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What's this all about?

Dragon Age 2 is often a debatable game - most of players (myself included) consider it heavily inferior to DAO - and there are multiple strong reasons for that. At the same time, it's still loved by many Dragon Age fans, and has own advantages over the first game - for instance, more fast-paced and aestheticaly pleasant combat, while it was arguably too slow in DAO. All in all, if you're on this page - it means you love DA2 for your own reasons, and so, why not to make a much better game? While DA2 modding capabilities are inferior to DAO - there are less mods in total, modding capabilities (number of things you can tweak in the game files and settings) are lower as well - but it still has a decent modding stage that allows not just simple edits, like improved world models/textures or to change NPCs apperance, but also tweak combat, get rid of annoying VFX, improve romance scenes, dialogues, UI, add brand new items and improve existing ones, add simple quests and at some extent, even new skills, not to mention plenty of bugfixes - which, all together, allows to notably improve the game and enjoy it as the first time again. The guide, in turn, helps you to get into modding DA2 easily, switftly and without need to know anything about modding this game - all the great mods are listed, instructions for installation and compatibility notes are provided as well. Take a look!

Guide features:


Do not re-upload this guide to other website and/or resources, do not claim it as own work and do not sell it. In the rest - feel free to translate into other languages (just message me in Discord first), I'd be glad if you'll link it to help other people and so on. I'm here to serve - the more people can have stable modded game, the happier I will be :)

Current guide version/changelog & future updates:

Initial release. Version 1.0 for Dragon Age 2 at December 2023.

How to support:

This project is completely free. Still, it takes insane amount of my time to build and expand it - the modding guides and other related modding content already took me over 7,500 working hours in total. I'm also living in Ukraine during the russian invasion, and have to support two families at once. The extra work I'm doing to support our defenders, air raids and PTSD caused by the war also make every inch of the work I do more difficult than before. The more independent and confident I will fee myself as an author - the less stress and more free time I'll have - and so, the faster new updates and videos will arrive, and new projects will appear as well. But support only if you really want it and able to:

Q: So I should install ALL mods from this list?

A: While your mod setup can vary from just some bugfixes and some visual improvements, to a noticeably more heavy-modded game - no, this still doesn't mean you should install every mod below. This is a guide - it gives you an ability to compare and choose. Open mod pages, read the description pages and my own notes about the mods. Install what you like and don't install what you don't like or don't see needed. Additionally, while at the one hand, DA2 doesn't have such huge amount as, let's say, Skyrim - but at the same time, there's also no comparable ways of solving compatibility clashes between the mods that are modifying same things, so going too wild and installing just about everything you see would almost guaranteed to result in many compatibility issues, from which, you will be able to solve only some while keeping conflicting mods - and in most of cases, you'll have to choose what to keep and what to discard. Again, the guides has notes here and there to help with that as well.

Q: What game version is needed for modding?

A: You need the Ultimate Edition of the game from Steam. As it goes in most of cases for games that you plan to mod, DRM-free model of games that GOG offers is better for modding in most of cases, but GOG doesn't have DA2 for now. Steam version of the game works 100% fine though. I can't guarantee the Origin (EA launcher) version of the game will work 100% fine for modding.

Q: What kind of monitor is the best for playing DA2?

A: In-depth yet easy to understand article here, give it a read.

Q: I have the game in language other than English, is it a problem?

A: Before modding the game, make sure it's in English, or to change game language back to English, both audio and subtitles. The guide is made for English version of the game. Some mods like simple texture replacers will work fine no matter the language, but as for most of bugfixing and gameplay mods, there is no guarantee that they will work with non-English version of the game properly, or work at all with localized version. For your own hassle-free experience, mod the game in English. I won't be able to give any troubleshooting support for non-English versions.

Q: Can I continue my saved game after modding?

A: You [must] start a new game after you'll install the mods. For most of mods for this game, information about objects, skills, items etc is stored in your save - so if you'll continue from your existing save, you simply will not see changes from majority of mods even if you'll install them 100% correctly - that's just how the game works here. Plus, if you'll install lots of mods, with all the improvements and new content, you'll want to experience the game refreshed look and gameplay fully, from the beginning.

Q: I also want to install Reshade preset, do good presets exist for this game and are they listed here?

A: Sure! Whatever you want to know about modding this game - it is here ;) Just read a bit further.

Q: I got infinite loading screens/My game freezes, crashes or doesn't launch/I have various other weird glitches/My mods don't seem to be working - while I have a modern rig which clearly should be able to handle the game.

A: Please read "Preparations" section carefully. Do NOT skip it - read through and implement it. Read it and install all the things needed before starting to install mods themselves.

Q: I have some other questions related to modding. Help!

A: Feel free to join our Discord server and community members or I will try our best to help you :)

Q: Will you expand this guide and add this/that?

A: Sure - I will update and improve it.

Q: Guide just received an update, but how can I see the little new additions?

A: I add mods and fix text errors few times per week. All the mods freshly added to the guide will be marked with red-colored ==NEW== sign.

Q: Wait, why the popular [mod_name] is not listed here?

A: One of the main goals of the guide always is to keep your game stable. If some popular/well-known mod is not in the guide - it's either actually pretty buggy and/or causing stability issues with the game.

Q: Can you just upload your DA2 mods folder with all your mods somewhere so I can just download it and not to choose and install mods one by one? Or maybe point me to some kind of modpack?

A: Unfortunately, no. The reasons:
Firstly - such an action would be just disrespectful to mod authors, and I respect their work.
Secondly - everyone has absolutely different PC specs and different taste, and my own setup may be not what you would prefer yourself, for instance.
Lastly - even if you'll download some modpack from elsewhere without having at least a basic knowledge about modding (which you'll get while going through this guide) - should you wish to somehow adjust your mod list, you simply won't be able to do this properly and/or damage your save. Plus, premade modpacks, no matter how much the are described as "bestest of the best" will be never able to fit your personal taste on 100%.
Trust me - when you're making your mod setup by yourself the result will be way better because most of mods are absolutely matter of taste.

Q: That's all cool and everything, but I wanna stay tuned on updates and have modding chatting, something you can offer?

A: Sure! Just join our Discord server - where you can chat with a community about modding CP 2077, other iconic series like TW3/TES/FO and more.

Q: I'm a mod author - I've made a cool mod and it's still not in your guide!

A: Just join our Discord server and tell a few words about your mod - thank you :)

Q: Where are you from? A few words about you?

A: Ukraine. Gamer, One Piece & JJBA fan and gym addict living through the russian genocidal invasion. Web-developer in past, fitness trainer and nutritionist now (as hobby asides from content creation).

1) Make sure your game is NOT installed in Program Files and no active overlays are running. Answering possible question - yes, Program Files (x86) is the same. Why so? Most of game clients suggest to install there by default! True that, but unmodded and modded game are two different things. When game is modded, there are many additional files which didn't exist there in first turn, overlays or script extenders/injectors, etc - and it's needed to be ensured that system has full access to all of them. Program Files is a system folder, and because of this modded games can be often messed up without you even knowing that - so to make sure it won't happen, install your game anywhere - just not in Program Files. If it's same drive that has your Windows installed on it - it's ok too, just once again, not.. well, you got it :) GOG is DRM-free so you can install your game anywhere at all basically - it doesn't require for game to be installed inside GOG directory. With Steam, you may just want to create an another Steam directory out of Program Files, and install DA2 there.
Similar situation with overlays - disable Steam overlay, GOG overlay, various things like Afterburner etc - most of overlays can mess up things, creating unneeded problems with a modded game. NVIDIA overlay is known to be fine. It's also recommended to disable your AV software if your have any (Windows Defender counts as well), or at least add DA2 executable to its whitelist.

2) Make sure you have archive unpacking tool installed. Any known program will do - 7-Zip, WinRar etc. You'll need it to get the mod files/folders from the archives that nexusmods downloads are.

3) How to install DA2 mods at all? Is there some kind of mod manager? DA2 mods have to be installed manually. Modern mod manager are not able to install DA2 mods properly in most of cases. Plus, there are simply not so many good mods for this game as, let's say, for Skyrim - it's not possible to have something like over a 1,000 mods setup, so you'll be absolutely fine without a mod manager, and the guide helps you with installation instructions.

4) Types of content in the game and mods. Imagine this a simple ladder where each next stair always have the higher priority over the previous one. The core game content is the base game files. Then goes "addins" (yep, exactly addins, not addons, that's just how Bioware named it back then) - this type of content applies to both game DLC files and "dazip" type of mods. Lastly, there's "override" content - this is what most of the mods are. If there's a conflict (aka two or more files changing the same thing), "Addins" (.dazip mod) files will take over base game, and "Override" files will take over dazip mods, "Addins" (DLCs) and base game files.

5) Mods directories and how to install the mods. - DA2 executable folder, aka \Path_To_Your_DA2_Installation\Dragon Age II\bin_ship - DA2 addins folder, aka \Path_To_Your_DA2_Installation\Dragon Age II\addins - DA2 override folder, aka \Path_To_Your_DA2_Installation\Dragon Age II\packages\core\override
Override folder is where you'll be installing vastly majority of all your mods. First, go to \Path_To_Your_DA2_Installation\Dragon Age II\packages\core\ and create "override" (without quotes) folder there. To install an override mod, simply download the mod file, unzip the archive, and just place the mod folder inside the DA2 override folder, so it looks like this.
Note: if there's an instruction to install the mod folder to DA2 override folder, but after you've unpacked the mod file archive, you don't see such folder and just see some files or several other folders, this means the mod wasn't properly packaged by the author (many mods were made way before the, let's say, general practices were adopted by the community) and you simply need to create such folder (with the name indicated) and place mod files/folders you see into it, and then install normally. Technically, you can install mod files without packing them into the folders - mods themselves will work either way, but if you'll be just throwing in files, the look of your override folder will be quite a mess with time, and in case you'll want to update or remove some mods (as single mod can have lots of files), it'll become quite a confusing task. At the other hand, with your mod files being inside clearly-named folder, the navigation between mods is fast and easy.

Addins mods are basically being seen as "DLC" files by the game, so every mod installed in the DA2 addins folder, you'll be able to see in the "Downloadable Content" tab in game main menu. This type of mod happens way less often.

