Welcome! SGO for NV is a definitive Perk, Enemy and Balance overhaul, designed to make game much more challenging, rewarding and fun - aiming to give the same ultimate renovation to NV gameplay as my modding guide is able to help you with modding it in general. From combat to economy, it utilizes the best of NV engine and NVSE functions. It also adds new lore-friendly mechanics and over 140 new perks/traits to the game to greatly improve the amount and depth of character builds, allowing you to develop unique characters and playstyles not available before in vanilla game - while keeping them balanced. The philosophy of SGO is to not break the atmosphere and gameplay of New Vegas, but let you enjoy it much more rewarding, refreshed way, allowing you to build much more interesting playstyles and character archetypes - which, in return, will have new challenges due to hundreds of rebalanced NPCs, more unique/legendary creatures to encounter and population additions here and there, challenging combat and over 30 unique scripted bossfights (which, in addition to unique abilities also often have brand new immersive visuals), leading to more immersive feeling of the game. There are also new food recipes, achievements and more. What it is exactly about and what's included? See below:

Q: Could it happen I have seen your work before?
A: Probably :) Most likely on my YT channel - feel free to subscribe to it to stay tuned :)

Q: What is SGO about? Can you explain?
A: Sure! Take a seat, friend. First of all, let me voice a few questions. Why super mutants have barely more health than skinny NCR recruit? Why they also have barely more stamina than RATS and can be easily knocked down in a few shots? Why Agility doesn't affect movement speed, directly contradicting ingame description? Why Paladin Ramos, Brotherhood chief of security, aimed with Gauss Rifle, has almost ZERO Energy Weapons skill? Why bloatfly boss has twice more health then legendary DEATHCLAW? How come that such inredibly fast predators such as Nightstalkers move no faster than coyotes and or average human? How the hell the average joe in Hardcore Mode can survive 17 DAYS without sleep? Why bosses and legendary creatures don't have any unique abilities and are just spongy variants or regular creatures? Why the endgame rivals, the supreme champions or major factions like Legate Lanius, are just a bit stronger than their officers? Why lvl 30 character have SO much hitpoints, that he or she, NAKED, without a single protective skill, can survive THREE deathclaw hits? Why random prospectors had twice more health then most of NCR/Legion soldiers? Why plasma-related perks improvements are so poor compared to laser ones, and why melee has so low amount of specialization perks? And so on - many other moments that you also may have thought or often didn't even knew about.
Inconsistencies of game balance, Irrationality in game logic and Scarcity in character builds, as well as in amount of really interesting boss fights. This is what Sinitar's Gameplay Overhaul for New Vegas, or just SGO, aims to fix and improve. Its design easily allows it to fit both "vanilla+" and heavy-modded setups, be the only gameplay mod in your setup or play nicely together with tons of others.

Current mod version & changelog:

Version 2.04:

- Corrected couple of perk descriptions

Version 2.03:

- Added missing icon for Energy Brick trait

Version 2.02:

- Mini improvement to script

Version 2.01:

- Added helmets to SGO-placed legionaries and slightly rebalanced SGO-added NPCs loot
- Omelette from certain perk now actually look like an omelette im game

Version 2.0 - what's inside:

- 41 new perks/traits, 145 ones in addition to vanilla ones now. Some perks (where it is fitting the perk mechanic) received non-intrusive visual effects
- many more NPCs were rebalanced/given abilities and perks (few hundreds). Now it's almost safe to say that there's close to no NPC you may fight in this game left unaffected by the mod
- added new combat/survival balancing tweaks. Also calibrated Hunger/Thirst/Fatigue accumulation rates to be more reasonable
- NCR and Legion soldiers now differ logically. NCR soldiers have more DT and better accuracy (due to better equipment and discipline). Legion soldiers have bigger crit chance (due to being more "ferocious" warriors)
- some bosses received brand new visual effects during certain stages of a battle. You'll like that
- Population additions to many places of New Vegas in general, where it makes sense
- 11 brand new legendary/unique creatures - find'em'all!
- most of Legion-occupied places (Cottonwood Cove, Nelson etc) had irrationally low amount of troops. NCR at CFH are so afraid to attack Nelson while there are like 7 legionaries there. No more. Such places, where needed, received additional legionaries to actually look like a Legion bases. Some NCR-related places also received additional troops for more realistic feeling. This was done without going overboard though
- new recipes
- most of mod scripts were refurbished and optimized for even better performance


I do not give a permission to re-use or re-upload this mod. If you want to use it for your own project - contact me first.

Q: Ok, so what is changed?
A: SGO can be devided into the a few segments.

NVSE is here
JIP LN NVSE is here
JohnnyGuitar NVSE is here
YUP is here
YUP is not [technically] required, but it's absolutely [essential] mod no matter what mod setup you're planning to have, as it's only fixes countles, gazillions of bugs in vanilla game. Take it.
Also make sure to implement stability and UI sections of the New Vegas U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. modding guide, even if SGO will be the only gameplay mod in your setup - doign this will ensure your game will be fully stable.
Lastly, SGO will work not depending either you're playing with Hardcore Mode (ingame survival mode option which makes game much more realistic, making the feeling of the Wasteland more real - also, it doens't have to do anything with game basic difficulty settings itself, it's separate) or without it - but, at Hardcore Mode, SGO will shine even better as some of its changes were made for Hardcore Mode features as well (including some of perks which are available only on Hardcore). If you are always playing NV with it - you'll be greatly pleased, if you didn't play with it before - just try it, and you'll ask yourself why haven't you done that earlier :)

Mod showcases..by myself :D

Pressing this button gives 16 times the details of FNV audio experience (credits goes to Fallout New California OST):

General Balance Changes:

- Repair, as a skill, was probably the most underdeveloped skill in the game. Yes, it had Jury Rigging but...that's it. Other skills in NV usually have several gameplay mechanics they affect on, and from 4 to 8 perks, directly or at least spiritually related. Repair has whole 2 perks. This felt somewhat unfair. SGO gives a new life to it by adding 6 brand new perks which require certain level of Repair and give you both utility and combat benefits, allowing you to play as a true technician from both roleplay and character build perspective
- Healing actual medicine items (all types of stimpaks, healing powders etc) strength was nerfed slightly
- Barter formula was greatly rebalanced. Initially, buying is much more expensive and selling won't give you much, but effect of Barter skill on this was greatly improved, to give at some sense. New Barter-related perk was added.
- Vendor caps amount was slightly decreased. No more selling 2 days of your loot to a single trader
- Repair cost is twice cheaper (vanilla repair cost was ridiculous TWICE as expensive as item price, meaning for full repair you could buy 2 same items in perfect condition, aha)
- Value of some items was rebalanced to prevent money exploits
- Karma and reputation gain/loss was rebalanced to make actually interesting. No more becoming a saint after making 3 quests, but also no more becoming a faction #1 enemy for killing a single person (yeah it was that ridiculous - remember killing Vulpes Inculta in Nipton and instantly becoming vilified by the Legion or killing single NCR officer and becoming vilified too - no more)
- Some ammo and junk crafting recipes were rebalanced
- All melee weapons reach was made rational (some 1h visually shorter vanilla items had longer reach than 2h swords, aha)
- You gain 5 less Skill Points per level (5 base instead of 10, plus INT/2, this was not changed). You was able to literally raise all your skills to 100 at level 35 or so, even without maxed INT and skillbooks. Now, skill points system and skill points oriented perks actually have sense
- Poison Resistance multiplier lowered. No more getting half of maximum Poison Resistance just from Endurance
- Poison Resistance buff from Blood Shield was reduced
- Weapon Binding Ritual now actually has working perception bonus and limbs damage ignore during its duration. On the other hand, health damage effect was fixed too and it damages you for 2 dmg per second during whole 2 minutes duration - a double-edged effect as it should be
- Action Point cost for all weapons was increased to balance V.A.T.S. and make it less bloody overpowered. Some difficulty mods disable V.A.T.S. completely, but once again, I prefer to give player balance and flexibility - while you will be able to make significantly less attack in V.A.T.S. by default, AP cost related perks were strengthened and new V.A.T.S. related perks were added - for those who prefer such a playstyle. As any other specialized builds, V.A.T.S build will be harder to play in the beginning, but stronger and more rewarding in the end, compared to vanilla game
- Many other chems were balanced - initial duration was reduced, making chem-oriented perks more important (new chem-oriented perks were added too to make this more rewarding in return)
- Stealth Boy duration time was reduced and it doesn't magically stops enemies from attacking you when activated. In return, new Stealh Boy related perk was added which may give you new, tremendous benefits...
- Plethora of inconsistencies/oversights between various consumables was fixed/improved too. Why Large Wasteland Tequila had same weight as its lil variant? Or weightless Sierra Madre Martini? On the other hand, ant nectar is rich for nutrients and liquid, and is used by many modern tribes as drink/food. So it now gives (little, to not break balance, but plesant for immersion) dehydration restoration effect. Etc - you got the idea.
- Radiation Accumulation is 2 times faster than in vanilla
- Radiation Accumulation when walking/swimming in irradiated water in increased
- Starvation Accumulation is 3 times faster than in vanilla (was really slow in vanilla)
- Sleep Deprivation Accumulation is 4 times faster than in vanilla (this was a pure joke - in vanilla you was able to survive 17 days without sleep, now it's ~4.5 days to get to critical sleep deprivation stage)
- Dehydration Accumulation is 1.7 times faster than in vanilla (it was pretty ok, so raised this just a bit)
- Starting weapon spread is slightly bigger with all ranged weapons
- Starting V.A.T.S. hit chance is slightly lower with all ranged weapons
- Weapons and armors degrade slightly faster than in vanilla
- Carry Weight rebalanced - 50 base and 20 mutilplier instead of 150 base and 10 multiplier - same 250 in total at 10 STR
- Action Points rebalanced - 35 base (instead of 65), 6 multiplier (instead of 3) - same 95 in total. Both CW and AP now have much greater attribute influence
- Hit Points rebalanced - 10 Endurance multiplier (was 20) and 3 Level multiplier (was 5). No more having twice more HP than everyone else just because
- Limb Damage increased
- Penalties to accuracy with weapons when limbs are crippled made heavier
- Crippled leg/s movement speed is much slower (0.7 and 0.4 instead of 0.85 and 0.75). How can one run jus a bit slowly with both broken legs? Both this and change above are affecting both you and NPCs
- NPCs Endurance HP multiplier increased (from 5 to 7)
- Player Endurance HP multiplier decreased (from 20 to 10 - no more twice/trice HP as enemies just because you're Courier)
- DR-increasing chem effects were reduced: Med-X and Slasher from 25% to 20%, Battle Brew from 35% to 20% - no more tanking deathclaws for minutes without healing having protection cap from chems only. On the other hand, SGO introduces several new perks, through which you can gain DR bonuses permanently. This approach still makes you possible to achieve the DR cap (or close to is) - but in more rewarding and balanced way which directly involves character builds and not just chem-clicking
- Level ups require around as twice as more experience
- All types of stimpaks now have weight. It's really tiny though - just a bit more than weightless. Other weightless chems (like Med-X, Buffout, Jet etc) are still weightless
- Tagged skills are now work like in classic FO games - they don't give immediate 15 skill bonus, but each point invested gives twice as much instead
- Some armors DT and other stats was rebalanced. Remember the raggy lobotomite mask which had more DT than Riot Helmet? Or Bounty Hunter Duster which had 6 DT while literally same looking Regulator Duster had zero DT? Weightless Desert Ranger Helmet? How the hell armored vault jumpsuit gives 2 more DT then leather armor (yeah, it has shoulderpad but it's still same very clothing). Joshua Graham armor and Courier Duster DT values were swapped to properly represent the best light armor you can receive for completing hardest game DLC (so J.G. armor now has 13 DT and C.D. has 15). Well, you got it
- Some armors classes were logically changed. Gannon family Tesla armor is now heavy instead of medium (it's a power armor, goddammit), Sierra Madre armor is medium (instead of light), etc
- Respective loading screens texts were updated to represent the changes properly
Combat Changes:

- Enemies will notice/attack you from bigger distance when you start shooting (but not act like they have sonars in their pocket)
- Enemies will flee on bigger distances and search for cover more actively (but not running 5km away)
- Enemies will dodge bullets much less often
- Enemies will be less "snipers"
- Enemies will search you in bigger radius
- Enemies will "rethink" their will to return to fight faster
- Enemies will turn in your direction faster
- Enemies will loot bodies and switch weapons more often
- Weapons (for both you and NPCs) will jam more frequently on both reloading and shooting, depending on condition
- Melee enemies will be more agressive and perform power attacks more often
- Knockdown from enemies to you will be more dangerous (but not that hard, just a little stronger than in vanilla)
- Creatures reach was made a bit more logical
- Melee weapons reach is fixed via one lighweight script, ensuring compatibility with all weapon mods
- Grenades bounce time was made more realistic
- Burning damage increased
- Amount of enemies that can be present in combat at the same time was increased
- Combat styles for each enemy will be more logical. Melee enemies will less likely to free (as melee is their biggest advantage), snipers will hide more often, super mutants will be more savage, etc
New Gameplay Mechanics:

- Agility now actually affects your movement speed (you're moving faster if Agility > 5 an slower if Agility < 5)
- Perception affects your accuracy with [all] weapons in and outside V.A.T.S. (penalties and bonuses, same as with Agility). Effect is smaller than similar weapon skills effect - but still logical and plesant
- Strength affects throwing velocity and range - giving bonuses at Strength above 5 and penalties at Strength below 5
- Some new misc recipes (for example, making flamer fuel from different types of alcohol) and new special food recipes you can open via perks and high survival skills levels [new in 2.0]
- New legendary and unique creatures to meet and fight - and sometimes even get perks for slaying them! [new in 2.0]
- Dynamic and immersive conditions affecting the prices besides barter formula. Are you in Strip? Prices are higher. Having [extremely] low or high Charisma will result in higher/lower prices too, independently on your Barter skill (cmon, super sexy lad or gal will always have effect from charming smile). Extremely high/low Luck will also affect this. Approaching a merchant with a gun pointed on him? What you would expect, a discount? There are many other conditions which all stack with each other, meaning depending on situation you can have higher or lower prices. This, in total, gives a more "alive" feeling of economy, as it's gets effected more not only by your attributes, but by other logical conditions too. At the same time, this feature is not affecting performance at all even with heavy-modded setup.
- Karma received new gameplay features, and it now directly affects your character in form of special perks which you receive automatically. Covers Neutral, Good and Bad karma, as well as all levels of it
- With a [single] special perk (S.K.I.L.L.F.U.L.) taken, [each] of skills will be giving you increasing, small yet plesant bonuses, depending on skill level. Slightly more damage with guns depending on Guns skill, lesser Action Point cost depending on Science skill, more experience gained depending on Survival skill, faster sneaking depending on Sneak skill and so on. This is somewhat inspiread by bonuses you receive at 25-50-75-100 skill level in TES: Oblivion. Each separate bonus from certain skill may look not that much worthy of spending a perk point - but remember that you will be receiving bonuses from [all] skills, passively, when achieving certain level of mastery. Interesting huh?
- Respective loading screens texts were updated to represent the changes properly
Changed/Fixed/Balanced Perks:

