll have - and so, the faster new updates and videos will arrive, and new projects will appear as well. But support only if you really want it and able to:

Q: So I should install ALL mods from this list?

A: While your mod setup can vary from just some bugfixes and some visual improvements, to a noticeably more heavy-modded game - no, this still doesn't mean you should install every mod below. This is a guide - it gives you an ability to compare and choose. Open mod pages, read the description pages and my own notes about the mods. Install what you like and don't install what you don't like or don't see needed. Additionally, while at the one hand, DAO doesn't have such huge amount as, let's say, Skyrim - but at the same time, there's also no comparable ways of solving compatibility clashes between the mods that are modifying same things, so going too wild and installing just about everything you see would almost guaranteed to result in many compatibility issues, from which, you will be able to solve only some while keeping conflicting mods - and in most of cases, you'll have to choose what to keep and what to discard. Again, the guides has notes here and there to help with that as well.

Q: What game version is needed for modding?

A: You need the Ultimate Edition of the game, either from GOG (preferably) or Steam. GOG is a bit more preferable as it requires a cople less steps to mod, and generally, having a DRM-free game installation is always better when it comes to modding - but all in all, there's not major difference and you can get either on a platform you prefer. Some Steam users of DAO also report that not all DLCs are being downloaded after the game installation. There's a remedy for that in the guide too, but it's just, yet again, a reason why GOG version is strongly recommended - it doesn't have this issue to begin with. Lastly, I can't guarantee the Origin (EA launcher) version of the game will work 100% fine for modding.

Q: What kind of monitor is the best for playing DAO?

A: In-depth yet easy to understand article here, give it a read.

Q: I have the game in language other than English, is it a problem?

A: Before modding the game, make sure it's in English, or to change game language back to English, both audio and subtitles. The guide is made for English version of the game. Some mods like simple texture replacers will work fine no matter the language, but as for most of bugfixing and gameplay mods, there is no guarantee that they will work with non-English version of the game properly, or work at all with localized version. For your own hassle-free experience, mod the game in English. I won't be able to give any troubleshooting support for non-English versions.

Q: Can I continue my saved game after modding?

A: You [must] start a new game after you'll install the mods. For most of mods for this game, information about objects, skills, items etc is stored in your save - so if you'll continue from your existing save, you simply will not see changes from majority of mods even if you'll install them 100% correctly - that's just how the game works here. Plus, if you'll install lots of mods, with all the improvements and new content, you'll want to experience the game refreshed look and gameplay fully, from the beginning.

Q: I also want to install Reshade preset, do good presets exist for this game and are they listed here?

A: Sure! Whatever you want to know about modding this game - it is here ;) Just read a bit further.

Q: I got infinite loading screens/My game freezes, crashes or doesn't launch/I have various other weird glitches/My mods don't seem to be working - while I have a modern rig which clearly should be able to handle the game.

A: Please read "Preparations" section carefully. Do NOT skip it - read through and implement it. Read it and install all the things needed before starting to install mods themselves.

Q: I have some other questions related to modding. Help!

A: Feel free to join our Discord server and community members or I will try our best to help you :)

Q: Will you expand this guide and add this/that?

A: Sure - I will update and improve it.

Q: Guide just received an update, but how can I see the little new additions?

A: I add mods and fix text errors few times per week. All the mods freshly added to the guide will be marked with red-colored ==NEW== sign.

Q: Wait, why the popular [mod_name] is not listed here?

A: One of the main goals of the guide always is to keep your game stable. If some popular/well-known mod is not in the guide - it's either actually pretty buggy and/or causing stability issues with the game.

Q: Can you just upload your DAO mods folder with all your mods somewhere so I can just download it and not to choose and install mods one by one? Or maybe point me to some kind of modpack?

A: Unfortunately, no. The reasons:
Firstly - such an action would be just disrespectful to mod authors, and I respect their work.
Secondly - everyone has absolutely different PC specs and different taste, and my own setup may be not what you would prefer yourself, for instance.
Lastly - even if you'll download some modpack from elsewhere without having at least a basic knowledge about modding (which you'll get while going through this guide) - should you wish to somehow adjust your mod list, you simply won't be able to do this properly and/or damage your save. Plus, premade modpacks, no matter how much the are described as "bestest of the best" will be never able to fit your personal taste on 100%.
Trust me - when you're making your mod setup by yourself the result will be way better because most of mods are absolutely matter of taste.

Q: That's all cool and everything, but I wanna stay tuned on updates and have modding chatting, something you can offer?

A: Sure! Just join our Discord server - where you can chat with a community about modding CP 2077, other iconic series like TW3/TES/FO and more.

Q: I'm a mod author - I've made a cool mod and it's still not in your guide!

A: Just join our Discord server and tell a few words about your mod - thank you :)

Q: Where are you from? A few words about you?

A: Ukraine. Gamer, One Piece & JJBA fan and gym addict living through the russian genocidal invasion. Web-developer in past, fitness trainer and nutritionist now (as hobby asides from content creation).

1) Make sure your game is NOT installed in Program Files and no active overlays are running. Answering possible question - yes, Program Files (x86) is the same. Why so? Most of game clients suggest to install there by default! True that, but unmodded and modded game are two different things. When game is modded, there are many additional files which didn't exist there in first turn, overlays or script extenders/injectors, etc - and it's needed to be ensured that system has full access to all of them. Program Files is a system folder, and because of this modded games can be often messed up without you even knowing that - so to make sure it won't happen, install your game anywhere - just not in Program Files. If it's same drive that has your Windows installed on it - it's ok too, just once again, not.. well, you got it :) GOG is DRM-free so you can install your game anywhere at all basically - it doesn't require for game to be installed inside GOG directory. With Steam, you may just want to create an another Steam directory out of Program Files, and install DAO there.
Similar situation with overlays - disable Steam overlay, GOG overlay, various things like Afterburner etc - most of overlays can mess up things, creating unneeded problems with a modded game. NVIDIA overlay is known to be fine. It's also recommended to disable your AV software if your have any (Windows Defender counts as well), or at least add DAO executable to its whitelist.

2) Make sure you have archive unpacking tool installed. Any known program will do - 7-Zip, WinRar etc. You'll need it to get the mod files/folders from the archives that nexusmods downloads are.

3) How to install DAO mods at all? Is there some kind of mod manager? DAO mods basically have only 2 ways of installation - one (and most often) is to install mods manually, and another one - using the game's own tool (more about this below). Why so? First of all, modern mod managers are not properly made to install DAO mods correctly in many cases. There's a mod manager made specifically for DAO many years back, but it sometimes also can glitch and doesn't have any official troubleshooting support for many years. Secondly, mods installation for DAO is really simple & straightforward, and there are simply not so many good mods for this game as, let's say, for Skyrim - it's not possible to have something like over a 1,000 mods setup, so you'll be absolutely fine without a mod manager, and the guide helps you with installation instructions.

4) Types of content in the game and mods. Imagine this a simple ladder where each next stair always have the higher priority over the previous one. The core game content is the base game files. Then goes "addins" (yep, exactly addins, not addons, that's just how Bioware named it back then) - this type of content applies to both game DLC files and "dazip" type of mods. Lastly, there's "override" content - this is what most of the mods are. If there's a conflict (aka two or more files changing the same thing), "Addins" (.dazip mod) files will take over base game, and "Override" files will take over dazip mods, "Addins" (DLCs) and base game files.

5) Mods directories and how to install the mods. - DAO executable folder, aka \Path_To_Your_DAO_Installation\Dragon Age Origins\bin_ship - DAO dazip folder, aka \Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\ - DAO override folder, aka \Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override
Override folder is where you'll be installing vastly majority of all your mods. First, go to \Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\ and create "override" (without quotes) folder there. To install an override mod, simply download the mod file, unzip the archive, and just place the mod folder inside the DAO override folder, so it looks like this.
Note: if there's an instruction to install the mod folder to DAO override folder, but after you've unpacked the mod file archive, you don't see such folder and just see some files or several other folders, this means the mod wasn't properly packaged by the author (many mods were made way before the, let's say, general practices were adopted by the community) and you simply need to create such folder (with the name indicated) and place mod files/folders you see into it, and then install normally.

Dazip mods are the mod packed into archives with the ".dazip" extension. This type of mod happens way less often (and mostly with way older mods). To install the dazip mod, first, download the mod archive anywhere on your PC (not in the game folder - good practice is just to make a separate folder somewhere where you'll be storing DAO mod files) and unzip it. Note: unzip the initial archive (if present) in which the .dazip file is to be able to use it - not the .dazip archive itself.
You should install dazip mods with the DAUpdater tool that's located in DAO executable folder. Launch it, and simply drag-and-drop the dazip mod (or select using "Select DAZIPs" button - same result) and click on "Install Selected" like shown here. In a few moments, mod will be installed. You can also click on "Log" button to make sure installation was successful. Note: you may get a message saying that your game version is older than needed - if you're using legit bought copy of the game, you can safely ignore this one. You can also enable/disable .dazip mods anytime via ingame menu (demonstrated a bit below).
Note: In total, files of .dazip mods can be located in "AddIns" folder, as well as in "modules", "packages\core\data" and "packages\core\override" folders. You don't need to touch dazip mod files unless you want to fully delete some dazip mod.

There will be just couple times when you'll need to touch DAO executable folder - right in the next step, and if you'll want to install Reshade presets. In all other cases it's either override folder, or dazip mods installed with DAUpdater.

6) [Only for Steam game version] - make sure DLCs are activated and if not, activate/download them. Check for DLCs being listed in the "Downloadable Content" in the game main menu. If you won't see the DLCs listed there, refer to this page in order to get and activate all DLCs.

7) Apply the Large Address Aware patch to the game. DAO is an old game that can't use more than 2GB (yup, just 2) of your RAM - no matter if you have 16, 32, 128 - it still can't use more than 2. Modded game will need to use more often, which can lead out-of-memory related crashes. This patch helps with the problem. Download the "" file (as shown here) somewhere on your PC. Unzip the archive.
GOG users: Launch the "Large Address Aware" executable. If your whatever AV will warn you about the file, it's 100% safe to ignore the warning (most of AVs are throwing such warnings about 99% of .exe files) - this is a patch used by millions of people around the world for over a dedace and it's totally safe.
Choose your "DAOrigins" executable file that's located in DAO executable folder (this one) ==> check the "Large Address Aware Flag" ==> Save. That's it - now your DAO can use more memory.
Steam users: Before doing the step above, you need to download the unencrypted daorigins.exe for Steam users, unzip the archive and [replace] the "DAOrigins" executable file in DAO executable folder with the one you downloaded.
If the tool won't work for you for some reason (I don't know any of such, but still, just in case) you can try the 4GB Patch instead. But only in that case - you don't need both.

8) Mod conflicts and load order. It absolutely can happen that (especially if you'll build a heavy-modded game) a mod conflict will appear. This happens when two or more mods are affecting same thing in the game. Not all conflicts are dangerous - but some can cause bugs or visual glitches. There are 3 ways to solve conflicts:
- (If it exists) install a compatibility patch or mod version provided to solve the conflict. - Use the load order - in this case changes from one mod will completely override changes from the other one. - Find and delete a conflicting file/s in mods that's less prioritized by you.
Between these 3 ways, the last one is considered to be the best way possible as is usually allows to keep changes from both mods at the same time - but it's also pretty rare where compatibility patches are provided, unfortunately - so in most of cases it's either load order or deleting the conflicting file/s.

Load order is another and faster way to solve the conflict. There are no sophisticated tools to arrange load order for DAO (like LOOT in Skyrim), so here, you need to remember one simple rule: DAO override mods load order is working [alphabetically]. This means if you have mod named "Big Biceps For Alistair" and "Magic Wand For Morrigan", the Magic Wand For Morrigan one has the load order priority over the Big Biceps For Alistair in case they will conflict somehow - because the first mod name starts with "B" and second mod name starts with "M". Thus, as the "M" letter goes after "B" letter in the alphabet, same the mods which name starts with "M" will take over a mod which name starts with "B". If both mod names first letter is the same, then the same check goes for the second letter, etc.
You can tinker with the override mods however you want in terms of naming, combining etc - you can rename the mod folder (so it's name would begin from a letter alphabetically going after the lettter that conflicting mod name begins for) for it to take over some other mod, you can take files from multiple mod folders, place them to a new folder in the override folder and name it however you want (this can be useful, for instance, when you have lots of small texture mods which all provide just a couple files - so to make your override folder less cluttered, you can "merge" them in this way). Just remember to always give a coherent and logical names to the mod folders - because if you'll merge some mods and then name folder "fancy stuff" it's highly likely that you'll forget what this mod is even for weeks or months later, in case you'll need to modify it.

To delete a conflicting file, you first need to find it (tool for that is linked in the guide, it will save you lots of time) - override mods are always loose files. When you'll figure out which mods are conflicting, open their respective folders, see which same files they provide, and keep only the file in the mod you want more, deleting the same file in the other mod folder.

9) Download CharGenMorph Compiler. Multiple mods related to character creation process (for instance, those adding new hairstyles for your character) have "chargenmorphcfg.xml" configuration file. Before this tool existed, if you had more than one mod with this file, you had to manually merge the differences between such files. With this tool, it's as simple as one click and done. Download the file somewhere on your PC (for instance, to the folder you previously made to download DAO mods into). Unzip the archive. Run the "DA_CharGenMorphCompiler" executable file and choose Dragon Age Origins as your game to modify. Click on "Path Configuration" ==> under the "Dragon Age" click on the path line ==> click on icon with three dots ==> navigate to your \Path_To_Your_DAO_Installation\Dragon Age Origins\packages\core\ and choose the "override" folder. Now, every time you'll install the mod with "chargenmorphcfg.xml" file, simple launch this tool and click on "Compile" button (preferably to also tick "Backup .xml files" and "Generate log" options) like shown here. Done! The guide will remind you about this couple more times as well, so don't worry :3

10) [Optionally] enable console. You will need to use console for some mods that are adding new armors/weapons/artifacts to the game as not every mod integrates those seamlessly. Right-click on your "DAOrigins" executable (or on its shortcut on your desktop - no difference) ==> click on "Shortcut" ==> "Object" line ==> add the " -enabledeveloperconsole" (without quotes and with one space before the - sign) right after the last " symbol you see there. Apply and click OK. The line should look like Path_To_Your_DAO_Installation\Dragon Age Origins\bin_ship\DAOrigins.exe" -enabledeveloperconsole. That's it. Now, you can press ~ (tilde) button in game to open console. You can change the button for this as well, for more information on that read here.

11) Make sure VSync is enabled in game graphics settings. It's still uknown how this is happening technically, but it's known that playing with VSync disabled can cause at least several bugs related to quests and certain NPCs movement.

12) Check your game after each few mods installed. Always make at least a basic check (launch the game - load a test save - fast travel somewhere/start a random combat/open character menus and inventory) from time to time in process of modding, after each few mods installed. This is needed to prevent situations like if something goes wrong (improper mod installation or conflict) but you having no idea what and when exactly because you last time checked your game way too many mods ago. So, simply check your game often enough to always keep the hand on pulse.

13) Download Duplicate Search Tool. Simple tool useful to track mod conflicts if you'll meet some bug and suspect it can come from a mod conflict, or just to check your mod files to find the cases of conflicts if you'll have a pretty heavy-modded game. Just download the file somewhere out of your game folder, unzip it, and launch the executable file. Paste the path to your DAO override folder and click on "Search".
Note that there are some specific cases when conflicting files don't equal issues - for instance, the tool will find multiple conflicting files within the Dain's Fixes mod - but those files are made with each other changes in mind so the mod could be modular in the way it is. You can also share the search results from this tool in our discord server if you'll need a helping hand :3

14) [Optionally] download Sublime Text. It's a simple yet powerful text editor - similar to Windows native Notepad, just many times better. It's very cozy and makes editing various configuration files (which you'll need to do at least few times) and things like .ws and .xml files (mod files if you'll want to edit them) easily and with comfort. It's free and reliable, serving millions of people for many years. It'll come in handy if you'll decide to edit/write DAO script files one day (either for balancing certain mods up to your own vision, or making mods yourself).

Now let's get to modding!

This sections name stands for itself - only essential mods here - either purely bugfixing ones, or certain corrections/additions that aren't directly bug fixes, but are 100% must have due to being QOL or absolutely logical combat/quest improvements. During installation of some mods from this section, you'll need to make several manual edits - but don't worry - first of all, I'll fully instruct you, and secondly, this is not an often practice. Note: If some popular bugfixing mod is not included in this section it's simply because it's included in one of other mods here or superseded by them.