There won't be many cases when you'll need to touch DA2 executable folder - right in the next step, and if you'll want to install Reshade presets. In other cases, that's either override or addins folder. In rare cases mod installation is untrivial and is neither of these, the guide will specifically notify you :3

6) Apply the Large Address Aware patch to the game. DA2 is an old game that can't use more than 2GB (yup, just 2) of your RAM - no matter if you have 16, 32, 128 - it still can't use more than 2. Modded game will need to use more often, which can lead out-of-memory related crashes. This patch helps with the problem. Download the "" file (as shown here) somewhere on your PC. Unzip the archive.
GOG users: Launch the "Large Address Aware" executable. If your whatever AV will warn you about the file, it's 100% safe to ignore the warning (most of AVs are throwing such warnings about 99% of .exe files) - this is a patch used by millions of people around the world for over a dedace and it's totally safe.
Choose your "DragonAge2" executable file that's located in DA2 executable folder (this one) ==> check the "Large Address Aware Flag" ==> Save. That's it - now your DA2 can use more memory.
If the tool won't work for you for some reason (I don't know any of such, but still, just in case) you can try the 4GB Patch instead. But only in that case - you don't need both.

7) Mod conflicts and load order. It absolutely can happen that (especially if you'll build a heavy-modded game) a mod conflict will appear. This happens when two or more mods are affecting same thing in the game. Not all conflicts are dangerous - but some can cause bugs or visual glitches. There are 3 ways to solve conflicts:
- (If it exists) install a compatibility patch or mod version provided to solve the conflict. - Use the load order - in this case changes from one mod will completely override changes from the other one. - Find and delete a conflicting file/s in mods that's less prioritized by you.
Between these 3 ways, the last one is considered to be the best way possible as is usually allows to keep changes from both mods at the same time - but it's also pretty rare where compatibility patches are provided, unfortunately - so in most of cases it's either load order or deleting the conflicting file/s.

Load order is another and faster way to solve the conflict. There are no sophisticated tools to arrange load order for DA2 (like LOOT in Skyrim), so here, you need to remember one simple rule: DA2 override mods load order is working [alphabetically]. This means if you have mod named "Big Biceps For Varric" and "Magic Wand For Merrill", the Magic Wand For Meril one has the load order priority over the Big Biceps For Varric in case they will conflict somehow - because the first mod name starts with "B" and second mod name starts with "M". Thus, as the "M" letter goes after "B" letter in the alphabet, same the mods which name starts with "M" will take over a mod which name starts with "B". If both mod names first letter is the same, then the same check goes for the second letter, etc.
You can tinker with the override mods however you want in terms of naming, combining etc - you can rename the mod folder (so it's name would begin from a letter alphabetically going after the lettter that conflicting mod name begins for) for it to take over some other mod, you can take files from multiple mod folders, place them to a new folder in the override folder and name it however you want (this can be useful, for instance, when you have lots of small texture mods which all provide just a couple files - so to make your override folder less cluttered, you can "merge" them in this way). Just remember to always give a coherent and logical names to the mod folders - because if you'll merge some mods and then name folder "fancy stuff" it's highly likely that you'll forget what this mod is even for weeks or months later, in case you'll need to modify it.

To delete a conflicting file, you first need to find it (tool for that is linked in the guide, it will save you lots of time) - override mods are always loose files. When you'll figure out which mods are conflicting, open their respective folders, see which same files they provide, and keep only the file in the mod you want more, deleting the same file in the other mod folder. But, this approach is not as effective and possible to be used often in DA2, as most of mods files in DA2, unlike in DAO, usually come in form of .erf files (special archives) and not in form of loose files.

8) Download CharGenMorph Compiler. Multiple mods related to character creation process (for instance, those adding new hairstyles for your character) have "chargenmorphcfg.xml" configuration file. Before this tool existed, if you had more than one mod with this file, you had to manually merge the differences between such files. With this tool, it's as simple as one click and done. Download the file somewhere on your PC (for instance, to the folder you previously made to download DA2 mods into). Unzip the archive. Run the "DA_CharGenMorphCompiler" executable file and choose Dragon Age Origins as your game to modify. Click on "Path Configuration" ==> under the "Dragon Age" click on the path line ==> click on icon with three dots ==> navigate to your \Path_To_Your_DA2_Installation\Dragon Age II\packages\core\ and choose the "override" folder. Now, every time you'll install the mod with "chargenmorphcfg.xml" file, simple launch this tool and click on "Compile" button (preferably to also tick "Backup .xml files" and "Generate log" options) like shown here. Done! The guide will remind you about this couple more times as well, so don't worry :3

9) [Optionally] enable console. You will need to use console for some mods that are adding new armors/weapons/artifacts to the game as not every mod integrates those seamlessly. Right-click on your "DragonAge2" executable (or on its shortcut on your desktop - no difference) ==> click on "Shortcut" ==> "Object" line ==> add the " -enabledeveloperconsole" (without quotes and with one space before the - sign) right after the last " symbol you see there. Apply and click OK. The line should look like \Path_To_Your_DA2_Installation\Dragon Age II\bin_ship\DragonAge2.exe" -enabledeveloperconsole. That's it. Now, you can press ~ (tilde) button in game to open console. You can change the button for this as well, for more information on that read here.
Note: In DA2, console is invisible. That's pretty weird, but it is what it is. You can know that console is up when the game stops reacting to your mouse movement till your press Enter.

10) Make sure VSync is enabled in game graphics settings. It's still uknown how this is happening technically, but it's known that playing with VSync disabled can cause at least several bugs related to quests and certain NPCs movement.

11) Check your game after each few mods installed. Always make at least a basic check (launch the game - load a test save - fast travel somewhere/start a random combat/open character menus and inventory) from time to time in process of modding, after each few mods installed. This is needed to prevent situations like if something goes wrong (improper mod installation or conflict) but you having no idea what and when exactly because you last time checked your game way too many mods ago. So, simply check your game often enough to always keep the hand on pulse.

12) Download Duplicate Search Tool. Simple tool that you will not need with a high probability for DA2, but it's useful to track mod conflicts between mods loose files. If you'll meet some bug and suspect it can come from a mod conflict, or just to check your mod files to find the cases of conflicts if you'll have a pretty heavy-modded game. Just download the file somewhere out of your game folder, unzip it, and launch the executable file. Paste the path to your DA2 override folder and click on "Search". This said, this tool will be not as affective as it is in DAO, because unfortunately, most of DA2 mods are made in form of .erf, special Dragon Age archive, files - and not in form of loose files that this tool can compare - but, it will never hurt to double-check.

Now let's get to modding!

Bug fixes or universally useful mods.

Additional Quick Bars This mod allows using 3 Quick Slot bars and adds a button to swap between two gear presets, as it was possible in DAO. Place "AdditionalQBars" folder to DA2 addins folder.
Note: Those are added as new "skills" in your "Abilities" tab on character screen, just next to Mabari summoning skill icon. Simply drag them to your default quick slot bar and use them, as shown here. Epilogue Restoration and Fixes Restores female Hawke visuals in epilogue, Sebastian romance audio and fixes romance false positives. Place "Epilogue Restoration and Fixes" folder to DA2 override folder. Quest Rewards Fixes Corrects and improves several notable quest rewards. Place "Quest Rewards Fixes" folder to DA2 override folder. Secret Rendezvous Bug Fix Prevents the quest Secret Rendezvous from triggering if Amaranthine has been destroyed. Place "Secret Rendezvous Bug Fix" folder to DA2 override folder. Forbidden Knowledge Quest Fix Makes it possible to complete Forbidden Knowledge even if you have read or taken one of the tomes. Place "Forbidden Knowledge Quest Fix" folder to DA2 override folder. Haste and Barrier Fix Mages buff skills such as Haste and Barrier are affected by your companions magic resistance. So if your team members have high magic resistance, Haste and Barrier spells will not last long on them. This doesn't make any sense balance-wise and the mod fixes this issue. Place "Haste and Barrier Fix" folder to DA2 override folder. Tactics - Surrounded By Fix Fixes the Custom Preset in Tactics for the "Surrounded By.." condition. Place "Tactics - Surrounded By Fix" folder to DA2 override folder. Unobtainable Items Fix Restores some cut items to the game. Get the "Unobtainable items fix - All in one" file and place "" folder to DA2 override folder. Treasure System Fixes And Configs Couple of bugfixes to loot tables, plus optional "more loot" options. For the bugfixes, you only need to place "Treasure Fixes" folder to DA2 override folder. Other .gda files are optional and are simply increasing the loot drops for certain classes, or increase money drops, or increase all drops alltogether - but I personally don't recommend using those. If you want though, you can just place the .gda file of your choice into "Treasure Fixes" folder too. Mage Champion Armor - Specular Map Fix Removes strange purple tint from metal parts of mage champion armor. Place "Mage Champion Armor - Specular Map Fix" folder to DA2 override folder. Robe of the Spiral Eye - Hand Fix Fixes the white hand bug with the Robe of the Spiral Eye that shows up when worn by darkskinned male characters. Place "Robe of the Spiral Eye Hand Fix" folder to DA2 override folder. Sebastian Texture Fix Recolors Sebastian's hands so that they match his face. Place "Sebastian Texture Fix" folder to DA2 override folder. Ishs Item Pack Skin Tint Fix Fixes Item Pack #1 and #2 mage & rogue gloves skin tints. Place "Ish's Item Pack Skin Tint Fix" folder to DA2 override folder. Ishs Lethendralis Fix Fixes the model used by Fenris starter greatsword, Lethendralis (and all other greatswords in the game that share the same model). Place "Ish's Lethendralis Fix" folder to DA2 override folder. Journal Fixes Fixes various typos and bugs in the journal entries. Place "Journal Fixes" folder to DA2 override folder. Missing Codex Entries Restores a few codex entries that were unavailable in the base game. Download both files. From the optional file, get the "BE Codexes" and place it to the main file two other folder. Now, place the "Missing Codex Entries" folder to DA2 override folder. Fifth Blight Codex Fix Fixes a bug which prevented the Codex entry: A Study of the Fifth Blight, Vol. Two from properly updating. Place "Fifth Blight Codex Fix" folder to DA2 override folder. DA2 Unofficial Repentance Quest Infinite Load Screen Fix There is a known bug with Sebastian's companion quest, "Repentance", that causes the game to freeze upon encountering Lady Harimann and Allure. This mod fixes it. Attention: This mod shouldn't go to [neither] override nor addins fodlers.
Go to \Path_To_Your_DA2_Installation\Dragon Age II\addins\da2_prc_drk\module\patch folder. Replace the "patch.rimp" file (this one) with the file from this mod (approve ovewriting). That's it. Import Vault Fixes This mod aims to fix all of the bugs in DA2 preventing an imported Origins worldstate from being correctly reflected. Previously, DAO save import, depending on the world and character state, could lead to plethora of bugs - from main story consequences to personal relationships events not being ported to DA2 properly. This mod fixes these issues. Mabari Summon Modifications Changes the cooldown for the Summon Mabari spell to 1 second and removes being rooted in place during the summoning. Place "Mabari Summon Modifications" folder to DA2 override folder.