- Travel Light, Light Touch and Tunnel Runner perks now work properly with ALL armors (condition binded to armor type, not armor name) - which ensures automatic armor mods compatibility.
- Demolition Expert now has 2 ranks instead of 3, making it more balanced compared to other damage related perks
- Better Criticals doesn't work on sneak attacks. It wasn't directly a bug, but likely a leftover - sneak attack damage is already x2 for ranged and x5 for melee weapons, and it has own damage related perks.
- Intense Training was bloody OP. You was able to take it unlimited amount of times for any attribute. Now you can take it only once per attribute
- Explorer perk was plainly useless to anyone experienced with the game. Now it adds a small 5% movement speed bonus in addition to vanilla effect
- Nerg Rage was useless. 20% health condition is too low, and absolutely useless in modded game when your combat is harder and faster. Health condition is now 35%, DT bonus was changed to DR bonus to make it useful at late game too, and STR bonus was changed to damage and AP regen bonus actually useful in combat
- Terrifying Presense now also provides a little discount from merchants. They won't argue, right?
- Night Person was useless. Slight bonus to threat detection and possible dialogues influence with miserable chance (and only if your Int/Per are not high enough already). SPECIAL bonuses were removed, and with perk taken you now moving 10% faster, gaing 5% more XP and chems last 15% longer when the sun is down. Additionally, new night-dependant perks were added - and they require Night Person to be taken
- Solar Powered boost of Strength (which often caused nothing but headache due to perk effect conditions) was changed to something more useful. Health regen bonus was not changed
- Jury Rigging is one of the best perks in the game. Hardcore overhauls usually disable it completely to maintain game economy balance - but I don't see this as a correct solution. It won't break economy with SGO aconomy tweaks and recommended mods usage, but it's still incredibly high-tier perk, and that's why its requirements were expanded - it now requries 100 Repair and two new Repair-based perks, Weaponsmith and Armorsmith.
- All 4 sex-related perks (Lady Killer, Comfirmed Bachelor, Black Widow and Cherchez La Femme) damage bonus is lowered from 10% to 5%. Their roleplay bonuses were already fun, and 10% free damage was a bit too much
- Chem Resistant effect is now trice less addiction chance instead of twice lesser one. General availability of Doctors and Fixers was making 50% addiction resistance bonus only not much a worthy investment
- Three "ultimate" game perks (Ain't Like That Now, Just Lucky I'm Alive and Thought You Died) were rebalanced. First of all, level requirement is lowered from lvl 50 to 40. What sense of taking top-tier perks when you can't even level up anymore? This also fits the slower leveling better. Secondly, one of the effects, namely the "critical hits immunity" bonus that was literally the same in all 3 perks, was removed. Instead, each perk received own distinct bonus - and this bonus is directly affected by your karma [after] you've taken the perk. I.e. two other bonuses will take effect no matter what, same as in vanilla game. But third one will take effect only if you'll keep respective bad/neutral/good karma (also, effect will be stronger the higher/lower karma is for good/bad karma)
- Freakin' useless Quick Draw perk was removed. Instead, a new perk was introduced (listed in next section)
- Cowboy perk now requires 25 Melee instead of 45 and gives 20% dmg bonus instead of 25
- Arcade's Better Healing perk was slightly nerfed
- Math Wrath and Beautiful Beatdown (unarmed challenge perks) effects were improved from 10% to 15%
- Some challenge perks bonuses were slightly nerfed
- Elijah's Last Words and Elijah's Ramblings nerfed - 25% attack speed bonus to Veronica instead of 50% and 25% critical damage bonus to player instead of 50% respectively
- In Shining Armor now actually works
- And Stay Back knockdown chance per pellet reduced from 10% to 5%
- Eye For Eye per limb damage bonus increased from 10% to 15%
- Old Wold Blues perks (Brainless, Heartless, Spinless, Big Brained, Cardiac Arrest, Reinforced Spine) were rebalanced to be less overpowered as for perks you basically receive for free, yet still be very useful
- Logan's Loophole received a lilttle healing items effect bonus to give better sense choosing it over improved Chem Resistant perk
- Claustrophobia +/- S.P.E.C.I.A.L. effects were changed on bonus/penalty to running speed, AP regen and weapon accuracy. If you're about to panic in this tight cell, you definitely will think and aim less effective
- Super Slam knockdown chance was reduced
- Plenty of other perks were slightly balanced/improved in terms of requirements for SGO philosophy, or just to fix irrational things. For example, Slayer which affected both unarmed and melee, could be opened only via Unarmed skill - now with Unarmed or Melee, same for many other melee perks, Center of Mass etc). Some high-level perks lvl requirement was made a bit lower to fit slower leveling etc
- Respective loading screens texts were updated to represent the changes properly
New Traits (the most yummy part begins).
Note: think first - maybe you don't want to know all the new stuff before playin the game, to make it more interesting? Your choice :P