Qwinn's Ultimate DAO Fixpack Fixes large amount of most various bugs, from barely noticeable to major ones. It also restores various certain cut dialogue lines and some cut content, including items. Download "QUDAO Fixpack v3.5" from Main Files tab and "QUDAO Hotfix v3_52" from Update Files. The main file should be installed with the DAUpdater (if you're not sure what's that, refer to the Preparations section above) - unzip the downloaded archive, drop the "QUDAO Fixpack v3_5.dazip" file into DAUpdater and install it. Now, to the update file. Unzip the archive and place "QUDAO Hotfix v3_52" folder to DAO override folder (if you're not sure what's that, refer to the Preparations section above). That's it! When in game main menu, make sure that the mod (and ofc, all official DLCs too) is enabled in "Downloadable Content ==> Installed Content" (checkmark is checked). This applies to all .dazip mods - make sure they are enabled - it should be done automatically, but better safe than sorry. Morrigan Restoration Patch The ultimate fix and content restoration mod for the ultimate witch. Download the "MRP_V110_Manual" file. Unzip it. Place the "Morrigan_Restoration_Patch" folder to DAO override folder. Update files are not needed as Qwinn's mod already covers that. Now, we need to make just a little edit to make this mod fully compatible with Qwinn's one. After you've installed the mod, go inside the "Morrigan_Restoration_Patch" folder and delete (yes, just delete - don't worry, it won't break anything) the next folders: "Morrigan_Denerim_Gate_Fix", "Morrigan_Loghain_Fixes", "Restored_Party_Banters", "Wynne_Connor_Fix" and "ZDF_MRP_Shared". To make sure, they are also outlined with red on the image here. Well done! Dain's Fixes Many other fixes mostly (but not only) related to abilities and combat. For instance, it removes the infamous dodge animation that was interrupting attacks, making evasion-based rogue builds useless, as when you was building nearly 100% evasion, you would dodge all attacks, but at the same time, basically nearly not possible to attack yourself. Now it's fixed. It also fixes the infamous "Weakens nearby dawkspawn" and "Reduces threat" passive abilities, some of the poisons and dozens of parts/entire abilities that (in case you always suspected but never knew for sure) were simply not working in the vanilla game.
Unzip the archive and place the "Dain's Fixes" folder to DAO override folder. Now, the a few small actions are needed: go inside the "Dain's Fixes" folder, grab the "Quality of Life" folder, and place it somewhere else outside the game folder or just delete. Then, go inside "Tweaks" folder, and delete "Blood Control" and "Rewards from all kills" folders. If all done correctly, inside the "Dain's Fixes" folder in your override folder, you now should have 4 folders (not 5), as showed here, and, inside the "Tweaks" folder, the two folder outlined with red, as showed here, should be deleted. These folders are removed as they are pretty arbitrary - but you can install them later if you want so. Now, go inside "Tweaks" ==> "Random encounter frequency (Awakening)" folder and delete the next 2 files: "rand_forest_gxa.gda" and "rand_plains_gxa.gda" (two last files basically, as shown here).
Important ==NEW== The (currently) latest version of the mod, 4.2.2, has bugged "Lucky" effect implementation. It wasn't doing anything at all in vanilla and author aimed to fix this together with fixing some other similar effects, but currently, Lucky fix module causes items that have this effect, to cause [permanent] decrease of affected stats when you unqeuip such item. Go inside "Tweaks" folder and delete the "Lucky" folder in it. Make sure that is done [before] you'll start your actual walkthrough as this change is getting engraved into the save file. If by the moment you're reading this, mod will be updated and I won't notice this, please let me know in our discord - I'll double check and remove this note if it'll be fixed. Thats' it, good job! Forgotten Fixes A few other must-have combat fixes. Download and unzip the archive. Delete the "fix_shieldblock" folder - another file covers both it and one more fix. Now, you should have 3 folders. First of all, place the "fix_bearshape" and "fix_stunningblows" folders to DAO override folder. Now attention: From the "fix_combatmagic" folder, take [only] the "cmdpending_attackres.ncs" file (the one with bigger filesize, the .nss one is for mod authors and not needed for mod users) and place it to \Path_To_Your_DAO_Installation\Dragon Age Origins\packages\core\override\Dain's Fixes\Tweaks\Attack resolution folder, approving overwriting when asked, as shown here. Nice! Immersive DLC Integration If you've played at least once with all DLCs installed, you know how ridiculous it is. You are getting tons of items for free as soon as you begin the game, with main problem here is that many of those items are arguably strongest in entire game. This damages the game balance and just makes no sense. Thus, while it's technically not a bug, it's an infamous and highyl annoying moment. Now, 14 years later, it's finally fixed. This amazing mod distributes them throughout the game in lore appropriate spots, adding 53 new items through loot, and so, allowing you to gradually and logically obtain them.
Download all 3 mod files and unzip the archives. Make a new folder and name it "Immersive DLC Integration". Place all the subfolders from the folders you got now, namely the "Awakening Upgrade", "DLC Integration" and "Fixes" into it. Now, place the "Immersive DLC Integration" folder to DAO override folder. Enjoy the muh immersion! P.S. mod page has a spoiler section that lists the exact location of every item, if you want this of afraid to miss certain item. FtG UI Mod - More Readable Fonts and UI Incredibly annoying problem with playing DAO nowadays is that game interface isn't scaled to your monitor resolution at all, appearing, probably, in the maximum size made for the resolutions of the game release days. This makes it not quite comfortable to read the text even at FullHD (1920x1080) resolution, and at 4k monitor reading the text will be almost impossible without a magnifying glass. This mod, despite being old, works in universal way and allows to scale main UI elements, as well as text font size, to any monitor resolution. This one is a dazip mod. Install the "FtG UI Mod - v2.1.dazip" file with the DAUpdater tool and make sure it's active in the "Downloadable Content ==> Installed Content" (checkmark is checked) in the game menu. Now, place the "Config" folder (recommended to rename it to "FTG UI Config") somewhere on your PC (doesn't matter where - it detects the mod path installation), and from it, you can launch the "FtG_UIMod_Config" file to furtherly config the mod. Crime Wave Fix Fixes pickpocketing or stealth quests from being locked forever if you don't have those skills the very first time you talk to Slim Couldry. Purely technically, this mod is not quite a bug fix, but practically, should be clearly considered one as due to this weird implementation you may lose most of this questline even in multiple walkthroughs. Place the "Crime Wave fix" folder to DAO override folder. Army Golem March Bug Fix Ever wondered why you should've had golems showed in the cutscene if they are part of your army, but this never happened? Now you'll finally see them. Riordan City Gates Glitch Fix ==NEW== This one is not technically essential as the mentioned bug (Riordan stuck and just shouting "press forward", thus, being a game-breaking bug without being able to properly proceed in the climax) may never happen to you. But if it does, just download the mod, unzip, make a new folder, call it "zzz Riordan Climax Fix", place the .dlg file into it, and place the folder into DAO override folder. Fix works even on existing save right near bugged Riordan - relaunch the game, follow the instructions on the mod page and finish your walkthrough normally.

Now, let's install some needed bugfixes for DLCs, not covered by the larger packs above.

Awakening Skill & Item Fixes Don't mind that the mod page has another name - it's a large mod with own purpose, but it also has some nice fixes for Awakening skills. You can install other modules from it later, but for now, it's just bug fixes that are 100% needed for ereryone not requiring any other mods to function. Download the "Awakening in the OC - Expanded Integration" file and unzip it. Depending on how your unzipping tool will unpack the archive, you'll either see folder named "Awakening in the OC - Expanded Integration" with some extra numbers in the name, or just straight up multiple folders. In first case, just rename the folder to simply "Awakening in the OC - Expanded Integration", In second case, create a new folder, name it "Awakening in the OC - Expanded Integration" and place all the mod folder into it. Place "Awakening in the OC - Expanded Integration" to DAO override folder and now, attention, delete all folders besides the "0.Fixes" folder as shown here. We'll return to other modules from this mod later, as they are all optional. Well done! Awakening Fixes and Tweaks Around 20 bug fixes for Awakening in a single mod. Download the main file and unzip it. Now, create a new folder and name it "Awakening Fixes and Tweaks". Grab all the folder (starting from "Adria and Her Dog" and ending with "Vigil Chars Fix") and place them in the "Awakening Fixes and Tweaks" folder. Finally, place the "Awakening Fixes and Tweaks" folder to DAO override folder. Law and Order Fixes Various fixes for pretty bugged Law and Order quest. Similar to the "Awakening Skill & Item Fixes", it's recommended to either properly rename the folder, or, if you'll instantly see the file, create a folder named "Law and Order Fixes" and place it to DAO override folder. Sigrun's Roguish Past and Law and Order fix Fixes Mischa disappearing after accepting the Law and Order quest. Place the "Sigrun_Law_Order" folder to DAO override folder. Awakening Silverite Mines Bugfix This mod fixes the infamous Silverite Mines equipment glitch that causes you to permanently lose some/all of the equipment on your player character. Place "z_TerraEx_Silverite" folder to DAO override folder. Awakening endgame cutscene fixes Resolves several outstanding issues with the cutscene at the end of Awakening. If the file won't be in a folder, create the "Awakening Cutscene Fixes" folder and place it there (or rename the weird-named folder to such), and place it to DAO override folder. Joining ritual fix for Awakening companions Sigrun or Velanna can now undergo the Joining ritual if they are recruited as part of the third main quest. Similar instructions regarding the file and folder here. Rename to/create "Awakening Joining Ritual Fix" folder and it to DAO override folder. Awakening Blackblade Armor Dragon Drop Fix Fixes the bug in Awakening that the High Dragon in the Dragonbone Wastes doesn't drop the Blackblade Gloves and Boots. Download only the main file. Place the "blkblade_drop_fix" folder to DAO override folder. Awakening Messenger Bugfix Fixes an Awakening bug where the epilogue sometimes talks about the darkspawn messenger if you had him killed. Place the "Darkspawn Messenger Bugfix" folder to DAO override folder. Awakening Encounters Renovation Overhaul of the Awakening encounter system, so that encounters trigger more reliably. While it's not technically a bug fix, it's absolutely essential mod with the vanilla implementation, you may not have some encounters at all even in multiple walkthroughs. Create a new folder, name it "zz Awakening Encounters Renovation", place both mod folders ("encounter fixes" and "travel system") into it and place the folder the DAO override folder. Shale's Talents - Fixes Only Fixes Shale's (from Stone Prisoner DLC) skills to turn in into actually competetive companion to play with. Note: If you think that Shale's abilities need a buff on top of just being fixed, skip this mod - there's another mod further in the guide that makes Shale stronger, and it has all these fixes included as well. Place the "Shale's Fixes" folder to DAO override folder. Sulcher's Pass Not On Map Fix ==NEW== For some players, seemingly absolutely randomly, in both modded and purely vanilla games (happened to me once too), Sulcher's Pass just never appears on the map no matter what, even despite Stone Prisoner DLC is activated - you can have the quest on, pick up Shale's crystal items in loot - but location just won't appear on the map so you won't be able to start the questline. This one is technically not a mod, but a developer console command that allows you to teleport to Sulcher's Pass and get the rod from the merchant, which will allow you to proceed. The command is "runscript zz_shl_debug" (without quotes), just in case. In the menu, you will need to choose: Warp to a location ==> Shale offer.

Various bug fixing (or nearly so, not directly fixing a bug, but correcting clearly irrational details) mods are gathered separately in this sections as they are mostly standalone mods fixing couple of even just one bug, and not a major ones. Some cosmetic fixes, correction of weird looking objects, tiny fixes of things you may not notice in just one walkthrough and such. In other words, you absolutely can play without them - but if you want to fix as many things as possible - why not?

Mage Origin Dialogue Tweaks Fixes and improves some dialogues during the mage origin. Place the "Mage Origin DT" folder to DAO override folder. Codex Fixes and Tweaks for Golems of Amgarrak and Witch Hunt Provides fixes to and extra Codex entries you get from Golems of Amgarrak and Witch Hunt DLCs. Place the "Codex Fixes and Tweaks for GoA and WH" (and, if you want it, "Garevel letter for Witch Hunt") folder to DAO override folder. Mod is fully modular and you can remove subfolders and files you don't want inside the mod main folder (read more about them on the mod page). Sulcher's Pass consistency (for Shale - Stone Prisoner) Adjusts Sulcher's Pass quest to start after you visit camp, gives you a new letter from Felix and fixes the error in Shale's codex. Place "Sulcher's Pass consistency" folder to DAO override folder. Then, also get the update file and replace the "prcscr_shale.gda" file in the mod's "Sulcher's Pass unlocks in camp" folder. Armor Of The Divine Will Bug Fix Fixes the named armor stat bonus. Place the "Armor of the divine will fix" folder to DAO override folder. City Elf won't strip for King Cailan Don't send nudes. Place the "City Elf wont strip for King Cailan - skltra" folder to DAO override folder. TSM Seeker's Circle Name Fix Small fix for the bugged display name of Leliana's Seeker's Circle amulet. You need to place [only] the "tsm_seekercirclefix" folder to DAO override folder. A Priest - Not A Mage Fixes Bioware's mistake where they mislabel a priest as a mage. Place the "A Priest! Not A Mage!" folder to DAO override folder. Bombs Away Quest Fix Several bugfixes for the quest "Bombs Away!" for Awakening DLC. Place the "BombsAwayFix" folder to DAO override folder. Ghost Elves Changes the models of two ghosts in the Brecilian Ruins (who are talking Elvish and are clearly an elves judging from the context) from humans to elves. Place the "Ghost Elves" folder to DAO override folder. Vigilance mesh fix Fixes the Vigilance mesh so it is held and swung more appropriately (no more grabbing a thin air). Place the "Vigilance" folder to DAO override folder. HF apprentice robes fix A fix to the MMH file of hf_rob_appa to make it refer to the proper mao file, making it look properly. Place the "Apprentice robes fix" folder to DAO override folder. TSM Werewolf Fix Cassian, the leader of the werewolf contingent who appear at Redcliffe Castle if the Warden sides with the werewolves during Nature of the Beast, does not have an eye mesh assigned to his model; a second werewolf in the company also suffers from this omission. Now it's fixed. Place the "tsm_ww_fix" folder to DAO override folder. Pet Peeves Fixes Despite mod name, it has nothing to do wither neither pets nor Harry Potter. The mod contains many different files, from which, as for now, we'll get some small fixes. You need to download: "Alchemy Stand Fix", "Bear Fixes", "Jowan's Phylactery Fix" and "The Black Vials". Place the "Alchemy Stand Fix", "Bear Fixes", "Jowan's Phylactery Fix" and "The Black Vials" folders to DAO override folder. Stormchaser Gauntlets Material Fix Changes the material on Stormchaser Gauntlets from Volcanic to White Steel, so it's consistent with the other parts of the set. Note: the mod folder name, just "DA" is pretty easy to forget on what it does at all, so I personally recommend to rename the "DA" folder to, for instance, mod name, like "Stormchaser Gauntlets Material Fix". Now, place the "Stormchaser Gauntlets Material Fix" folder to DAO override folder. TSM Better Bannhammer - Teagan tweaks and fixes Equips Bann Teagan in all his appearances with consistent and (more) appropriate gear. Also addresses the variations in his descriptive floaty text. Place the "tsm_bannhammer" (other folder is not needed until you want the little tweak to his appearance, look at the mod page screenshots) folder to DAO override folder. TSM Dalish Weapons for Ariane In Witch Hunt, edits both of Ariane’s longswords to use the ‘Dar'Misaan’ model, rather than some mis-matched shemlen nonsense. Place the "tsm_ariane_swords" folder to DAO override folder. TSM Wynne Robe Fix Complete Makes Wynne to wear proper robe during epilogue. Place the "tsm_wynne_robes" folder to DAO override folder. TSM A Sword for Ser Donall Ser Donall, the Redcliffe knight encountered in the Lothering chantry, is equipped with a kite shield, but no sword, which makes no sense. Now, he'll have a sword as well. Place the "tsm_donall_sword" folder to DAO override folder. TSM Happy Owen Sells Far Song ==NEW== One more mod that's not purely technically a bugfix, but should be considered so. There are two strong reason for this change. First - how the unskilled (from his own words) blacksmith could make such a bow, while the senior blacksmith (who can repair entire villalge garnison's armors in a night while being drunk)? Why such a strong item is being a "reward" in the outcome of the quest where you basically shouldn't do anything? If you agree with this - then you know that Far Song should be definitely in Owen's (upgraded) inventory in case you'll save his daughter. Place "tsm_far_song_owen" to the DAO override folder.
Note: If you want the bow to be tier 7 instantly (same as in vanilla), remove the .uti file from the mod's folder. DLC Item Fixes Fixes DLC items being listed at the bottom of the inventory/merchant screen, along with a few other bugs. Place the "DLC Item Fixes 1.1" folder to DAO override folder. A Paragon of Her Kind cutscene fixes Fixes for the cutscene introducing the Broodmother and the cutscene where you side with Caridin. Recommended to rename the "DA" folder to something like "Paragon Cutscene Fixes", then place to DAO override folder. Minor texture fixes Fixes a couple of minor visual issues caused by overwritten/broken vanilla armor textures. Place the "Minor Texture Fixes" folder to DAO override folder. NPC equipment changes and fixes Cosmetic fixes to various inconsistencies and other similar changes to over 300 NPCs in the game. Place the "NPC Equipment" folder to DAO override folder. Mod requires some other mods for certain fixes, so, as absolutely everything in the mod is totally optional to have, you can just remove the "0. items and headmorphs" folder after installation.
The mod only downside is its coverage - so if you'll have a heavy mod list, there will be lots of conflicts. You can either use the Duplicate Search Tool (if you're not sure what's that, refer to Preparations section of the guide) to find the conflicting files and remove them from this mod folder (100% conflict resolution) or just rename the mod folder to something like "0_NPC Equipment" so the rest of mods will overwrite it. The second method is obviously super easy and won't require any further time investment, but also can't guarantee exactly 100% conflict resolution in some cases. Though, such conflict will be purely cosmetic and harmless to your save, and if something goes really visually weird in your game, you can always remove the conflicting file/s.

Various mods related to the UI (User Iterface) - improved tooltips, better icons and more.

More Detailed Tooltips Simple and effective as that. You need this until you're DAO veteran that finished the game 10+ times (and even in that case, it'll be still useful in many cases). Download the "More Detailed Tooltips - Fixes and Tweaks" mod file. Place the "More Detailed Tooltips - Fixes and Tweaks" folder to DAO override folder. Now, also get this and place "Heavy Glove Compatibility" folder to DAO override folder. The Icons Project Complete overhaul of the icons used for all equipment, this changes the bland & indifferent look to something much more vibrant & variant. This one is a dazip mod. Install the "The Icons Project v0_24-826.dazip" file with the DAUpdater tool (if you're not sure what's that, refer to the Preparations section of the guide) and make sure it's active in the "Downloadable Content ==> Installed Content" (checkmark is checked) in the game menu.
Note: remove the "tsm_seekercirclefix" folder from your DAO override folder and instead, from here, place "tsm_seekercirclefix_tip" instead, to have this mod icon together with the bug fix. Icon Overhaul Replaces the recognizable icons of Dragon Age Origins with the somewhat modified iconic icons of Baldur's Gate 3. Take into account that icons are really bright and vibrant in colors, resulting a drastic difference compared to vanilla ones, so that's a really individual choice to get this mod or not. Place the "Icon Overhaul" folder to DAO override folder. DA2 Icons Item icons from DA2. Place the "Da2icons_proyect" folder to DAO override folder. You can also delete the "Images guide" folder inside, it's not needed for the mod to work. Unique Jewelry Icons - Rings Changes the icons for all enchanted vanilla rings to make them prettier and more unique. Place the "RINGMOD" folder to DAO override folder. Pet Peeves Icons Some neat icon retextures. Download the "Icon Replacements" file and place the "Icon Replacements" folder to DAO override folder. Madd Gift Guide Item description for gifts. "Gone are the days of wondering which alcohol goes to Oghren, which one belongs to Wynn, and which are the jewelries that Morrigan desires above everyone else." Place the "Madd Gift Guide V1_1" folder to DAO override folder. Gift Guide - Awakening Similar mod for Awakening DLC. Place the "Gift Guide - Awakening" folder to DAO override folder. Clean UI Don't like the blood everywhere in your interface? This mod got you covered. Place the "Clean UI" folder to DAO override folder. FtG Quickbar - Center and Multi Rows From the author of FTG UI mod - allows to use up to all fifty quickslots regardless of display resolution. Configurable. Dazip mod. Install the "FtG_Quickbar_v1-0" file with the DAUpdater tool and make sure it's active in the "Downloadable Content ==> Installed Content" (checkmark is checked) in the game menu. Now, download the separate config filder, unzip the archive and place the Config folder (recommended to rename it to "FTG Quickbar Config") somewhere on your PC (doesn't matter where - it detects the mod path installation), and from it, you can launch the "FtG_Quickbar_Config" file to furtherly config the mod. No Rings Or Target Arrows Simple mod to get rid of those if they annoys you. Download the "PPFP Miscellaneous" file and place the "No Rings" folder to DAO override folder. Green Circles OR just unify their look and make it simpler. Blue version also available. Place the "green circles" (or the other version) folder to DAO override folder. Dimmed Glyphs Download the "PPFP Miscellaneous" file and place the "Dimmed Glyphs" folder to DAO override folder. NWN Style Cursors Use this one or the mod above. Cursors will look like the ones in Neverwinter Nights game. This mod installation is a bit untrivial, but it's nothing hard. There are two mod versions, where other one makes cursors bigger that's better for modern monitors. First of all, go inside the \Path_To_Your_DAO_Installation\Dragon Age Origins\packages\core\data\ folder. Backup (copy and place somewhere at your PC) the "cursors" folder. Now, unzip the mod file archive you downloaded and place the mod "cursors" folder to the very same \Path_To_Your_DAO_Installation\Dragon Age Origins\packages\core\data\ folder. Approve ovewriting when asked. If you won't like the news cursors after all, just place back the "cursors" folder you backed up and approve overwriting again. Use this one or the mod below. Mouse Cursors for 4k DAO Use this one or the mod above. Despite the name of the mod, you aren't obliged to have 4k monitor to use the mod - it simply provides bigger cursors in general to fit any modern monitor and personal preference. If the vanilla cursors are way too small for you, get any of the mod versions (file names are self-explanatory) and install. Installation/uninstallation instructions are same as for the mod above. Alternative Colors of Different Damage Types Change the text colors of different types of damage to look like Dragon Age Inquisition style, and likely just easier for some players to distinct the damage visually. Choose one of the mod versions (difference explained on the mod page). Unzip the archive, create a new folder and name it "Damage Types Alternative Colors", and place the "zz_damagetypes.gda" file into it. Now, place the "Damage Types Alternative Colors" folder to DAO override folder. Perceptible Portraits Alters the "Health" and "Stamina/Mana" gauges of the party and summons to have higher contrast for more visibility. Choose one of the mod versions (difference is self-explanatory in the file names). Unzip the archive, create a new folder and name it "Perceptible Portraits", and place the "" file into it. Now, place the "Perceptible Portraits" folder to DAO override folder. Color Blind Portrait Similar mod, but likely better for the colorblind players. Download the "Color Blind Portrait v1-0 - For Game v1-03" mod version. Place the "ColorBlindPortrait_Gamev1_03" folder to DAO override folder. Pet Peeves Portraits All companions portraits will be aligned left and their facial emotions be more neutral. Download the "PPFP Miscellaneous" file and place the "Portraits" folder to DAO override folder. Easier to Read Font Mod for DAO If you think the vanilla DAO font is too fancy, this one is for you. Place the "DAO_GentiumBookMerriweatherSans" folder to DAO override folder. Longer Name Be able to make your character (and, optionally, a dog) name of up to 30 symbols long. Download one or both main files. If using the FTG Quickbar mod, for the dog name, donwload the optional file. Create the "Longer Name" folder and place the .gfx file/s into it. Now place the "Longer Name" folder to DAO override folder.