Various mods affecting the look of your ingame interface (UI):

Better Map and Minimap Makes landmark icons (area entrances, world map exits, shops) on the map and minimap much more visible. Place "Better Map and Minimap" folder to DA2 override folder. Cleaner Quickbar Removes the blurry white line on the quickbar for a cleaner appearance. A mod you never knew you need before you saw it now. Place "Better Map and Minimap" folder to DA2 override folder. Skip Intro Videos - Dragon Age 2 Simple as that. Save yourself extra 2 seconds every time you launch the game and go straight to main menu. Place "Skip Intro Videos" folder to DA2 override folder. Origins Font Changes both the text and title fonts to the ones used in DAO. Place "Origins Font" folder to DA2 override folder. Easier to Read Font Mod for DA2 Save your eyes from blood magic! One more nice font replacer. Choose one of the main files and place "Easier to Read Font" to DA2 override folder. Better Mouse Cursors (DA2) Bigger mouse cursors, especially needed for modern monitors of 1440p resolution and higher. Installation: Go to \Path_To_Your_DA2_Installation\Dragon Age II\packages\core\data\cursors and place files from either "Dragon Age LG" or "SkyAge" folder (see how they both look at the mod page) there. Overwrite the existing files. The "Backup (Vanilla)" folder contains, as you corectly thought, vanilla cursor images you've replaced - just in case. Golden Cursor Pack What it says. Installation is the same as for the mod above. This mod doesn't provide backup files, so it's recommended to backup your game original cursor files yourself.

First of all, improved models and textures for the game world:

Ultimate HD Texture Pack This mod combines two other large texture packs that cover almost all world-related (landscapes, caves, cities, furniture and such) textures and deliver a drastic change in quality for most of them.
- Download the "Ultimate HD Pack V2" file and unpack the archive. Depending on how your unzipping tool will unpack the archive, you'll have either a folder with some extra random symbols in the name, or just an .erf file.
- Either rename the folder to "000 Ultimate HD Texture Pack", or create a new folder, name it like this and place the .erf file inside it. Place the "000 Ultimate HD Texture Pack" to DA2 override folder. The "000" in the name is needed so that all other model/texture mods could overwrite this mod - it will serve as the all-in-one solid base.
- Not about optional "Champion Armors True HD", "Isabela True HD Armor" and "Merrill True HD Armor" files. Despite indeed having technically HD textures, these files make armors way too bright, imo - but that's my personal take, of course. If you'll be using the champion armors file, remove the "Mage Champion Armor - Specular Map Fix" folder from your DA2 override folder. DA2 with Inquisition Textures Inquisition worldspace textures for DA2. It's recommended to get only the first file (second file covers a lot of textures too, but it also has some really weird-looking creature retextures). Place "INQ_TEXTURES_1" folder to DA2 override folder. Anyway Here's Jetwall Darkens Kirkwall's enviroment textures to match Varric's description of it being carved from jet cliffs. Place "darkened kirkwall" folder to DA2 override folder. DA2 Darkspawn Retextured Download all 3 main files. Create a new folder and name it "Darkspawn Retextured". Place all 3 .erf files in it, and now, place "Darkspawn Retextured" folder to DA2 override folder. Herbs and Ores - DA2 DAI models for some DA2 plants and ores. Get the "Herbs and Ores - Separated" file and place "Herbs and Ores - DA2" folder to DA2 override folder. If you also want Felandaris, as well as Deep Mushroom not looking like a shroom growing from a spider corpse, get the optional file, and place both .erf files inside the "Herbs and Ores - DA2" folder. DAI Inspired Fade Makes DA2's version of the fade more like DAI's retconned version of the Fade. Place "DAI Inspired Fade" to DA2 override folder.

Some visual effect mods, either adding new or removing effects some players may find annoying:

New Weapon Effects and Sustained Modal Effect Visibility Gives weapons visual effects befitting the elemental damage they dole out and allows to make sustained skill effects visible out of combat. Note: Mod provides 4 files - every is a different version of the mod, so you need to keep only one and remove the rest. Then, create a new folder, name it "New Weapon Effects", place the chosen .erf file into and place the folder to DA2 override folder. No More Sustained Effects If, on the contrary, you dislike the sustained effects and don't want to see them - this mod is for you. It makes various sustained effects (buffs and such) to be visible only for a couple seconds after the cast itself, and then, disappear. Spells themselves keep working normally - just their VFX are hidden. Read the mod page for the list of effect visuals removed, and if you're fine with all of them, get the main file and place "No More Sustained Effects" folder to DA2 override folder. If you don't want some of the changes, get the "Pick and Choose Spells" file instead, remove the files you don't want (meaning those spells will have their effects visible) and place "No More Sustained Effects" folder to DA2 folder. Quivers Be Gone Simple as that - makes all quivers disappear from your characters back visually. Place "Quivers Be Gone" folder to DA2 override folder. Hide Different Weapons More powerful alternative that allows to hide all kinds of weapons per your choice. Place "Hide Different Weapons" folder to DA2 override folder. Inside the mod folder, delete all the files you don't need (names are pretty much self-explanatory). No Spiders and Spider Webs Removes spider webs from the game and turns spiders into undead. Place "No Spiders and Spider Webs" folder to DA2 folder. Gore Retexture More bloody blood. Place "gore retexture" folder to DA2 override folder. You can also delete the images inside the folder to save a few MB of disc space. No Blood Hemophobia? No problem! Place "no_blood" folder to DA2 override folder.

Simply speaking, you can consider Reshade a sort of overlay that allows to adjust game color palette, but not only it - it's also allowing to use shaders that are better than those in the base game, such as much better AA, Bloom, deeper shadows, HDR, depth of field, smart AI-controlled image sharpening and so on. For the installation instructions, refer to the chosen preset page, as those may vary. Note: for most of Reshade presets to work properly, you need to disable ingame AA (Anti Aliasing) in your GPU settings as presets usually use Reshade's own, improved AA.
Note #1: for most of Reshade presets to work properly, you need to disable ingame AA (Anti Aliasing) in your GPU settings as presets usually use Reshade's own, improved AA.
Note #2: It's also recommended to disable (if present) whatever sharpening effect the preset provides, and instead, enable "AMD FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening" (CAS.fx) and set Sharpening Intensity to something from 0.35 to 0.6, depending on your taste and ingame resolution, like shown here.

Dragon Age 2 Enhanced - A Vanilla True Reshade (AVTR) A vanilla plus presets with deeper shadows. Natural Reshade Another vanilla+ preset, with a bit brighter look. Buggys Fantasy Reshade Presets Four fantasy presets to choose from.

Mods that generally improve the look of character facial details - as well as mod adding new new skins tins, hairstyles, eye colors and so on. Mods from this section can be used for improved and expanded character creation, general improvement of NPCs look, as well as acting as assets material for various mods changing appearance of companions and other notable NPCs in the next section.
Many of these mods have the "chargenmorphcfg.xml" file included which is needed for these mods additions to appear in the character creation interface - make sure this file is always located inside the mod folder (never replace your own chargen file in the DAO override folder), and remember to re-generate your own "chargenmorphcfg.xml" file every time you add such a mod, using CharGenMorph Compiler. If you're not sure what's that - refer to the Preparations section of the guide.

Generally useful character creation, or large packs adding multiple face options:

No More Bloody Teeth Removes combat blood splatter from teeth. Not compatible with the "Gore Retexture" mod - but their purposes are quite the opposite, so not like one would wish to use both anyway. Place "No More Bloody Teeth" folder to DA2 override folder. Chargen Revamp Adds more customization options, more pre-generated presets and allows default Hawke preset to be customized. Place "Chargen Revamp" folder to DA2 override folder. Now, inside the mod folder, delete the "Optional Files" folder. Mod also adds ability to customize dwarven and elven faces for your character, but I recommend to abstain from this option as it will surely lead to visual glitches later in the game. LOTC s DA2 Eyelash fix Fixes the eyelashes in DA2 to make them more visible. Choose [one] version of the mod. Download the file, unzip it. Place "Eyelash fix" folder to DA2 override folder. Better Brows And Stubble What does the name say. HD textures for brows and stubble, affecting both you and NPCs. Place "Better Brows And Stubble" folder to DA2 override folder. Pineappletree's Vibrant Hair for DA2 High-res vanilla hairstyles retexture. Choose one mod version. Place "PTs Vibrant Hair" folder to DA2 override folder. Pineappletree's Vibrant Eyes for DA2 High-res vanilla eyes retexture. Place "PTs Vibrant Eyes" folder to DA2 override folder. Pineappletree s Vibrant Colors for DA2 Adds 46 new skin tones, 42 new eye colors and 48 new stubble & eyebrow colors, to the DA2 character creation menu. Place "PTs Vibrant Colors for DA2" folder to DA2 override folder. WyldTats and Skins Multiple new skin tones and tattoos. Place "WyldTats" folder to DA2 override folder.

Skin mods:

Duchells Textures - Skins and Scars New face complexions. Place "Duchells Textures - Skins and Scars" folder to DA2 override folder. LOTC Skins for DA2 New (mostly) glossy female skins. Place "LOTC Skins" folder to DA2 override folder. Additional Skin Tints Place "HKSkinTints" folder to DA2 override folder. Additional DA II Skins New skin tins that existed in the game but were not available for character creation, such as tranquil, infected, undead skins and such. Place "Additional DA II Skins" folder to DA2 override folder.

Hair mods:

SG Beauty Shop Three packs of new hairstyles in one mod. Place "SG's Beauty Shop" folder to DA2 override folder. KS Hairs for Dragon Age 2 Port of KS Hairdos Skyrim mod to DA2. Get the "KS Hairs for DA2 - All in One" file and place "KS Hairs for DA2 - All in One" folder to DA2 override folder. For certain NPC overhaul mods from the next section, you may need some of the optional files later. Multicolored Hair for DA2 Adds 61 female and 19 male multicolored hairs that are standalone & non-tintable. Place "Multicolored Hair for DA2" folder to DA2 override folder. Anto Hairs Sims hairs for your DA2 character. Place "Anto Hair" folder to DA2 override folder. Nightcrawler Hairs And a few more Sims hairs. Place "Nightcrawler Hairs" folder to DA2 override folder. Natural Hair Adds 23 new natural hair colors to character generation. Place "Natural Hair" folder to DA2 override folder. Additional Hair Tints Adds 12 new hair tins. Place "HK Hair Tints" folder to DA2 override folder.