- Acrobat: you jump twice as higher and can fall safely from higher spots, but you can carry less stuff and do less melee/unarmed damage
- Blind Determination: gain permanent boost to Damage Threshold, bonus limbs health, poison, fire and radiation resistances. In return, you gain severely less healing from all sources, 2 less Skill Points per level and traders have higher prices
- Gifted: classic FO trait is back! Get +1 to all S.P.E.C.I.A.L. but also receive all Skills penalty and receive less Skill Points per level
- Cautious Gunner [new in 2.0]: your weapon range is higher, but accuracy is lower
- Echoing Wasteland [new in 2.0]: people and creatures are not visible on compass, but you gain +1 Perception and +1 Agility
- Double Edged Barrel: enemies are much less likely to critically hit you, but your critical chance is always zero
- Dum-Dum: gain bonus to all weapon skills, but you get -1 Skill Point per levelup
- Weekend Lover: you move, recover health and Action Points faster, as well as have +1 Strength and Charisma at Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but suffer same as penalties during the rest of the week
- Fast And Furious: attack and move faster, but do less damage and your action point regeneration speed is slower
- Silent Harvester [new in 2.0]: more damage and faster reload speed with silenced guns/energy weapons (or those having silencer/suppressor mod installed). Less damage with all other weapons. Compatible with WMX
- Energy Brick [new in 2.0]: Action Points don't regenerate in combat. AP cost is 2.5 times lower and killing an enemy in V.A.T.S. restores 25 AP
- Whizzbang Trickster [new in 2.0]: all grenade rifles/launchers and rocket/nuke launchers now have critical damage modifier and attack faster. Regular damage, equip and reloading speed with these weapons are lower
- Natty Collector [new in 2.0]: weapons and armors degrade slower, but in return ranged weapons reload slower, melee weapons attack slower and you move slightly slower in any armor
- Inhibited Devastator: all throwing weapons, like grenades or spears, fly much slower, but all grenades and mines deal more damage
- Live Short, Perk Hard!: gain a perk each level instead of once per two levels, but get a severe Skill Points received penalty
- Nictophobia: when your Pip-Boy lights are on, you are more confident, dealing more damage and having Perception bonus - while dealing less damage and suffering Perception penalty when lights are off
- Hit Or Die: glass cannon trait - deal severely more damage, but your limbs are extremely fragile and your Damage Threshold is permanently and greatly reduced
- Shy Schizophrenic [new in 2.0]: lower Speech and Barter skills. Agility penalty while [not] under effect of a Stealth Boy. While [under effect] of a Stealth Boy, you receive noticeable combat and utility bonuses
- Masochist: have increased combat stats and luck below 75% health and lose the same when your health is above 75%
- Tenderling: trait with same effects yet HP condition vice versa to Masochist
- Crucifixion Survivor: gain slight DT bonus and your limbs are harder to cripple, but you move slower and healing items are less effective due to infections backwash
- Misanthrope: when you have companions in party, all S.P.E.C.I.A.L. are decreased by 1 and you move slower. No instant bonuses, but allows to get Lone Wolf perk later
- Pacifist: get greatly better prices, bonus to Speech, Barter, Medicine and Science and bonus Action Points. In return, you receive more damage in combat, do less damage, equip weapons slower and your limbs are more easily crippled
- Shelling Shipping: explosives flies further and makes more damage, but has twice smaller explosion radius
- Veteran Brawler: gain +2 Damage Threshold, +3 bonus damage and bonus to criticals strength with melee and unarmed weapons. In return, your guns/energy weapons deal less damage, are greatly less accurate and require much more AP to use, and you move slower
- Repulsive Magnetism [new in 2.0]: do more damage to enemies of same sex and restore AP for killing them. In return, they do more damage to you as well and have a higher chance to critically hit you
- Enclosing Magnetism [new in 2.0]: do more damage to enemies of opposite sex and restore AP for killing them. In return, they do more damage to you as well and have a higher chance to critically hit you
- Daring Weakling: [attention] - this is the only trait in the mod that's made mostly for challenge - take it as something you want to take for "New Game+" effect. When you're playing in Hardcore mode, your damage, speed, critical chance, AP regen and Skill Points gained are reduced, while damage taken, limbs damage and weapon degradation are increased. Penalties are moderate - not tiny yet not severe, but will make wakthrough even harder. No benefits. Absolutely don't take if it's your first run with SGO. Usually, you'd never want to take it at all, as SGO already makes game much more challenging. But ofc, it's up to you :P

Due to much bigger amount of traits (together with vanilla traits, there are 44 in total now with more to come), maximum traits amount to pick at character creation was increased from 2 to 3. This is still balanced, as new traits themselves are all "double-edged" (as traits should be, after all) too.
New Perks:
Note: think first - maybe you don't want to know all the new stuff before playin the game, to make it more interesting? Your choice :P

Besides new Traits, SGO adds 118 new perks (meaning it practically doubles the amount of perks in the game, with more to come in future updates), 92 from which you can take upon advancing a level, and 26 perks you can receive as "trophies" (killing factions bosses & legendary creatures, karma bonuses etc) - aiming on expanding depth of character builds, roleplay feeling and improving both early and late game. There are also plenty of unique situational or specialization perks. Ever wanted to make a walkthrough using mines only? Shi samurai? Unarmored berserker? Stealth Boy addict? Misanthrope and lone wolf? Expert in power armor? Acrobat? Now it's possible - not only from roleplay perspective, but to build a fully competitive character build which was not possible in vanilla game. Be ready though - the more powerful the perk is, the higher (and often more) requirements it will have. In addition, SGO also adds new special perks to many bosses and unique enemies, making fighting them more challenging. This list has almost all of them (amount of new perks per level, not counting the hidden ones, is looking something like this atm) - besides trophy/achievement perks and few special perks which I want you to discover yourself :)

