Welcome! You may know me as Sinitar Gaming on YT and author of modding guides and tutorials for Skyrim, Oblivion and other games. ENB is the most game-changing improvement for Bethesda games in terms of graphics - and NV has plenty of great presets. Some of them have really unique look and great balance, but sometimes still have minor flaws or just certain parts that many players don't like. Seven Sins ENB is my attemt to pick up the best parts from two amazing presets - Rudy ENB and Dreary ENB, with both author permissions - combining them, making some little adjustments here and there and adding compatibility options for popular weather/lighting mods. I also made it to be a complementarty (but ofc absolutely optional) ENB preset for my upcoming New Vegas U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. modding guide. Why exactly these 2 presets, how Seven Sins look like in the end, which mods are compatible and more - read below.

Video showcase by...me, haha:

Q: Could it happen I have seen your work before?
A: Probably :) Most likely on my YT channel - feel free to subscribe to it to stay tuned :)

Q: Why exactly Rudy and Dreary? What you've take from each of them?
A: Dreary ENB has amazing cinematic look inspired by Stalker/Metro series, most likely the best one from cinematic presets ever made. But, playing with it constantly in bleak atmosphere may give the same bleak mood while playing. Also, certain places/objects (which colors are cold/bright) often look too bleached in interiors. And here's when Rudy's preset plays along! Rudy ENB has maybe the most ambient, beautiful interiors that I ever saw between dozens of presets. They are perfectly balanced in terms of brightness and coloring - and so, balancing the Dreary bleak interiors look with more saturated and tasty, ambient interiors. Some people played with Rudy ENB don't like it's exteriors for being too bright/bloomy (I personally don't think so, but that's just my opinion) - and here's when Dreary ENB gives it's cinematic, moderately bright exteriors. Combo-wombo!

Q: What else have you changed or added?
A: Minor things here and there - brightness, sky/clouds/sun/moon adjustments - tiny things here and there, as per my own taste. Besides that, full Night vision/Thermal vision/EMI vision support was forwarded from Rudy ENB and adjusted to fit the Seven Sins ENB.

Q: What about compatibility? Performance options? "Black bars"? Depth of field options?
A: Yes! My goal was to provide best possible amount of choices for everything. Seven Sins ENB currently has compatibility options for:
- Interior Lighting Overhaul
- Realistic Wasteland Lighting
- Both of them together!
I'll make more compatibility options in future. Feel free to suggest :)
If you're new to modding and don't want to mess with ENB settings, there are next optional files:
- No letterbox ("black bars")
- Stronger DOF (depth of field) for screenshot purposes
- More saturated sun
- Ultra-performance version that may save you from 7 to 20 fps, depending on your rig. Also, performance version has same compatibility variants as the main one.

Q: How to install this?
A: Same as any other ENB preset, just with one minor addition - also install tiny esp from Files section (this you can install with mod manager) - it's needed to prevent certain brightness glitches in certain regions. If you don't know how to install ENB yet, here's the list of steps (same is also written in readme file in Seven Sins ENB main folder):
- Make sure you have DirectX June 2010 Redist installed.
- Install ENB core files from archive here. Download it anywhere, unzip, go to WrapperVersion folder, take only d3d9.dll and enbhost.exeand place them into Fallout New Vegas main folder (where FalloutNV and FalloutNVLauncher .exe files are). Not the \Data folder!
- Then, download my ENB files, unpack the archive and simply place all files from "Preset - Main" folder into Fallout New Vegas main folder (same where you've placed core ENB files). If you want to use compatibility version for other weahter/lighting mods supported, performance version of this preset or some other options, navigate to "Preset - Optionals" folder and read the readme file there.
- Make sure to adjust "VideoMemorySizeMb" value as per formula in enblocal.ini, look here. You can also look for instructions in my modding guide
- Now you need to disable ingame antialiasing and some other features that will be done by ENB. In your FalloutPrefs.ini file (located at \Documents\My Games\ FalloutNV - open it with any text editor like notepad), find the next settings:

These values are not going one after another in the .ini files, just search them (CTRL+F) one by one. Make sure all these settings values are set to 0. If you don't have these settings for some reasons, just add them manually and set to 0. Save the file (CTRL+S) and close it.
- Install "Sevens Sins ENB - weather plugin" file. Download the file, add it to your mod manager and install as usual. It's needed to fix "day night" issues with vanilla weathers in some areas. You need it for BOTH vanilla and modded weathers (i.e. if you have weather mods). Give it the bigger load order priority over weather mod plugin (you can just place it very last in your LO, after bashed/merged patches as well).
- To install compatibility version for weather/lighting mods supported - go to "Preset - Optionals" folder and read the readme file. It will help you ;)
- Sometimes, New Vegas ENB (not this preset itself but in general) gives weird look to character hair. To prevent that, install this fix for hair meshes.
- And lastly, but very important - please, don't forget to endorse two amazing ENB presets which served a base for this one, Rudy and Dreary. Also, consider supporting Boris Vorontsov, the father of ENB engine itself - without him, nothing of this would be possible at all.

Q: I don't like your preset. It looks awful. Can you change diz/dat personally for me?
A: ENB presets is ofc a matter of taste. Until there are some direct bugs with it, I won't change it's look, as that's how I see it. Thought, you can change it yourself - anytime and as much as you want - brightness, saturation, bloom, sharpness and all other ENB parameters can be changed straight ingame in ENB GUI (SHIFT+ENTER). Play with settings and make changes you like :)

Q: I do like your preset! Can I send some tasty screenshots I made?
A: Sure! You'll make me happy - the more the merrier :) Go to Images tab and click on "Add your images" button to upload them.

Q: You said you have modding guides for other games? Huh?
A: Currently, I have complete and up-to-date modding guides for Skyrim, Oblivion and modding tutorials for Gothic 1, 2, 3. Look here:

- Skyrim graphics guide (with 100% stability tips)
- Skyrim gameplay guide
- Oblivion gameplay guide
- Gothic 1 remaster tutorial
- Gothic 2 tutorial to install biggest and most amazing Gothic mod ever made + review of the mod itself
- Gothic 3 remaster tutorial

Q: How to make my water look same good?
A: It's an amazing New Vegas Reloaded mod - unique post-processing engine that's adding some effects NV ENB is not capable on, and also has a lot of other cool things (like immersive first person camera, for example) - and all that without an .esp plugin!
I've uploaded my SKGE ini settings at Files section if you want to make water look the same, and that will also instantly make SKGE compatible with ENB so you don't need to worry about that. Read the NVGE reloaded page and readme for details.
Note: when using ENB and NV Reloaded together, disable SPEEDHACK (set to False) in enblocal.ini.

Q: Dat armor?
A: Wasteland Engineer Armor.

Q: You mentioned some "U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E."? What's that?
A: That's an A to Z modular modding guide for Fallout New Vegas, with wide list of graphics & gameplay mods, premade mod lists that you can easily mimic without worrying about compatibility, and tips for a great stability even in game with hundreds of mods. Here you can also watch a few videos about it:

I hope you'll enjoy Seven Sins ENB and wish you a beautiful and stable game. And if you liked it and you want to support my work and future development of Ultimate Modding Guides and other mods, consider supporting me on Patreon. Cheers!

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