Everything else:

Make Up Tweaks and Tints Make up mask retextures and new tints. Place "make up tweaks" folder to DA2 override folder. Vaelsmod Chargen Pack Complexions pack. Place "Complexions Pack One" folder to DA2 override folder. Ethereal Eyes Eyes retextures with quite a new look (eyes themselves, not the tints - thus, if you want to use this mod, remove Pineappletree's Vibrant Eyes). Place "Ethereal Eyes" folder to DA2 override folder. Eye Tints by Fialka 42 new eye tints. Place "Eye Tints by Fialka" folder to DA2 override folder. Morfindeths Mega Tat Pack 268 new tattoos for character creation. Place "Morfindeths Mega Tat Pack" folder to DA2 override folder. Tattoos for Dragon Age 2 Small, but highly qualitative new tattoos pack. Place "Zolariel's Tattoos" folder to DA2 override folder. Female Back Tattoo Hand drawn tattoos for female Hawke back. Place "Zolariel's Back Tattoo" folder to DA2 override folder. Eyeliner Variations 9 new complexions with different eyeliners. Place "Eyeliner Variations" folder to DA2 override folder. Dramatic Eye Makeup 12 new complexions with dramatic eye makeup. Place "Dramatic Eye Makeup" folder to DA2 override folder. Polished Tattoos WIP project to retexture the most low-res vanilla tattoos. Place "Polished Tattoos" folder to DA2 override folder.

Gameplay-affecting companions mods:

Rune of Banter Adds an item that can be used anywhere to instantly trigger banter between your party members. You can either buy it in a shop in the city, or get using the console command - read the mod page. Place "DAE Rune of Banter" folder to DA2 override folder. Better and Evolving Companion Weapons Companions weapons now scale up with level, and gained some extra passive bonuses to be comparable with other good items you can find in the game. Place "Better & Evolving Companion Weapons" to DA2 override folder. Evolving Companion Armor Similar mod for companion armors. Place "Companion_Armor" folder to DA2 override folder. All Companion Armor Upgrades Convenience script to instantly gain all companion armor upgrades. Can be separated by Act or to get every upgrade in the game in an instant. At the one hand, this, ofc, can be used as a cheating mod to get all the upgrades early and so, your companions will become overpowered. At the other hand, it can do a good help if you've missed certain upgrade somewhere in the act you've just finished - so you wouldn't lose it forever. Regeneration spell for Merrill Adds a regeneration spell for Merrill which honestly should've been a part of her skillset in the base game. Place "GT Merrill Regeneration" folder to DA2 override folder. Isabela ASAP Recruit Isabela earlier in Act 1, before Anders. Place "Isabela ASAP" folder to DA2 override folder. Upgrades for Tallis in MOTA Ever been annoyed at your Tallis dying so much in Mark of the Assassin DLC? Just because of some weird choices like that her armors doesn't have any armors points? Mods adds upgrades for her armor which you buy at the "Hunting Stores" merchant. Place "Tallis Upgrades" folder to DA2 override folder.

Cosmetic companions mods - changes to visual appearance or equipment look:

Unique Face Textures for Companions HD skin and eye textures for the vanilla companions, from the author of El's Custom Complexions mod for the Witcher 3. My personal favourite between companion mods as it's basically just a great vanilla+ overhaul without changing companion looks drastically. Download both main files and unzip them. Place the "Extras" folder inside "Companion Retextures" folder, and now, place "Companion Retextures" folder to DA2 override folder. Every character change in this mod is in its own folder, so you can delete any you don't want anymore (or for compatibility with other mods) later.
Note #1: if you'll be using some custom armor mods for Fenris that open neck wider than vanilla armor does, get the "Fenris - Neck Markings Fix" file and replace the original Fenris .erf file in the mod folder with this one.
Note #2: Merrill and Varric folder have more than one file - choose which one you want and delete the others. KS Hairs for Companions Adds KS Hairs to Gamlen, Bethany, Carver, Merrill, Fenris, Anders, Aveline, & Sebastian. Compatible with Ellise’s HR Unique Companion Complexions mod above. Requires the original KS Hairs mod to work properly. Download the main file and place "zz_companionsELL4k & KSHair" folder to DA2 override folder. Better Looking Companions More complex visual overhauls with new hairstyles and re-made head morphs for Anders, Aveline and Sebastian. Results in very different look for some characters, but may be a good options for those who want something different. Place "Better Looking Companions" folder to DA2 override folder. Take into account that you'll need to download several other mods for this one to function properly, look at the mod page. Ataralyxius' Companion Face Morph Collection For Dragon Age 2 Another approach to companion looks. Place "Ataralyxius Companion Face Revamp" folder to DA2 override folder. Note: Some characters have more than one files to choose from - check the mod's internal folders, and remove the files you don't want. Make sure to get the required mods listed on the mod page. Citizens of Kirkwall Various notable secondary characters visual overhaul. Place "Citizens of Kirkwall" folder to DA2 override folder. Kirkwall Facelift Project Making Kirkwall’s citizens of note a little less pudding-faced, one headmorph at a time. Choose one of the main files and place "Kirkwall Facelift Project" folder to DA2 override folder. Npc Face Distraction Removals Removes distracting, odd and possibly lore-unfriendly elements from the faces of NPCs Elf Fanatic, Tarohne, Cavril, Wright, and more. Place "NPC Face Distraction Removals" folder to DA2 override folder. Original Brown Merrill (HD) Surprised at the change from brown to white between Merrill's DAO and DA2 looks? This mod return hers brown skin in higher texture quality. Place "Original Brown Merrill" folder to DA2 override folder. HD Merrill Armour HAND FIX HD retexutre of Merrill's armor + improved hands texture for her. Compatible with mods that change Merrill's face appearance. Download the main file and place "HD Merrill Armor fix" folder to DA2 override folder. Magic Merrill The Dalish ingenue is all grown up! Choose one of main files and place "Magic-Merrill" folder to DA2 override folder. Practical Merrill Wear (Romance) Changes Merrill's romance gear into a simpler and more practical version. Place "practical merrill wear (romance)" folder to DA2 override folder. Merrill's Inquisition Robes Retexture of her robes using DAI texture assets. Place "Merrill Inquisition Robes" folder to DA2 override folder. Merrill Autumnal Romance Armor One more retexture for Merrill romance armor, giving it more "autumn" look. Download one of the main files and place "Merrill - Autumnal Romance Armor " folder to DA2 override folder. Merrill Concept Art Hair New hair for Merrill, similar to her concept art. Compatible with mods that change Merrill face but not hair, and with mods that affect her outfit. Place "Merrill Concept Hair" folder to DA2 override folder. Armored Isabela Retexture of both Isabela's outfits, giving her a more suitable look for combat. Place "Armored Isa_2" folder to DA2 overrider folder. Captain Isabela Red captain outfit for Isabela. Choose one version of A and B armors (file names are self-explanatory), make a new folder and name it "Captain Isabela Outfit", place both .erf files into it, and place "Captain Isabela Outfit" folder to DA2 override folder. Isabela Concept Armor Isabela outfit based on concept art. Choose one of the main files and place "Isabela Concept Armor" folder to DA2 override folder. HD Isabela New armour, face and hair for Isabela using DA:I's resources. Download either "Hd Isabela" or "Hd Isabela - Pants" (this one adds pants to her skirt) file. Place "Hd Isabela" folder to DA2 override folder. Isabela - Dangerous Curves Isabela, pearl of the high seas, in five delicious varieties. Choose one of the main files and place "Isabela - Dangerous Curves" to DA2 override folder. Big Bad Fenris Or rather.. big buffed Fenris? Either way - an original new look for Fenris with multiple options. Choose [one] of either main or optional files (optional files do not require main files) and place "BigBadFen" folder to DA2 override folder. HR Fenris Armor High resolution retexture of Fenris armor. Place "HR Fenris Armor" folder to DA2 override folder. Broodystyle - Outfit and Face Recolors For Fenris Recolours for Fenris armor and skin tint - 8 armor colors and 2 skin tins colors in total. Based on Eli's Fenris face and HR armor mods above (standalone, does not require them). First, choose one of the main files that have their names beginning from "Outfits" (basically, any after the first file from the top), and then, one .erf file inside, and place the folder to DA2 override folder. Then, if you want face changes, get the first main file, and from it, choose [only one folder and only one .erf file in it] - remove the rest, and place the chosen folder to DA2 override folder. Sebastian's Armor - High Resolution textures Higher resolution retexture for Sebastian's armor. Recommended to get 2k version. Place "Sebastian Armor HR Retexture" to DA2 override folder. Sebastian Chantry Robes Switches Sebastian's armor to chantry robes. Place "Chantry Robe Sebastian" to DA2 override folder. Use this mod or the one above. Anders - 50 Shades of Mage Fifty shades of shiny, subversive magic, complete with Justice/Vengeance FX. Many well-made and different-looking Anders face changes. Choose one of many files and place "Anders-Gold-1" (or any other version) folder to DA2 override folder. Anders by Fialka Place "Anders by Fialka" folder to DA2 override folder. Anders' Armors and Justice glow Higher resolution retexture for both Anders' armors + improved glow textures for Justice. Recommended to get 2k version. Get one of 3 color versions and place "Anders Armors HR Retexture" folder to DA2 override folder. Use this mod or the one below. Anders wears Robe of the Apostate Replaces both Anders outfits in Act 1 and Act 3. Choose one version of each "A" and "B" amors. Make a new folder and name it "Anders Apostate Robes". Place both (or one, if you don't want the other swap) files to this folder and place it to DA2 override folder. Use this mod or the one above. Rebel Threads - Witcher 3 Avallac'h Robes For Anders Standalone and Anders Replacers port of Avallac'h's Robes from the Witcher 3. First, get the "Witcher 3 Avallac'h Robes - Main File" file and place "Witcher 3 Avallac'h Robes - Standalone" to DA2 overrider folder. If you want this robe to replace Anders default armor, also get the "Witcher 3 Avallac'h Robes - Replacers for Anders" file and place "Witcher 3 Anders Replacers" folder to DA2 override folder. Now, go inside it - you'll see two folders. In both of them, keep [only one] .erf file depending on your color preference and delete the others. If you prefer the version with the wristguards, you don't need the main files - get the optional files and proceed with same installation steps instead. Official-ish Zevran Fix For DA2 Fixed Zevran look in his DA2 cameo. Place "zev fix by hawkethority" folder to DA2 override folder. Puffy Face Begone (aka an umpteenth Alistair fix) The best Alistair face mod for DA2, period. Download the main file and place the "zzz Alistair" folder to DA2 override folder. Misc Companion Armor Mods Various armor mods for Hawke's friends. There's no AIO file - you'll need to download each separate file you want. Download the files you want, make a new folder, name it "Misc Companion Armor Mods" and place all the .erf files you got there. Now, place "Misc Companion Armor Mods" folder to DA2 override folder. Ataralyxius' NPC Face Morph Collection For Dragon Age 2 Ten morphs for notable NPCs in the game. Place "Ataralyxius NPC Face Revamp" folder to DA2 override folder. In the mod folder, remove folders which character changes you don't want (for instance, I'm using only morphs for Athenril, Meredith, Orsino, Thrask and Zevran). Note: Alistair has 2 files to choose from, but I personally recommend to use "Puffy Face Begone" mod above for Alistair as it's the best morph for him out there. iveys aveline A more feminine Aveline that still keeps her tomboyishness. Choose [only one] mod version folder and place "A1 iveys Aveline" (or other of your choice) folder to DA2 override folder, and make sure you have required mods. Aveline Improved Several other great options for Aveline apperance. Download either one of the main or one of the optional files (difference shown on the mod page). Place "Aveline_Improved" (or any other) folder to DA2 override folder. Aveline with Inquisition head Simple as that. Hairstyle and tint options available. Choose one of the mod version and place "Aveline with Inquisition head" to DA2 override folder. Aveline's Armor - High Resolution textures Higher resolution retexture for Aveline's Armor. Optional version with Kirkwall/City Guard heraldry. Recommended to get 2k version. Place "Aveline Armor HR Retexture" folder to DA2 folder. Aveline in Action (Animation Fix) Changes Aveline's run/walk/idle movements so she looks much more like a strong warrior in heavy armor. Place "aveline in action by hawkethority" folder to DA2 override folder. Handsome Carver Download the main file and place "handsome_carver" folder to DA2 override folder. Make sure to keep only one .erf file inside, depending on whether or not you want a new hairstyle for him. Armoured Varric A new shiny armour for Varric and a retexture for his crossbow Bianca. Choose one of 3 mod version - to change both armor and weapon, only armor or only weapon. Place "Armoured Varric" folder to DA2 override folder. Cullen Rutherford - Inquisition Mesh Choonse one of the files and place "Cullen - Inquisition Mesh" folder to DA2 override folder. Cassandra Pentaghast - Inquisition Mesh Choose one of the files and place "Cassandra - Inquisition Mesh" folder to DA2 override folder. Alistair - Inquisition Mesh Place "Alistair - Inquisition Mesh" folder to DA2 override folder. Leliana - Inquisition Mesh Choose one of two files and place "Leliana - Inquisition Mesh" folder to DA2 override folder. Flemeth - Inquisition Mesh Place "Flemeth - Inquisition Mesh" folder to DA2 override folder. Isabela - Inquisition Mesh Choose on of the main files and place "Isabela - Inquisition Mesh" folder to DA2 override folder. Samson - Inquisition Mesh Place "Samson - Inquisition Mesh" folder to DA2 override folder. Varric Tethras - Inquisition Mesh Choose one or both main files. Optionally, get "Varric Ellise Textures" [instead] of the main head file. Place "Varric Tethras - Inquisition Mesh" folder (with one or two .erf files in it) to DA2 override folder.
Note: There can be seam and some weird tongue look on Varric in certain conditions/angles. Minor Retextures for Inquisition Meshes Some changes to the skin textures of the "Inquisition Mesh" mods above. Look on the images and see if you want it. Note: You should have [all] those mods installed for this mod to work properly. Place "zzz Retextures for Inquisition Meshes" (naming to make sure this mod textures will overwrite original mods textures) folder to DA2 override folder. Nightingale Updated Dresses Leliana in her Seeker armor during the Act 3 quest. Place "NightingaleUpdate" folder to DA2 override folder. Note: If you don't want this mod face morph for Leliana and only want the armor, delete the "LelsMorph" folder. Armor of the Nightingale for Leliana Custom unhooded port of Leliana's Inquisition armor for Leliana during Sebastian's Act 3 companion quest "Faith". Leliana by Fialka - DA2 Place "Leliana by Fialka - DA2" folder to DA2 override folder. Bethany Inquisition Mesh Clothing Inquisition robe model for Bethany. Place "Bethany Inquisition Clothing" folder to DA2 override folder. Ferelden Fashion Modular outfit swaps based on DAI armors for your companions. It's recommended to create a new folder, name it "Ferelden Fashion" and then, place folders from any modules you prefer ("Aveline" and any other), into this folder, to keep same mod files grouped together. After you'll pick everything you want, place "Ferelden Fashion" folder to DA2 override folder. Ferelden Fashion Vol II Second iteration from the same author, now for some notable non-companion NPCs. Make a new "Ferelden Fashion 2" folder and proceed with installation in a similar way as for the main mod. The Arishok - High resolution textures Higher resolution textures for The Arishok and his throne. Place "Arishok HD Textures" folder to DA2 override folder. Meredith A few morphs for (younger) Meredith. Pick one and place "Meredith" folder to DA2 override folder. Older Meredith Vice versa, older Meredith. Pick one and place "Older Meredith" folder to DA2 override folder. Meredith's Inquisition Armour Gives Meredith Templar armor from DAI. Place "Meredith Inquisition Armour" folder to DA2 override folder. Orsino's Inquisition Robes Ports the textures of his robes from Inquisition to DA2. Place "Orsino Inquisition Robes" folder to DA2 override folder. Flemeth's Inquisition Robes DAI robes for Flemeth. Place "Flemeth Inquisition Robes" folder to DA2 override folder. Orsino's Inquisition Robes Ports the textures of his robes from Inquisition to DA2. Place "Orsino Inquisition Robes" folder to DA2 override folder. Tevene Orana Changes Orana's face to better reflect her being Tevene (and removes her strong makeup). Place "Tevene Orana" folder to DA2 override folder. Teagan Fix Makes Teagan face closer to his appearance in DAO. Place "TeaganFix" folder to DA2 override folder. Younger Karl Makes Karl look like a 30 year old, making it seem plausible that he and Anders were apprentices together. Place "Younger Karl" folder to DA2 override folder. Nathaniel Eye Fix Changes Nathaniel Howe\'s brown eyes back to their original grey Dragon Age Awakening color. Place "Nathaniel Eye Fix" folder to DA2 override folder. Elven Tallis Redux Qunari elf Tallis, now without as much Felicia Day as possible. Choose one of the main files and place "elven_tallis_redux_a" (or other version) folder to DA2 override folder. Servant outfit for Tallis Replaces Tallis's green outfit with the Orlesian Servant outfit. Requires the mod above. Place "Servant Tallis" folder to DA2 override folder. Tallis DeQunified Removes the giant Qun symbol from Tallis armor. Since she's a spy. In secret. Choose the mod version your prefer (difference explained on the mod page) and place "Tallis DeQunified" folder to DA2 override folder. Optional files of your choice can be placed in the mod folder too. Elves with Human Skin REDUX Gives all the elves human skin tints instead of blue/green ones. Fixes vanilla tinting error with vallaslin. Redesigns returning elven NPCs to better match their previous appearances. Mod has only loose files, so in case you'll have a mod conflict (for instance, with Fenris mods), you can just remove the conflicting .more file/s. Place "Elves New Skin v2" folder to DA2 override folder. KS Hairs for Elven NPCs Merges KS Hairs onto Dalishious’ NPC morphs from Elves with Human Skin Redux. New hairs & colored skin tone for everyone. Requires mod above and couple other mods - make sure to read the description page. Grab all the .more files from this mod folder and place them inside the "Elves New Skin v2" folder, approving overwriting.