Weapon and armor specialization perks:
- Barbarian: bonus attack speed and knockdown chance (stacks with Super Slam) with [two-handed] melee weapons
- Duelist: bonus critical hit chance and damage with [one-handed] bladed or blunt melee weapons
- Smasher: bonus damage and ignore part of enemy DT (stacks with Piercing Strike) with [unarmed] weapons or bare-handed
- PlasM.A.N.I.A.C.: bonus attack speed and tiny chance to knock enemies down when using [plasma] weapons
- Savage Pitcher: you get +bonus to explosion radius and damage with all hand-thrown grenades and they fly farther and faster. Actions point cost for their usage is also lower
- Whistling Javelin [new in 2.0]: bonus damage, throwing velocity and critical chance with bladed throwing weapons (throwing spears/knives/hatchets, tomahawks etc)
- Surprise Layer: bonus damage and explosion range of your [mines]
- Unstable Spring: your [mines] can now critically explode, dealing additional damage and also receive a flat bonus chance to critically explode
- Steel Planter: gain DT bonus when placing [mines]
- Kinetic Puncher: you could be a best batter in the wastes. Your smashes are not only strong, but precise, and sometimes enemy may think it's all a chem trip, but you actually can deflect some of explosive projectiles or partially protect yourself from an energy blast with a faithful steel friend on your arm
- Lead Cutter: you're swinging melee weapons, be it a sword, pipe or bowie knife, not only with lighting speed, but also with falcon precision. If it wouldn't be hard to believe yourself, you'd say that you can sometimes deflect bullets with your unnatural swordsmanship
- Myopic Jaeger [new in 2.0]: increased accuracy in and out of V.A.T.S. and decreased AP cost with scoped (or those having scope mods installed) weapons. Compatible with WMX
- Light Armor Expert: perk which gives bonuse depending on player level (bonuses from past levels accumulates) - bonus attack speed, penalty to enemies critical chance (stacks with Light Touch), your criticals strength and ignore part of enemy armor (stacks with Piercing Strike) when wearing [light] armor
- Serious Armor Expert: similar mechanics - limbs health, poison/radiation/fire resistances, decrease of movement penalty, DR bonus when wearing [medium or heavy] armor
- Tesla Armorer: when equipped, power armor consumes 3 energy cells per minute to additionally improve your abilities and protection
- Nevada Berserker: 3 ranks for unarmored (or barely armored) fellas - movement and attack speed bonuses at 1st rank, lower AP cost, damage and additional movement speed bonus at 2nd rank, native DR bonus, faster AP regen and additional movement speed bonus at 3rd rank when your [total damage threshold] is not higher than 7
- Piercing Storm: automatic guns (like SMGS and machine guns) receive bonus to crit chance & crit damage, and ignore 5 DT of enemy armor
- Samurai: you gain 15% bonus damage and 3% critical chance when using a katana. Its special attack action point cost is also 20% less
Special/situational perks:
- Lone Wolf: receive various powerful bonuses depending on level when you have [no companions] in party. Requires Misanthrope trait
- Timing Is Everything: tactical perk and ranged analogue of Unstoppable Force - your shots with guns or energy weapons are [guaranteed] criticals which also do 25% more critical damage - when landed on enemy who is [reloading] or [dodging]. Ofc, best usable in V.A.T.S. due to slowed time (works with Bullet Time too) - but applies all the same in realtime
- My Friend Robotoro [new in 2.0]: a perk for science maniacs with three ranks. Every time you enter combat, a robot automatically assembles itself to assist you. It doesn't count towards companions limit and disassembles itself after battle. Next ranks of this perk improves the robot greatly (with last rank opening brand new robot). Assembling costs energy cells
- Quod Non Te Occidit: upon taking this perk, you take extremely potent lingering damage you must survive for about a minute. If you do, your body will gain bonus to poison resistance, healing and AP regen, as well as small DR bonus
- Adrenaline Surge: faster movement, attacking and +1 STR when health is below 40%
- Acting On The Edge [new in 2.0]: greatly increased AP regen and decreased AP cost when health is below 35%
- Lucky Rise [new in 2.0]: depending on your luck, randomly receive stacking permanent bonuses to your stats each time you advance a level
- Farewell Kiss [new in 2.0]: when using guns and energy weapons, [last bullet in the clip] does more damage and critical damage and has +15% crit chance. Works on weapons with ammo capacity higher than 3
- Putrid Gourmet [new in 2.0]: use corpse eating as health and energy boost in combat, receive much less damage while feeding and receive merchacnt discounts depending on your hunger stage (Hardcore)
- Annoying Bloatflies: receive combat bonuses when fighting large crowrds of enemies at once
- Artificial [new in 2.0]: gain small bonuses to all resistances, AP and new high-tech ability - Pulse Touch. Requirements: ???
- Human After All [new in 2.0]: gain bonuses from having partially synthetic organs, and additional bonuses when fighting robots or abominations. Requirements: ???
- Adamantium Block: when blocking with melee or unarmed weapons, you gain immense DT bonus against all melee and unarmed attacks that you have successfully blocked, and take slightly less damage from all other attacks from all sides
- Restless Hopper [new in 2.0]: receive defencive and offencive bonuses when jumping or falling. Requires Acrobat trait
- Lightning Delivery: you get 2% to your movement speed for each 20 Carry Weight above 150, up to 10% bonus. But if you'll manage to raise your Carry Weight to 300 or higher, this bonus will become 15%. Requirements: ???
- Mule Of The Mojave [new in 2.0]: be able to move with only small penalty to speed while your overweight is not more than 50% of your cary weight capacity
- Backstabber: you deal a lot of additional damage when attacking enemies from behind. This applies to both melee and ranged weapons, but not explosives or sneak attacks. Bonus damage is much bigger for melee/unarmed weapons than for ranged weapons
- Famishing And Angry [new in 2.0]: deal up to 25% more damage, be able to perform more V.A.T.S. attacks with up to 40% lower AP cost and run up to 20% faster - depending on hunger, thirst or fatigue level
- Rad Lad: in combat, you suffer consant radiation damage, but receive reflexes and metabolism bonuses in return. Plays greatly with Atomic! perk
- Nuclear Hand [new in 2.0]: passive radiation damage in combat becomes even higher, but you receive even more bonuses when being irradiated. High-risk perk. Requires Rad Lad
- Tactical Entrance [new in 2.0]: move twice as faster and become highly resistant to damage for 5 seconds after combat start
- Big Nap: sneak and attack faster, inflict more damage and carry more weight when the sun is down. Requires Night Person perk. Can't be taken if you have Turnskin perk
- Turnskin [new in 2.0]: run faster, inflict more unarmed/melee damage, get bonus Strength and slow health regeneration at the darkest time of day. Requires Night Person perk. Can't be taken if you have Big Nap perk
- Bewitching Idiot: slightly better prices and +5% XP gained. Requirement - 1 Intelligence
- Finishing Perfection [new in 2.0]: receive bonuses for 3 minutes after finishing the combat, if you've finished it with not less than 90% health. Requires Tenderling treat
- Salt Upon Wounds [new in 2.0]: receive bonuses for 3 minutes after finishing the combat, if you've finished it with not more than 35% health. Requires Masochist treat
- Rushing Vitality: you get +1 DR for each 40 health after 140, up to +5 DR. If you manage to get your health to 450 or higher, you will also get 5% bonus to all healing. Requirements: ???
- Toxic Kid: bonus damage, AP regen, movement and attack speed [while being poisoned]
- Stuntman: greatly reduced damage taken [when being knocked down] or ragdolled (sent flying)
- Child of Void: when using a [Stealth Boy], you receive various bonuses depending on level
- Bundan Kyaku [new in 2.0]: when not detected, silently damage hidden pressure points of your enemies, paralyzing their leg muscles, without them even realizing that. Requirements: ???
- Lernean Vitality: in combat, when you're below 60% health, you regenerate 10% of your max health each 10 seconds. When you're 60% health and above, regeneration stops. Requires Fast Metabolism perk. Cannot be taken if you already have Regenerator perk
- Mountain Shredder: deal noticeably more damage against anyone wearing power armor
Companion perks (more will be added in closest big update):
- I'm No Superman: all companion perks receive additional bonuses
- Enraging Bonds [new in 2.0]: your presence inspire your companions in battles, giving them immense combat bonuses, which are up to 3 times higher depending on how low your health is
Late game, attribute-based perks:
- Icon Of Dexterity: bonus AP regen, critical chance, attack, movement & reload speed. Requirements: ???
- Icon Of Health: bonus to all resistances, healed health, and lesser addiction chance. Requirements: ???
- Icon Of Wits: bonus to chems duration, better prices, smaller AP cost and Strength requirements for weapons (stacks with Weapon Handling). Requirements: ???
- Icon Of Stealth: bonus to movement and reloading speed, as well as critical hit damage when sneaking. Requirements: ???
Cut perks or perks from other FO games:
- Cyborg, Die Hard, Child At Heart, Rooted and Survivalist (ᵔᴥᵔ)
Other perks:
- Elite Ranger [new in 2.0]: receive combat bonuses when wearing ranger armors and using "classic" ranger weapons
- Steady Fix [new in 2.0]: Fixer removes addiction permanently and gives additional bonuses
- Build Mass With Sass [new in 2.0]: consuming Sunset Sarsaparilla provides a small bonuses to Health and Action Points for one minute (bonuses scales with your Survival skill). It also sates you a bit. Require Hardcore mode
- Metabolic Control [new in 2.0]: basic needs (hunger, thirst, fatigue) don't progress in combat. You also open 4 new recipes to cook special omelets from ant, mantis, cazador and lakelurk eggs. Requires Hardcore Mode
- Horrifying Rival [new in 2.0]: during first 10 seconds in combat, enemies do less damage to you while you have higher chance to critically hit them. Requires Terrifying Presence perk
- Preliminary Fire [new in 2.0]: deal more damage with guns/energy weapons (grenade/rocket launchers are affected too, but bonus damage is lower) when distance between you and your target is especially large
- Goliath's Nemesis: you gain bonus damage against opponents with especially high health or hard armor (like legendary creatures, factions officers, deathclaws or Brotherhood of Steel paladins). The stronger enemy is, the bigger bonus damage will be
- Fatality [new in 2.0]: deal triple damage to fleeing enemies
- Danitil, I [new in 2.0]: 33% chance to activate non-addictive, lesser effect (shorter duration) of Turbo when entering combat
- Nevada Hedonist: most of valuable food and drinks provide additional bonuses. Some of strongest and most rare consumables (like Nuka-Cola Quantum) bonuses will stack with other same bonuses of different consumables from this perk effects list. Requires Old World Gourmet perk
- Lifetime Investor [new in 2.0]: receive caps each time you advance a level. Amount is the bigger the higher your level is
- Weaponsmith: while weapon is at near perfect condition (75% or higher), it deals more damage, attacks faster and even has slighly better chance to land a critical hit
- Armorsmith: you learned how to make armor even more effective depending on its type. Light armor will be even more tight-fitting, allowing you to move and attack a bit faster. Medium armor gets 2 DT bonus and protects your limbs better. Heavy armor gets 3 DT and 3% DR bonuses
- Trampler [new in 2.0]: deal double damage to knocked down enemies with melee or unarmed weapons
- Paramedic: when [in combat], you replenish 15% more health from all healing sources
- Stimpak Addict [new in 2.0]: when under healing effect of a stimpak, move faster and get bonuses to DR, Crit Chance and Perception, while replenishing slightly less health from it
- Guinea Molerat: most of addictive chems will have additional effects and all chems last even longer (duration bonus stack with all respective vanilla perks and Logan's Loophole). Buffout: bonus Melee/Unarmed damage. Jet/Rocket/Ultrajet: bonus AP regen. Mentats/Party Time Mentats: smaller AP cost. Med-X: additional DR bonus. Psycho/Slasher: bonus Attack Speed. Rebound: bonus Critical Damage. Steady: faster Reload Speed. Cateye/Ghost Sight: bonus Movement Speed. Turbo: greater bonus to movement speed. Requires Chemist perk
- Caffeine Athlete [new in 2.0]: receive new useful bonuses while under effect of coyote tobacco chew and black coffee
- Chess Club Fawn: faster AP regen and lesser AP cost. Mid-to-high end tier perk, a mix between Math Wrath and Nerves of Steel
- Goodsprings Shroff: you get slightly better prices and + 5 to your Barter skill. early game Barter perk
- Fortunate Mystery: greatly increased chance of Mysterious Stranger/Miss Fortune appearance in V.A.T.S.
- Dealer's Grip: get a serious discount from all traders. High-requirement Barter perk
- Technician By Blood: weapons and armors degrade 15% slower. Additional bonuses depending on your level and Repair skill
- Explosive Solution: when your health drops below 50%, you reload explosive weapons, like grenade or rocket launcher, twice as faster
- Regenerator: get noticeable health and limbs regeneration in combat. Requires Fast Metabolism perk and your poison/radiaton resistances are slightly decreased. Cannot be taken if you already have Lernean Vitality perk
- Swift Hand: replaces useless Quick Draw perk and combines different bonuses. Get bonuses to reload, equip and attack speed per each rank. Two ranks
- White Feather Eye: while being useful for absolutely any ranged weapons, this perk is most effective for sniper builds - with each rank of it, your chance to hit an opponent in and outside of V.A.T.S. is significantly increased, as well as you maximum weapon range increases. Two ranks.
More to be added.
Trophy perks, achivements & consequences.