Model improvements and HD textures for many world objects and creatures, character appearance overhauls such as better NPC head models with changed styles and quality textures, and improved/new visual effects for your game. Note: while some of mods in this section also improves the look of weapons and armors, most of mods for those are located in armors/weapons dedicated section below for easier separation.

First, a few very different, yet almost must-have specific improvements and QOL changes - or mods that remove certain VFX that can be annoying:

Dragon Age BIK Improvement Konversion (DABIK) A qualitative AI upscale of all (main menu intros, base game and DLC) cutscenes in the game up to 2k and even 4k. Note: practically, if you have a strong rig (GPU at least 2080 or similar), it's recommended to use 4k version for 2k monitors, and 2k version for 1080p monitors - it'll look even better. Download either 2k or 4k version and unzip the archive. Now, once again, unpack the .override file. Go inside the subfolders till you see a folder named "DABIK for DAO FULL Package 1440p" (or just "DABIK for DAO Full Package" in 4k version). Simply place this folder to the DAO override folder. Enjoy the HD cutscenes! Pixelated Shaders begone Removes pixelation when Bloom and Depth of Field are applied. No more ugly pixels in front of your face! Place the "better shaders" folder to DAO override folder. Now, get the "Bloom On" file here and place "da_bloom.ffx" file inside the "better shaders" folder that you've just installed into the DAO override folder now. Approve overwriting. Smoke Remover Removes the obnoxious smoke from the game. Place "Smoke Remover" folder to DAO override folder. TSM Vignette Be Gone A mod you never thought you need before you try it. Eliminates the dark, vignetted upper screen corners during normal gameplay and conversations. Place the "tsm_no_vignette" folder to DAO override folder. Clear Dreams - no blur in the Fade Removes one or both of the uncomfortable postprocessing effects in all Fade scenes: the radial blur over the whole screen, and (optionally) the wavy distortion at the edges. Download either one of the main files, or "Fade FX - No blur" main file and the optional file. You can just place the file/s inside the either "better shaders" or "tsm_no_vigneete" folder as they are similar in type of changes. Weapon Trails Reducer Remover Reduces or removes the white trailing glow from weapons/arrows. Choose one of the mod files and place "Weapon Trails Reducer Remover" to DAO override folder. Dragon Age Flicker Removal A collection of removals or adjustments to different visual effects in the game that some players can find annoying (read the mod page). Download the "Flicker Removal - All in One" file, place "Dragon Age Flicker Removal" to DAO override folder, and then remove all modules (folders) that you don't want to have.

Now - improved models and textures for everything world, creatures and clutter related:

First, let's install a few mods that will overhaul most of the world textures in the game. Inside your DAO override folder, create a new folder and name it, let's say, "000 World Base Texture Pack". Now, download the next mods:

Old Gods A huge AI upscale pack that improves over 1,500 most different textures - we'll be using it as the base and overwrite with other mods. Place all the files from the "Old Gods" folder to the "000 World Base Texture Pack" that you just created in the DAO override folder. Retexturing DAO This mod contains almost 1,000 hand-made HD textures. Download the "Elelith_textures_DAO" and "Elelith_textures_DAO_Enviroment" files. Unzip them. From both, place all the files from [every subfolder] (like "Clutter", "Furniture", "Churches", "Orzammar" etc) and the rest of the files located in the "Elelith_textures_DAO_Enviroment" root folder, inside the "000 World Base Texture Pack" folder. Approve all overwrite prompts when asked. Now, from here, get the "Retexturing DAO Fixes" file and place all the files into your "000 World Base Texture Pack" folder, approving the overwrite.
So, what do you have now and why we did it? Now, you have over 2,400 improved textures for the game world either in a form of a noticeably more crisp upscaled textures, or even better - handmade HD textures and many additional normalmaps (making objects like terrain or furniture look more volumetric).
Why placing them all in a single folder and why such a folder name? Even with a "patched" memory, heavy-modded DAO still may have performance issues - purely because of the old game's limitations. If you'll start having heavy FPS drops or crashes in some "fps-hungry" places, like Lothering or Denerim - simply temporarily remove the "000 World Base Texture Pack" from your DAO override folder, and bring it back later.
Secondly, the "000" in the folder name is needed to apply the proper overwriting order - these textures will take over base game files and dazip (dazip mods, but you unlikely will have such mods conflicting anyway), while all other smaller standalone HD texture/model mods, which may be retexturing same objects as some files from this pack, but better - will automatically overwrite its files. Comfy, isn't it? Well done!

Next - various other, smaller mods improving various models and textures, either covering what bigger packs don't, or doing that in a better quality:

Herbs and Ores - DAO Some herbs and ores from DA Inquisition ported to DAO, for both base game and Awakening, resulting Place the "Herbs and Ores - DAO" folder to DAO override folder. Blood Retexture To make it look more like blood and not a jelly. Place the "blood retexture" folder to DAO override folder. Statues and Totems - Higher resolution textures HD textures for those. Place the "Statues and Totems HD Textures" folder to DAO override folder. Clouds Retextured Absolutely beautiful cloud textures for base game and DLCs. Place the "Clouds Retextured" folder to DAO override folder. Two Moons Circle A lore-friendly mod that adds the second moon, Satina, to the night sky. Choose one of the two main files (difference shown on the mod page images). Place the "Two Moons Circle Atmosphere" (or the other one) folder to DAO override folder. Fantasy Sun Improved sun look. Place the "Fantasy Sun" folder to DAO override folder. Monster but Worse (but Better) HD textures for many creatures with more "gory" look for creatures this makes sense. Download both files. Place "monsters but worse" and "higher res awakening creatures" folders to DAO override folder. Kirkwall Bestiary Download the "Kirkwall Bestiary" file. A small, but qualitative textures pack improving the look of some DAO monsters. Place the "kirkwalbeastiary" folder to DAO override folder. Higher Resolution Paintings Bacause paintings deserve this too - especially on moder monitors. Place the "paintings" folder to DAO override folder. Imposing Redcliffe Doors A HD retexture of the chantry doors in Redcliffe, with added wood patterns. Place the "Imposing Redcliffe Doors" folder to DAO override folder. More Fancier Rugs Changes the standard plain red, green and blue rug textures to something much more interesting. Offers 7 different designs for each rug. Place the "More Fancier Rugs V1.1" folder to DAO override folder. Now, go into this folder, and in each of "Blue Rug", "Green Rug", "Red Rug" folder, keep only one folder, which represents the choice of the rug pattern. Some Dalish Textures New textures for aravels, Dalish tents and halla. Place the "Dalish Textures" folder to DAO override folder. If you want to save a 10 MB of disc space, in the mod folder, delete all files with "hallaa" in it. Updated Halla The mod above retextures halla, but this one does it even better - with better textures and also improved model. Download both files. From the update one, place the .dds files into the "Hallf" folder in the main one and overwrite. Now, place the "Halla" folder to DAO override folder. Ogre HD Place the "Ogre HD" folder to DAO override folder. Desire Demon HD Place the "Desire Demon HD" folder to DAO override folder. Lady of The Forest HD Place the "Lady of the forest HD" folder to DAO override folder. Note: for all these 3 mods, you can delete the images (not the .dds) files from the folders - those are just screenshots and not needed for mods to work. Furry Werewolf retexture HD werewolves retexture for their look to make sense too. Place the "Werewolf Retexture HD" folder to DAO override folder. Flemeth Dragon to Origins Changes the Flemeth dragon form to her unique DA2 model. Get the 2k version. Place the "Flemeth Dragon HighTextures" folder to DAO override folder. Archdemon Urthemiel Note: "Monsters But Worse" mod above already covers Urthemiel. Use this one if you want his look to be more "glowy" as presented in the Heroes of Dragon Age artwork. If using it, rename the mod folder to something like "ZZZ Archdemon Urthemiel" (so it could take over) and place the folder to DAO override folder. Unique High Dragon Texture replacers for the generic looking high dragon summoned by Kolgrim's horn. Place "Unique High Dragon" folder to DAO override folder. Inquisition Fade Made the fade look more like in Inquisition. Place the "DAI Fade" folder to DAO override folder. World Map Replacer HD worldmap replacer. Place the "Map Replacer" folder to DAO override folder. Elvorn's Grande Bestiary Just a recolours for many creatures. Mod has modular interior folder structure, so you can only keep what you want and delete the rest. Place the "Bestiary of Thedas" folder to DAO override folder. Eichkater Simple optional mod to change squirrel color from grey to orange. Place the "Eichkater" folder to DAO override folder. Seasons Overhaul Optional mod. Overhauls the greenery of the game to have more seasonal variety. Download the "Seasons Overhaul" file and one of the camp files. Main file folder is nicely dissected into subfolders with a self-explanatory names, so you can just delete what you don't like. Place the "Seasons Overhaul" folder and the chosen camp overhaul folder to DAO override folder. TSM Crashing is a Crashing Bore Replaces VFX of three talents - Holy Smite, Mana Clash, and Paralysis Explosion - with some less visually intensive vanilla effects. Several options available. Place [only one] folder ("tsm_nocrash_v1" or any other one) to DAO override folder.

Character creation related mods - skin, hair, eyes and such. These mods serve you in two ways: first and foremost, they either improve the look or add new options to pick for face-related details during character creation. Secondly, some of these mods are often used as a resource base for NPC visual overhauls below.
Many mods here have the "chargenmorphcfg.xml" file, which is basically listing what was changed/added for the character creation screen. If you'll be using more than one mod from here, you will need to merge the chargen xml file with the CharGenMorph Compiler - it's as simple as a one-click action. If you're not quite sure what CharGenMorph Compiler is - refer to Preparations section of the guide.

HQ Eyebrow Stubble and Scalp Hair Replacers HD replacers for default presets. Place the "HQ Eyebrow Stubble and Scalp Hair Replacers" folder to DAO override folder. True Colours REDUX This mod gets rid of the greyness to DAO’s vanilla tints, and as a result, reduces the washed out effect much of the game’s lighting has on skin, hair, and eye colours. Place the "True Colours" folder to DAO override folder. Real Pigment - a skin tint fix Distributes face tints like how melanin can be in real life. 3 different options available, plus makeup compatibility files and a kit for assigning the options individually. Gran one of the mod main files (I'm using the medium one). Place the "Real Pigment - Medium Lips" (or one of two other versions) folder to DAO override folder. Alternative Default Eyes A high-res replacement for the default eye textures plus some tint edits and material tweaks and fixes. Two versions available (difference shown on the mod page images, and make sure to get the "Compressed" version of your choice) - choose one and place the "hw_default_eyes_b_compressed" (or the "hw_default_eyes_a_compressed") folder to DAO override folder. Now, delete the "hw_vanilla_eye_tint_tweaks" folder from the mod folder. The "hw_shinier_eyes" folder is optional Revised Tattoos Tattoos redrawn by hand in higher quality. Place the "tattoos revised" folder to DAO override folder.

Basically, the mods above is your to-go solid base that doesn't add any new facial parts, but greatly improves the look of whatever character you will make. Make sure to grab 'em!

Natural lighting for the character creator Simple mod to make the chargen room lighting brighter. Place "Natural Lighting for character creation" folder to DAO override folder. Realistic Teeth Replaces the default unrealistic (and rotten-dirty) teeth with accurate 3D modeled and more white (but not too white) teeth. Download the main file. Place the "Realistic_Teeth" folder to DAO override folder. Emotion Expressions Less Eye Wrinkles Replaces the emotion texture file with less wrinkly version. Compatible with all NPC visual overhaul mods. Place "Emotion Map" folder to DAO override folder. Dalishious Skin Tints Adds 20 new skin tints for creating characters. Place "Dalishious Skin Tints" folder to DAO override folder. Sun's Tints Collection of hair and eye tints. Place "Sun's Tints" folder to DAO override folder. CC Extra Tints and Tones Place the "CC Extra Tints & Tones" folder to DAO override folder. Also delete the "medium" folder inside it. SJC's Skins 12 additional skins for character creation. Place the "SJC Skins" folder to DAO override folder. Now, if you're using Realistic Teeth mod - delete the "Whiter Vanilla Teeth" in the mod folder. If not - vice versa. Pretty Skins And some more skins. Place the "Pretty Skins" folder to DAO override folder. Blackmoon's Human Female Face Textures New high-res diffuse, normal & specular maps for human female characters. Place "BM_HF_textures" folder to DAO override folder. Tucked Hair DA2 hairs for DAO character creation. Download the file and unzip it. Inside the folder, you'll see 3 more archives - unzip them once again. You should now see 2 folders and the chargen xml file. Now, download the file from here, and place the chargen xml file from it into the "tuckedhair" folder. Finally, place the "tuckedhair" folder to DAO override folder. More Hairstyles LOTS of new hairstyles. Download the file and unzip it. Now, get a lil fix here and unzip it too. Grab the files from "lod_2" folder and place them into the "\humans\m" folder of the More Hairstyles mod. Place "More Hairstyles" folder to DAO override folder. Beautiful People Hair REN Even more hairstyles. Download the mod file and unzip the archive. Now, get a file here and place the "chargenmorphcfg.xml" file into the "RENsHair" folder. Now, place the "RENsHair" folder to DAO override folder. LHK's Mini hair pack A few new custom and ported hairs. Download both files. Place the "LHK Hair" and "Splotchy hair fix" folders to DAO override folder.
Note: there's a conflict for a few files between this mod and Tucked Hair if you'll be using both. You can have both. What needs to be done: Simply rename 4 files in total, in "EF" and "HF" folders, so that the "cass" part of the file name would be something different, let's say, "casz". It should look like this in the end. Simpliciaty Hairs A few more beautiful hairs for DAO. Note: Depending on how your archive tool will unpack the archive, you'll either see a folder named "Simpliciaty Hairs-5889-V1" and with some other digits furtherly in the name, or a "simpliciaty" folder and a chargen file. In first case, just rename the folder to "Simpliciaty Hairs". In second case, grab both "simpliciaty" and chargen xml file, and place them inside the newly created "Simpliciaty Hairs" folder. Place "Simpliciaty Hairs" folder to DAO override folder. Schwarzalbenheim Adds 300!! presets of haircut and 38 presets of beard for a male dwarfs. Place the "Schwarzalbenheim" folder to DAO override folder. Anders' Hair for DAO DA2 Anders hair for your character. Place the "Anders Hair for DAO" folder to DAO override folder. Arcane Eyes One more beautifil HD eyes retexture mod. Place "Arcane Eyes" folder to DAO override folder. Big Brown Eyes Adds seven new shades of brown/amber/hazel eye colours. Place "Big Brown Eyes" folder to DAO override folder. Eyeshadow Collection Some new eye shadow tints. Place "Eyeshadow Collection" folder to DAO override folder. CS - NEW tints for hairs Light blonde, pink, purple, green & blue. Now, place the "More_Hairstyles" folder to DAO override folder. Concept Art Surana Hair and Head Hair and head morph for Surana (Elven female) based on the concept art. Place both "Surana Hair" and "Surana Iconic Morph" folders to DAO override folder. The head morph replaces the last default head in chargen.

Improved visual appearance (faces and/or equipment) for companions and other NPCs. Always look at requirements on these mod pages - for look 100% identical as on the mod page images, such mods can require certain other mods (mostly from the subsection above).

First of all, two absolute titans of the NPC appearance improvements - you're not obliged to install them, but, if you want a quick (and great) facelift for most of the game named NPCs in minimal time spent - get one of them. Both are completely standalone, meaning they don't need other mods to function and have all their assets packed inside.

Dragon Age Redesigned The most popular (and for a reason) NPC overhaul for DAO, cover over 1,200!! NPCs. It also provides several options for both "secondary" NPCs and companions look.
- Download the manual version from the Optional Files. Main file itself is not needed. Unzip the archive.
- Inside, you'll see several folders. First of all, rename the "Dracomies Textures" folder to, let's say "DAO Redesigned - Dracomies Textures", and place it to DAO override folder.
- Now, go inside "Versions (Lore, Aesthetics, Recommended)" folder and choose ONE folder there. Difference is explained on the mod page. Rename the folder of your choice to "DAO Redesigned - Non Companions" and place it to DAO override folder.
- Next - let's go into "Awakening" folder. There, firstly, also choose between one of the first three folders (same conceptual difference as for Origins versions). Rename the folder of your choice to "DAO Redesigned - Awakening" and place it to DAO override folder.
- Now, in the same folder, choose a version for Velanna. Rename the folder of your choice to "DAO Redesigned - Velanna" and place it to DAO override folder.
- Leliana's Song folder. No options here, just rename the folder to "DAO Redesigned - Leliana's Song" and place it to DAO override folder.
- Lastly, the companion module. Companions are covered by multiple other mods, so you can leave this module for now, look for other companion-affecting mods below, and decide which exactly for what companion you want. Installation of this module is same as for the other ones - in every companion folder, delete all versions asides from the one you want, and then, rename the "Companions" folder to "DAO Redesigned - Origins Companions" and place it to DAO override folder.
- Why the renaming of folders though? It's not technically needed, but in this way, it will be easier to find the mod parts later to change or remove them. Good folders organisation in your modded setup always saves time in the future. Realistic DAO Project FULL BETA Another amazing NPC overhaul covering literally every single named character in the game. If to compare this one to "Redesigned", then, in general, Redesigned has more "smooth" approach to characters look, while this mod is aiming more on realism. Note: the mod file is extremely huge and thus not hosted on the nexusmods. The "RDP DOWNLOAD" file contains the text file with instructions of how to download and install the mod and its modules. Follow the instructions precisely.