Romance related companions mods:

Repeatable Romance Scenes Adds several at-will romance scenes triggered from within the Hawke Estate. Place "Repeatable Romance Scenes" folder to DA2 override folder. Anders Romance Dialogue Overhaul A collection of frequently requested changes to the Anders romance. Includes a final kiss for the Friendship route, Anders telling female Hawkes about Karl, a repaired conversation flag in Dissent, and some optional miscellaneous dialogue changes. Mod has couple of minor glitches which can appear purely because of the mod's nature and not fault of the author themselves. Choose one of the main files (differences explained on the mod description page) and place "Anders Romance Dialogue Overhaul " folder to DA2 override folder. Anders Friendship Romance Final Kiss Adds a final kiss to the Anders Friendship Romance route. Note: Not needed if you're using the mod above. Place "Anders Friendship Kiss Mod" folder to DA2 override folder. Sleeping Cat for Anders Adds a small, immersive (that is, plot-triggered) cat to Anders' Clinic or the Hawke Estate, depending on romanced status. Choose one of the main files and place "Sleeping Cat for Anders" folder to DA2 override folder. Sebastian Revisited Recruit Sebastian in Act I + complete Sebastian romance overhaul - Sebastian can be now romanced if you're male Hawke and the "rivalmance" is expanded. Make sure to enable subtitles as some lines will be not voiced. Place "Sebastian Revisited" folder to DA2 override folder. Note: There's a possible minor cosmetic bug in the mod. If you'll be getting the Act II "Finding Home" cutscene with Bohdan after finishing Repentance in Act I, follow the instructions of user "VerticalSkies" in the mod comments tab. No Sebastian Climax Crisis Sebastian takes a seat with the rest of the non-Anders companions. Place "No Seb Crisis" folder to DA2 override folder.

Doggo mods:

Improved Mabari Model Adjusts the proportions of the mabari mesh, to better resemble an actual dog. Affects all mabari in game. Place "Improved Mabari Model v2.0" folder to DA2 override folder.
Note: Works fine with the "player unique" mabari mods below, but not with those that affect all mabari in the game (like "Mabari Recolours" mod). For this mod to work with "player unique" mabari mods, it should have load order priority, meaning you simply need to rename to mod folder to something like "zzz Improved Mabari Model v2.0". Hawke Dog War Dog Blood dog Three mods from the same author that provide a unique look for your mabari only. Choose one. Place "War_dog_unique" (or other version) folder to DA2 override folder. Dog as a Rottweiler What it says. Place "Dog as a Rottweiler" folder to DA2 override folder. Use either this mod or one of the 3 mods above. Mabari Recolours - DA2 Lots of recolors for doggos. Affects all mabari in the game and is not compatible with "Improved Mabari Model" mod. Choose one of the files and put to DA2 override folder. Ishs Tougher Dog Toughens up your faithful dog by changing its creature rank from "Critter" to "Normal". This is a balanced approach that will help your doggo to not die too often from friendly fire, but still not being too strong as it's wasn't designed as a full-strength party member, but rather a supporting one. Place "Tougher Dog" folder to DA2 override folder. Use this mod or the one below, not both. More Tougher Dog Companion Similar mod, but this one changes doggo's rank to "Elite Boss. This doesn't make much sense and will make game noticeably easier in general, but hey - everyone's to their own, plus it's the bestest of bois, amarite? Place "More Tougher Dog Companion" folder to DA2 override folder. Use this mod or the one above, not both.

Various gameplay mods - general immersion, combat/skills changes and additions, dialogue improvements and others.