Obdisian made a great job with achievements and SGO is carrying this torch with a fresh approach. Vanilla game has enough of so called "challenges" - you need to make some action certain amount of times (like consume addictive chems, kill X creatures of same type etc) to receive reward - XP and sometimes perks. This said, killing of [specific] bosses often looks omitted in terms of gamemplay rewards. SGO adds (currently) 26 new perks which you will receive for slaying the toughest sons/daughters of the gun or most vicious monsters across the Mojave or achieving some others things. Killed dat Legendary Deathclaw? Reached the maximum positive or negative karma level? Don't forget to check out your Pip-Boy!
Additionally, killing noticeable persons (like factions leaders or top officers) will bring consequences, which will be added together with the "trophy" perks you receive for the kills. Doing Powder Gangers headhunting? Now you can get a bounty for their leaders heads from NCR. Or, if you killed NCR second man, isn't it quite expectable for NCR soldiers to be juuuuuust a bit mad on you about that, right?
NPC & Creatures Changes:

Generally, this means buffs or rarely nerfs to stats and attributes (no more powder gangers around NCRCF having 10 HP), new abilities - to make fights with bosses/officers/unique creatures more challenging and rewarding. In total, over 950 NPCs and over 550 creatures (both named and generic) were rebelanced/gained new unique abilities (officers/bosses/legendary and named creatures). For over 30 bosses/legendary creatures from this list, on top of rebalance, SGO adds scripted combat events based on lore and creture type/faction. Bosses can now apply debuffs to you, become enraged (temporary increasing speed/damage etc), call for help of "security", and do other things (I don't want to make too many spoilers) - sometimes multiple effects/actions combined. These new elements will make fights with bosses and unique enemies actually unique and unpredictable, forcing you to think tactically each time you'll be fighting with a next boss. Future updates will feature more of those. Some not yet fixed vanilla bugs with NPCs were fixed as well. Oh, and did I mention this covers all DLCs and adds new visuals to fights as well?

NPCs changed (fixes/rebalanced stats/abilities):
- New California Republic
- Caesar's Legion
- Brotherhood of Steel
- Super Mutants
- Great Khans
- Enclave remnants
- Chairmen
- Omertas
- White Glove Society
- Van Graffs
- Gun Runners
- Fiends
- Jackals
- Vipers
- Scorpions
- Kings
- Powder Gangers
Creatures changed (fixes/rebalanced stats/abilities):
- Scorpions
- Deathclaws
- Giant/Fire Ants
- Bloatflies
- Cazadors
- Lobotomite
- Feral Ghouls
- Marked men
- Y-17 trauma override harnesses
- Dogs/Coyotes/Legion Mongrels
- Night Stalkers
- Centaurs
- Giant Rats
- Mantises
- Yao Gais
- Spore Carriers/Plants
- Geckos
- Lakelurks
- Ghost harversters, trappers and seekers
- Tunnelers
- Robo-scorpions
- Mister Gutsies/Handies/Orderlies
- Damaged Securitrons
- Sentry Bots
- Protectrons
- Robobrains
Unique abilities & events for bossfights:
- Legion high-ranked officers and commanders
- NCR high-ranked officers and commanders
- Motor-Runner
- Elijah (Dead Money)
- Marcus
- Joshua Graham and Salt-Upon-Wounds (Honest Hearts)
- Ulysses (Lonesome Road)
- X-42 giant robo-scorpion (Old World Blues)
- All "Legendary" creatures and some named creatures which count as bosses
- And others - over 35 in total, with more to come in updates
References, please! Are there some? [SPOILERS]