Now, other mods that are either covering multiple NPCs at once, or one or couple NPCs, but the "important" ones, such as companions or some iconic NPCs in the series. Always look at the "Requirements" section at the mod page carefully - while some mods are completely standalone, others may require certain skin/hair/eye mods to be installed to work properly. While you may not be using every such mod for your own character creation, NPC mods often use them as an assets pool.
Note #1: Both Redesigned and Realistic DAO most likely also change every character that mods below affect. Make sure you deleted same-named file/s (as the mods below have) from Redesigned/Realistic DAO to use smaller mods for certain characters without issues. Duplicate Search Tool saves lots of time doing this. If you're not sure what's that, refer to Preparations section of the guide.
Note #2: Remember that large packs are often changing many same NPCs - so you don't want to just download them all and install - as in such case, only the one with higher load order priority will take effect. If you like different changes from different packs, just remove what you don't want and keep what you want from every of them, and then install. If there are several mods listed that affect only one character - choose one.

Unique Face Textures for Companions DAO Edition Improved look for companions from the author of widely respected "El's Custom Complexions" mod for the Witcher 3. A perfect vanilla+ mod - not changing anything drastically in the original companions look, but greatly improving the details and adding only in some cases adding tiny new details that aren't too much. My favourite mod for companions facelift minus Sten (I'm personally using Redesigned's Sten). There are two files - for the base game and Awakening companions respectively. Inside the main folder, there are subfolders with every companion name, so you can remove what you don't want (for instance, if you're already using Vellana from Redesigned - delete Velanna folder here). After that, place the "el_companiontexturesDAO" and/or "el_companiontextures_Awakening" folders to DAO override folder. Rose's DAO Redone - Companions Redone One more great collection of companion looks. Place "Rose's DAO Redone" to DAO override folder. Optionally, remove what you don't want. Dalishious Origins Morphs Place the "dalishious origins morphs" folder to DAO override folder. Dalishious Awakening Morphs Mod from the same author, for Awakening companions. Place the "dalishious awakening morphs" folder to DAO override folder. Companion Overhaul Place the "Companion Overhaul 2.0" folder to DAO override folder. Epic Ladies of Ferelden Modular, pretty underrated (at least for Morrigan and Leli, imho) visual overhaul for female companions.Place the "Epic Ladies of Ferelden" (or any other separate version) folder to DAO override folder. Better Base Game Companions One more vanilla+ companions facelift - the most "vanilla-like" from the all. Place any of the folders for character you want to DAO override folder. Morrigan Concept Art Edition Redux Visual redesign of Morrigan to match DAO concept art. Includes mrph & unique face, eye and eyelash textures. Choose one version and place "Morrigan Concept Art Edition" (recommended to rename folder with mod files to this to avoid confusio) folder to DAO override folder. Inquisition Morrigan Inquisition-inspired Morrigan look for DAO. Place "Inquisition Morrigan" folder to DAO override folder. Morrigan Refined - Face Replacement Refined Morrigan in attempt to give her more "ruthless" face. Place "Morrigan Refined" folder to DAO override folder. Wynne redesign Place "Wynne_redesign" folder to DAO override folder. Handsome Ser Gilmore Morph A morph of Ser Gilmore with short, dark red hair, minor stubble and a strong face. Requires DAO Redesigned and Tucked Hair mods. Place "Handsome Ser Gilmore" folder to DAO override folder. Velanna morph Place "Velanna morph" folder to DAO override folder. Isabela by Fialka for Origins Place "Isabela by Fialka" folder to DAO override folder. DA2 Isabela and Flemeth to DAO One more attempt to bring DA2 looks for Isabela [and] Flemeth into DAO. Requires Dragon Age Redesigned. Rename the "DA2DAO" folder to something like "ZZZ DA2 Isabela and Flemeth" and place it to DAO override folder. Now, if you want an Inquisition armor for Flemeth, get a file here and from the mod folder, place both "Armor" and "Hair" folders into the "Flemeth" folder of "ZZZ DA2 Isabela and Flemeth" that you've just installed, and approve overwriting. TSM Concept Art Flemeth Alternate morph for Flemeth, based on some concept art by Matt Rhodes. Place the "tsm_flemeth_concept" folder to DAO override folder. Early Taliesin and Instant Zevran Allows you to encounter Taliesin before the Landsmeet, and recruit Zevran immediately after Lothering to be able to fully progress in his romance (or just enjoy his company as a friend) much earlier. Pick one of two main files. Place "Early Taliesin and Instant Zevran" (or the other version) folder to DAO override folder.
Note: If you want to use full version of the mod (with "instant" Zevran encounter), both this mod and Qwinn's Fixpack change same file, "cam000ar_all_camps.ncs". To be 100% sure this mod will work properly, delete the "cam000ar_all_camps.ncs" and "cam000ar_all_camps.nss" files from "QUDAO Hotfix v3_52" folder. This, ofc, will result in losing some bugfixes. Alternatively, you can use the "Early Taliesin ONLY" version of the mod, which won't have the conflict. Zevran Arainai Update Empowers Zevran's gifts and starting equipment. Personally though, I recommend to use the optional "gifts update only" file, as the stats of coat are too strong to have right away as you hire Zevran. Place "Zevran Arianai" or "Zevran Gifts Update" folder to DAO override folder.
Justice for Justice A head morph for Justice in Awakening, with resemblance to DA2's lightning effects. Place the "justicemorph" folder to DAO override folder. It's Oghren Absolutely amazing Oghren morph. Place "Its Oghren folder to DAO override folder. Epilogue Oghren wears Dwarven Massive Armor Oghren wears Dwarven Massive Armor in the epilogue. Place "Epilogue Oghren Dwarven Massive Armor" folder to DAO override folder. Shale Retextured HD Your golem companion will now actually look like a creature made from rocks. Place the "Shale Retextured HD" folder to DAO override folder. Now, from here, get the "New Normals for Shale" file and place 2 .dds files from "New Normals for Shale" folder inside the "Shale Retextured HD" folder that you've just installed into your DAO override folder. Various Cousland Family Morphs Seven sets of morphs for the Cousland family. Make sure to read the mod page or the included readme file as you'll need to choose files inside the mod folder. After you've done place the "Couslands" folder to DAO override folder. Various Tabris Family Morphs Similar mod from the same author for the Tabris family. Same file choosing actions required. After you've done that, place the "Tabris Family Morphs" folder to DAO override folder. DA2 Bodahn and Sandal Feddic Modifies the Feddics to more closely match their DA2 appearance. Place "DA2 Bodahn & Sandal" folder to DAO override folder. Morphs for the Warden's Keep DLC Avernus and all the Drydens get a makeover and racelift. Because fighting against a tyrant and having your family's name dragged through the mud deserves something special. Place "Warden's Keep DLC Morphs" folder to DAO override folder. Tranquil Brand 2.0 Gives Tranquil NPCs the familiar brand from later games. Place the "Tranquil" folder to DAO override folder. TSM Better Fereldan Kids Adds a variety of appropriate clothing models to children throughout Ferelden. Make sure to install required mod. Place all 3 "tsm_" folders to DAO override folder.

Various other NPC apperance mods, mostly the small mods covering less important/inconsequential NPCs or making changes to their equipment.

TSM Better Vigil's Keep Ghouls and Prisoners Adds clothing to three ghouls who are otherwise naked/wearing smallclothes and varies the clothing of all the Vigil’s Keep prisoners and ghouls (rather than them all wearing the same thing). Place the [only] the "tsm_vgk_ghouls" folder to DAO override folder. Clothed Prisoners Puts clothing on the Ostagar Prisoner, prisoners at Arl Howe's estate, and Fort Drakon. Download all 4 mod files. Place the .utc files from all 3 optional file folders into the main file's "Clothed Prisoners" folder, and place it to DAO override folder. Prison Clothes Gives the warden and Alistair prison clothes when captured at Fort Drakon. Place the "Fortress Prison Clothes" folder to DAO override folder. Templar Variety - DAO Ports of the medium templar armors from DAI, and an attempt to de-clone the templars. Place the "Templar Variety" folder to DAO override folder. The Nobles of Ferelden Younger versions of Loghain, and Teagan without changing their core features, as well as changing Anora's hairstyle and altering her appearance slightly too make her stand out more. Create a new "The Nobles of Ferelden" folder, grab whatever separate files you want, place the .more files from them to "The Nobles of Ferelden" folder and place it to DAO override folder. Tamlen Redesign Changes unexplained Qunari, Elves, and Humans seen in Orzammar to Dwarves. Ambassador Gainley and his bodyguards are not touched as those make sense. Place "No Outsiders in Orzammar" folder to DAO override folder. DAO RELOADED - Cyrion Tabris Place the "Cyrion Tabris Reloaded" folder to DAO override folder. DAO RELOADED - Shianni Tabris Place the "Shianni Tabris Reloaded" folder to DAO override folder. DAO RELOADED - Arl Howe Place the "Arl Howe Reloaded" folder to DAO override folder. Tamlen Redesign Place the "Tamlen Redesign" folder to DAO override folder. Anora's Makeover A new head for Anora, featuring a unique hairstyle. Also includes a HQ retexture of her dress. Place the "anora makeover" folder to DAO override folder. Anora Save the Queen Disguise Tweaks Two different solutions to Anora's weirdly inconsistent guard armor during Save the Queen. Check the mod description page and see which one you prefer. Place the "Honest Anora" or "Urgent Anora" folder to DAO override folder. TSM Elora is a Mage Elora, the Halla Keeper in the Brecilian Forest Dalish camp, is a mage with a full battery of Primal spells. This UTC changes her gear to the Chasind Robes. Place the "tsm_elora_wears_chasind_robes" folder to DAO override folder. TSM Better Epilogue Guards Changes the weird equipment on the boon ceremony clone guards to mirror the armour and weapons used by the King’s Guard during the Prelude, and replaces their creepy generic morph. Place [only] the "tsm_epi_guards" folder to DAO override folder. TSM Ostagar NPC Tweaks - Ser Jory and nurse Tweaks to the appearances of Ser Jory and the Ostagar nurse. Place the "tsm_ostagar_npcs" folder to DAO override folder. If you don't want a morph edit for the nurse (Redesigned/Realistic DAO improve her look too), just delete the mod's only .mor file. TSM DAA Bodyguards Tweak Changes the gear on the guards accompanying King Alistair or Queen Anora so they don't look like templars. Choose only [one] folder to install (the difference is self-explanatory from the folder names) and place it to DAO override folder. TSM King Alistair wears Cailan's Armor in DAA When King Alistair visits the Warden at Vigil's Keep, he'll be wearing Cailan's Armour set (from the Return to Ostagar DLC), rather than the DAA Kal'Hirol-style set. From the "requires RTO" folder, get [only one] folder (I'm using the "tsm_daa_alistair_cailan_maricsblade" one) and place it to DAO override folder. Loghain - Proper Armor at Ostagar Gives Loghain the same 'River Dane Armor Set' that he wears for the rest of the game after Ostagar, while he's at Ostagar too. Place the "Loghain - Correct Ostagar Armor" folder to DAO override folder. Blighted Warden Armor of the Sentinel Changes the Armor of the Sentinel set to Blighted Warden Commander Armor. Requires GWOF mod. Place "Blighted Armor of Sentinel" folder to DAO override folder. Marjolaine - with weapons Equips Marjolaine with her recurve bow, as she fights empty handed which doesn't look right. Choose one of the mod versions and place "Marjolaine - with weapons" folder to DAO override folder. Outfits for Schmooples Adds accessories to Schmooples, Leiliana's pet nug. Choose one of the mod main files, and optionally, one of the files in Optional Files tab (those are just texture replacers - you still need one of the main files, and the "HD" version has all other versions included, just with higher textures resolution files). Place "Outfits for Schmooples" folder to DAO override folder, and if you got any of the optional files, replace the mod's .dds files with those. TSM Better Elric Replaces the clothing worn by the Return to Ostagar questgiver with appropriate armour, and, via face-morph magic, adds him to the King's Camp at Ostagar during the Prelude arc. Place the "tsm_better_elric" folder to DAO override folder. hd werewolf eyes Retexture of the default eyes cured werewolves/the infected elves in Zathrian's clan use. Place the "hd werewolf eyes" folder to DAO override folder.

Simply speaking, you can consider Reshade a sort of overlay that allows to adjust game color palette, but not only it - it's also allowing to use shaders that are better than those in the base game, such as much better AA, Bloom, deeper shadows, HDR, depth of field, smart AI-controlled image sharpening and so on. For the installation instructions, refer to the chosen preset page, as those may vary.
Note #1: for most of Reshade presets to work properly, you need to disable ingame AA (Anti Aliasing) in your GPU settings as presets usually use Reshade's own, improved AA.
Note #2: It's also recommended to disable (if present) whatever sharpening effect the preset provides, and instead, enable "AMD FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening" (CAS.fx) and set Sharpening Intensity to something from 0.35 to 0.6, depending on your taste and ingame resolution, like shown here.

StixsworldHD's HD Simple and effective preset, probably my fav one. After you'll install it, in game, open the Reshade GUI (ingame tweaking interface), disable "DELC_Sharpen" and "Vibrance". Natural Light - Reshade Preset Natural Reshade Two "vanilla+" presets, giving a bit more realistic/natural color grading and lighting. More performance-friendly compared to the presets below if this is something that you're taking into consideration. Enhanced Graphics Reshade More complex preset that also attempts to imitate the feeling of a volumetric lighting.

Various mods changing either visual appearance of base game armors, weapons and jewerly, their stats (or both), or adding brand new ones. First of all, couple of universally needed mods:

No Helmet Hack Hides helmet (only visually) on the character in game to keep its protection but see the character face. Helmet still shows up in your inventory and set bonuses work fine. Download both main files. Install the .dazip files with DAUpdater. Goblet De-Gobbler - a Joining chalice fix and more If you'll be using armor replacers or new mod-added armors, and these armors will be present on the character in the Joining cutscene, there's a high proabbility of various glitches. This mod helps to make the glitches won't happen. Recommedned to rename the folder to something like "zz Goblet De-Gobbler". Now place it to DAO override folder.

Now, mods changing stats and/or visual appearance of armors and weapons:

Bow Replacer Simple yet effective mod that makes bow models more thin and realistic (if you've modded Skyrim, it's kinda similar to Leanwolf's Better Shaped Weapons mod, just for the bows only). Changes [only] models, so it's compatible with texture improvements (for instance, Old Gods texture pack upscales bow textures) and is, imo an absolute must-have. Place "bow replacer" folder to DAO override folder. Bowstring and Quivers Adds a string, without animation, to bows and crossbow and changes the size of quivers in option. Get the "Bowstring_replacer" main file and place "Bowstring_replacer" [inside] the "bow replacer" folder in your DAO override folder. If you want smaller quivers, also get the "Quivers size", and from its folder, place [either] "Quivers_medium" or "Quivers_small" folder to DAO override folder. Rescaled Swords Similar mod for some longswords and daggers. Place "rescaled_swords" folder to DAO override folder. Grey Wardens of Ferelden This mod will give you DA2 style Grey Warden armors and weapons for DAO. This mod also changes the appearances of all Grey Warden NPCs into wearing a uniform Grey Warden armors.
Installation and addons:
- Download both main files. First, install the dazip file with DAUpdater. Then, from another file, place [only] "Grey Wardens of Ferelden" folder to DAO override folder. Note: Optional Files tab also has several retexture options, with demonstrative images and instllation instructions for each inside.
- Go to "\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override" and create a new folder. Name it "GWoF_CORE". Now, grab the "Wardens_of_Ferelden.erf" file and place it inside this folder, like shown here. Now, place the "GWoF_CORE" folder to your DAO override folder (iow - from documents override to game folder override).
- From here, get "Compatibility file for Grey Wardens of Ferelden" and "Duncan's warden dagger" files. Unzip the archives, and from their folders, grab the files themselves, namely "pre100pt_ritual.ncs", "w_dgr_dunstaba_0.mmh", "w_dgr_dunstaba_0/phy", and place them [inside] the "zz Goblet De-Gobbler" folder in your DAO override folder. You should get the overwrite prompt - approve it. - Get this file and place "Epilogue GWoF Loghain" folder to DAO override folder.
- [Optional, but highly recommended] - download main file from here. Place [only] "zz_tsm_GWoF_rebalanced" folder to DAO override folder.
- Get a file here. Go inside "GWOF" folder. Rename the "class equipment" folder to something like "GWOF Wardens Joining" and place it to the DAO override folder.
- [Optional, only for Elven characters] - get the file here and place "Dalish Warden Outfits" folder to DAO override folder. You'll need to run a console script to add the items, look at the mod page.
- [Optional, but highly recommended] - get [either] heavy or medium file from here and place "zz duncan outfit med" (or "zz duncan outfit hvy") folder to DAO override folder. - Get "GWoF Recruit Armor Ostagar" file here and place "Auto GW Recruit Armor" folder to DAO override folder.
- [Optional, if you'll be adding the items via console] - get this and place "zz_tsm_blightedwarden_script" folder to DAO override folder. Command for spawning this exact armor is on the mod page.
- [Optional high-res retexture #1 here. Place the "zz GWoF retexture" folder to DAO override folder. It's strongly recommended, though, to compress the textures using this tool (it works just fine for DAO textures). Otherwise, you can experience performance issues or even crashes during moments/places with multiple grey wardens around, especially if you'll be using other world-affecting HD texture mods.
- [Optional high-res retexture #2 here. This one gives more darkened and "metallic shiny" look to the armors. Place the "zz GWOF Royal Wardens" folder to DAO override folder. Textures in this retexture mod are great, but some of the file sizes are absolute ridiculous (60 MB per texture) - so once again, make sure to compress them. Mages of Ferelden This mod will change the appearance of all Circle Mage Robes from the weird looking model into the clean more elegant model of First Enchanter Irving's robe style. Download the main file. Place [only] "Mages of Ferelden" folder to DAO override folder.
Note: The mod also (for whatever reason) raises the base mage and companions staves level to much higher one, which, at the other hand, makes it impossible to equip the staff during your mage origin quest. To revert the staves strength and attribute requirement back to vanilla tier, just delete all the files inside the mod folder that have "_wep_" in their name (5 files in total). This will not delete the items themselves from the game - just remove mod changes for them. Noble Couslands of Ferelden This mod will change the environment feel of the Human Noble origins. Changes the armor of the guards and other NPCs as well as your starting gear for both Warrior and Rogues. Download the main file. Place [only] "Noble Couslands of Ferelden" folder to DAO override folder.
Note: A serious downside of the mod for those who are aimed on a balanced game is that the mod also raises both armor and weapon stats up to Silverite tier, which is cleary overpowered, especially considering there's not stat requirement. Expanded Item Sets This mod increases the number of items that have set bonuses, by allowing certain items to act as substitutes for others in sets, and by adding in some new sets. Download both main and optional files. Place the "Expanded Item Sets" and "Expanded Item Sets Varathorn Ironbark" folders to DAO override folder.
Note: this mod will likely conflict with at least several mods in your setup. In all cases besides the merchant files, you can safely let Expanded Item Sets win the conflict. As for the merchant files, see with which mods it's conflicting (for instance, there's a conflict with Grey Wardens of Ferelden) and keep the file from that mod you want to take over, as that's purely an individual choice. Retcon Light Armor Texture Rehaul Retextures all light armors to comply with lore established in later games. Download one of the main files and place the "Retcon Light Armor Textures" folder to DAO override folder. Unique Light Armors Changes several light armor pieces look to unique look ported from DA2 - namely the Shadow of the Empire, Backhands, Silverhammer's Tackmasters, The Felon's Coat, Katriel's Grasp and Adaia's Boots. Place "da2_armour-light" folder to DAO override folder. Now, get the "Dalish armour retextures" file from here, unzip the archive and you'll see 4 folders inside. From one of your choice, place all .dds files [inside] the "\da2_armour-light\item_textures" folder, approving the overwrite. Optionally, also install the files from "Waistcoat Upscale" file.
If you want the item to be useful longer throughout the game, you can also install this patch - from the mod folder, grab all the .uti files into the "item_data" folder of the original mod, and approve overwriting. Heavy Dwarven Armor Retexture HD retexture of Dwarven Massive armor set, Legion of the Dead armor set and Dwarven Large Round Shield. Place "zzz_Heavy Dwarven Armor Retexture" folder to DAO override folder. Commoner Dress Cleanup Less-dirty retextures of the commoner dresses, with a few other small changes. Place the "Commoner Dress Cleanup" folder to DAO override folder. Fereldan Menswear Retextures for all male clothing. Get the main file and place the "Fereldan Menswear" folder to DAO override folder. Male Circle Robe Replacers Replaces both male mage robes with new models. Get the main file an place "Male Circle Robe Replacers" folder to DAO override folder. You can then grab one of the optional files and replace the original mod files with those. City Elf Wedding Ring - With Stats Gives stat bonuses to the "Wedding Ring" in city elf origin. Place "City Elf Wedding Ring With Stats" folder to DAO override folder. Noble Dress Overhaul Replaces the textures and tints of the default noble dresses for all races. Place the "Noble Dresses Overhaul" folder to DAO override folder. Noble dress redone One more mod changing the look of one specific noble dress type, notably worn by Isolde and Sanga. Remain the folder to something like "ZZZ Noble dress redone" (so it would override the mod above and possible others) and place it to DAO override folder. Female Circle Robe Replacers (Bethany Robe Replacer) Replace both female mage robes with new models. Model-only replacer, so compatible with texture replacers. Download one main file and place "Aequitarian APPA" (or "Bethany Robe 5") folder to DAO override folder. Tevinter Mage Robes Retexture Get the "Texture file" version. Place the "Tevinter Robes Retexture" folder to DAO override folder. Hooded enchanter mesh Enchanter and chasind robe mesh edit and new textures. Place the "Hooded mage mesh mod" folder to DAO override folder. Cold Nipples No More Male chasind robe retexture. Place the "cold nipples no more" folder to DAO override folder. Use this mod or the one below. Chasind Robes retexture Place the "Chasind Robes retexture" folder to DAO override folder. Use this mod or the one above. Wedding Finery Ports of some DAI finery, mostly so I can give Tabris & co. proper wedding outfits. Inside the mod folder, read the .txt file rgarding meshes choice. Place the "Wedding Finery" folder to DAO override folder. Witch Robe Retexture Beautiful retexture of "Robe of the Witch" armor. Place the "Witch Robe Retexture (Pick only one)" folder to DAO override folder. Now, inside it, keep only one folder depending on what you prefer, and delete the other. Default branch staff retexture Retexture of default wooden mage staff from Inquisition resource. Get the higher resolution version and place the "VAR3 staff retexture" folder to DAO override folder. Morrigan's Ring Changed the attributes to the ring that Morrigan gives you so that it's a tad more usable. (Recommended to) get the Balanced version and place the "Balanced Ring" (or, better, rename to "Balanced Morring Ring" for better memory of what this mod does) folder to DAO override folder. TSM Memory Band Revised Stat changes which make the Memory Band ring useful for all classes, and more helpful to characters leveling through the early game. Place the "tsm_memory_band" folder to DAO override folder. Use this mod or the mod below. I'm using this one. ICI Style Memory Band Much more powerful (I'd say clearly overpowered - but everyone to their own) buff, comparable to the Warden's Oath buff from the mod below. Place the "ICI - Memory Band" folder to DAO override folder. Use this mod or the mod above. Improved Companion Items Most (if not straight up all) companion items suck. They are effective and comparable to other similar items only at low levels. Now, these item bonuses are boosted so you can keep them during at least most of the playthrough for a better roleplay and less headache. At the same time, some of the items are arguable balance-wise (especially the Warden's Oath with +8 Constitution bonus, considering you're getting it early in the game) - but, you may use some and not use others, though. Choose one of the mod version - default one or the version compatible with Icons Project. Place the mod folder to DAO override folder.
Note: You can delete the "tsm_seekercirclefix" (or "tsm_seekercirclefix_tip") folder from your DAO folder, you don't need it with this mod (if you'll be using Leliana's amulet change). Also, in Dain's Fixes "Tweaks" folder, you can delete the "Silverite Asala" folder (Sten's weapon)) as similar change is included in this mod too. Awakening Improved Companion Items Similar mod for Awakening companions. Imo, here the strong bonuses make more sence considering this DLC takes place after the base game events. Place the "Awakening Improved Companion Items" folder to DAO override folder. Non Alcohol Oghren Gifts Changes Oghren's gifts to not be alcohol-free. As a friend, you gotta support his goal for sobriety, right? Place "oghren gifts" folder to DAO override folder. If you're using "Madd Gifts Guide" mod, then, instead, get the patched version by the user noxbalverine - look for the download linkd in the mod's comment tab. Non-Alcohol Oghren Gifts - DLC Edition Similar mod, for Awakening and Stone Prisoner DLCs. Place "Sober Gifts for Oghren" (or "Sober Gifts for Oghren - labeled" - this one is a version to be consistent with Madd Gifts Guide) folder to DAO override folder. Improved Warden Oath Improved stats for the Warden's Oath amulet. Choose one of the mod version (difference showed in the images section). Place the "Improved Wardens Oath" folder to DAO override folder. Note: the stronger version of the mod is somewhat comparable to the changes for this item from "Improved Companion Items" mod above - compare those and see which one you prefer more. If it's this mod, just install it - no other actions needed, as due to the naming, this one will take over in the load order. I'm personally using this one (default, "weaker" version) for the Warden's Oath. Alistair's Rose Allows player to wear Alistair's rose as an amulet with good bonuses. Place the "AlistairsRoseAmulet" folder to DAO override folder. Alistair's Mother's Amulet Similar mod for the amulet. Place the "alistairsmothersamulet" folder to DAO override folder. TSM Alistair's Rose Note: This mod [is compatible] withe "Alistair's Rose" mod above - you can have both (the mod above is required for one quest mod further in the guide). A wearable amulet called "Alistair’s Rose", will appear in inventory on first load after Alistair offers the plot version to the Warden. Requires an active romance with Alistair. Download the file and unzip the archive. First, install the "tsm_alistair_rose.dazip" file with DAUpdater - that's the standard version of the mod. There are also 2 other versions (a bit weaker and stronger ones) in form of override folders. If you prefer the standard versions (look at the mod page images) - do nothing else. If you prefer weaker or stronger version, place either "tsm_alistair_rose_gentle" or "tsm_alistair_rose_goddess" folder to DAO override folder. If you'll be using this mod with the "Alistair's Rose" mod above, then the weaker version is a good options, as the stats of the rose in the mod above are really strong. TSM Cord of the Beresaad At recruitment, Sten will be equipped with 'Cord of the Beresaad’, an amulet-slot accessory with modest stats and restricted to him. Note: root mod folder contains 4 versions of the mod - you only need to install one - look on the mod page images and decide (I personally recommend the "low" one - it's noticeably better than comparable vanilla companion items, but still not overpowered). Place the "tsm_sten_cord_low" (or any other of your choice) folder to DAO override folder. TSM Maric's Blade Blues In-game Maric’s Blade will now have blue runes (rather than yellow), as is described in the novels. Place the "tsm_marics_blade_blue" folder (and optionally, second folder as well if you want Starfag color replacer, look at the mod page) to DAO override folder. TSM Better RTO Items Changes the material of Cailan’s Armor set, Duncan’s weapons, and Maric’s Blade to either Dragonbone or Volcanic Aurum (or Dragonbone which will tier up to Volcanic Aurum), rather than Red Steel. Download the main file and place the "tsm_RTO_Dragonbone" folder to DAO override folder. Now, from the mod folder, delete the "kcc_im_arm_glv_lgt_spd.uti" file (this is a bug fix file only, and this bug is already fixed in Dain's Fixes). Upgradeable Elven Armor Makes the Ancient Elven Armor set upgradeable through Tier 7 Dragonbone. Place the "Upgradeable Elven Armor" folder to DAO override folder. TSM Improved Ceremonial Armor Changes the -3 armour stat on the Ceremonial set to a modest +3, and alters the material progression to allow the set to tier up. Place the "tsm_ceremonial" folder to DAO override folder. Chevalier Armor Set Bonus Change Changes set bonus of the Chevalier Armor from -3 Willpower / +3 Constitution to +3 Willpower / +3 Constitution. Place the "tsm_ceremonial" folder to DAO override folder. Morrigan Sacred Ashes Trailer Robes Overhaul of Morrigan's robes look.
- Place the "Morrigan Sacred Ashes Trailer Robes" folder to DAO override folder.
- From here, get both files and place "Sacred Ashes Model Edits" and "robes of possession seam line fix" folders to DAO override folder.
- [Optional] - from here, place the "tsm_SA_RoP_fix" folder to DAO override folder.
Raven Skull Robe - outfit for Morrigan Choose either replacer or standalone mod version. For the replacer version, place only one folder - "Morrigan Raven Replacer Hood" or "Morrigan Raven Replacer No Hood", to DAO override folder. For standalone version, place the "Raven Robe Standalone" to DAO override folder. Practical Morrigan Robe Replaces the default Morrigan robe with a more covered-up outfit inspired by vanilla. Download both main files and merge both "Practical Morrigan Robe" folders. Now, place the "Practical Morrigan Robe" to DAO override folder. Blood Dragon Armor Textures V2 Some variations of the Blood Dragon Armor textures. Choose one of the mod versions and place the "Blood Dragon Armor HD" folder to DAO override folder. Use this mod or the one below, not both. Elder Blood Dragon Armor Another retexture variant. Choose one version and place the "Blood Dragon Armor" folder to DAO override folder. Shields of Orzammar Replaces wooden shields equipped by NPCs in Orzammar with metal shields. Place the "Shields of Orzammar" folder to DAO override folder. Neutral Female Armor Hating the boobplate? This mod replaces vanilla meshes for medium and heavy female armors for all races with more unisex ones. Place the "NEUTRAL FEMALE ARMOR" folder to DAO override folder. Feminized Massive Armor A mod with somewhat opposite goal to the mod above - but at the same time, you can use both as this one only affects massive armors. Mod has several files you can get - read the mod page, look on the images, download all the files you want, then, create a new "Feminized Massive Armor" folder and place all the mesh files into it - and place the "Feminized Massive Armor" into DAO override folder then. 4K Warden Commander Armor Simply the HD textures for this set. Place the "4K Warden Commander Armor" folder to DAO override folder. Inquisition Mage Armour For male/female elves and female human. Place the "DalishMage Armour" folder to DAO override folder. You can also use any of the optional files - read the mod page of what they do, and just place their respective files inside the mod folder. HQ retexture available here, but make sure to compress textures with Ordenador as 65 MB per texture is an absolute overkill.

Now, mods adding brand new items to the game. Note that not every mod adds items "immersively" via loot or merchants - sometimes you'll have to use console commmands to add those.

Leliana Item Pack High-quality, lore-friendly item pack for Leliana with unique armor, weapon and accessories. In my opinion, and absolute must-have for any Leliana fan.
- Choose either the main file or the "lower stats" version. The "lower stats" vesion is strongly recommended as it's the properly balanced one, while the default mod version has pretty overpowered stats (considering how early you'll get it). Place the "Leliana Pack 2.1 immersion stats" folder to DAO override folder.
- Now, from here, get the "Leiliana item pack LODs" file (other file is not needed) and place "Leiliana Pack LODS" folder to DAO override folder.
- Now, here. Download [both] files. From "Leliana Item Pack 2.0" folder, get the "Textures" folder, go inside "Leliana Pack 2.1 immersion stats" [inside your DAO override folder] (where you've installed the mod itself) and place the "Textures" folder there. You should get an overwrite prompt - this means you're doing everything correctly. Approve. From the other download, place the "Chantry's Cabinet" folder to DAO override folder.
- Finally, get a file from here and place "Lel_Epilogue_ItemPK" folder to DAO override folder. - Well done! Now, you have the original mod itself, with the improved textures, with added LODs, with the set obtainable in immersive way during your walkthrough instead adding it via console and with Leli wearing it in the epilogue. Both she and you will be happy. Armor of the Nightingale Custom unhooded port of Leliana's armor from Inquisition. Place the "Armor of the Nightingale" folder to DAO override folder. Now, go here, download [one] of the versions and from the mod folder, place all the .dds files into the "\Armor of the Nightingale\Textures" folder. Approve the overwriting. Note: If you don't want Leli to wear this armor in the epilogue, delete the "epi200cr_leliana.utc" file from the mod's "UTC Edits" subfolder. Leliana's True Sacred Ashes Armor Replaces the Battledress of the Provocateur with the model from Leliana's Sacred Ashes armor mod, integrates the items immersively and imrpoves the the set composition. First, go here and download the "Update v1 1" and "Normal map override" files (main file itself is not needed). Install the dazip file from the first one with DAUpdater. Then, create a new folder and name it, let's say, "Leli Sacred Ashes Armor Normalmap Fix", and from the second one, place the "" file into it. Place the folder to DAO override folder.
Now, download this mod and place the "True Sacred Ashes Armor Immersive Integration" folder to DAO override folder.
Armor of the Devout This mod adds two custom sets of light armor to the game. One restricted to Leliana, and the other usable by anyone of any race or gender. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. There's also an optional patch file that changes non-Leliana item bonuses to warrior ones rather than rogue. Place the "Devout_Armor_modcore.erf" file to "\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\data" and approve overwriting. Armor of the Sten This mod adds a set of armor restricted to Sten to the Chantry in Lothering.
- Install the dazip file with DAUpdater.
- From here, place "Armor of the Sten Retexture" folder to DAO override folder. From inside the folder, delete either black or brown folder depending on which color tone you prefer.
- From the file here, place "tsm_epi_sten" folder to DAO override folder.
- [Optional but recommended] - get the file here and place "Armor of the Sten" folder to DAO override folder. Daughters of the Stone Ports of female dwarven armors from DAI, because Dwarven females need cool armors too. Get the standalone version and place the "DotS - Standalone" folder to DAO override folder. Grey Warden Runic Armor Variation of the warden commander set. Get only one main file (arcane version provides bonuses better fitting the arcane warrior class if you plan to play as such). Install the dazip file with DAUpdater - but make sure to do this [after] you'll create your character. There's also optional dark textures option, installation way is the same. Dirth'ena Enasalin Armor Set for Arcane Warriors ==NEW== One more great armor set, this time made specifically for Arcane Warriors, immersively integrated into the game through the quest where you unlock the specialization itself. Place the "Dirth'ena Enasalin Armor" folder to DAO override folder. Montenstein's Armour Adds a unique set of armour to the game, with three variants for warriors, mages and rogues of all races. Items are added to Bodahn's store in the camp. Download the main file and place "zz_Montenstein_Set" folder to DAO override folder. Admiral's Coat Clothing port from DAI.
- Place "Admiral's Coat" folder to DAO override folder.
- If you want Zevran to wear this coat in the epilogue cutscene, also get the optional file and place "UTC - Zevran epilogue" inside the mod folder in DAO override folder.
- Optionally, get retexture files either from here ("less shiny specular" optional files is not needed - it's included in the latest main file version) or here, and just overwrite the .dds files in the mod folder.
- If you want Isabela to wear this armor (which makes sense), also get this and place "Isabela's Coat" folder to DAO override folder. Branch of the Cursed Tree Barnstokkr Probably the most beautiful modded staff made for DAO. Choose either the Mabari version, or Standalone VFX version (there's not reason to get a version without VFX, really). Standalone version automatically adds the staff your your inventory first time you load a save after the mod is installed, and mabari version replaces the "Piece of Wood" staff your dog finds for you. Mabari version is recommended, because woof. Install dazip file with DAUpdater. Armor of Archion ==NEW== A badass-looking, golem-style massive armor set. Comes with a large penalties to Dex and Cun, which make sense roleplay-wise, but, imo, not much gameplay-wise - but, you can easily remove those by unpakcing the mod core .erf file and deleting the records from .uti files using DAO Toolset. Dalish Armory An armor collection for elven characters. Get the main file and place "Dalish Armor P1" folder to DAO override folder. If you want rogue armor to change Dalish rogue starting armor, and/or reduced starting bow quiver size, also grab optional file/s and simply place the .utc/.msh file/s into the mod folder. The Phoenix Armory for Females Full set of armors and weapons for female rogues. Install dazip file with DAUpdater. Elvhenan Weapons Ancient weapons of Elvhenan. Made out of Elvhenan Alloy, they are powerful weapons with a deadly beauty and grace. Models made by well-known weapon mods author, Nicoroshi. Get the "Elvenhan Weapons v2_0" file and install dazip with DAUpdater. You'll need to spawn the weapons using console. Note: The weapons do not scale with your level from weaker to stronger ones - they will initially be Tier 9, and so, extremely overpowered if you'll obtain them early in the game. Weapons of Andraste One more similar weapon mod from the same author, with gorgeous models and different stat bonuses. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. Sword of Mercy A third mod and a sibling to the two mods above. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. Senior Warden's Mage Staff ==NEW== A powerful staff for a Mage Warden. You'll have to add it via console - look for the ID on the mod page. Place "Senior Warden Staff" to DAO override folder. Bows of the Arcane Archer A collection of bows that utilise Magic attribute instead of Dexterity. Place "Magebow" folder to DAO override folder. Cousland Family Mementos A powerful (as for the time you get them) amulet and ring upon finishing the Human Noble origin story. Place the "Cousland Family Mementos" folder to DAO override folder. Crow Assassin's Armor for Zevran Adds new custom made armor and hood for Zevran. Place the "Crow Armor for Zevran" folder to DAO override folder. If you want to restrict the armor only to Zevran, also place the same named "zz_th_crowassassin" folder from the Optional Files inside the "Crow Armor for Zevran" folder and ovewrite when asked.
Note: ==NEW== It's strongly recommended to nerf down the armor and hood stat bonuses probably to just half of what they give, because without this, just these 2 items pieces are giving +30!! to all attributes, +10 cunning on top of that, +15 crit chance, as well as some mana & health regen and defence, making them simply ridiculously overpowered. You can edit the bonus values (the two .uti files in the mod folder) quickly yourself using the DAO toolset (basic installation and usage instructions for it are in the "last steps" section of the guide). Several retexture options available here. Place "zzz_Crow Armor Retexture" folder to DAO override folder. Now, go inside the folder and keep only one folder (names are self-explanatory), deleting the other two. Antivan and Crow Redux Balances the stats on Zevran's Crow armor, makes Crows thugs apperance more lore-friendly and distribtues Crow armor to Crows thugs. Requires the mod above. Download the "Crow Armor Version" file and place "Antivan and Crow Redux" folder to DAO override folder. Heraldry Reworked Adds more applicable shield heraldries, with optional stat boost variety. Place the "Heraldry Reworked" folder to DAO override folder (the "Optional" folders are not needed). Surana Circle Mage Robe Adds a mage robe based on the one on the game launcher. Place the "Surana Mage Robe" folder to DAO override folder. Now, get a file hre (I personally prefer the dark version) and place all 4 .dds files into "\Textures" folder of the mod in your DAO override folder. Spellsword Gear Add new items for arcane warriors to make the Unbound side quest more rewarding. Get the main file and install the .dazip with DAUpdater. Note: Items can be pretty OP, depending on your vision of this. Armor of the Wardens Burden ==NEW== A midgame (stats wise) massive armor set for the human male Warden. Install the dazip with DAUpdater. Also make sure to install the retexture from here get the first, more lightweight main file, it has 2k textures), placing the "Armor of the Wardens Burden Retexture" folder to DAO override folder, and then, overwrite the texture files in this folder with textures from here - this will remove the weird glossy look from the armor and generally upgrade the texture quality. Hoods (for the Girls) Some wearable custom hoods for female companions to match with notable armors and robes. Place "Hoods (for the girls)" folder to DAO override folder. TSM King Cailan's Glorious Sword A greatsword matching the appearance of the weapon he is seen carrying at Ostagar, will drop from the Risen Ogre boss in the Return to Ostagar DLC. Mods provides two versions - read at the mod page. Place the "tsm_glorious_sword" (or the other) folder to DAO override folder. Origin Rings Adds a set of six rings, one for each origin. You need to add the items via console - look for commands at the mod page. Note: All rings are super strong if you'll add them immediately at the game start. Mage ring (the one with 4.5 stamina regen bonus) is plainly OP. Place the "Origin Rings" folder to DAO override folder. TSM The Unobtainables Restores several previously unobtainable items - now you can find them in the game either in merchant stocks or loot. Place the "tsm_unobtainables" folder to DAO override folder. TSM A Ring from Alistair On the first load after the Landsmeet, "An Engagement Ring" will spawn in inventory if the following conditions are met: the Warden and Alistair are to be married, and Alistair is romanced or still in Love. Install the .dazip file with DAUpdater. The "tsm_alistair_ring_goddess" folder is needed only if you want the ring to be more OP, and goes to DAO override folder.