Gameplay immersion mods, QOL mods, economy, large addons/overhauls and some mods that just don't quite fall under a single category:

Skip the Intro A must-have for people who are going into Nth walkthrough of the game - or just want to test modded setup and/or character creation. Place "Skip Intro" folder to DA2 override folder. DLC-Away - Move DLC Items to Personal Storage Automagically moves DLC item packs to personal storage. Also hides MOTA and Legacy DLC statues in Gamlen's house. Place "DLC-Away" folder to DA2 override folder. WADDI - Expandable add item script with input window Add items via ingame interface and search by the item name. Place "waddi" folder to DA2 override folder. Read the mod page for usage basics. Natural running speed Gives Hawke a more natural and fluid running animation and speed of movement. Download either main or optional file and place "Natural Runspeed" folder to DA2 override folder. Female Hawke movement animation tweak Changes a female Hawke movement animation from a sashaying softie to the more utilitarian moves of a male character. Place "Female to male animation" folder to DA2 override folder. Faster Run Speed - Exploration with tweaked animations Note: Not compatible with the mods above. An absolute life-saver as it increases out of combat (only, doesn't affect combat speed and so, combat balance) movement speed of PC and all companions by 50% (from 6 to 9). The animations speed has been tweaked to look more natural. Place "Faster Run Speed - Exploration" folder to DA2 overrider folder. Valuable Junk To make you a bit less poor (or super rich, depending on the mod version). Vendors will pay either x10, x50 or x100 times more for junk items. I personally recommend the x10 version. Dwonload the main file, place "Valuable Junk" folder to DA2 override folder and from the mod folder, remove the "Valuble Junk 100.erf" file (or vice versa, if you want to swim in gold).
Note: While there's indeed an issue with junk being worth way too low money in vanilla game, if you'll be using mods that are making items scale with character level (there multiple of such), you will need to change your gear way less often than usually in vanilla game and so, you won't need that much gold as well - thus, this mod, even in "just" x10 version, will be not needed either. Kirkwall Expanded Kirkwall Expanded is a mod that adds new NPCs (including dwarf women), new creatures, new merchants, new items and item properties, several restored vanilla quests that were cut from the game, a simple bounty board for various fetching quests, a new crafting option ("Cooking"), pets, mercenaries, house decorations, and large number of other accessories.
- Download the "Kirkwall Expanded - Main File" and unzip it. You will see 2 folders.
- Place the "kirkwall_expanded" folder to DA2 addins folder.
- Place the "Kirkwall Expanded - Override" folder to DA2 override folder.
- Make sure you've placed folders exactly how instructed - one in addins, another in override folder - not vice versa, not both into the same directory.
- Every module (.erf file) in the "Kirkwall Expanded - Override" folder is optional, so you can remove what you don't want. For instance, I've removed "Pets and Merc" files as I personally don't care much about pets, and mercenaries are quite OP and affect the combat balance, making game very easy - thus, I saw these files as not needed.
- If you're using "Improved Mabari Model" mod, get the "Kaddis - Improved Mabari Model Compatibility Patch" file from Optional Files and place the .erf file into "Kirkwall Expanded - Override" folder.
- LThere are several other optional files. Some are addons/patches for the mod itself, and couple are standalone files. Standalone files folders should go to DA2 override folder, and addons/patches - inside the "Kirkwall Expanded - Override" folder. Darkspawn Variations Includes drkspawn variants introduced in the Legacy DLC (such as shrieks or alpha genlocks) into the base game. Place "Darkspawn Variations" folder to DA2 override folder. Kidnappapalooza - Best Served Cold Redux Lots of fixes for often bugged "Best Served Cold" quest, plus possibility of your love interest or even Varric to get kidnapped. Fully compatible with "Sebastian Revisited" mod. Download [either] the main file or one of optional files. Place "Kidnappapalooza" folder to DA2 override folder. Make sure to enable subtitles during this quest, as if Sebastian will get kidnapped, new lines will be not voiced.
Punch the Profane Allows Hawke to punch the Profane in the Deep Roads regardless of class or personality type. Because yes. Place "Punch the Profane" folder to DA2 override folder. Fenris' Spring Cleaning Removes the corpses littering the floor of Fenris' mansion even years after the fight. Place "Fenris Spring Cleaning v2.0" folder to DA2 override folder. Hawke Estate Mirror and Outfit Changer Adds a Mirror of Transformation and an Outfit Changer to the Hawke Estate, so you don't have to leave your house to change your hair. Place "Hawke Estate Mirror and Outfit Changer" folder to DA2 override folder. Portrait of Your Mother as a Young Woman Replaces one of the paintings in the Hawke Estate with a portrait of Leandra. Choose [one] main file. Place "Portrait of Your Mother - Main Hall" folder to DA2 override folder. Now, inside this folder, keep only one .erf file of your choice and delete the other two. Flycam In-game flycam enabled for all your screenshot needs. Place "Flycam" folder to DA2 override folder and refer to mod page regarding console commands usage. sapphim's Exodus Mini Mods Several small mods at one page, mostly purely for QOL features (for instance, showing your exact companion disposition or Hawke's good/bad/sarcastic character level) or some small cosmetic quest changes - read the mod page for the full list. Place "zz_horoscope" (and/or other files) folder to DA2 override folder.

Dialogue mods:

Full Dialogue Interface This mod brings back Dragon Age: Origins style dialogue menu. Say no more to ambiguous paraphrases! You will know exactly what your character is going to say. Besides that, the mod also features additional menu improvements (look at the mod page). Place "Full Dialogue Interface" folder to DA2 override folder. Note: Due to the huge numbers of dialogue lines changed by this mod, it will be incompatible with most (if not all) other dialogue mods, so you'll have to choose. It also has several minor bugs and unchanged lines here and there, but asides from that, and if you absolutely hate the dumbed-down DA2 dialogues - try it for sure. Reinventing the Wheel Removes personality-based restrictions (and optionally adds a persuasion check) from certain dialogue choices (mostly in Act 1 and couple in Act 2). Choose [one] of the main files (difference explained at the mod page) and place "Reinventing the Wheel" folder to DA2 override folder. Never Hostile Dalish Never have to fight Merrill's clan, ever. Changes the dialogues in Merrill's quest in Act 3. Get the "Never Hostile Dalish V1" main file and place "Never Hostile Dalish V1" folder to DA2 override folder. Anders Dialogue Edits Fully compatible with "Anders Romance Dialogue Overhaul" mod. Choose one of the main files, depending on whether or not (and which version) of Anders Romance Dialogue Overhaul you're using, and place "Anders Dialogue Edits" folder to DA2 override folder.
Note: Not compatible with "Anders Friendship Romance Final Kiss" - either don't use that mod if you want this mod dialogue line instead of the kiss, or, if you want the kiss, in this mod folder, delete the "gen00fl_anders.cnv" file. Varric Dialogue Edits and Restoration Restored several cuta Varric dialogues + some bug fixes. Choose one of two main files (difference explained on the mod page) and place "" folder to DA2 override folder. Bean's Dialogue Edits This mod makes little changes to dialogues during various quests in hope of making Hawke's companions less antagonistic towards each other + less mean DLC follower banter. Read the mod page to see which ones you want, get the file/s, unzip them, make a new folder named "Bean's Dialogue Edits" and place chosen file/s inside it. Now, place "Bean's Dialogue Edits" folder to DA2 override folder. Less Uncomfortable Companion Banters Ever just feel like your head's going to explode if your companions don't stop arguing and insulting each other within earshot? Here's something for that. Read the mod page for the list of changes and see if you want this mod or not. Compatible with the mod above. Get the "Less Uncomfortable Party Banters - Complete" file and place "Less Uncomfortable Companion Banters" folder to DA2 override folder. Same Gender Dialogue Tweaks Donic will now assume that male Hawke is interested in men, and female Hawke in women. Place "Same Gender Dialogue Tweaks" folder to DA2 override folder. Leandra Dialogue Edit Small dialogue edit for Leandra in Act 2. The finding a husband/wife line will match Hawke's gender. Choose one of two files and place "Leandra Dialogue Edit" folder to DA2 override folder. sapphim's Dialogue Mini Mods Multiple dialogue tweaks for immersion sake. Read the mod page to see which ones you want. Make a folder named "Dialogue Mini Mods", place all chosen .erf files to it, and place it to DA2 override folder.

Combat & skills related mods:

Additional Mage Specializations Adds two new mage specializations to the game, Summoner and Fade Weaver. Place [attention!] the "mage_specs" folder to DA2 addions folder. Yes, not the override folder. You'll see the mod in "Downloadable Content" tab in game main menu after a correct installation. Make sure to read the mod page to know how to get the new specializations (they are not added automatically at the game beginning due to stability purposes). Hermaen's Racial Attribute Bonuses Redefines race-based bonuses to be more in line with how DAO did it, giving more noteable stat bonuses to all races, as well as 10% magic resistance to Dwarves. Affects all NPCs in the game - party members, friends and enemies. Place "Racial Attribute Bonuses" folder to DA2 override folder. Offensive Spirit Healer Allows mage Hawke to use offensive spells while Healing Aura is active, excluding Blood Magic spells. Also works for Anders's Panacea. Place "Offensive Spirit Healer" folder to DA2 override folder.
Note: Second mod file is a version compatible with "No Friendly-Fire" mod below. Doesn't need the first main file. Healing Aura and Panacea Range Fix Not technically a "fix", but still, a pretty logical mod as vanilla range of Healing Aura is just way too short. Place "Healing Aura Range Boost" folder to DA2 override folder. You can also get the similar boost to Battle Synergy/Bravery skills - get the "Battle Synergy" file and place "Battle Synergy Range Boost" folder to DA2 override folder. Now, go inside the folder and remove one of two .erf files, depending on which range you prefer. Arishok AI Rebalance Rejigs the Arishok's AI and ability cooldowns to make him less likely to chain knockdowns onto your poor screaming behind. Place "Arishok AI Rebalance" folder to DA2 override folder. No Friendly-Fire No friendly fire damage [only] in Nightmare difficulty. Choose one of the files (difference explained on the mod page) and place "No FriendlyFire" folder to DA2 override folder. Story Mode Want to play just for the story and don't bother much about the fights? This mod makes "Casual" difficulty around 3 times easier, becoming somewhat similar to the "Story Mode" in DAO. Place the "Story Mode" folder to DA2 override folder. DA2 Litany of Adralla Wath to play through EVEN faster and win fights in an instant? Get this one. Clearly a cheat mod, at the one hand - but at the other hand, may come in handy for those aiming on doing multiple walkthroughs purely for different character romances, game endings and so on. Mod gives you a new skill which basically one-shots all enemies on the screen when used. Place "Litany_of_Adralla" folder to DA2 override folder.
Note: Do not use this skill on important scripted story bosses, such as Meredith, Corypheus, Pride Demon and Cahir (MOTA DLC), as it may break their fight entirely.

