Welcome! Nevada Combat is a simple yet effective mod for more logical and challenging combat, with a little flavor as bonus. Note: as for now, Nevada Combat is fully included is much bigger and interesting overhaul, SGO for NV - if you're using SGO, you don't need this mod. What's it about and what's included? See below:

Q: Could it happen I have seen your work before?
A: Probably :) Most likely on my YT channel - feel free to subscribe to it to stay tuned :)

Q: Yet another combat mod? Srsly? Why? *grumpy face*
A: There are indeed some other great mods for this purpose, like Combat Enhancer and some others and they just work. But, I was not 100% satisfied by some of changes they made. For example, mod improves enemies awareness, but turns them into living sonars in interiors and/or makes absolutely random NPCs to attack you. Or it makes enemies so search for cover more actively, but often turns fights into hide-and-seek game (which may be realistic, but not gameplay-pleasant). Or stops enemies from being a dodge-ninjas by removeing NPC dodge entirely. Well, you got it I believe - many mods were great, but often made some of changes "too much". I made this tiny mod inspired by other similar older mods, but made sure settings are balanced and without using placebo settings (I hope hehe). It should be a good little addition to your existing mod list due to its simplicity, or just a simple combat mod for minimalistic (vanilla+/bugfixes) setups.

Q: Ok, so what is changed?
A: With Nevada Combat, you should feel the next in combat:

- Enemies will notice/attack you from bigger distance when you start shooting (but not act like they have sonars in their pocket)
- Enemies will flee on bigger distances and search for cover more actively (but not running 5km away)
- Enemies will dodge bullets much less often
- Enemies will be less "snipers"
- Enemies will search you in bigger radius
- Enemies will "rethink" their will to return to fight faster
- Enemies will turn in your direction faster
- Enemies will loot bodies and switch weapons more often
- Melee enemies will be more agressive and perform power attacks more often
- Knockdown from enemies to you will be more dangerous (but not that hard, just a little stronger than in vanilla)
- Creatures reach was made a bit more logical
- Grenades bounce time was made more realistic
- Melee weapons reach is fixed via one lighweight script, ensuring compatibility with mods

Q: Compatibility and/or superseded mods?
A: Highly compatible with most of popular mods! Click the "Show" button to see compatibility notes:

YUP - fully compatible and a must have. No actions needed.
Project Nevada - fully compatible. Shares only 1 same setting. Load NC after PN Rebalance plugin.
JSawyer Ultimate - fully compatible. No actions needed.
Vicious Wastes - Difficulty Rebalance - fully compatible, just make sure to use "No Agility" version of my mod (because this feature is already included in it). No other actions needed.
Cover Based Stealth Mechanics - fully compatible and very much recommended. No actions needed.
Enemy AI - Tactics - NPC Healing - fully compatible. No actions needed.
NPCs Can Miss - fully compatible and very much recommended. Shares only 1 same record. Load NPCs Can Miss after NC. Recommended version of NPCs Can Miss - "High Accuracy".
Super Mutant Overhaulord - fully compatible and very much recommended. No actions needed.
After War Nevada - NC and AWN share 5 same AI settings with different values. If you want my mod to take full advantage in terms of AI, just load it after AWN. But take into account that AWN is a complete gameplay overhaul and it's settings were made for reasons - so it's totally up to you to use my mod together with it :)
Interior Lighting Overhaul - fully compatible. No actions needed.
ELECTRO-CITY - fully compatible. No actions needed.
All "cosmetic" character overhauls (FCO/NV Redesigned/Dragbody NPC overhauls) - fully compatible. No actions needed.
TTW - compatible. TTW version available during FOMOD installation.
Melee Reach Fixed -  included in Nevada Combat with Naugrim's generous permission.
Quest/New land mods with "populated" encounters (AWOP, Someguy series) - compatible, but may lead to much harder combat due to more enemies attacking you. Be prepared :)
Combat Enhancer - superseded mod. You don't need it when using NC. Great mod, but often turned NPCs into mediums with sonars, also "cover-based" fight was impractical and in many cases just made enemies run away for no reasons
MCV - Modified Combat Values - mostly superseded mod. You don't need it when using NC. Great mod as well, but had some other unreasonable NPC behaviour values which often leaded to weird combat.
No Neos - superseded mod. You don't need it when using NC. This mod removed NPC dodge entirely - Nevada Combat implements this in more balanced way - NPCs will still dodge, but just much less often, which will still keep combat interesting from this perspective.

Q: What about "flavor"?
A: I was always piggered by the fact Agility does [not] affect character's movement speed. Now it does! Above 5 Agility, you'll have small movement speed bonus per each point of Agility. Below 5 Agility, you'll have small movement speed penalty per each point of Agility below 5. This movement speed bonus is carefully balanced - it won't turn you into Flash and won't turn into turtle, but give exact that small, but pleasant bonus that this attribute always had to give. Max movement speed bonus is 15% (at 10 Agility) and maximum movement speed penalty is 10% (at 1 Agility). This little feature was incorporated with permission of Slippyguy from his amazing Vicious Wastes mod. If you want version with bigger or smaller bonus - let me know and I'll upload optional version.

Q: I don't want movement speed bonus from Agility. Or even better, I don't want your combat mod, only that Agility feature. What now?
A: No problems! Mod has a smart FOMOD installer which will offer you all possible choices.

Q: How to install?
A: Download the file and add it to your mod manager. Install as usually, choosing one of mod versions in installer.

Q: I'm out of .esp slots! Can I merge it?
A: Yep, easily. Just make sure it's loaded after other mods in merge to have it's combat changes, if you're merging it with some other combat mods. Just to be sure.

Q: You mentioned some "U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E."? What's that?
A: That's an A to Z modular modding guide for Fallout New Vegas, with wide list of graphics & gameplay mods, premade mod lists that you can easily mimic without worrying about compatibility, and tips for a great stability even in game with hundreds of mods.

I'm a mod compiler in first turn, not much a mod author - that's why as mentioned before, Nevada Combat is a simple mod inspired by other good mods, made to be added into your load order as complementary mod to improve combat non-intrusively and fix vanillas too easy fights, with little neat (and optional) addition on top. I've made it for myself initially - but I hope you'll like it too. And if you liked it and you want to support my work and future development of Ultimate Modding Guides and other mods, consider supporting me on Patreon.
Cheers! :)