Two more mods that require a separate note about their usage. These are adding large (several dozens in total) number of armors and weapons ported from the later Dragon Age games. Practically though, while they will not pose any danger to your modded game stability, some of the items in them look weird, or have very disbalanced stats, so it's better to install them only to use as the assets base for certain other mods that may use them as such.
For instance, the mods that add new specializations for your characters - they may also add some new items to fit these new classes, and require one or both of these two mods as assets for the items to appear in the game properly. By default, both of these mods are not adding the items to the game in natural way, so using them as the assets base for certain other mods is a good idea so you'll be only getting specific items and only the model/texture for those, while the stats of the items will be most likely coming from the mods using them.

Kirkwall Exports ==NEW== Many armors and weapons ported from DA2 and DAI. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. You can also install this lil fix (mod folder goes into DAO override folder) and, optionally, this addon which both improves some of the mod's textures and rebalances stats, as well as also distributes the items to merchant in the game (which you may or may not want - place the mod folder from the version of your choice into DAO override folder). Loincloth Fashion ==NEW== Similar mod - many other items ported from DA2 and DAO. Get the "Loincloth Fashion" main file and install the "LCF.dazip" with DAUpdater. Now, create a new folder and name it "Loincloth Fashion - Massive Helmet Variation". Place the "helmet_massive_variation_lcf.gda" file inside it, and now place the folder into DAO override folder. Optionally, install this retexture addon (mod folder goes into DAO override folder).

Gameplay mods related to character skills & talents (both rebalance of vanilla and new abilities, or even brand new classes), and generally combat-affecting mods:

Respecification DAO Adds new skills to character that you can use to respect your skills, talents and attributes. Also can respec companions. Install the .dazip file with DAUpdater. Higher Level Cap and more Specialization Slots ==NEW== Basically, a cheat mod in its full version, but may be useful if you're having lots of new specialization mods installed - especially if you'll be also usuing Awakening in the OC mod that adds DAA specs to DAO (and well, the fact you're not getting +1 spec point at level 21 in vanilla was kinda weird and irrational, imo). Choose one of the mod version and place the mod's folder (for instance, the "12 Specialization slots" folder) to DAO override folder. TSM Improved Elemental Damage DAO and DAA Removes the elemental damage bonus cap in both DAO and DAA, as the vanilla cap was argually way too low and easy to achieve and go way, way over it with many different items and so, making those item combination pretty much useless. Place the "tsm_improved_elemental_damage" folder to DAO override folder. Note: Technically, the mod doesn't "remove" the cap, but rather sets it to clearly unachieveable number - 500%. Thus, if you think that complete cap removal is too overpowered (I think it is), you can use the GDApp tool (linked in the "Last steps & extra tips" section of the guide) to modify the values yourself easily (let's say, set it to 60% which is twice of the base game cap). Faster Spellcasting Has it ever bothered you that spells like Chain Lightning, the elemental Storms and Shapeshifting all take a bit too much time preparing? Now it can be faster - in several versions - somewhat faster, much faster and instantly (no preparation time at all). Mod applies to both you/your party and enemies, so it's fair. I personally recommended to get the "No Slow Casting" version (the "somewhat faster" one, as the much faster/instant pretty much affect the spell interruption mechanic). Place "No Slow Casting" folder to DAO override folder. Arcane Warrior - Plus Adds eight new abilities to the Arcane Warriors arsenal based around fighting with a one-handed sword and a ball of energy. In my opinion, nearly a must-have mod if you plan to play as Arcane Warrior class. Choose [either] the main file (classic visual look - weapons & skill orbs) or optional file (offhand weapon or shield instead of the skill orb while skill themselves still work ofc). Install the .dazip file with DAUpdater. Improved Shapeshifting An attempt to make Shapeshifting more useful without straying too far out of the vanilla game. Replaces Spider Shape with Wolf Shape, changes some of the mechanics and makes transformations instant. Makes Shapeshifting a viable option for a mage out of mana. Choose one of the mod versions that don't have "for Combat Tweaks" in their name, and place the "Improved Shapeshifting" folder to DAO override folder. Optionally, if you don't want the Spider form to be channged to Wolf form, also get this (just replace the mod's same-named file with this one). Shale Talents Reworked A compilation of fixes and tweaks for Shale's talents that aims to iron out all bugs that were never officially fixed, as well as tweak all talents so that every tree fulfills effectively the tasks they are meant to fulfill, finally making her a combatant on pair with other companions.
- If you have the "Shale's Talents - Fixes Only" mod installed - make sure to delete it first.
- Download the main file, unzip it and instal the Shale Talents Reworked.dazip file with DAUpdater.
- "Optional" folder. For better compatibility of the mod, it's recommended to inside "Optional - Stone Will alternate version" folder, grab the "abi_shl.gda" file and drop it to "\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override\Shale Talents Reworked" folder, approving overwriting.
- Optional Files at the mod page. You may want the "Stronger Regenerating Burst" file if you're using Dain's Fixes tweaks module that introduce higher regeneration cap. It's not the incompatibility technically, but rather to mach the regen you can reach with other characters with this tweak from Dain's mod. Grab the "shl_regenerate_burst.ncs" file and drop ip to "\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override\Shale Talents Reworked" folder, approving overwriting. Extended Shale Talents If you consider Shale still being behind other companions, you can get even more talents for her - both mods are compatible. Install the .dazip file with DAUpdater. TSM Cool Ranger Makes Ranger's summoning spells cooldown x3 or x6 times shorter. Place [either] "zzz_tsm_coolranger" (x3 shorter) or "zzz_tsm_cooler_ranger" (x6 shorter) folder to DAO override folder. Master Ranger summons Witherfang Does summoning a darkspawn wolf feel wrong for you when using the upgraded Summon Wolf skill? Get this mod then. Place "master_summon_witherfang" folder to DAO override folder. Devour - STR Scaled Changes Devour healing formula to use Strength, instead of Spellpower. Place the "Devour - Str based" folder to DAO override folder. Mighty Blow - Attack speed buff Mighty Blow bonus effect is now 30% attack speed buff for your character instead of slowing the enemy. Place the "Mighty Blow attack speed" folder to DAO override folder and remove the "Mighty Blow slows" folder from \Dain's Fixes\Bug Fixes\ folder in your DAO override folder. Note: Skill description tooltip will be not changed, but attack speed bonus will work (you can see the buff status effect icon). TSM Awakening Goes BOOM Increases the throwing range of grenades from Awakening DLC to "medium" or "long" from "short". Place [either] "tsm_daa_bombs_long" or "tsm_daa_bombs_medium" folder to DAO override folder. Dispel Magic - Lifeward - QoL Allows casting Dispel Magic & Lifeward without line of sight (just like Heal and Regeneration). Place "Dispel Magic QoL" and/or "Lifeward QoL" folder/s to DAO override folder. Open Lock Spells - Compatible with all DLC campaigns Adds new spells to the Mage class that can magically open locks. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. Also recommended to intsall better icons patch for it from here - choose one of mod versions and place the "Unlock Icons Dark" (or other version) folder to DAO override folder.

A few truly well-made new class mods. Several abilities in them are arguably OP, but in general, the mod design and stability is incredible as for the DAO modding capabilities in this aspect. Grey Warden Powers mod is something that should've been in the game from the start, imo. All these mods are dazips and should be installed with DAUpdater.
Note: Some of the mods have armor/weapon packs listed as requirement. Those mods are not required for the class mods main part, the abilities themselves, to work - if you won't have them installed, you simply won't have access to the armors/weapons added and that's it. The need to install a large weapon/armor pack (those like Loincloth Fashion and Kirkwall Exports themseves have bugs here and there and some weird-looking equipment) to get couple of new weapons from a class mod is pretty arguable - thus, if you're not sure, you can skip those and still enjoy the new classes themselves.

Grey Warden Powers Unlock new, lore-friendly powers to player character and Alistair. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. Make sure to read the mod page for abilities descriptions and how/when to unlock them. Knight Specialization This mod focuses on allowing the character to embody true chivalrous values and defeat worthy opponents as much as protecting allies. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. Make sure to read the mod page for abilities descriptions and how/when to unlock them. Emerald Knight Specialization Based on the lore of Inquisition and allows a warrior character to become a descendant of the Emerald Knights, an elite order of fierce elven warriors of the Dales. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. Make sure to read the mod page for abilities descriptions and how/when to unlock them. Seeker Of Truth Specialization This mod focuses on giving a warrior character the chance to become a powerful Seeker of Truth, a real paladin of the Andrastian Chantry. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. If you prefer lower talent attribute requirements, get the optional file and place the "Seeker Of Truth - Lower Willpower Prerequisites" folder to DAO override folder. Wild Keeper Specialization - Druid Expansion One more druid-oriented class mod from the same author, focusing on crowd control and regeneration. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. Make sure to read the mod page for abilities descriptions and how/when to unlock them. Beastmaster Specialization - Druid Expansion Adds a new mage class specialization called Beastmaster that allows the summoning of animal companions and some spirits to help you in battle, like the ranger spec do with rogue. Chantry Agent Specialization Rogue and anti-mage oriented class. Make sure to read the mod page for abilities descriptions and how/when to unlock them. Half-Wraith Specialization Inspired by the character of Cole from Inquisition and allows a rogue character to become an Half-Wraith, a Fade linked elusive fighter.

Nice, now a few other great mods:

Flash Creatures Rescale The purpouse of this mod is to put some logic into Dragon Age creature rank system. Have you ever wondered why a human is as strong and resistant as a high dragon? Why mighty and ferocious hurlocks are critter rank or one-hit-kill enemies? This mod fixes every logic error and make the game consistent in rank choices basing on game's lore acting as both immersion and (optionally) difficulty booster.
- First of all: Mod page mentions it requires Improved Atmosphere mod assets. Ignore this requirement as we'll be using an addon/patch for FCR that removes IA dependency and also provides compatibility for Qwinn's Fixpack.
- Download the main file. Place "zFCR" folder to DAO override folder.
- Now, go inside "zFCR" folder. From all folder in it, only the "1. Ranks" is the core mod itself - others are absolutely optional - read the mod page about their features, and delete those you don't want. If you'll decide to play with any of the "2. Difficulty" folder files, it's strongly recommend to take "2. Difficulty" folder out until you'll finish Lothering. Also, as for the potion cooldown module, there's a better (in my view) mod for that just a bit down below.
- Now, my personal two cents: unless you want to experience an absolute masochism in terms of difficulty - don't use any of the autoscale files. The difference even between "normal" version and hardest difficulty level in base game is huge, and, what's more important, this difficulty is kinda artificial and boring as it's achieved entirely through just making enemies to have way more health and damage at the same time. To increase the challenge in a logical way that feels immersive, I personaly recommend to keep only the "packages_base_FCR.gda" file and nothing else in the "2. Difficulty" folder. This file basically makes enemies to have more skills compared to the base game and provides a fair and logically-felt difficulty bump. Note: You can use GDApp tool tool to change this ratio (vanilla ratio was from 1.8 to 6, meaning that enemies were getting an ability from roughly once per 2 levels, to miserable once per 6 levels, and the mod ratio is 1 for all enemies, so you can edit this to your vision of balance), like shown here.
- Download the main file here. Place the "1. Ranks" into "zFCR" folder in your DAO override folder, and approve overwriting.
- (Optional, similar-to-FCR rank changes for Awakening and other DLCs) - download the "IA 2.0 RC1 Compatibility Files" (and only that file) here. From "Flash Creatures Rescale Compatibility" folder, grab the "1. Ranks Updated" folder and place it into "zFCR" folder too. Now, in the "1. Ranks Updated" folder, delete the "Origins" folder.
- Done! Now, just one minor note - most likely, there will be only one conflict between .utc files, namely the "arl110cr_teagan.utc" file in this mod and the "TSM Better Bannhammer" mod. FCR by default will overwrite TSM's mod, so you will lose the corrected/improved appearance of Teagan in some scenes, but that's it. Or you can remove the "arl110cr_teagan.utc" in FCR, which likely means Teagan will be somewhat weaker as a combatant, but with proper title and equipment. Decide yourself :)
Optionally ==NEW==, if you're using zFCR's difficulty file below "Very Hard" one, you can also use the "OHK to hard" file of your choice - overwrite zFCR's difficulty file that you're currently using, with that one. Basically, it will be the same file, with only "one hit" enemies turned into "normal" ones without the need to use "very hard" difficulty file from Flash's mod. TSM Potion Cooldown Tweaks for DAO and DAA In vanilla DAO, all potions have the same 5s cooldown, which is often making game too easy as you can just pretty much spam potions. This mod gives different cooldowns, from 10 to 20 seconds, to different potions, depending on their strength. Note: In the mod folder, remove the "abi_stam_cooldown_tsm.gda" file. Place the "zz_tsm_potion_cooldowns_DAO_DAA" folder (should be 2 files in it now) to DAO override folder. As with any purely GDA mods, you can easily edit the values yourself using the GDApp tool. 4 New Potions Adds 4 new potions and recipes to brew them, to the game, available in Bodahn's shop. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. Recipe Expansion 19 new recipes (runes and herbalism) and couple other recipes (read throug the full list on the mod page). Place "Enchantments and Recipes" folder to DAO override folder. Mod integrates itself mostly fully conflict-free by adding recipes as rewards for certain quests, and to certain merchant stocks, but there will be one conflicting file if you're using Flash Creatures Rescale mod - in "\zFCR\1. Ranks\are" folder, delete "den230ar_wonders_of_thedas.are". Alternatively, you can add all recipes via console (console command is listed at the mod page). Forced Deathblows Note: If you're using FCR (Flash Creatures Rescale) mod - don't use this mod and use the patched version below. Cosmetic combat mod for those enjoying deathblow animations. Provides 4 different versions (read about differences on the mod page). Place the "Deathblow Lieutenants Plus" (or any other version) folder to DAO override folder. Flash Creatures Rescale - Forced Deathblows Same mod, but compatible with FCR. Choose one version and place the "creatureranks_FCR.GDA" file to "\1. Ranks\gda" folder inside your FCR mod folder. Overwrite. Fade Shroud Unghost ==NEW== Removes both transparency and "glowing" VFX from the Fade Shroud - if that bothers you same as myself. Place the "Fade Shroud Unghost" folder to DAO override folder.

QOL (quality of life) improvements, immersion gameplay mods and such.