Mods that are changing existing armors and weapons, or certain NPCs equipment. Mods changing the look of companion armors and clothing are gathered in "Companions" section above, as they often intertwine with companion face changes.

Evolving Champion Makes the champion armour sets scale up in stats as character level grows. Choose one version. Place "Evolving Champion No Stats" or "Evolving Champion With Stats" folder to DA2 override folder. Evolving Elemental Staves Evolving Blood Mage Staves Evolving Blood Mage Gear Three mods from the same author that make several upgrades to mage-related equipment. First of all, making certain staves and armors to scale in power with character level. Secondly, improving their stat bonuses or adding new bonuses to better fit either elemental mage (fire/cold/electric/spirit etc damage) or blood mage. Plus couple other logical/QOL improvements. Mods mostly have a good balance - plus, they are fully modular - there's an .erf file for each item changed, so if you'll see some of the changes overpowered (like for the starting mage Hawke staff, for instance, imo) - you can just remove the files you don't want.
Note that first two mods change multiple same staves, so you may want to either choose one mod or mix-and-match files from both, depending on what kind of build you plan to play as. First two mods affect staves, third mod - amors and jewerly.
For a comfortable installation, it's recommended to make a new folder and name it, let's say, "Evolving Staves and Gear". Then download all 3 mods, and mix-and-match .erf files you want, discarding the ones you don't want. Place all the files you want to use in this folder, and finally, place it to DA2 override folder. Reasonable daggers Reasonable greatswords Two similar mods that are scaling down size of greatswords and daggers in the game to look more realistic. Place "Reasonable Daggers" and/or "Reasonable Greatswords" folder/s to DA2 override folder. NPC Gear Immersion Tweaks Gives Grey Warden Alistair, Stroud's Grey Wardens, Nathaniel, King Alistair, Hugh the Templar, and carta thugs more lore-friendly armor and gear. Place "NPC Gear Immersion Tweaks" folder to DA2 override folder.
Note: If you're using Kirkwall Expanded, remove 2 files from this one, namely "grace_proper_circle_mage_robes.erf" and "samson_fixes.erf" ones, like shown here. NPC Clothing Edits Some pretty logical changes to NPC clothing models and textures. Get the main file and place "NPC Clothing Edits" folder to DA2 override folder. Now, go inside mod folder ==> "Commoner A" ==> keep only one file and delete the other (the difference is quite self-explanatory). Optional file alters vanilla commoner & noble tint files to reduce shininess - so grab it if you want as well, and just place the files/folders inside the mod folder you've installed now. Templar Variety - DA2 Gives rogue outfits from DAI to templar hunters in DA2.
- Get the main file and place "Templar Variety - DA2" folder to DA2 override folder.
- Now, go inside the mod folder and keep only one "Templar Medium Robes" folder, ether brown or green, depending on what color you prefer, and delete the other.
- Download both update and optional files. Place the .erf and all .utc files into "Templar Variety - DA2" folder. Overwrite when asked. Ishs Armors De-shelved Removes the chest-shelves (way to large armor pieces) on some of the armors in Dragon Age II. Place "Ishs Armors De-shelved" folder to DA2 override folder. Dalish Weapons for the Dalish Replaces the shemlen nonsense the Dalish are carrying with the Origins-established Dalish models. Place "Dalish Weapons for the Dalish" folder to DA2 override folder. Also download the "Dar'Misaan for Dalish Hunter" and place "lgt250cr_way_dalish_hunter.utc" file inside the mod folder. Some Elven Things Better-looking replacers for some elven robes. Download the main file and place "Some Elven Things" folder to DA2 override folder. Inside it, keep only one of "Marethari" folders, depending on your preference. If you want Merrill default armor to be swapped to new enchanter robe, also get the optional file and place "Enchanter Merrill" folder to DA2 override folder. More Elven Things Some other DAI Dallish armors replacing DA2 ones. Place "More Elven Things" folder to DA2 override folder. If you want to exclude some components (for instance, Merrill armor swap if you're already using something else for her), just delete the .erf file/s you don't want. The Covert Mage Modular changes to mage equipment and NPCs, mostly to create the illusion that apostates might actually try to hide their identities. Get the main file and place "The Covert Mage" folder to DA2 override folder. There are two optional files each with a different feature - read about them on the mod page, and place either their folders to DA2 override folder, or just their inner folders/files inside "The Covert Mage" folder. Warden Armor 4k and 2k (recommended) AI upscale of Grey Warden armors in DA2, including those in Legacy DLC. Place "Warden Armor Upscale" folder to DA2 override folder. Fugitive's Mantle 4k and 2k (recommended) AI upscale of Fugitive's Mantle. Place "Fugitive Mantle Upscale" folder to DA2 override folder. Blood Dragon Re-Texture Improved look for Blood Dragon armor. Place "Blood Dragon Retexture" folder to DA2 override folder. HD Mantle of the Champion (Mage) HD retexture of female champion mage armor. Place "HD Mantle of the Champion" folder to DA2 override folder. Reskin Hawke's key mage stick Change the appearance of the clunky, oversized mage staff model of Hawke's key, into 4 different mage staff models. Pick one and place "Key_stick parthalan" (or any other version) folder to DA2 override folder. Reskin Hawke's key Greatsword Similar mod from the same author, for the greatsword. Pick one file and place "key_Greatsword runic" (or any other version) folder to DA2 override folder. Reskin Hawke's key dagger And for dagger. Place "key_dagger master's" (or any other version) folder to DA2 override folder. Reskin Hawke's key longsword And the longsword. Place "Key_Sword runic" (or any other version) folder to DA2 override folder. Reskin Hawke's key Bow And the bow. Place "Key_Bow Crows" (or any other version) folder to DA2 override folder. Reskin Armor item pack A reskin of some armors from the item packs : warrior item pack 1 and 2 - rogue item pack 2 - mage item pack 2. Place "Reskin armor item pack" folder to DA2 override folder. Isaac Armor Reloaded Black and white retexture of the Sir Isaac armor set with some added glow effects. Requires "Ishs Armors De-shelved" mod. Place "Isaac Armor Reloaded" folder to DA2 override folder. Spiral Eye and Overseer retextures Retextes for Spiral Eye armor set and Overseer armor set. Place "SG's Spiral Eye" and/or "SG's Overseer armour" folder/s to DA2 override folder. Last Decent and Enasalin retextures Retextures for Last Decent and Enasalin sets. Place "SG's Last Descent armour" and/or "SG's Enasalin" folder/s to DA2 override folder. Prince Raiment retexture Choose one of the version and place "Prince Raiment retexture" folder to DA2 override folder. Stonehammer set look replacement Place "SG's Stonehammer armour" folder to DA2 override folder. The Rogue Champion s Armor The Mage Champion s Armor The Warrior Champion s Armor Multiple recoloring options for all 3 Champion sets. Choose the ones you prefer and place "Rogue Champion Armor Recolor" (or any other of your choice) folder/s to DA2 override folder. Tallis Armor retextures What it says. Choose one main file. Place "Tallis Armor NO Tattoos" (or the other version respectively) folder to DA2 override folder. Inside the folder, delete all .erf files besides the one which color you prefer. Mother Petrice Robes Gives Mother Petrice in Act 2 and 3 Inquisition robes to signify her position in the Chantry. Place "Mother Petrice Robes" folder to DA2 override folder. Fugitive's Mantle - Chantry Begone Removes Chantry symbols on the Fugitive's Mantle armour. Place "Fugitive Armour No Chantry" folder to DA2 override folder. Make 'Ring of the Awakened' a RING Makes "Ring of the Awakened" of Anders from Mage Items Pack an actual ring instead of an amulet. Place "RING of the Awakened" folder to DA2 override folder.

New armors, weapons and other items. Remember that while some mod are adding new items immersively to your game (loot and traders), most of mods don't, so you'll need to use console commands to add the items. Console commands are usually listed on the mod page or in the readme text file.