- I'm No Superman perk name and a name of certain new unique creature are references to "Scrubs", the best sitcom of all times *fight me*
- Lernean Vitality perk name is reference to Learnean Hydra, a beast from greek myths with regeneration powers, and one of Heracles deeds
- Metal Gear reference. It's obvious one, impossible to miss as soon as you see the perk :3
- Rooted perk description has reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure first opening theme from season 3 of anime series
- Serious Armor Expert and Goliath's Nemesis perks descriptions are partially a references to bodybuilders stereotypes - they are big yet very slow and clumsy (which is often true though)
- Bundan Kyaku perk is a reference to Hokuto no Ken (The Fist Of North Start in English) - post-apocalyptic martial arts manga and anime
- Build Mass With Sass perk description is a a quote of Charlotte Katakuri from One Piece
- Dum-Dum description has reference to Russian provern about strength and intelligence which sounds like "сила есть ума не надо" in original
- Fast And Furious - I don't think I need to name it...bald buffed guy and friends :D
- Nictophobia perk description is a reference to a popular "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" horror movie
- Goliath's Nemesis perk is a reference to a bible story of David and Goliath
- Danitil, I perk name and description are references to iconic racing anime, "Initial D"
- Guinea Molerat perk name is a variation of "guinea pig" term - test subjects being used to test experiments on
- Chess Club Fawn perk name is a reference to Todd Howard story of his childhood, where he described himself as a chess club member in school. "Who's laughing now?"
- My Friend Robotoro perk name is a reference to iconic Hayao Miyazaki's animated fantasy film, "My Neighbor Totoro"
- Quod Non Te Occidit perk name, in Latin, is a tribute to Ordinator, the best perk overhaul for Skyrim, and similar perk in it
- Tactical Entrance perk is also an Ordinator tribute
- Surprise Layer and Preliminary Fire perks descriptions have references to Fallout's First Recon motto
- Scorp'o'Cop perk name is a reference to Robocop, iconic 1987 cyberpunk movie
- Gangers To Powder perk name is anagram of the faction name itself, pointing on the fact Courier started destroying it
- A few others I probably forgot about...

Q: Future updates?
A: Look below:

- New perks - completely new and ones expanding existing character builds being synergy additions to existing perks/traits
- More unique enemies
- Brand new look for some enemies
- [Possibly] a few neutral NPCs which you can talk to, purely for immersion purposes (not confirmed atm)
- Bugfuxes and balancing tweaks if needed
- Next big update won't come in near time (at least couple of monts), as I'm pretty satisfied with mod for now - so feel free to start a walkthrough, only updates that can arrive in near time are hotfixes if needed

Q: I found a bug or have a suggestion for the mod. Where to put that?
A: Thank you! Please, drop a message in #suggestions_to_sinitar room at our Discord server

Q: Compatibility and/or superseded mods?
A: Click the "Show" button to see compatibility notes:

First of all - if you'll find some incompatibility between SGO and other mod which is not covered yet - please, report this to me in suggestion room at Discord server - don't ask for compatibility patches from conflicting mod author - SGO is a huge overhaul made by me, so I should be the one taking over compatibility moments if possible :)

YUP - fully compatible and a must have. Never play NV without YUP - it fixes such a huge amount of game bugs and leftovers that's simply a titanic work, and essential mod for any NV setup. Once again. Never play without YUP :)
Project Nevada - essential mod and strongly recommended to use as base (make sure you also have Extra Options addons installed), and for tons of highly-configurably features. Load SGO after PN Rebalance plugin to take over PN's hardcoded changes. It's changeable scripted parameters (like crippled legs speed, experience gained and all other parameters adjustable in MCM) will take over my mod effect. To ensure 100% compatibility make the next tweaks in MCM - disable Throwing Range setting in Character section of Rebalance module, as shown here, to make sure SGO values are taking over. Also setup the next values in PN's MCM settings (so they match SGO settings): player endurance HP mult - 10, player lvl HP mult - 3, NPC Endurance HP mult - 7, NPC lvl HP mult - 5, TAG bonus bse - 0, TAG mult - 2, skill weapon damage influence - 25%, limb damage transfer - 100%, radiation gained - 250%, food healing - no, hunger inc - 350, thirst inc - 500, sleep inc - 250, survival-based rates - yes, maximum weapon damage penalty - 30%. Also make sure that PN's experience gain settings are not changed (set to 100%) as SGO already covers slower leveling.
JSawyer Ultimate - load SGO after JSU, but better (and strongly recommended) use one or another - two big overhauls used together doesn't always mean better, in this case.
Vicious Wastes - Difficulty Rebalance - load SGO after VW, but better (and strongly recommended for the same reason as above) use one or another, as without manual edits in xEdit, there will be some major conflicts.
More Perks (and any other mod that adds new perks) - [technically] you can use SGO together with such mods, but due to immense amount of perks in both SGO and other perk-adding mods, there can be just too many perks in your game (it's not a good thing) and some of them may be similar in their effects, which will be overwhelming and confusing. SGO already adds over 130 new perks, carefully caring about each skill and playstyle, it's more lightweight and bug-free (and if some bug is found, I'l always fixing it asap) - so better to not use it together with mods which add a lot of perks. Small perk mods which adds a couple/few standalone perks should be fine generally - just look for the perks descritpion - maybe SGO already covers similar abilities.
Any perk and karma mods in general - similar to what is mentioned above, SGO's perk and karma changes/additions were made to be a better polished, balanced, modern and bug-free alternative to existing mods of such type. If you're following my guide, you can skip perks and karma sections completely.
Cover Based Stealth Mechanics - fully compatible with its Stealth plugin while Stealth Boy plugin has two options for usage with SGO. For compatibility with it (i.e. 100% compatibility with the whole mod), simply use "SGO - CBSM version" [IF] you want to have Bashar's Stealth Boy mechanics (highly recommended), [or] disable its "Bash_Stealthboy" plugin [IF] you want to go fully with my mod changes (mine are closer to vanilla mechanics, but seriosuly, Bashar's changes are just great and I still strongly recommend you to use both his plugins and SGO version for it, to only get my perk bonuses which will work on top of Cover Based Stealth. Compatibility version of SGO doesn't containt any of CBSM scripts so it doesn't technically require it - just the special perk in SGO was adjusted to better fit CBSM).
NPCs Can Miss - fully compatible and very much recommended. Shares only 1 same record. Load NPCs Can Miss after SGO. Recommended version of NPCs Can Miss - "High Accuracy".
After War Nevada - if you want for SGO changes to take over AWN ones, simpyl load SGO after. But take into account that AWN is a complete gameplay overhaul and it's settings were made for reasons - so using SGO together with it is not recommended in first turn.
True Wasteland Economy - Technically compatible and will not cause any issues to your game - but, if using SGO and TWE together, economics may become ridiculously hard often - so my advice here is to use one or another [or] using TWE with everything but Misc module disabled (meaning you will disable even the core economy part of the mod, yes).
Interior Lighting Overhaul - fully compatible. No actions needed.
ELECTRO-CITY - fully compatible. No actions needed.
All "cosmetic" character overhauls (FCO/NV Redesigned/Dragbody NPC overhauls) - compatible via Bashed/Merged patches plus a bit of your time. Place character overhauls [after] SGO in load order (because usually such mods will have much more records than SGO added, numerically, and so, it will be faster to drag records from SGO), then build Bashed and Merged patches. Then, to ensure 100% compatibility, load SGO, character overhauls, Bashed & Merged patches in FNVEdit and go through each character and drag SGO's stats/abillities records to Bashed/Merged patch records for each affected NPC. Note: it may sound scary, but it's absolutely easy to do and simpl will require a bit of your time to drag all needed records. You can, ofc, just delete NPC records from my mod (which will result in vanilla combat abilities of those NPCs) or don't use any NPC visual overhauls - but why not using both if you can? ;) Note: this procedure is very important - without it, if you will just load visual overhauls after SGO, NPCs won't have any new abilities and rebalance from SGO. Otherwise - they won't have improved look. If this will still be confusing for you - don't hesitate to ask for a help at our Discord community server :3
Fallout - New California - compatibility version will be made in close future, for sure.
TTW - incompatible. No plans for compatibility version atm.
Melee Reach Fixed -  included in SGO with Naugrim's generous permission - make sure to endorse his mod too.
Quest/New land mods with "populated" encounters (AWOP, Someguy series) - compatible, but may lead to much harder combat due to more enemies attacking you. Be prepared :)
Combat Enhancer - superseded mod. You don't need it when using NC. Great mod, but often turned NPCs into mediums with sonars, also "cover-based" fight was impractical and in many cases just made enemies run away for no reasons
MCV - Modified Combat Values - mostly superseded mod. You don't need it when using NC. Great mod as well, but had some other unreasonable NPC behaviour values which often leaded to weird combat.
No Neos - superseded mod. You don't need it when using NC. This mod removed NPC dodge entirely - Nevada Combat implements this in more balanced way - NPCs will still dodge, but just much less often, which will still keep combat interesting from this perspective.
Enemy AI - Tactics - NPC Healing - mostly superseded mod. This mod main plugin itself (AI/combat changes) is not needed, as SGO has own changes of same type. NPC healing plugin is standalone and you can use it together with SGO.
Super Mutant Overhaulord - integrated and adjusted mod. This amazing Mig's creation was incorporated into SGO with his generous permission - and tweaked a bit for better fitting SGO philosophy. Please, take a moment to endorse his mod too :3
Nevada Combat - integrated mod. My own little mod, as a predcessor to SGO. You don't need it if you are using SGO. Yet, NC will be still available for download in case SGO is too much for ya :)