First of all, QOL and immersion mods:

Dain's Fixes - QOL and Extras The part of Dain's Fixes mod that's optional to install - QOL and Extras part. QOL module installation is simple - go inside "Quality of Life" folder and remove any subfolders which features you don't want (description of every is at the mod page). Then, place "Quality of Life" inside "Dain's Fixes" in your DAO override folder.
As for the "Extras" module - first of all, similar to QOL module, remove the subfolders you don't think you need, and then (attention), put the "modules" and "packages" folders to Dragon Age dazip folder.
Note: If you'll be using "Hide modal VFX" module in the QOL folder of the mod AND if you're using "Arcane Warrior - Plus" mod (the orb version, not the dual weapons one), grab a file here and place the "vfxwhitelist_vfx.gda" file into "\Quality of Life\Hide modal VFX" folder in Dain's Fixes folder. Camp Merchant Chest Creates a storage chest by Bodahn Feddic's wagon in the Party Camp. Provides categories, comparison with equipped gear, and far more space than a standard chest. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. Compatible with the mod below. Scale Inventory Script Scale your equipment (and also some scalable versions of unique items) to your level via console commands. Download any/all main files, and optionally, "Scalable Uniques" file. Create a new folder, name it "Scale Inventory Script" and place all the files into it. Place "Scale Inventory Script" folder to DAO override folder. For the console commands to use - look at the mod page. AddItem with Console Improved - Script Script to add any item in the game. Download both main files, create a new folder named "AddItem Mod", place all files (4 .ncs/.nss files in total + items ID list file) in it, and place the "AddItem Mod" folder to DAO override folder. Note: That's basically a cheat mod, yes - but it can be useful to add some items for testing purposes, which can come in handy to test your modded game. ADD ANY ITEM VISUAL DELUXE Another alternative to add items, with the ingame interface.
Installation and usage:
- Place "siramods_items" folder to DAO override folder.
- Inside the mod folder now, launch the "DAOItemScanner11" executable file.
- Copy the path your game folder to "DAO Game Folder" field. Click "Start Scanning"
- Done! Refer to the mod page for console commands and you're ready to use the mod. Re-scan in future if you'll install mods that add new items and you'll need some of those. Console - Add Points Mod adds a several new console scripts that allow you to add Attribute, Skill, Talent and Specialization points to your characters. Can help with planning future character builds or test new class mods. Creature Spawn Script ==NEW== Script that allows you to spawn any creature from both the base game and DLCs (including bosses), as well as both hostile and neutral NPCs. Place "Creature Spawn Script" folder to DAO overrider folder and read through the provided .txt file for creature IDs. Summoning Portal Allows you to summon party members from or send them back to party camp anywhere in the world. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. Note: for the mod to also work in Awakening DLC, refer to the comment of user "Belladori" in the mod comments tab. Loghain creepy no more Change Loghain's position in the party stage, making him creepy no more. Place "Loghain creepy no more" folder to DAO override folder. DLC Transfer To Awakening Patch (UPDATED) Patches all the DLC items so they transfer properly to Awakening. Download either GOG or Steam file depending on your game version, and follow the instructions at the mod page. DahliaLynn's Sleep Until Dawn Something that should've been in base game from the start. Click on your camp tent to go to sleep alone, with dog, or snuggle with a love interest. Wake up to a beautiful camp morning. Install the mod's .dazip file with DAUpdater. Now, download the update file and place "Sleep_until_Dawn_Morrigan_bugfix2_2" folder to DAO override folder. Awakening Party Barks Allows you to hear more party barks in Awakening. Place the "Awakening Party Barks" folder to DAO override folder. Rune of Banter Another approach, that works for both base game and Awakening. Adds an item that can be used anywhere to instantly trigger banter between your party members. Place the "Rune of Banter" folder to DAO override folder. Sten Dialogue Unlock A script to unlock Sten's special dialogue in case he was not in your party the very first time you visited an area. Place the "Sten Dialogue Unlock" folder to DAO override folder. Look at the mod page for console commands. Be More Elfy - Dalish Dialogue Overhaul Edits dialogue for the Dalish Elf Origin and other quests to show Warden Mahariel's Dalish heritage. Allows Mahariel to have more personality, show knowledge of elven lore & history, and have a choice to speak their language, while tweaking dialogue choices that make them talk/sound like an Andrastian. Mod contains several main files for different parts of the story. Each one's folder should go to DAO override folder. Make sure to also install Qwinn's Fixpack compatibility patches for respective mod parts - the files from compatibility patches should go inside corresponding mod folders and overwrite existing files. DAO Companion Letters for Awakening New letters from the base game companions for Awakening as Codex entries. With multiple choices available. Download the main file and place the "Companion Letters for Awakening" folder to DAO override folder. Optional, for the Orlesian Warden option, download the optional file and place "Alistair" folder into the mod folder. Lore-Friendly Epilogue Rewrite Rewrites a bunch of epilogue slides so that they no longer contradict later installments in the series, while also fixing some bugs and adding new slides for a handful of conditions that were overlooked in the vanilla epilogue. Place the "Lore Friendly Epilogue Slides" folder to DAO override folder. Now, in the Morrigan Restoration Patch folder, delete the "Morrigan_Epilogue_Slidefix" folder. Done. Awakening Lore-Friendly Epilogue Rewrite Similar mod for Awakening. Place the "Awakening Lore Friendly Epilogue" folder to DAO override folder. Battle Speech Party This mod will make your followers visible during the battle speech before you charge into Denerim. Place the "battle speech party" folder to DAO override folder. Human Noble Background Immersion An overhaul to the Human Noble origin - harder fights, starting weapons depending on your class skillset choice, more notable misc. choices consequences and some other changes. Place the "Human Noble Background" folder to DAO override folder. Non-Circle Mage Origins A mod that allows nearly every class and background to be a non-circle Mage. Human Noble, City Elf, Dalish Elf and Dwarf Noble backgrounds are all available to be mages. Dialogue files are included and also uploaded separately so your mage is never referenced as being a member of the Circle of Magi. Place the "Non-Circle Mage Origin" folder to DAO override folder.
Note #1: As this mod does something that was absolutely not designed to be in the game technically, it's not perfect in the practical implementation, and also will likely conflict with decent number of mods, and there can be weird dialogues here and there. It's not technically a mod's fault, but simply because of what it does - so think if you need it or not
Note #2: The mod also breaks Wynne's nightmare in the Fade - simply disable the mod before it, and enable after. Tower of Ishal Supporter Options Gives you an option to select your helper in this quest. Place the "Tower of Ishal Supporter Options" folder to DAO override folder. Vaughan Death Cutscene This mods adds a roughly 10 second cutscene of Tabris killing Vaughan after battling him in the Arl's Palace. Place the "Vaughan Death Cutscene" folder to DAO override folder. Female Run Animation Edit Changes the women's run animations into the male ones - or the male to females ones (can have both installed at the same time). Place the "Female Run Movement" (and/or the male version) folder to DAO override folder. Armors Do Not Bleed Sentinels/Suits of armor do not bleed or leave a blood pool. Get the "Default Version - No IA required" file (main file not needed) Place the "zz_sentinel" folder to DAO override folder. Flycam In-game flycam enabled for all your screenshot needs. Place "Flycam" folder to DAO overrider folder. Refer to the mod page for ingame usage instructions.

Now, various other gameplay mods - loot & merchants, new recipes & misc items, encounters and others, as well as mods thay alter different parts of gameplay and don't quite fall under a single category:

Awakening in the OC Extends the DAO base game with Awakening DLC content - new skills, talents, items, recipes and so on. If you want my 2 cents here - if that's your first/second DAO walkthrough - it's strongly recommended to play without this mod. If you're DAO veteran and played through the game several times - still, think if you want it. The thing is, many Awakening talents and some other aspects will be clearly overpowered when used in the base game - so if you're aimed on a balanced gameplay and agree with this statement - think twice before installing this one. But if you just want to have fun without thinkink much about good balance in first turn - this mod will be a great companion. Using the Flash Creatures Rescale mod's difficulty module is strongly recommended together with this mod, for the game to not become ridiculously easy - specifically, the main difficulty module of "Hard" level is recommended, together with the file that changes enemy levels per skill ratio.
Installation and addons
- Download the main file and install the .dazip with DAUpdater.
- Now, attention - it's not everything yet and extra actions are required. At the mod page, look for installation instruction from 2) to 12), and do them all (note: "Program Files" in the demonstrated game directory path is, of course, your own path to the game). Also impement the "In addition, if you have patched the game to version 1.04" instruction. These instruction may look untrivial/weird - but they are 100% correct. Basically, what you'll be doing is to copy needed Awakening DLC files to the mod installation folders so the mod itself could work properly. That's it!
- You may also want to install this - "Blight WW DAO" folder to DAO override folder.
- As well as this. Here, you first need to get one of the main files and place the mod folder to DAO override folder. Note: depending on the chosen version, there are some optional files that you may want to keep or delete depending on your preference - read the mod page. Awakening in the OC - Expanded Integration This mod [requires] the mod above (Awakening in the OC) as it expands/improves it. You already have it's main folder installed, with fixes only, remember? Grab all the folders you see, starting from "1. Treasure Tables" to "9. Earlier Weapon Talents" and place them into the "Awakening in the OC - Expanded Integration" folder in your DAO override folder. Now, read the mod page (it has a clear description of every module feature set) and remove every folder you think you don't want. That's it!
Note #1: Due to the massive size, if you'll have all/most of this mod modules installed and if you'll have a medium-to-heavy modded game, this mod can conflict with decent number of other mods, especially those altering merchant stocks. Make sure to use Duplicate Search Tool, see which files are conflicting, and decide which mod files - this or other ones, to keep, and which to discard. Practically, both loot and merchant stock modules are not that important, as anyway, the most important part of the mod is Awakening skills, specializations and talents distributed.
Note #2: If you'll be using module #9 (Earlier Weapon Talents), rename this mod folder so it would be loaded after Dain's Fixes mod so the module could work properly (the same fix as conflicting file in Dain's Fixes is correcting is already included in this module file). Stamina Potion Recipe Mod Adds stamina potion recipes to Bodahn's store in your camp. If you think that lack of stamina potion recipe (while both health and mana ones existed in base game) was a developer oversight - this mod is for you. Note: Not needed if you're using Awakening in the OC with Expanded Integration. Download the main file and install the dazip file with DAUpdater. Proper Creature Drops Beasts, Demons, Dragons and Golems, no longer drop typical armor. Instead they drop creature restricted items of the same value (for selling purposes). Get the "Creature Armor" file and place the "Creature Armor" folder to DAO override folder. Spellcasting Weapons Drawn Getting mad of need to sheate your weapon as mage every time to cast a spell? No more.
- Download the main file, unzip it and go inside "Weapons Drawn" folder.
- First: Grab the "abi_coneofcold.gda" file, go inside the Dain's Fixes mod folder in your DAO override folder ==> Bug Fixes folder ==> Cone of Cold folder ==> paste the file there. You will get an overwrite prompt - approve it.
- Second: Grab the "abi_wintersgrasp.gda" file, go inside the Dain's Fixes mod folder in your DAO override folder ==> Tweaks ==> Winter's Grasp freeze ==> paste the file there. You will get an overwrite prompt - approve it.
- Thus, you should have only one file left in the "Weapons Drawn" folder now. Lastly, place the "Weapons Drawn" folder to DAO override folder. Nice! Tougher Merchants Adds economic challenge to the game - merchants offer you 20% less for your goods, and ask for 40% more when selling goods to you. Install dazip file with DAUpdater.
Note: This mod will conflict with any mod affect merchant stocks (read - many mods), and, as it's a dazip mod, it will be overwritten by your override mods (most of cases for such mods) by default. This means that it's only worth to use this mod if you don't have any mods that affect merchants, or if you have those, but they affect just a couple traders max. Merchant Scaling Tweaks Improved items scaling in merchant inventories to make RNG less tedious plus some extra conditional improvements. This mod is done via override scripts, so it won't have such compatibility issues as the mod above. Download the main file. From the "Qwinn compatibility" folder, place all the files into "special stores" folder and overwrite all files when asked. Delete "Qwinn compatibility" folder. Place the "Merchant Scaling Tweaks - full" folder to DAO override folder. If you don't want the RNG change, or the rune aspect change, download one of the optional files [instead] of the main mod, and install it in the same way. TSM Better Henley's Apothecary Adds an unlimited quantity of Deep Mushroom to Master Henley’s store in the City of Amaranthine, along with unlimited quantities of the new Awakening ingredients (Blood Lotus, Rashvine Nettle, and Madcap Bulb) and a dozen each of the craftable DAA traps, poisons, and grenades. Place "tsm_better_henley" folder to DAO override folder. Deep Mushroom Resources Scatters lootable deep mushrooms around the game. Download both main and update files. From the update one, place the "PRCSCR_deepmush.gda" file to "Origins placement" folder. If you want the mushrooms to look like mushrooms and not as the spider-parasitizing model (which is kinda correct, but also kinda creepy) - remove the "z_Alternate Model" folder - and keep it if you want this look. Now, place the "Deep Mushroom Resources" folder to DAO override folder. MerAnne's Arrows and Bolts Adds new types of arrows and bolts to DAO as well as a supply of the new arrows and bolts that you can obtain every time returning to your camp and several other places (look at the mod page). Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. TSM Random Encounters are Less Random in DAO Some World Map Random Encounters have such a low trigger chance that they rarely occur. This raises the probability for most rare encounters to at least 50%. Place "tsm_randoms" folder to DAO override folder. Note: You can delete the "Random encounter frequency" folder inside Dain's Fixes "Tweaks" folder - both are changing the same files, but this mod gives higher chances. TSM No RNG Fadewall Plus Gaxkang will always drop Fade Wall, Sophia Dryden will always drop the Warden Tower Shield. Place "tsm_no_RNG" folder to DAO override folder. TSM No RNG Winter Blade Plus Utha will always drop the Winter Blade, and the model of the sword will match the prop weapon offered by the Avaar statue. Place "tsm_no_RNG_utha" folder to DAO override folder. Chevalier and Templar Armors guaranteed Makes Chevalier and Templar armors always obtainable. Place the "TH_Chevalier and Templar Armor" folder to DAO override folder. TSM Unhand Those Gloves Makes the difficult-to-obtain Ceremonial Armored Gloves a guaranteed drop from the Assassin Leader in the Forest Stream random encounter. Place "tsm_ceremonial_gloves" folder to DAO override folder. Magic Greatsword and Ornamental Sword obtainable Makes Magic Greatsword and Ornamental Sword obtainable in Korcari Wilds with optional balance tweak. Place the "TH_Magic&Ornamental" folder to DAO override folder. If you want the Magic Greatsword to be better balanced (considering when you're getting it), also get the optional file and place "TH_MagicSteel" folder to DAO override folder. Stronger Climax Army Disappointed at the amount of soldiers you can call upon in the final battle? Expected a tide of steel men and not just four golems? This mod is for you. Place the "Army Changes" folder to DAO override folder. Use this mod or the one below, not both. Climax Army Enhanced Much more complex overhaul to make the climax army not just bigger, but also more diverse, with optional files and also configurable. Get the main file and install the .dazip file with DAUpdater. If you want an opitonal feature so that the darkspawn army would be also enchanced, get the optional file and place "ClimaxArmyDarkspawnEnhanced" to DAO override folder. For the detailed mod description and configuration options, read the mod page. Use this mod or the one above, not both. Fort Drakon Seige with Army GUI This mod enables the Army GUI while inside Fort Drakon as it doesn't really make sense for the army to help outside and on its roof but disappear inside. Place "Fort Drakon Army GUI" folder to DAO override folder.
Note: This mod will conflict with Flash Creatures Rescaled mod, so for it to work fully you'll have to loose creature rank changes from the Flash's mod. TSM More Believable Fade Duncan An immersion tweak which quips the Lost in Dreams iteration of Duncan with Oathkeeper-and-dagger, rather than a sword-and-shield, and makes a corresponding alteration to his AI package (and optionally, buffs Duncan’s rank up from "critter", for a slightly more challenging encounter). Four options available (differ only in Duncan's increased strength, 3 in the main file and the "boss" version in the optional file.) Place the "tsm_fade_duncan_harder" (or any other version) folder to DAO override folder.
Note: Will conflict with GWOF, so you'll have to choose - either fancy GWOF look or the more logical weapons and challenging fight. Tamlen Encounter for Everyone Spawns Tamlen during the camp ambush for Wardens of all origins and lets non-Dalish Wardens have a brief conversation with him. Place the "Tamlen Encounter for Everyone" folder to DAO override folder. Redcliffe Village Siege Immortal NPCs Makes all ally NPCs immortal during the siege at Redcliffe so that you always get the best ending where everyone survives. At the one hand, that's clearly a cheating kind of mod, but at the other hand, it will come in handy for players who've done countless playthroughs and just want to get through this portion quickly and move on with their game without having to save scum to protect squishy NPCs who try to 1-vs-3 monsters and die before you're even able to get down the hill. Place "Redcliffe Seige Immortal Allies" folder to DAO override folder. Let Me Live - an NPC Rescue Mod Dragon Age gives you the option to kill a lot of people. This mod lets you save a couple. Make sure to read the mod description page before installing it - to know what is changed and how to trigger the conditions. Place "Let Me Live - Templar Drass" (and/or any other NPC case - it's all separate file) folder to DAO override folder.

Mods related to music, sounds and voices.

TSM No-Jingle Armour for DAO and DAA COMPLETE Eliminates the 'jingle' noise from all massive, heavy, and medium armours. Works for both vanilla and mod-added armors. Place "tsm_nojingle_complete" folder to DAO override folder. Universal Voices This mod removes the racial restrictions on player voice sets. It's a dazip mod - install the .dazip file with DAUpdater. Talk Elfy to Me A character voiceset adapted from DA:I elven voice assets, with the retconned Dalish accent for female elven characters. Place the "elfy accent (female)" folder to DAO override folder. Geralt voice Geralt of Rivia voice for the human male violent voice set. Place the "Geralt_voice" folder to DAO override folder. TRANSCENDENT ONE Voice Set For those old enough to know what that even is. Place only the "TRANSCENDENT ONE" folder to DAO override folder. Serious Violence A bit more serious vibe for Violent voice presets. Choose either the All-In-One, or the separate version/s for each race. Place the mod folder/s to DAO override folder. Expanded Soundsets Makes some situational voice lines play a bit more consistently, and implements some unused conditional phrases. Download the "Expanded Soundsets" mod version. Unzip the file. Delete the "Poisoned" folder and either "Caught Stealing" [or] "Caught Stealing - No Stealth Drop if Success" folder (difference between them is explained on the mod page). Place the rest of the folders to DAO override folder. You can also place folders into a single "Expanded Soundsets" folder and install it instead. A good nug is a quiet nug Are you not annoyed by Schmooples incessant snuffling ? Who can rest in that camp, let alone resist the temptation of feeding that nug to the Mabari ? Well. Now, Schmooples is quiet. Place the "phae_silentnug" folder to DAO override folder. Quiet Battle Music Siple as that - if the battle music sound level stresses you out. For the base game combat music, it's either "QuietBattleMusic20" or "QuietBattleMusic14" files (number means how many dB quiter the music is), and there's also a file for Awakening DLC. Place the mod folder/s to DAO override folder. Inquisition music for Dragon Age Origins Self-explanatory. You can use all provided files (for base game and DLCs). Place the "DAO Music" (and/or) other similar folders to DAO override folder. Witcher 2 Music Replaces the Dragon Age Origins music in various areas to that used in Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Place the "Witcher2-1.1" folder to DAO override folder.

Quest mods. First, mods changing the base game quests or adding new ones into the game.

Tinimaus and SarahCousland's - The Rescue at Ishal Note: Do NOT play with this mod if that's your first walkthrough. Incredible lore-friendly mod that extends the ending of the battle of Ostagar, with new cutscenes and many details. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. Also recommended to install the 4k upscaled cutscene video files ("[The Rescue at Ishal] 4K Upscale Video Package" folder to DAO override folder). Gamblers of Ferelden This mod adds several NPC gamblers throughout Ferelden and Orzammar, mostly found near taverns and crowded places, offering you a chance to try your luck in diferent minigames. Install the "GamblersOfFerelden_v1_4.dazip" file with DAUpdater and make sure it's activated in "Installed Content". Enchanting Mementos A short nice sentiment for Alistair. Install the "lhq_rose_amulet_v2.dazip" file with DAUpdater. Note that it requires 2 mods to be installed: "Alistair's Mother's Amulet" and "Alistairs Rose". You can find them in "Armors, Weapons and Artifacts" section of the guide. Spiders and Knives It seemed a simple enough job: earn a few coins by clearing a wandering band of darkspawn out of a Lothering Knight's home. Except that the client has gone missing! To begin the quest, look at the Chanter's Board in Lothering. You might also stumble upon the starting point of the quest whilst exploring around Lothering. Install the "SpidersKnivesV31" file with DAUpdater. Cailan's Body - More Dialogue Options Adds options to give Cailan a proper funeral without requiring you to be Andrastian or venerate royalty, in Return to Ostagar DLC. Place the "Cailan's Body - More Dialogue Options" folder to DAO override folder. snfonseka profile Four mods that give some extra rewards for certain quests. All 4 have dazip files that you should install with DAUpdater. Note: The Joining one sadly doesn't work as mod author forgot to include the file which will actually add the items. Asunder Addendum Adds a small side quest in Awakening DLC with the Fade Beast from the Origins Asunder quest, somewhat ending up the story of that one if you let the Fade Beast go. Note: practically, quest activates no matter of what kind of choice you made, so, if you care about consistency in this matter - then don't install this mod. Place the "Asunder Addendum" folder (if there's no folder after you'll unzip the file, just create it and place the mod folders in it) to DAO override folder.