Rune Expansion Pack Adds 24 new weapon and armor runes and their recipes to the game world, helping to improve your character builds. Download the mod and unzip the archive. Rename the "override" folder to "Rune Expansion Pack" and place this folder to DA2 override folder.
Note: Some runes are pretty overpowered, but you you also think so, you can just not use those and choose from many others, but you can edit [a few] rune stats using GDApp tool (if you're not sure what's that, refer to "Preparations" section of the guide). Morozik75 Arsenal Over 70 new armors and weapons for all classes added to shops. Place "Morozik75 Arsenal" folder to DA2 override folder. From "Optional files" folder inside the mod folder, remove what you don't want (read the mod page for description). The notable drawback of the mod for those who care about game balance is that some items are clearly overpowered, but in general, considering the total number of items added, the overall diversity and quality, mod is a great addition for those who memorized every unique DA2 item long ago after multiple walkthroughs and just want to have some fun and more diversified character builds. Plus, there's a balance patch available.
Note: #1 To make this mod compatible with the "Rune Expansion Pack" mod above, grab the "vq_store_inventories.erf" file from "compatibility with Rune Expansion Pack" folder in "Optional files" and place it inside the "rune expansion pack" mod folder, approving the overwrite prompt.
Note: #2 If you don't want World of Warcraft weapons and armor (first of all, because their models are ridiculously oversized and just look bad on your character, imo), delete the "jojjo_weapons.erf" file from the mod folder. There will be still more than enough other items in the mod without these ones.
Note: #3 It's strongly recommended to delete the "rewards_Morozik75_Arsenal.gda" file from the mod folder too, as this rewards overhaul is pretty irrational, imho.
Note: #4 If you also think that most of items are quite OP (you can see the stats at the mod page images section), it's recommended to install the balance patch. Download two files: "All in One - Morozik75 Arsenal weapons and shields - Modified" and "Morozik75 Arsenal Staffs - Modified" (staves rebalance is not included in the AIO file for some reasons). Make a new folder and name it "zz Morozik75 Arsenal Rebalance". Unzip the archives and place all the "Morozik75" folder you'll see in it. Place "zz Morozik75 Arsenal Rebalance" folder to DA2 override folder.
Note: #5 If you're struggling to find the item you need, you can install this (just place both .ncs and .nss files in the mod folder) and type "runscript getmoroweapons" (without quotes) in console to get all the items to your inventory. That'll be quite a lot, though. Amell Ancestral Arms This mod adds two new sets of armor to the game, lore-friendly in their look and pretty well balanced in terms of stats, with versions for all classes - warrior, rogue and mage and auto-scaling for your level. Get the "Ancestral Armor" file (the one with version 1.0a). Place "Amell Ancestral Armor" folder to DA2 override folder. To get the items, you'll need to use console - look inside the mod's readme file. RLs DAO Weapons Massive mod that adds notable DAO weapons to DA2. Modular - there's a file for bow, daggers, greatswords and so on.
- Make a new folder and name it "RLs DAO Weapons".
- From the mod page, download all the files you want, aka "Bow Chest", "Greatsword Chests", "Shield Chests" and so on. Note: There are no actual "chests" with those in the game, you'll need to use console commands.
- Grab the mod files and put them in the "RLs DAO Weapons" folder. If there's subfolder named "optional" in some of those, look carefully - usually you have to keep only one file in such subfolder.
- Repeat with everything you downloaded.
- When finished, place the "RLs DAO Weapons" folder to DA2 override folder.
- Go inside "RLs DAO Weapons" folder. You'll have at least one subfolder, or much more, depending on how many you got. Inside each will be a .txt readme file. In it, you'll find console commands needed to spawn the items in your inventory. That's it! Warden Commander Arsenal for DA2 DAO Warden's Keep Warden Commander armor set and some weapons now for DA2. Place "Warden Commander Arsenal" folder to DA2 override folder. Branch of the Cursed Tree Barnstokkr II Probably the most unique and qualitative single weapon mod for DA2. Epic mage stuff with custom visuals for unsheating and projectile, with well-balanced stats, two versions for regular and blood mage, and scaling in power with your character level. Place "Branch of the Cursed Tree" folder to DA2 override folder. Note that while you can obtain staff normally during gameplay at some point, if you want it to scale with your level, you'll have to add it via console. Spidercat Honor Tribute One more epic staff from the same author, also with custom effects. Place "Spidercat Honor Tribute Staff" folder to DA2 override folder. Dragon Knight Armour Pack Standalone Armour Pack. Contains 3 armour sets (each for male & female) that levels up with you. Each set provides set bonus and specific stat bonuses on each armor piece, fitting warrior, rogue and blood mage. You can also mix'n'match pieces from all 3 sets and still get the bonus. Place "Dragon Knight Armour Pack" folder to DA2 override folder. If you want a glowing effect on the chest, get the items in your house or also get a shield - download the update/optional file/s and just place the corresponding .erf files in the mod folder. Replace original mod files if asked.
Note: You can also replace the apperance (stats remain vanilla) of Blood Dragon Armor set with this one - get this mod (choose one version) and just place .gda file in the mod folder. Grey Warden Armour Pack Warden armor pack that includes the 3 looks inspired by Legacy. The armor sets are for all classes and will adjust as you level up. Place "Grey Warden Armour Pack" folder to DA2 override folder. Similar as with the mod above, there is optional file for home delivery, as well as another file that contains various helmet options (choose one and place the .erf file in the mod folder). Note: You can also replace the apperance (stats remain vanilla) of warrior Champion set with this one - get this mod (choose one version) and just place .gda file in the mod folder. Eternal Vigilance Armour Pack Paladin-themed set for all 3 classes and both Hawke genders. Place "Eternal Vigilance armours" folder to DA2 override folder. Ornate Apparel - Witcher 3 Robes for MHawke Adds a few outfits ported from The Witcher 3 for use by human males. Place "Ornate Apparel - Standalone" folder to DA2 override folder and refer to the mod page or readme file for console commands to add the items. Optional files for home and/or MOTA DLC outfit replacers available - place "Ornate Apparel - Home Replacers" and/or "Ornate Apparel - MotA Replacers" folder/s to DA2 overrider folder. Inside each of these folders, make sure to keep only one .erf file of your choice and delete the rest. Korcari's Grace - Witcher 2 Armor for FemHawke Conversion of Cynthia's outfit from Witcher 2 for ladies. Place "Korcari's Grace" folder to DA2 override folder. Ellise Herald Outfit Place "Ellise Herald Outfits" folder to DA2 override folder. Ellise Herald MotA Replacer Party clothes replacer for MOTA DLC. Standalone, doesn't require the mod above. Place "Ellise Herald MotA Replacer" to DA2 override folder. Orlesian Battlemage Armor Place "Orlesian Battlemage Armor" folder to DA2 override folder. If you don't want the Finery outfit replacer, delete the "Orlesian Finery Replacers Pack.erf" file in the mod folder. Ferelden Apostate Armor A simple set of armor for a mage hawke. Download both main and update files. From the update one, place the "FAPosate.erf" file into main mod folder, and overwrite. Now, place "Ferelden Apostate Armor" folder to DA2 override folder. Momtherford - Robes of The Inquisitor Get the "performance version" file and place "Robes of the Inquisitor" folder to DA2 override folder. Arms of Red Jenny A new armor set - can be worn by all classes, but item stats are fitting rogue better. Place "Arms of Red Jenny" (and respective optional file version, if you want it) folder to DA2 override folder. Armour of the Skilled Archer New armour for a rogue Hawke. Several version for colour and details available. Place "Armour of the Skilled Archer" folder to DA2 override folder. Robes of the Apostate Fine orlesian robes for your mage hawke, with different color versions. Choose one and place "Robes of the Apostate" folder to DA2 override folder. Scarlet Robes of the Circle Mage A new set of robes for mage Hawke made from Dragon Age Inquisition models. Place "Scarlet Robes of the Circle Mage" folder to DA2 override folder. There are optional files to replacer Hawke starting armor and Anders armors - just place respective .erf files in the mod folder.
You can also replace the female Hawke home and MOTA DLC party attires with this one - get this addon and place "Scarlet Robes Finery Replacement" and/or "Scarlet Robes MOTA Replacement" folder/s to DA2 override folder. Armour of the Orlesian Fashionista A set of robes for a female hawke made from Vivienne robes in inquisition. Place "Armour of the Orlesian Fashionista" folder to DA2 override folder. Amell Family Armour Female Hawke armor. Can be worn by any class, but has stats best suting warrior class. Place "Amell Family Armour" folder to DA2 override folder. Optional files can add armor to the store and repalce the warrior Champion armor - place the respecrive .erf files in the mod folder. Armour of the Nevarran Princess One more armor for femHawke, half chailmail, half leather. Place "Armour of the Nevarran Princess" folder to DA2 override folder. Leap of Fate Adds a new armour model and 7 new weapon models to the game. It is standalone armour set (male & female) for all classes as well as the weapons needed for all classes. Choose one of the armor color versions and place "Leap of Fate armour" folder to DA2 override folder. If you also want the weapons, get the weapons file and place "Leap of Fate weapons" to DA2 overrider folder. Danks Equipment This package includes unique and mostly standalone equipment for fast game progress and is meant for the higher difficulties (at least Hard). There are three types of armor and weapons to match your class. The accessories synergize very well with the other gear found in this mod and work with every type of class. Place "Danks Equipment" folder to DA2 override folder. Vigilance Weapons Allows you to add the Vigilance sword with powerful stats and type of your choice to your inventory, including greatsword and longsword versions, and an arcane sword (basically, staff that looks like a sword) version. The mod has lots of different files to choose from - basically, versions determine what kind of weapons you want (greatsword, sword, staff or all 3 of them), as well as their strength. Default version is incredibly OP, less powerful version rivals the best weapons in the game, and the normal version is more or less on same level with mid-tier weapons. Place the version of your choice, let's say, "Vigilance Weapons All-In-One Alternate Stats Less Powerful" folder to DA2 override folder.
There are also optional files that provides "rewards.gda" file to add the weapon immersive as a quest reward - if you want this, just choose the version and place the .gda file inside the mod folder. This said, you can still add them anytime via console - included readme file has the instructions. Arcane Weapons A sibling to the mod above from the same author. Adds multiple weapons that look like warrior weapons, but act as staves and have. Mod also provides lots of versions to choose from - installation is same as for the mod above. Vow of Pride Armour Class-free scalable armor and a hood. Place "Vow Of Pride" folder to DA2 override folder. Anthracite Robe Scalable armor set for female mage or rogue. Choose [either] mage or rogue version. Place "Anthracite Robe" folder to DA2 override folder. Two optional files provide retexture of Merrill/Bethany armors to this one - if you want them, just place their .erf files in the mod folder. Dream of Antiva One more mod from the same author for both genders, mage and rogue stats, as well as optional color tweaks. Place "Dream of Antiva" folder to DA2 override folder. Now, go inside the mod folder, and in both subfolders, keep only one .erf file depending on your color preference. Amell Noble Dress - Standalone A new noble dress. Place "Amell Noble Dress" folder to DA2 override folder. If you want the mom to wear it, get the optional file and place "Mother in Amell Dress" folder to DA2 override folder. Return of Anders' Fox's Pendant In Awakening, Anders started with a unique amulet: the Fox's Pendant. This mod recreates it in DA2 and makes it part of Anders' starting equipment. Place "Fox's Pendant" folder to DA2 override folder. Note: In case you'll have a mod conflict that you won't be able to solve, and Anders won't get the amulet when you'll recruit him, just refer to the mod page for the console commanded to add it yourself.

Some extra tips and recommendations for DA2 modding before you'll start your playthrough.

Q: I'm sure I've installed the mod correctly, but it doesn't take effect in my game.

A: Are you continuing from existing save? Once again - it's strongly, crucially recommended to start a new game after you've modded it. Thing is, major part of information about the game, especially about items, is stored in your save. So even if you, let's say, correctly installed a mod that improves certain weapon stats - most likely, it won't take effect on existing save, as these item stats are defined in the save. Start a new game.

Q: I'm crashing in Kirkwall.

A: Make sure your game executable is LAA patched. It's a 100% must-have for modded DA2.

Q: I have way too many mod folders and this annoys me.

A: You can re-structurize your mod folders anytime. You can, let's say, combine 10 mods that are changing some minor things regarding weapons, in a single folder. Or some mods improving separate NPC look, and so on. Just make sure to keep the load order in mind - you may want to name a new folder specifically so the same load order priority would apply to the mod files inside a new folder same as it was when each of them was present separately.

Q: Anything else before I'll start playing?

A: Always do a test run. Finish couple of origin quests, and play for like 3-4 hours after that - to see that everything looks and feels ok. If you won't spot any conflicts, after this test run, start a real walkthrough.

GDApp - GDA Editor A tool that allows you to edit the .gda files. If you have mods that work through .gda files, and want to adjust certain settings in those - this tool will come in handy. Don't forget about CharGenMorph Compiler! Always re-generate your chargen xml file after you've installed some new mod/s that have this file. Never overwrite your compiled charge file with a random mod one. Don't forget about Duplicate Search Tool! Weird looking NPCs or armors? Item stats not changed why they should? Certain quest parts not triggering? Most likely, that's just a conflict between 2 or more mods. While this tool won't be same useful for DA2 as it is for DAO (due to most of mods not having loose files), it can still help in some cases.

Huge thanks to each and every patron of mine, existing and past ones, who helped me to keep going and deliver Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Modding Guide - without your support, I would never be able to have enough time to compile it. You are the best supporters content creator can wish for! <3

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