Q: Some additional recommended mods for best results?
A: Sure! Take a look:

Essential mod which turns weapon modding in New Vegas into something it should always been from the start.
Fallout 4 Power Armor Features
Simply one of the most revolutionary mods on FNV modding stage and a must-have if you're planning to use power armor.
NPCs Sprint In Combat
Essential mod to make melee enemies more challenging opponents.
More Realistic Aiming
Does how it's called. Also grab a fix for it.
Harvestable Cave Fungus
Simple little mod which also balances funguses price to prevent economics breaking. I didn't include funguses price tweak to SGO simply because this mod already exists and there's no reason to no take it :)
Immersive Recoil 2.0
Imo, one of the most essential mods for realistic gunplay. The best recoil mod ever + highly configurable.
JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating
If you want even more relistic gunplay mechanics, get this one too.
Economy Overhaul
For (in this one humble opinion) near perfect balance to game economy. SGO economy tweaks and addition were made with this mod in mind.
Mojave Wildlife
More encounters for more challenge. Vanilla version is recommended.
Mojave Raiders
Overhaul of New Vegas's raider factions, balancing their loot and adding more of them to fight
NAWEMO - NPCs use Ammo Variants and Weapon Mods
NPCs will now be able to use weapon mods, making combat more challenging. Essential one as well.
More Conditions to Fast Travel
Must-have mod for challenging realistic walkthrough - in vanilla, you was able to fast travel anytime you had almost any issue (like injury or addiction) - this mod adds many new conditions for fast travel, so if you're injured, suffering from withdrawal, radiation etc - you can't just magically escape to your warm bend or doctor
Unfound Loot
To give Mojave actual scarcity it should always have. Greatly helps with economy balance as well. "Balanced" or "Hardcore" options are recommended in its MCM.
First Aid NVSE - Heal and Use Items on NPCs
For enhanced roleplay (heal any NPC you like) and improved combat (use chems on your companions to buff'em'up)
Perks Day Tripper and Chemist Survivalist Style Fix
Simple yet essential mod fixing major issue you most likely wasn't even aware about
Pickpocket Overhaul
Overhauls the pickpocket calculations to take target perception and item weight into account, along with uncapping the success chance and nerfing the impact of item value
Poisonous Poisons
A great and complete poisoning overhaul for New Vegas
Burrowing Creatures
Adds the Fallout 4 burrowing functionality, Cazador nest, and a few new creatures. Complete with an MCM to toggle parts of the mod you do and don't want
Whiskey Rose Perk Fix
One more small fix for a big drinks-related oversight.

Those are just a few recommendations - if you're curious about how to build your mod list in general, peek at my NV modding guide.
I want to heartily credit amazing people who inspired and/or helped me to make SGO in this or that way. Please make sure to endorse their work too:

- Yukichigai for YUP fixes to scripts of Vulpes, Lucius, Elijah and Joshua Graham, which were forwarded to SGO and merged with scripted events made for these NPCs. Third time: never play without YUP - and make sure to endorse this titanic work
- Jazzisparis for JIP LN plugin which is a sacred library of NV modding and essential extender of NVSE functions
- Naugrim for allowing me to use his melee weapons reach fix script and his huge, inspiring DUST overhaul
- Miguick for his permission to incorporate Super Mutant Overhaulord mod into SGO and couple of his other mods/fixes which inspired me on other changes in my overhaul, and for his insane contribution to New Vegas and Oblivion modding stages in general
- Cirosan for his amazing overhaul and his passion which greatly inspired me to work on SGO
- Grasscid for his badass Karma Perks mod which inspired me to make own karma bonuses for SGO
- Slippyguy for his permission to use some of his scripts from badass Vicious Wastes mod and his endless love to New Vegas
- ItsMeJesusHChrist for his amazing textures for endless New Vegas icons and permission to use some of them so SGO perks can shine like a diamonds in player's interface. Never play without Consistent Pip-Boy Icons mod
- PrinceMinusA for omelette model :)
- EnaiSiaion for being not less than most talented, passionate mod author with the biggest contribution to Bethesda modding stage ever made (and original creator of most popular and iconic Diablo II mod). Your innovative works were inspiring me for years and that was your work that helped me to get some bravery to make my own overhaul. If you (my dear reader) are playing modded Skyrim - never play withou Enai mods
- Bethesda for allowing Obsidian to create Fallout New Vegas and for releasing G.E.C.K. for public usage
- Obsidian for making Fallout New Vegas, the best 3D Fallout game

Q: How to install?
A: Download the file and add it to your mod manager. Install as usually.

Q: I'm out of .esp slots! Can I merge it?
A: Yep, easily. Just make sure it's loaded after other mods in merge to have it's combat changes, if you're merging it with some other combat mods. Just to be sure.

Q: You mentioned some "U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E."? What's that?
A: That's an A to Z modular modding guide for Fallout New Vegas, with wide list of graphics & gameplay mods, premade mod lists that you can easily mimic without worrying about compatibility, and tips for a great stability even in game with hundreds of mods. Even if you're not planning to use many mods, you still should implement the stability/UI section of the guide to have a stable game without glitches, which NV is prone to as a Bethesda game.

I've made this mod for myself initially - but I hope you'll like it too. And if you liked it and you want to support my work and future development of Ultimate Modding Guides and other mods, consider supporting me on Patreon.
Cheers! :)

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