Now, a few other quests of different size that are completely standalone campaigns, meaning you need to play them separately from the base game itself, through "Other Campaigns" option. Note: It's strongly recommended to disable these mods and delete their files after you've played through, before starting an actual DAO walkthrough.
Important note #1: These mods may change various base game files (for instance, adding new classes or changing certain creatures or combat pattern to fir their own design), which, in turn, can cause various bugs in the base game itself. Just play through those, disable, and only then start a new DAO walkthrough. It's also recommended to temporary remove (just backup the files somewhere on your PC) any kind of gameplay-affecting mods (same reason - just, the gameplay mods, which are override mods, will overwrite these mods changes in case of conflicts, also causing bugs with a decent chance) before playing such quest mods. Graphics mods should be fine.
Note #2: There are much more quest mods for DAO than it's listed in this section. The mods I've included here are either ones released later, or the "old-but-good" ones, proven to be really great - and only mods I've tested myself. Can you try those that are not included here? Surely, why not - with the standalone campaign mods, in worst case, you can just disable/delete the mod and your game will be fine.

Rose of Eternity - Family and Country A massive quest mod with 25 fully voiced characters (with a great VA quality mostly), custom music and 5 to 10 hours of playtime. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. Dragon Age Uprising series The author's profile offers 3 mods set one after another in the timeline and can give lots of gameplay hours. All 3 mods are .dazip files to be installed with DAUpdater. Make sure to install the update files as well! The Shattered War The blight is over, but the darkspawn threat is far from finished. In the Frostback mountains rumours of dangerous beasts threaten to plunge Fereldan and Orlais into chaos and war once again. A large quest and new land mod with over 30 beautifully designed areas and at least 10 hours of playtime. Get the "The Shattered War Module Download" (version 1.1) file. Install the "TheShatteredWar11.dazip" file with DAUpdater. Now, get a file from here and place the "Shattered War - Grove Fix" folder to DAO override folder. Kivito's YADAM The Grey Warden is summoned to an uncharted area occupied by the Frostback Legion, a mercenary army causing tensions with the locals. To explore and investigate, the Grey Warden must join them, but it won't be an easy task. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. A Mercenarys Story A short, challenging one hour mod which takes you through the adventure off a legendary mercenary, that contains also some nice cutscenes. Download the 1.1 version and install the dazip file with DAUpdater. Emissary Control a party of Darkspawn after the defeat of the Archdemon. Download the "Emissaryv103" file. Install the mod dazip file with DAUpdater. The Carrion Birds Discover how the world has changed following the Blight with a new party of characters. Your created character has a variety of background options available, including the option to play as a Qunari. Install the mod dazip file with DAUpdater.

Mods related to the bestest of the bois. Note: While you technically can install most of mods from this section that affect doggo in a combat aspect (bonus stats, new skills etc), all together, this can lead to your Barkspawn being actually arguably overpowered later - so if you're aimed on balanced gameplay, red such mod description pages and see which one to pick. Also, if it's your first walkthrough, it's recommended to install cosmetic/QOL mods for dog only - but that's just my 2 cents anyway :3

LHs Rename Dog Gives the player a way to rename Dog anytime - for convenience and to fix a known bug that occurs in some instances when you first acquire Dog and the naming screen does not appear. Download the "LH's Rename Dog" file, unzip it and place the "lhi_rendog" folder to DAO override folder. Dog Immortal Sets dog immortal when you first encounter him on the way to Lothering (it's easiest to lose the good boi forever during this part of the game). Place the "lhq_dog_immortal" folder to DAO override folder. Dog Gift Tweaks This mod gives dog permanent attribute bonus when giving preferred gifts to dog. Install the dazip with the DAUpdater. Extra Dog Slot Allows you to make your mabari a permanent 5th travelling companion. Couple if limitations apply (read below). Install the dazip with the DAUpdater.
Note #1: This mod basically adds dog into the summon slot, so, you won't be normally able to use summons with your character with this mod installed.
Note #2: Temporarily deactivate the mod before the "Captured!" quest to avoid a bug. Active it back after. Extended Dog Talents Four new talents for your dog. First two of them are passive, others are activated. In addition, dog gets a talent every 2nd instead of every 3rd level. Install the dazip with the DAUpdater. RLs Mabari Madness The ultimate mabari mod to rule them all! New wearable armors and collars, player-mabari exclusive look to be distinct to other dogs, many new colors and armors - all in a single mod. Several popular mabari mods are not listed in this section because it includes them.
Installation and patches:
- Download the main file and install the dazip with the DAUpdater.
- Now, the optional files. You can use [either] breeds replacement options or the wearable armor replacement (new collar and kaddis are default part of the mod so they will work fine, look for the script to add them on the mod readme) options - not both, so first of all, decide what's preferable to you - armored doggo, but not unique compared to other mabari, or unique-colored doggo distinct from other mabari, but without armor.
- From either armor or breed files, for instance, in the "Dog Armor Replacement Textures" folder, choose one folder, and, if there are subfolder in it - one subfolder. Delete the rest of folders entirely. For instance, I'm using "Banding of the Mabari" ==> "Banding-Brown Brindle". Thus, rest of subfolders in the "Banding of the Mabari" folder, as well as all other folders inside the "Dog Armor Replacement Textures" should be deleted. Now, place "Dog Armor Replacement Textures" (or the breed folder) to DAO override folder.
- If you're using "Difficulty" and/or "Bodies Stay" modules from the "Flash Creatures Rescaled" mod - get the "Flash Creatures Rescaled Fix" file and replace the same-named files in Flash's mod. This will ensure compatibility between these two mods.
- Lastly, if you're using "Creature Armor" module from "Pet Peeves Fix Patch", get this and replace the "APR_base.GDA" file in "Creature Armor" folder in your DAO override folder. DAI Doggo Replaces the dog model with the unarmored Inquisition one. Fully tintable and with visible Kaddis. Note: by default, this mod is not compatible with Mabari Madness. Read the patch mod page here first to see what kind of compatibility can be applied. If that's ok to you, place the "DAI Barkspawn" folder to DAO override folder, and apply the compatibility files as per patch page instructions. MerAnne's Mabari Equipment Additional, powerful collar and kaddis sets for your dogg, with item set bonuses. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. Puppy Eyes Gives your mabari adorable puppy eyes. Compatible with the Mabari Madness, but not compatible with the DAI Doggo patch for it. Place the "Puppy Eyes - Blue" (or "Puppy Eyes - Brown") folder to DAO override folder. Less barking dog Doggo won't bork incessantly in camp all the time. In the mod folder, go inside and rename the "override" folder to "Less barking dog", and place it to DAO override folder.

Mods related to emotional and romantic moments between your and your companions (or between companions and some other NPCs). Important note: most of the mod pages in this section contain spoilers in their description (for better mod context understanding), so if that's your first walktrough, it's recommended to just install them following the guide instructions without reading the mod page unless it's needed for some extra instructions.

DahliaLynn's - Alistair's Nightmare Note: Requires the "Sleep Until Dawn" mod. Alistair experiences a nightmare one night in camp, giving the player insight on the possible thoughts, fears and pain Alistair suffers within, adding an touching, lore-friendly moment that every DAO fan would appreciate. Offers support for both romance and friendship. Read the mod page for conditions to trigger the scenes. Install the dazip file with DAUpdater. DahliaLynn's - Alistair's First Night Love Scene A new love scene expressing the magic of Alistair's first intimate experience with a woman, the female warden. It replaces the original love scene in the game. Imo, what the scene should've been in the base game. Place the "Dahlia's First Night 3" folder to DAO override folder. cmessaz7's Improved Romance Scenes and Fixes - Alistair (IRS-A complete) Makes numerous changes to the Alistair romance and game play in general, by correcting broken or incorrect triggers present in the original version of the game. Other changes are designed to enhance the Warden’s relationship with Alistair by adding new ways to romantically interact with him. Compatible with the mod above. Download the "IRS_A_Standalone_DAzip" main file version and install dazip file with DAUpdater. DahliaLynn's - Alistair's Visible Kiss Provides the Human, Elf and Dwarf Female PC with a fully visible, full-contact repeatable kiss with Alistair throughout your adventures in Thedas. Includes Fort Drakon Last kiss scene improvement. Place both "Alistairs_kiss_Dahlia_2_0" and "Fort Drakon Kiss" folders to DAO override folder. Alistair Nights - Moonlit Bath Adds a sultry and sweet moonlit bathing encounter with Alistair at the party camp. Includes a surprise note and gift. For females - human, elves, dwarves. Can be used with all other Alistair mods and any romance overhauls. Intsall dazip file with DAUpdater. Alistair's Dark Ritual Replaces the creepy candle scene with both pre- and post-ritual scenes between an in love Alistair and a female warden of any race and origin. Install dazip file with DAUpdater. Alistair Romance Eavesdropping This mod adds a bench to the party camp. If you sit on it, you'll be able to see several cutscenes with mostly Alistair-centric party banter depending on who is recruited and your relationship status with Alistair. Install dazip file with DAUpdater. Fare ye well Duncan Adds a cutscene to the end of the final dialogue with Duncan before the battle in which Alistair and Duncan share a handshake. Place "Farewell Duncan" folder to DAO override folder. Leliana Stories Adds a romantic, sensual bathing encounter with Leliana, along with a surprise note and gift. For humans and elves-male and female. Compatible with most of whatever existing Leliana mods. GEt the loose files version and place "[SarahCousland] Leliana Stories - Hot Springs" folder to DAO override folder. Intrigues of an Antivan Crow - Zevran Romance Adds five new romantic Zevran encounters, one banter scene, and three new lore-friendly gifts for the Zevran romance. Compatible with other Zevran mods. Download the "Intrigues of an Antivan Crow dazip" from Optional Files (main file is not needed). Install dazip file with DAUpdater. A Flower from Tamlen - Dalish Elf Origin Romance Adds a sweet cutscene with Tamlen and Mahariel, at the beginning of the Dalish Elf Origin. Designed for a male or female elf who chooses to romance Tamlen. Get the loose files version. Place the "[SarahCousland] A Flower From Tamlen" folder to DAO override folder. Kissing Tamlen - Dalish Elf Origin Romance Adds a bittersweet scene to the Dalish Elf Origin with Tamlen. Compatible with the mod above from the same authoress. Get one main file version depending on whether or not you have mods that change Tamlen apperance. Install dazip file with DAUpdater. Tamlen's Last Goodbye - Dalish Elf Origin Third mod from the same authoress in Tamlen relationship series. Adds additional cutscenes.. Install dazip file with DAUpdater. Clan Sabrae Says Goodbye - Dalish Elf Origin Adds an additional cutscene to the end of the Dalish Elf origin that plays just before the vanilla farewell scene. Place the "Sabrae Clan Farewell" folder to DAO override folder. cmessaz7's Rendezvous at the Tavern Allows you to spend the night with your "in love" romance partner in DA. If they are in love, an option will come up to get a room for the night when speaking to either waitress at the Gnawed Noble Tavern in Denerim. Place the "Rendevous at the tavern beta" folder to DAO override folder. Cullen Romance Option - Mage Origin - by cmessaz7 This mod will allow the female Amell/Surana to have a little mini-romance with the templar Cullen. It adds 3 scenes with Cullen, to the mage origin. Read the mod page for the list of changed files to understand compatibility aspects. Install dazip file with DAUpdater. A Warden's Sacrifice Adds a cutscene after the death of the archdemon if either Leliana or Zevran are 'in love' with a sacrificed warden or if Alistair is in love with a female warden and either of them are sacrificed. An alternate scene is included if Morrigan's ritual is performed. Place "A Wardens Sacrifice" folder to DAO override folder. cmessaz7's Hugs A female Dalish Elf can hug Tamlen; a female Human Noble can hug her father and brother, a male Human Noble can hug his mother. Choose one main file and place the "Tamlen Hug" or "HNO hugs" folder to DAO override folder. Ser Gilmore companion NPC - Fully Voiced This mod brings Ser Gilmore back into the game as a party member to accompany you throughout the game. It contains a romance, friendship and open relationship paths for all male and females from any race and origin. Download the main file and install [only] the "ser_gilmore_npc_v3.1.1.dazip" with the DAUpdater. Also make sure to install the voice quality patch, placing the "Ser_Gilmore_Voice_patch" folder to DAO override folder. Sairelle the Follower Expand your party with a new follower for the main campaign - Sairelle the Elven Mage, with lots of unique dialogues, romance option and more. AI-voiced (for now, but the mod author state she'll be getting an actual voiceover soon). Install the dazip file with DAUpdater first. Then, install the "zzz_Sairelle_Plus_Pack_V2.0.0" to DAO override folder. Per your choice, you can also install optional files (to DAO override folder as well).

Some extra tips and recommendations for DAO modding before you'll start your playthrough.

Q: Mod changed/added items/objects have noticeable shimmering.

A: This can be related to item textures not having mipmaps. To attempt to solve this issue, use Ordenador - launch it, navigate to the mod (you're suspecting in being a culprit) folder and use mipmap options (and only it) like shown here.

Q: I'm sure I've installed the mod correctly, but it doesn't take effect in my game.

A: Are you continuing from existing save? Once again - it's strongly, crucially recommended to start a new game after you've modded it. Thing is, major part of information about the game, especially about items, is stored in your save. So even if you, let's say, correctly installed a mod that improves certain weapon stats - most likely, it won't take effect on existing save, as these item stats are defined in the save. Start a new game.

Q: I'm crashing in Lothering/Denerim/some other populated area.

A: It still can happen, even after the game is patched with LAA - vanilla game would be 100% fine, but when modded, depending on how heavy your setup is, game still can sometimes hicckup memory-wise in FPS-hungry places. To solve this, just take out your biggest model/texture improving mods (you already have one huge pack, remember?) and bring them back after you'll leave the problematic areas. Old game still has its limitations - but you can bypass the problem itself.

Q: I have way too many mod folders and this annoys me.

A: You can re-structurize your mod folders anytime. You can, let's say, combine 10 mods that are changing some minor things regarding weapons, in a single folder. Or some mods improving separate NPC look, and so on. Just make sure to keep the load order in mind - you may want to name a new folder specifically so the same load order priority would apply to the mod files inside a new folder same as it was when each of them was present separately.

Q: Anything else before I'll start playing?

A: Always do a test run. Finish couple of origin quests, and play for like 3-4 hours after that - to see that everything looks and feels ok. If you won't spot any conflicts, after this test run, start a real walkthrough.

GDApp - GDA Editor A tool that allows you to edit the .gda files. If you have mods that work through .gda files, and want to adjust certain settings in those - this tool will come in handy. Don't forget about CharGenMorph Compiler! Always re-generate your chargen xml file after you've installed some new mod/s that have this file. Never overwrite your compiled charge file with a random mod one. Don't forget about Duplicate Search Tool! Weird looking NPCs or armors? Item stats not changed why they should? Certain quest parts not triggering? Most likely, that's just a conflict between 2 or more mods. Use Duplicate Search Tool, see which conflicting files you have in the override folder, and adjust your setup to get rid of conflicts. DAO Toolset ==NEW== To make all kind of edits to the mods. Toolset is kinda clunky, but allows to unpack the special .erf mod files (that's what dazip mods are usually installing), edit mod files (for balancing purposes of armor/weapon stats or, let's say, new class mods abilities strength, as those sometimes can be way too strong, or, in some cases, underpowered). Generally, you want toolset if you want to edit script (.nss aka the raw script fire you can edit with text editor like Sublime Text (linked in the Preparations section), which toolset can then recompile into the .ncs script file which is actually used by the game) or item (.uti) files.
For the dazip (addin) mods, after unpacking the mod's .erf file, and then editing and receiving your script or item file/s, you can just make a new folder in DAO override folder, name it like "XXX - Balance Patch" (where XXX is the mod name), and place those files in it. If the mod is initially in a form of lose files, you can simply edit files in its folder right away - just make sure to back them up first.
Note: If the toolset installer won't work for you, apply the instruction found here (also shown here in case the thread will disappear one day). And lastly, the toolset wiki is here. TlkEdit2 ==NEW== This is a simple editor that, while not initially made directly for DAO, still able to edit some of the game files, specifically the .uti (item) ones. It could be useful to edit items as an simpler alternative to the Toolset, as it's fully standalone. Its another feat is it allows to edit DLC files (for instance, Promo/Preorder DLC items), which Toolset can't edit because Toolset always refers to the items database when saving an edited file, and it only has base game data and not DLCs, while TlkEdit works without database and is basically just a visualised editor of parameters.
Note: use the "latest version" of the file (second download from the top in the list, as shown here).

Huge thanks to each and every patron of mine, existing and past ones, who helped me to keep going and deliver Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Modding Guide - without your support, I would never be able to have enough time to compile it. You are the best supporters content creator can wish for! <3

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Jakub Vokral
John Douglas Cortes II
Brandon Robinson
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David Hector
Richard de Bonn
Wesley Caton
Adrian Thomassen
Keksimus Maximus
Shaquille Martin
Инквизитор Ordo Hereticus
Bison Games
Space Monkey
Lewis McNally
Joe Murray
Gabriel Madore
frank gai
Press PLAY
Matt Girdler
Isabella Billgren
Terry Lee
Barry Watkins
Elsie Weissman
Denis Kobets
DeadC∆T Bounce
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Андрей Степанов
Michael Cochran
Роман Славнов
William Harrison Chaney
Zachary Ruggiers
john blanks
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Jeffrey Sun
reece burman
Cameron Arrowood
Major Ruin
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Kitsuna Gaming
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Tuấn Anh Trương
Kevin Morris
Sultry Sauerkraut
John Atkinson
Torval Tommahawk
Ruben Melian
The Demonic Swordsman
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Crad Lohk
Alexander Bishop
Степан Бобров
Brooks Broughton
Kevin Gordon
Victor Reyes
Paul Jamilkowski
เมธา ศุกระชาต
Jonathan Lomeli
Dominika Jandorová
Noah Connolly
Doogz Man
Tommy Rosenbach
Alexander Solovyev
Higgins LioHiggins Lio
Helga Kravstad
Kolia Barzhik
brad hill
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Austin Moss
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tomohito kurosawa
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Preacher AA
Home min boss
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Tiberius Ryker
александр сергеевич
Imperial Dovahkiin
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Dark Sleeper
Alex Cardenas
Bergur Andri Ìvarsson
Elyssa Lowman
Andrew Tomlinson
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Soro Dragonfall
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Carlo Fitoria
Big Boy
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Xavier Warren
Олег Шинкаренко
John Smith
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Zachary Fuller
andrew pinsent
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Cayo Menezes
Khaled El Tanany
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Павел Барсуков
Amber Wells
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Nipple Bandit
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Sunlit Riddle
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Clay Wyma
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Andreas Hadjipaschalis
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ASCII Star42
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Redguard 252
Michael Dunmyre
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อดิศักดิ์ เทียกสา
Dawid Komarzyniec
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Roger S Haden
Dirtie Laundry
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Prester Thomas
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Богдан Шкляр
Jonathan B
Tijuelas Game
Cadu Lima
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재규어 아머킹
R Rima
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Electron Kaleidoscope
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